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    http://stpetepride.com/tshirt/bears I made some bear shirts for our pride this year. They cute! Let me know what you think... I’ll be at TidalWave this year. Pride is sponsoring the Saturday and Sunday pool parties. Wooot!


    Using IIFYM to Get Fat... with Science

    Using macronutrients and calorie counting to get weight gain results is one of the most effective and scientifically sound ways to get fat or just add a little ‘cushin’ for the pushin’’. Regardless of your weight or goal, it can work for you, and its easier to figure out than you think. I’ve laid it all out for you and it’ll take no more than 10 minutes to get you on the fast track to fat. 

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    I created a tool to do these calculations for you. Visit https://www.beefyfrat.com/iifym

    Decent combination. Ok, not really. Just too lazy to make diner and want wine. Sooo a jar of peanut butter will just have to do (probably doing me better than whatever dinner I'd make anyway 2,730 calories per jar - wine doesn't come with a label so I don't know how fattening Josh is)

    My after work Strawberry Gainer Shake went down the hatch without any problems. I'm up to 227 this morning. Dec 14 when I really started, I was at 210. 👍🏼 1.5 cup Heavy Cream 1200cal .5 Cup Whole Milk 75cal 4~6 Tbsp Hershey's Strawberry Syrup 200cal 60g Maltodextrin 240cal Calorie Total: 1715