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    General answer (don't know the details duh). If the wrist is broken/fractured, YES!!!! If not, maybe. Braces should only be worn when they are needed, and it is good to go some time without everyday so the muscles can exercise and the skin can breathe. If not wearing the brace would cause the injury to worsen I'd say yes, but make sure to allot a good amount of brace-free time tomorrow.

    thank you 🥺💞💞

    Send me an OTP + a number and I’ll tell you...

    1) who can outdrink the other?

    2) who says “I love you” more?

    3) who has trouble sleeping alone?

    4) who swears more?

    5) who does more of the housework?

    6) who forgets their anniversary?

    7) who steals the duvet in their sleep?

    8) who keeps the other awake at night with their snoring?

    9) who finds stray animals and begs the other to let them keep them?

    10) who usually makes dinner?

    11) who plays their music out loud?

    12) who hogs the bathroom?

    13) who gives the most compliments?

    14) who usually starts/causes arguments between them?

    15) who isn’t afraid to embarrass the other in public?

    16) who gives the other cringeworthy pet names?

    17) who fusses over takes care of the other when they get sick?

    18) who finds it impossible to stay angry at the other for long?

    19) who clings to the other for comfort when they’re sad or scared?

    20) who is more ‘physically passionate’? (hugs, kisses, or maybe more…)

    A (Non-Exhaustive) List of (Red-ish) Flags In Writing

    Particularly when writing people with a marginalized identity that you don't hold, it can be hard to tell what is an issue if you're not familiar with it. Research should be your main reference point, but sometimes you need to go with your instincts.

    Here is a very non-exhaustive list of things that should flag to you that you need to take another look at it and do some more research:

  • Is a person/culture/group presented as "backwards", irrational, un-modern, or uniformly aggressive?
  • Am I using coded language (e.g. thug, slut, slow) to describe a character?
  • Am I associating sexual habits or preferences with a certain race, religion, gender, or class?
  • Am I dismissing or making light of devestating historical events that appear or are referenced in the story?
  • Am I prioritizing the rehabilitation of individuals or groups who commited violence, particularly at the expense of those who experienced that violence?
  • Are my characters, particularly my marginalized characters, embodying stereotypes with no other characteristics?
  • Do my marginalized characters exist simply so I can say I have included marginalized characters?
  • Am I applying every marginalization to one character so that I don't have to "deal with it" in other characters?
  • Do marginalizations, particularly disabilities, only appear when convenient?
  • Do marginalized characters, particularly Characters of Color, exist only to guide or care for white characters?