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Tom foolery

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    there’s a lot that should happen in a relationship before you get to the point where you’re thinking about marriage. you shouldn’t still be learning certain shit about your partner after you’ve made that kind of decision.

    and honestly I think that’s why so many people have the wrong idea of how relationships work. a lot of people are so focused on those checkpoints in life (dating, titles, marriage) that they put little to no thought into the spaces in between.

    you shouldn’t find out after fucking somebody that they’ve had an STI before. you shouldn’t find out after meeting their friends that they spent time in jail. you shouldn’t find out after meeting their parents that they were in assisted learning. you shouldn’t find out after getting engaged that they don’t wipe properly.

    you should know certain things about the person you’re with besides how much money they make and their favorite places to spend it. you should know at least the basic details about them as a person. you should know whether they had chicken pox growing up. you should know how many siblings they have, you should know the story behind that little scar on their hip. or the reason they put the milk in the bowl before the cereal. or how they learned to whistle.

    too many people let their infatuation dictate their relationship. but once that wears off and its time to actually see the person you’re with it should be someone you actually want and not just the image you built up in your head.

    stop filling in the little details for yourself.

    because hidden between all those big things you love are little things you may not like. and some of those little things may not be so little once you spend enough time thinking about them. give yourself time to think about them before the proposal, before the ceremony, before the real commitment.