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    Stop spreading the lie that Ben and Jerry’s is a good company. It’s owned by Unilever. I encourage you to look up Unilever and it’s history, specifically as it pertains to the literal colonization of Africa.

    I also encourage you to look up unilever’s role in the palm oil trade. Ben and Jerry’s products proudly claim their lack of palm oil but this isn’t true for all unilever products and is demonstrative of how unilever uses brands like Ben and Jerry’s to whitewash their business practices.

    telling butch lesbians to “be ugly” when rejecting feminine beauty standards is nice but butchness is something that lesbians find beautiful and desirable so maybe instead of telling butches to accept that they are ugly in a het world tell them that they dont have to live in a world where they’re considered ugly. you dont have to accept being ugly bc you arent ugly to us.


    Also maybe just stop calling us ugly lmao

    Steven Spohn @stevenspohn

    On June 11th, Michael Hickson, a quadriplegic black man with COVID-19 was killed by a hospital in Austin Texas.

    Doctors decided he had "no quality of life" an was not worth spending the resources to save.

    The conversation between his doctor and his wife was caught on audio 1/?

    [description of image: a photo of Hickson, lying in a hospital bed and smiling for the camera /description]

    Doctor: So as of right now, his quality of life -- he doesn't have much of one.

    Melissa: What do you mean? Because he's paralyzed with a brain injury he doesn’t have quality of life?

    Doctor: Correct.


    Hickson was refused food or treatment for 6 days

    In the YouTube video, the doctor can be heard saying "he will have lines and tubes coming out of his body... That's not quality-of-life"

    I have tubes coming out of my body. I happen to like my life. Without those tubes I'd be dead

    Our definition of quality is vastly different

    So, when you see me repeatedly yelling about masks, paying attention to disabled people, and you don't understand why I tweet with passion, remember this.

    I'm fighting to change culture that doesn't see disabled life as quality. many of us are afraid and rightly so.

    LaBlaq @LoveAndShalom

    Please, please, please don't sweep this under the rug. Your disabled friends are in danger.

    We must unite and fight this!

    <>disabled black lives matter too!!! I need able bodied ppl to make some noise about this!!!! learn your state, counties and local hospitals eugenist and racist polices, be active about trying to change them. this shit has been black & brown & disabled ppl before covid19

    i know lots of other disabled ppl of color who know how unsafe and abusive the medical field is, we are given subpar care that could and has killed countless disabled black and brown folks, we are put on DNR’s (do not revive) against our wishes, we are told were liars and faking, we cant treat our disorders like adhd and chronic pain without medical staff think we are drug seeking

    Mr. Hickson is a drop in the bucket of the systematic medical racism and ableism that kills us. now more than ever i need yall to be advocates for your disabled members of your community, Mrs. Hickson was her husbands voice in the hospital, and they took that away, covid cant be an excuse to rip disabled ppls advocates away 

    Arizona is coming our with score cards to triage covid patients to decide who really should get medical treatment, older folks and ppl with pre existing conditions immediately placed into a lower rank of priority due to how long we may life after coronavirus. In the Uk and probably here too drs and nurses are ASSUMING disabled ppl automatically want DNR’s which is mad illegal. Wait times for treatment for poc and disabled ppl are longer than white and able folks, nurses have exposed that people of color are dying, disabled ppl are dying not just from covid but medical racist/ableist neglect from staff

    Racism and ableism play a mixed up dance that kills us, via cops &or medical staff the same forces that killed Mr. Hickson is the same that killed Kayla Moore, a black disabled trans woman who died in police custody 

    Charleena Lyles, a black mentally ill mother who was killed by police

    Regis Korchinski-Paquet, black indigenous and mentally ill person who died durring a “wellness check”

    Elija McClain, a black anemic person, who died bc of the cops and emts

    Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Tanisha Anderson and so many more blk ppl killed by police violence are disabled

    scientist voice: today i will be a dick to this cricket 

    The phrase “exposed to this spider torment” will haunt me

    People in the notes have entirely misunderstood the point of this experiment and what it entails.

    It’s not “proving that crickets can be traumatized”. It’s proving that *animals can genetically pass on the stress that a dangerous situation causes, and the offspring will instinctually respond to the same situation without ever having personally experienced it.*

    And that’s a big deal for many things, including human psychology.

    When Nazis invaded The Netherlands, local Dutch peoples were under extreme emotional and physical duress. The Nazi army took their food for the soldiers, starving the population. They patrolled the streets and harshly reinforced their new laws. Existence was horrible and some parents had to give their children away to wealthier families because they couldn’t feed them anymore. This event is known as the Hongerwinter, or Dutch Famine.

    One generation later, the children of mothers who were pregnant at the time of the famine have been proven to exhibit intense reactions to stress, and heightened fight or flight responses. They also experience more obesity because their bodies are prepared for starvation.

    Some of these children were never personally exposed to the famine. Their mothers gave birth after conditions had improved, or even after moving to another country. But the effects are there, and those people are now adults who can recognize this and attest that they didn’t experience something else traumatic during childhood. It was passed on in the womb.

    You can read about it here:

    This is called epigenetics. It’s essential to understanding how the human brain and body works. That our responses to stress can be passed on genetically. That it can show up in how we look physically, our physical health, our mental responses, our instinctual reactions. It’s especially important for people who are in therapy and need to understand *why* they act a certain way before they can actually work on it.

    So no, this experiment wasn’t “haha let’s torment a cricket”. I’m not going to argue the potential cruelty of the experiment with people. I just want you to understand what it actually all MEANS.

    Reblogging for that last comment!

    At what point did society decide that you should only use mobility devices if you literally can't walk without them?

    Do we only wear jackets outside if there's a risk we might freeze to death? Or do we take one with us to the movie theatre in case it gets a little chilly?

    <>So why can't people use mobility devices to make their lives easier?

    Why is it such a taboo to be a part-time wheelchair- or other mobility device -user? If you can do more, go farther, for longer, with less pain and more ease with the device, why should you have to push yourself, or injure yourself, or just give up, when there's devices that have been around literally since ancient times (and have major modern improvements) to help you???

    Honestly!!! This is just psychological trauma in the making


    I’ve asked parents about this and they always say they are teaching the child responsibility and “respect for other people’s things.” If I point out that the child accidentally broke their own toy they always say “I bought them that toy” or “my sister gave that to them.”

    The problem is that parents view all possessions as not really belonging to the child. A part of them always seems to think that the adult who provided the money is the real owner

    If a parent breaks a dish they see it as breaking something that already belonged to them, but if a child breaks it they see it as the child breaking something that belonged to the parents

    People raising children need to realize that household possessions belong to the entire household. If everyone has to use that plate then it belongs to everyone and anyone can have a forgivable accident with it. It’s okay to deem certain possessions as just yours and ask everyone in the house to respect that, but extend the same respect to your child’s belongings

    Big mood. I know most of these are talking about little little kids, but here’s a tale from middle school. I had forgotten to charge my phone one night, and this was back when cell phones used to beep loudly when they were low on battery. I kept hearing the noise throughout the afternoon and not recognizing what it was because I’d never heard it before. When I finally did realize what it was, I was in science class and my fellow classmates were making presentations. I reached into my bag to try to turn off the phone, and then the low-battery sound went off, loud enough for the teacher to hear it. She confiscated my phone in front of everyone, and I didn’t get it back until after the weekend because it was a Friday. I was really embarrassed, especially to tell my parents.

    When I got my phone back that Monday, my teacher said it was important for me to learn this lesson now since in college they wouldn’t tolerate phones going off. Fast forward to when I was in college, any time someone’s phone went off, either the professor would tell them to turn it off, or they would say, “Oh, my bad,” and turn it off themselves, and everyone would move on. I even had a professor who danced around while someone’s phone went off, and it was a welcome moment of levity during the lecture.

    I say all this to say, one of the worst aspects of being a child/teen was adults assuming my intentions were malicious.

    God I’ve been reading these posts for a while and each time I am struck with the realization that certainly not all parents were supposed to be a parent

    “I say all this to say, one of the worst aspects of being a child/teen was adults assuming my intentions were malicious.” YES this

    The problem is, even if families are forgiving the culture around children still effects the child. I use myself as proof of that.

    A few times between the ages of 4 and 18 I broke things. I broke my grandma’s favorite Christmas ornament. Her first question was: “Are you hurt?” and when I apologized profusely she said “I’m just glad you weren’t hurt.”

    I broke a few plates. I broke a couple glasses. Every time my dad’s first response was “Did you get cut?” the second step was cleaning up the broken bits, and the third was a discussion of what led to me breaking it and how I could avoid doing that in the future.

    Same with spills. Same with stains. My biggest “punishment” from my immediate family was being taught how to clean up the mess I made and being shown in detail how to avoid the same mistake in the future if it was avoidable. There were consequences for my actions, but they were the direct result of those actions and nothing much beyond that.

    My family tried so hard to teach me how to deal with accidents in a healthy way. They were patient. They treated every slip-up as a learning opportunity. They showed me a lot of love. The other adults still got to me. Teachers still punished and publicly shamed me and other students for our mess-ups. Extended family members outside of my small supportive circle still yelled at me. My friends’ parents still got mad.

    To the point where whenever I messed up my first instinct was that my dad or grandparents were going to punish me, or yell at me, or hit me, even though they never did. They just didn’t. They always responded with patience and an attitude of “I’m glad you’re safe and I want to help you learn from this.” And I was still afraid of messing up. Mortified. Expecting the worst every time.

    It’s like… we need to change the culture around this, man. Completely.

    a few weeks ago i was playing smash ultimate and my brother was like “you play with final smash on?” and i was like, yeah, my dude, i play the ridiculous cartoon character fighting game where byleth and captain olimar can brawl to the death in green hill zone and funnily enough i dont turn off the magic floating ball that lets them do the biggest silly bullshit. im playing this game in the kitchen

    “you play with ITEMS???” like YES its literally the silliest game possible by design, if i wasnt supposed to play as isabelle and spend the entire time assembling a giant gun to blast bowser off the side of palutena’s temple it wouldn’t be a fucking option

    why would you buy a game where you can make Donkey Kong beat Solid Snake to death with a flower on the back of a giant turtle and thennot do that

    Maybe a bit out of topic, but since we are holding JK Rowling accountable for her TERF shit, she has other fuck ups in the text itself that we should acknowledge.

    Remember that time when Hermione was jealous of Ron and Lavender, so she assaults him with magical birds? Because that’s fucking insane and I never see anyone talking about it. She assaults the boy she likes because he kissed another girl. Guys. Seriously. Stop bringing up that time Ron was mean in the Yule Ball when they were fourtee<>n and ignoring this shit.

    Talking about Lavender! The Halfblood Prince book presents her as a fucking dumbass that deserves no respect and as inferior to Hermione because *checks notes* she’s a normal teenage girl. She’s a bit clingy with her first boyfriend and gives him a silly nickname, she likes to be pretty and read girl magazines, she’s not as good as Hermione, who is smart and doesn’t care about girly things. Woah, that’s a bit sexist, isn’t it? Specially because we’ve known Lavender for six books and she’s always been presented as a good person that will stand for her friends and housemates… but wait! She’s kissing Hermione’s crush! I guess she’s a worthless idiot now. Sad.

    Cho Chang. Do I have to explain Cho Chang? Didn’t think so.

    And by the way, Fleur is treated like shit through all the books because she’s hot and french. Even in Deathly Hallows, when she’s helping the Order and has proven herself, the girls have a bitchfest about how much she sucks because she has opinions about her own wedding. And, when Harry tries to defend her, Hermione tells him that he’s only saying that because he thinks Fleur is pretty. Nice! I guess that one of the champions of the Triwizard Tournament is nothing but a pretty face because she complained about the color scheme of her wedding. Cute, Rowling, very cute. This is either her bias showing or her way of saying that girls hate prettier girls without a reason. Either way, fuck off.

    None of this is in the same level as her transphobia, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still not a good look. Not a good look at all. People that still defend that she can do no wrong: wake up already, it’s getting pathetic.

    Oh shit. I never realized this.

    This is a depressing reality every 4th of July.

    So they go around the world bombing and killing people and then expect us to feel sorry for them?? Nah son, you deserve it.


    me if i ever find out any of my neighbors are veterans


    Hmmm. I mean, just because the army as an institution is flawed and damaging doesn’t mean everyone in it is a terrible person. To paint every single veteran with the same brush is reductive and to make light of the debilitating mental disorders many have just seems wrong. Like yes, fuck the military as an institution completely 100%, but blaming disabled ex-front-line infantry maybe isn’t the best direction for our anger, perhaps.


    A lot of veterans are poor people who were intentionally targeted by scouting programs coming to their schools starting at age 13, and most of them are worse off coming back than they were to start with… let’s be courteous to folks with PTSD

    Don’t be an ableist fuckface. Intentionally triggering someone is disgusting.

    I thought people on this godforsaken website at least understood this one basic principal, but apparently not, so let me make it crystal clear: 


    You can hate Ann Coulter. But if you suggest that she deserves to be raped, you are a misogynist.

    You can hate Woody Allen. But if you say he’s part of a Jewish conspiracy or joke about putting him in an oven, you are an antisemite.

    You can hate Michael Vick. But you call for him to be lynched or call him the N-word, you are an anti-black racist. 

    You can hate Caitlyn Jenner. But if you misgender her, or make comments about her genitalia, you are a transphobe. 

    And you can hate the military. But if you deliberately try to trigger veterans with PTSD, you are an ableist piece of shit. 

    You do no get to pick and choose which people to treat fairly when it comes to acknowledging and combatting prejudice. 

    Not liking a person is not a free pass to disregard anti-prejudicial words and actions. Either you respect marginalized peoples as a whole (even if you don’t like an individual), or you don’t respect them at all. There is no middle ground. 


    If anyone really like, agrees with harassing veterans with PTSD or anything similar, unfollow me right the fuck now. I don’t want you following me.

    You don’t have to like the military, it’s massively fucked up but y'all needs understand that most people in the military are victims of propaganda and are usually poor or part of a minority who are taken advantage of in order to join.


    ^^^ All of these comments tbh

    They offered the ASVAB at my HIGH SCHOOL. They CAME INTO MY SCHOOL and said “If you guys take the military aptitude test, you get free donuts and you miss the first half of the day.” They brought in hot dogs. They brought food to a place where half of us were in poverty if not more, and they said, all you have to do is take a little test and you’ll get a snack, you don’t have to come in to school on time (an extra full hour of sleep that morning!). So we did. By the hundreds. My younger brother, a year behind me in school, scored “the highest we’ve ever seen in the whole damn state, son,” and for the next. Three. Fucking. Years. They harassed him. He got phone calls from every goddamn branch of the military. People would show up at our house at random, trying to recruit him. They’d tell him horror stories about how much better it is to enlist than be drafted (as if there’d been a draft in our lifetime!). They called our Mom at work. They sent recruiters to talk to our stepfather, who’d been in the Army, to try to get a handle on my brother’s weak points. THREE FUCKING YEARS OF THIS. My brother is the second child of six. My brother was thirteen by the time he had his own pillow for the first time. My brother was hungry all the time, dizzy from hunger some days–and oh, sidenote, my mother, stepfather and father are all abusive assholes who’d as soon hit you as look at you. Guess what year my brother graduated? If you guessed “May, 2002,” or “almost immediately after 9/11,” ding ding ding ding! The ONLY REASON my brother didn’t join the military, in the end, is that his girlfriend at the time said “If you enlist, I will never speak to you again.” Her dad was a military man, and he was also an abusive shithead, so in her head the two were inextricable. But if she’d said “go for it?” Or if she hadn’t said anything at all? Something like half of the males in my fucking graduating class enlisted. It was better than starving. And a great number of those are dead now. I hate the US military industry. I’m disgusted by the things our military does. But by god I don’t blame our veterans for what was done to them. Rich people don’t enlist. The ones who join the military are the ones who are hopeful that for once they’ll know that they’re getting a meal, not just today but tomorrow too.

    Every damn point of the thread.

    The soldiers are, by and large, as much a victim as anyone else.

    Hate war but respect the poor soldiers fucked up by it


    I’m from a military family. My ancestors were members of the military in Germany in the 19th century, and when they finally immigrated to the United States around the turn of the century, a lot of the men went into the US Army, because it was tradition in my family. It still is. At least one guy from every section of my family has been in the military.

    The ONLY FUCKING REASON I said “No” to the military early in life was because I could see the effects of it in the people around me. Both of my parents work at the VA in my hometown. I spent more time in a hospital as a young child than most people who don’t have health issues will in their first 30 years of life. And you know what I saw?

    The effects of war. I saw veterans suffering from PTSD every day, yet they always put on a smile for me and tried to sugarcoat when I asked about the military because I was an 8 year old. At age 8, I was being steered away from the military by a bunch of people who had been victims of the US military, yet I still didn’t know how bad it could get.

    And then my mom got transferred to the mental health ward of the VA, and I got my first look at what war really did to you. At age 12, I swore to myself that I would never go into the military, no matter what they offered me. I wasn’t going to be like the people I grew up around. Oh, they were lovely, kind individuals for the most part, but they’d warned me to not make their mistakes, and I agreed that I wouldn’t.

    Oh yeah, I got recruitment officers. I was a band kid from a military family, of course I got just about every branch trying to convince me to join them. I said no every time.

    I had to say no to a guaranteed paycheck that would allow me to play clarinet. I had to look a Marine officer dead in the eyes and tell him I’d rather risk not having the money for food than join the military. All because I grew up seeing what could happen to me if I had joined.

    So really, be anti-war. Be anti-military. No one is saying you all can’t. But do NOT be a dick to veterans. There is so much at work here, and sometimes, you’re desperate, and the military has their ways of trying to convince you that they’re the best choice.

    Hawkeye said it best. “War is war and hell is hell, but of the two, war is a lot worse.” Don’t be a dick. If someone has PTSD, don’t fucking set it off. Simple. It doesn’t matter if they’re a veteran or a survivor of abuse. If someone has PTSD, DO NOT SET THEM OFF.

    My grandfather was a military man and I know that he loved his children because he made each and every one of them swear that they would never join the military

    When I was in high school I took the military crypto-linguist exams. I’ve always been good at languages and that entire test was an ADHD dream with patterns and verbal puzzles.

    It’s been awhile so I can’t remember exactly, but I remember that the scores were divided up into 4 tiers, with two levels of skill within each of these four brackets. Scoring a low 1 meant you weren’t very good and a high 4 meant you were very good at languages. Languages themselves were divided up into those brackets by relative difficulty to the English language speaker.

    So a lower tier language that would be easier to learn for an English speaker would be, say, French or Italian due to being in the same language family. You might put these somewhere in tier 1. I think Korean was tier 2 and Japanese 3, etc.

    I scored a High 4, and from that point on I was ENDLESSLY harassed by all branches of the government for years until I graduated. I was promised first selection of job choice, free education, tutoring assistance. Because in the High 4 bracket, there was a desperate need for people with the capacity to learn and understand Arabic languages and similar middle eastern languages like Urdu and Pakistani for the war effort.

    It didn’t matter that I had health issues. It didn’t matter that I had mental illnesses on record. Things that would most certainly disqualify most anyone else. I was even threatened verbally at one point by a recruiter who essentially said that the army was my only shot of getting out of the hell hole town that I was in and being worth anything.

    Luckily for me, though, my grandfather was a highly decorated badass who at no point wanted me to have anything to do with the Army, the Airforce, or the Marines, because as he so bluntly put it, the translators were the first to be killed on the field. If he hadn’t so vehemently opposed it, though, and if I hadn’t been offered a different way out, I’m almost certain I would have taken up their offers of grandeur to escape the poverty I was surrounded by in the deep, dirty south. There weren’t and still aren’t any jobs. There’s no economy worth anything in my home state that doesn’t depend on tourism or taxes, and for most of my high school life I had been living under a tumultuous emotional cloud, with no hot water, no food, and working three jobs just to keep the lights on.

    It had honestly felt like at the time that would have been my only escape.

    So I cannot fathom choosing to blame men and women like me, who had been girls and boys like me coming from places where there’s no end of fear, and thinking they deserve to suffer MORE for just trying to suffer LESS.

    Granted, I recognize not everyone in the military came from shit means. I just think I should assume positive intent before wishing someone harm.

    I hate the military 💓! Hugs and kisses!

    I grew up in a town next to a military base and in high school recruiters would pull individual students out of classes for literal hours to try and convince and or guilt them into joining!! When they pulled me out of class to talk to them they kept me for a full hour trying to convince me to “use my skills to better america” even after learning in the first 30 seconds that my skills and interests were in the arts. They pivoted for the next 55 or so minutes trying to angle for “getting myself an education” and even at one point after my consistent and adamant refusal said “So youre just going to burden your parents with your college debt like that?” I also remember them implying if i didnt get and education or join the military I would just be this huge burden to everyone. I cant imagine how they treated people who knew less or were uncertain about their futures. Theyre doing this to KIDS. Literal 15 and 16 year old kids.

    Military recruiters are manipulative and predatory monsters (a reflection of the US Military itself!) and they need to get out of low income high schools.

    One of the soul reasons why the government doesn’t want to lower the cost of college/ make free tuition. A majority of recruits join just so they can get education. And recruiters know that and it’s pretty gross.

    I know having trains in the US sounds cool and convenient, but at the same time I figure that the ppl making the railroad & whoever was going to profit from it literally wouldn't care if the tracks went through Native lands and reserves, conservation areas, sacred sites, burial grounds etc. In fact I think that's EXACTLY where they would plan to put it due to those areas being "uninhabited" & the noise wouldn't bother anybody they considered worth having an opinion. They already don't care about consulting us for putting pipelines through our lands & didn't care to with railroads hundreds of years back, why would they now?

    Good morning, you know what’s fucked up? All the white people who secured jobs and careers and financial security and in some cases, the beginning of generational wealth for going viral or doing the stupidest shit meanwhile I know amazing creators and creatives of Color who shaped entire social platforms and the internet who get yelled at for posting their PayPal so that people could MAYBE tip them for their work.

    That’s actually fucked up.