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    What annoys me most about hamilton is how revisionist it is about history in general, hamilton itself has gotten news publishers to write articles that directly paint all these real life slave owners as good or progressive people when they were not, hamilton created a boom in blatant misinformation and leaving out important details in favor of telling a “heroic” story about a racist white man

    like for example how many people think hamilton was a strong abolitionist and never took part in any slave owning / selling which is false, or how hamilton was an “upstanding” man who wanted to help the poor and lower class, or how hamilton was incredibly ‘woke’ and didn’t have a racist bone in his body despite believing black people were subhuman unless heavily “educated”, when a play like this convinces thousands of people of its retelling of history it is an issue, not just a flaw, a giant issue

    I’m pretty sure that in the first song in the musical it mentions that he helped with slave trading on boats at some point , but I may be remembering it wrong

    ^nah, it mentions the slave trade happening around him (“everyday while slaves were being slaughtered and carted away across the waves he struggled and kept his guard up”), which was true, and then it mentions him working for his “late mother’s landlord, trading sugarcane and rum and all the things he can’t afford” but never mentions him playing a role in the slave trade. I actually don’t know whether he did sell slaves or not before coming to America.

    When he was here though, although it certainly wasn’t everything he could’ve possibly done to stop slavery, he did help found the New York Manumission Society which was one of (if not the?) first abolitionist organizations in America.

    Yes, Hamilton was problematic. He married into a family that did own slaves and by that point he was probably so focused on his own success that he didn’t focus his energy on abolition, but he was an abolitionist. That’s just a fact.

    This is literally OPs point. The first goddamn link they post is from a Harvard historian talking about all of the disinformation the play helped disseminate, and directly calls out that Hamilton was directly involved in the slave trade.

    The New York Manumission Society dissolved after <>failing<> to pass a motion to "gradually" emancipate the slaves the members themselves owned. There is virtually no historical evidence which supports him taking any active role in the foundation- some wonder if he took part at all. He opposed a federal abolition of slavery on the grounds he considered a federal mandate to be potentially damaging to the new United States and was more concerned with property rights than he was abolition. You know, property rights. Property. What they considered slaves. The actual founder of the Society, John Jay, was the guy who passed an emancipation act gradually rendering children of slaves born after a given date free on the condition that they be held <>as indentured servants<>, but that state- New York- didn't actually free slaves until more than 20 years after Hamilton's death.

    That is his legacy. A racist elitist who made the weakest, most socially acceptable motions towards abolition while failing to even emancipate his own slaves. A man more concerned with property rights and his own status than the freedom of Black people in the United States. You have fallen for the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

    jewish people: please don’t draw spock with green skin it’s antisemitic thanks

    goyishe trekkies: well i hear what you’re saying but i cant read so i disagree and I Personally Think that-

    Hey, Jewish trekkie here. I want to post some images of anti-semitic propaganda to show how green coloring has been used to portray Jews throughout history, especially in Nazi Germany.

    As an ally to different communities (most relevant right now, as an ally to the African American community), I often have to educate myself about things I don’t realize are problematic<>. I’m posting these as education for anyone unaware of the anti-semitic connotations of green skin. For those who have not taken Jewish trekkies on their word that green Spock is problematic, I hope these images are the proof you needed.

    CW: antisemitic propaganda posters

    Keep reading

    <>important! <>

    I haven’t seen this on here so I thought I might share:

    There isn’t a petition for this yet (as far as I know) but sign the #JunkTerrorBillNow petition

    Contacting your reps directly will do literally so much more than signing a petition, and it really doesn't take that much longer.

    Just so you know, this isn’t partisan either, so don’t think you don’t have to act just cus you’re from a hard red or hard blue state. The bill’s current cosponsors include such notable names as D: Dianne Feinstein (CA) Dick Blumenthal (CT) Doug Jones (AL) Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) Dick Durbin (IL) R: Ted Cruz (TX) Josh Hawley (MO) Lindsey Graham (SC) Chuck Grassley (IA) And it passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by unanimous approval. So make sure you call your reps and senators because everyone’s out to screw you right now.

    “Hello, my name is Sharlene Pike and I am a black transgender person originating from South Africa and working as a receptionist/host. I moved to the United States 4 years ago alone and without any support, as my parents died in my home country when I was 18. Being a transgender black female immigrant places three discrimination barriers and makes it extremely hard to socialize and find a job to live properly. Nevertheless, I tried my best. I had been working at 7 different companies as a receptionist/host/waitress for these four years, but 2 months ago I lost my job. The reasoning I was given - ‘staff reduction due to COVID-19 complications’. I have been unemployed for these 2 months, but the reason I can’t start a new job is not COVID-19. In February, I was diagnosed with stage-3 esophageal cancer. I had no prior knowledge of my diagnosis as this type of cancer can be quite concealed, and I had only two or three weeks of eating discomfort before I had a medical consultation. The company I was working at had a special program to support staff members who need expensive surgeries or therapies, and I believe my diagnosis was the true reason I was reduced, since it happened just after I told my office I might need an extended medical leave. The sum I have spent on the medical procedures only to clarify the future treatment equals my 3 salaries. The sum I’m asking for is actually covering first 6 months of treatment and the cheapest drug - basically simply to have a chance to survive. I have no health insurance and I can’t take a new job because my health condition significantly deteriorated. The thing that I have learnt throughout these months is that it is very hard to get any, even basic medical help if you are transgender. The death rate of the esophageal cancer is about 30%, which is very high, and I ask you to help me to have a chance to survive. I tried to deal with everything without anyone by my side, but current circumstances left me with no choice but to ask you to donate and share my story. Thank you very much.”

    this gofundme was started on <>june 19th, 2020 and as of <>june 30th, 2020 she still needs donations! i’ll reblog with the donation link in one moment.

    The police caught and arrested him. But despite the heinous and violent crimes he was credibly accused of, he was<> released without bail. He was <>free for three months AFTER police discovered  that he was abusing 12 underage black girls.

    <>Chrystul Kizer was raped and trafficked by this man for years.

    <>She’s now facing life in prison for defending herself against her attacker<>.

    <>Free Chrystul Kizer!!!

    <>Pls spread help spread the news!


    this isn’t an old post; the screenshot has a typo: her hearing is scheduled fo<>r february of 2020 and if she is convicted as charged she will spend life in prison. she will likely never be granted clemency. her case and the court are far more stacked against her than they were for cyntoia brown, who regardles<>s still spent 15 years in priso<>n.

    <>please sign the petition.<>

    I really wish people would actually understand that non-binary identities are not offshoots of their assumed cis 'parental' branches. They are their own unique identities that may have similarities, or may even be extremely close, but they are unique instances apart from cis identities.

    Some folks may feel differently, but non-binary femme folks are not 'Diluted Woman'. Non-binary masc folks are not 'Diluted Man'. Non-binary identities are not derivative. They CAN be if that's how you want to see it, but I'm back on my soap box; our identities deserve to be held apart. We deserve to have our own space, no matter how small our specific numbers are.

    Like those who use the identity 'Androgyne' instead of 'Non-Binary' or those who say 'Genderqueer' or 'Queer' instead. They may mean similar things, or the same things to some people, but the distinction matters to some of us.

    Just as much as solidarity between bisexual, omnisexual and pansexual identities that some consider nearly identical, if not three words for the same thing, some folks care about the distinction and that deserves respect. We, too, deserve respect to not be re-worded if that's not what we're okay with.

    To add onto this, I used to be of the mindset that the binary were the bookends of the fluid gradient of identities that spanned the space between them, where at the center, value “zero” was agender, or a lack of gender identity altogether. I even went and made this handy dandy chart for it, if folks remember (which, I apologize, I STILL need to work up the spoons to update my FAQ section of my blog):

    Like, wow! That’s kind of outdated as all get out and my views have changed a lot since I made this in 2018. But when people say that gender is a spectrum, there really can’t be a mathematical chart that fully explains it properly because that’s not really how messy human interaction works. There are exceptions to everything, and unique examples of stand-alone circumstances all the time that create so many outliers that it’s nearly impossible to chart these things. On top of that, other than just learning more about LGBT+ people for our own sake, why should we (I) feel the need to make a chart to explain it? It’s mostly to make these concepts easier to mentally digest for folks who are new to conversations about gender that aren’t Ho Hum Man blue Woman pink. But in truth, the spectrum is one big chaotic nearly four-dimensional concept that people are infuriatingly ALWAYS wanting to simplify for the sake of making it easier to understand for themselves. And while part of me says, “yes! make things easier to understand so more people can access it and learn about it!” there’s another part of me that jumps in shouting, “BUT DON’T REDUCE THE MEANING OR THE TRUTH WHILE YOU DO IT!!” Because when people say that it’s too complicated and they want me to make it easier for them to understand, what they often want me to do but won’t SAY, is that they want me to set up tidy little boxes to fit things into that they can easily compartmentalize. The minute that something isn’t convenient to understand, folks just wanna turn their nose to the air and say it’s not worth their time. Is anyone surprised? No? Of course not. So if you’re cis and reading this, please pay heed once again and make sure to give your nonbinary friends and loved ones room to make those distinctions for themselves. Some enby folks like being compared, others do not. But ASK people. TALK to people.

    And while, again, part of my own experience is that I experience euphoria when people mistake me for a cis man even though I’m not, I will repeatedly shout to the heavens that I will not be and have never been a cis man. While I like dressing and looking like a cis man because I like masc fashion and that’s kind of my ideal, I am still a nonbinary transman. Maybe I’ll find another word for it someday, but that’s where I’m at right now. I know that other nonbinary folks are out here being “equated to” or “compared to” so that cis people can chunk you up with things that they view as “similar enough” and I want folks to know that it’s okay to not be okay with that. Sometimes you’ve gotta choose your fights, and choose gentle correction over a longer period of time, but sometimes I just need to climb up somewhere high so I can be tall and shout about it.


    Ways to get Jehovah’s Witnesses to fuck off (as written by a former Jehovah’s Witness)

  • Ask to be put on the Do Not Call list. If you think it’s necessary, ask to watch them get out the territory card and write it down, but realistically, Witnesses in my experience are pretty good about this and the only time it won’t be honored is if someone forgets to check your address or if it’s been like 10+ years
  • Tell them you are an apostate. They are not allowed to speak to apostates at all, ever, but especially in regards to their beliefs. They aren’t supposed to go to places/events where they know apostates will be
  • Argue with them. Jehovah’s Witnesses are instructed to end the conversation and leave if it becomes clear that someone wants to debate rather than just passively learn and accept that they were wrong before. This might get you put on the DNC list without even asking
  • <>DO NOT answer the door naked. You wouldn’t think this needs said, but intentionally flashing people is sexual harassment, and Jehovah’s Witnesses frequently preach with children— both as a training thing and because people are more likely to be receptive. They say every JW who’s preached long-term has gotten a naked householder at least once. Do not do this
  • <>DO NOT unleash your dogs in the yard. First off, your dogs aren’t as mean as you think they are lol. Second off, almost every JW has been dealing with giant jumpy dogs— again— since they were children. Letting loose your dogs will get their dress clothes muddy, possibly tear them, and maybe scare some children/a few adults who will simply pass the door to someone else. It will also make every other dog in the neighborhood start barking. This isn’t helping you or anyone else
  • <>DO NOT call the police. Evangelizing is fully legal in the United States and JWs are not soliciting anything. Some areas make Witnesses get permits to preach, but that’s it. One time an elder in my congregation had people raise their hands if they’ve ever had the cops called on them, and it was two thirds of the Hall. Witnesses use these incidents to further their persecution complex. If you call the cops on them, they will absolutely be back next week, even pushier and more determined
  • Additional reminders:

  • Remember that you are dealing with a high-control cult. Jehovah’s Witnesses have falsely prophesied the end of the world almost a dozen times. Around 33,000+ members have died for the sake of a doctrine they made up in the 60s. Whoever you are talking to has trained for years or possibly their entire lives on exactly how to sell this, and make literally anything sound reasonable and appealing. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that God will kill all non-JWs at Armageddon, as they deserve, and are actively praying for this. They won’t tell you that on the first visit, or the second, or the third. Don’t let them get their foot in the door. Don’t talk to them more than once
  • The Jehovah’s Witness you are dealing with will have a mindset ranging from “every door I don’t knock on is blood on my hands” to “I’m trapped in this religion and can’t leave, please please please don’t listen to me,” or sometimes a horrible mix of both. Don’t show interest, do your research and stay away
  • <>Please save our home!!!

    A few years ago, my mom got us stuck in a pretty big debt, about 50 thousand dollars.

    And exempt this one, she had a loan for our house. To pay the last one we sold our old house and now we all living with my grandmother.

    And now the creditors demand to pay the debt or we will lose my grandma’s house too. I don’t know want to do or where to go.

    For the last couple of years, my mom managed to pay more the 30 thousand. But we still have to pay a lot of money, around 15 thousand. So I ask you for help.

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    And in the end of it, I started to sleep really badly, become anxious and can’t sleep normally without antidepressants.

    We all strangling so much. So if you can help with donation or with sharing this, I will be infinitely grateful ❤️

    You can go to this link, and donate. If you have any questions, I would love to answer it.

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    Remaking this post because I can see by the traction that it’s getting that it’s going to end up with lots of notes but little donations, discouraging people from thinking I may still need help

    (and to add additional info for those who would like it)

    <>tl;dr :

    i’m escaping my abusive deadbeat partner with my two children but with my current savings i have no hope of getting out without constant fear of homelessness,

    (or being able to leave at all if i can’t get a car, since i work doordash)

    i’m planning on calling a place my med doctor recommended for resources, looking into low income apartments, ebt, all that, but i really need money saved up to get these things and keep us afloat while i work to make day to day cash,

    and hope i don’t have to dip into my savings bc that would alert my partner that i have a secret stash, which naturally would be dangerous ⚠️

    i will also do commissions, tho given my hectic life here they will NEED to be simple, but i can draw for money, just DM me to discuss! (link goes to my art blog, but u can msg me here)

    july 1st: 45 / 800 raised

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    72 / 800

    Please this is so very urgent! The longer I have to wait the more in danger I am and I try to keep that from the kids as much as I can but I can only do so much especially since I have to work to support the family like I worry about what happens when I’m not there even though my older son will tell me the truth when dad’s not around.

    Please please please boost this to people who can help us 😰😰😰

    For those who need the venmo QR code

    Please this is URGENT. I’m looking at cars and have called several appartment complexes. Partner is acting strange and I’m worried and stressed beyond belief

    Just bought a car for 1k, now I’m scrambling to apply for all sorts. Please keep boosting thank you all SO much! I’m actually gonna be free at this rate…

    7 / 9 still in much need as the car I bought has some parts to buy to fix up. Still waiting on section 8