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    The way Republicans have pushed the myth marks a dangerous turn from generalized allegations of fraud to refusing to accept the legitimacy of elections, experts say


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    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is further attempting to prove he's pals with Donald Trump after launching a lawsuit appealed to the Supreme Court that Trump and other candidates should be able to pay themselves back the millions of dollars they use to self-fund their campaigns.

    Trump loaned his campaign $10.8 million in 2015, and by March 2016, he'd given his campaign $38 million. Trump even went so far as to claim that he was willing to spend as much as $100 million of his own money to win in 2016. He didn't ultimately give that much officially, but it was certainly a lot, particularly given the hush-money payments uncovered.

    Cruz claims that the McCain-Feingold Law violates the First Amendment by limiting to $250,000 fundraising to repay loans a candidate makes to his or her own federal campaign.

    Capitol rioter had plans to bomb Amazon's servers and take down the Internet: report - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

    “Complaining that “the fundamental right to vote has itself become overtly politicized,” Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) published an op-ed in the Charleston Gazette-Mail yesterday saying that he would vote against S1, the For the People Act, arguing that protecting the right to vote should “never be done in a partisan manner.” Because Republicans do not support federal voting rights, he says, passing such a measure would “all but ensure partisan divisions continue to deepen.” Critics immediately jumped on this declaration, noting that the For the People Act would address state laws enacted by Republicans alone to restrict voting and gerrymander states in a partisan fashion. Voting rights scholar Ari Berman tweeted: “I don’t recall Republicans asking for bipartisan support before they introduced 400 voter suppression bills & enacted 22 new voter suppression laws in 14 states so far this year.” Essentially, Manchin appears to be blaming the person calling the fire department, rather than the arsonist, and then saying the firefighters need to work with the guys holding the gasoline cans and matches.”

    June 7, 2021 - Letters from an American


    Much of the Third World can't get/afford vaccines. Huge swaths of the US South refuse to get vaccinated.

    They're both dying in record numbers. Currently.

    The pandemic is far from over.