Guys, guys, let’s get back into Animorphs!!!


    They are all free to read with Applegate’s permission on the animorphs website!


    Oh yeah babey


    She has also written some absolutely amazing books recently.

    These are just a few of them. I read The One and Only Ivan to my students every year (and there’s a sequel coming out in May!).

    Every one of her books I’ve read has been beautifully written. Yes, they’re written for children, but you won’t regret reading a single one of them. Applegate is hands-down my favorite middle grades author.

    Read. Her. Books.


    Animorphs says trans rights


    Can I offer you a nice mole in these trying times?


    you sound like a starship's central computer that has little grasp on what humans find enjoyable


    that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me


    PSA: Please don't hold moles like that


    I’m not “holding” the mole.

    The mole bit the stick as I was saving it from a dog. When they bite down, they do not readily let go, and you are able to transport them to safety.


    just learned that magnolias are so old that they’re pollinated by beetles because they existed before bees


    They existed *before beetles*


    Why is this sad? Why am I sad?


    This is how I feel about Joshua Trees. They and avocado trees produce fruit meant to be eaten and dispersed by giant ground sloths. Without them, the Joshua Trees' range has shrunk by 90%.

    (my own photos)

    Not only they, but the entire Mojave ecosystem is still struggling to adapt since the loss of ground sloth dung. their chief fertilizer.

    Many, many trees and plants in the Americas have widely-spaced, extremely long thorns that do nothing to discourage deer eating their leaves, but would've penetrated the fur of ground sloths and mammoths. Likewise, if you've observed a tree that drops baseball or softball-sized fruit which lies on the ground and rots, like Osage Oranges, which were great for playing catch at my school, chances are they were ground sloth or mammoth chow.

    You can read about various orphaned plants and trees missing their megafauna in this poignant post:


    First quote from the linked article. Found it poetic.

    I just need everyone to know about this tiktok account where these two girls sit and make a cocktail or a mixed drink, usually in a public place, but specifically usually like a fast food restaurant, and look around somewhat nervously while they do it like they’re on the run. They’re usually prominently featuring 2000s-era pop culture like wearing bedazzled clothing or using a Motorola RAZR. It’s called 2girls1bottl3 and I’m obsessed with it.