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2021-05-04 11:32:07

    This Woman Just Biked at 183,9 MPH (296 km/h) to Smash the Bicycle Speed Record!!!!

    On the afternoon of September 16, Denise Mueller-Korenek did what no other human being has ever done. Nestled in the draft of a dragster race car, Mueller-Korenek pushed her body, bike, and speed limits to 183.9(296 km/h) blistering miles per hour. Yes. On a bike.

    Since retiring as a professional cyclist with a lengthy list of palmares, Denise has been busy with a successful career and family. Like many adrenaline fueled competitive athlete. the love for speed never faded. Several years ago a friend suggested she attempt the speed record for the first time. She successfully broke the record for the fastest woman on a bike, but that wasn't enough. She didn't want to be the fastest woman; she wanted to be the fastest human- man or woman.