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    Are you going to any protests?

    nice try FBI; if anybody gets a message like this don’t be stupid and share anything about whether or not you’ll be attending a specific action. spreading the word from official social medias of your local BYP100/black lives matter chapters is one thing (though still be careful), don’t fuck around with sharing info about your location, who you’re going with to actions, etc. 


    bringing this back in light of roe being overturned and hugely important mobilization occurring; show up, protest, but protect yourselves in the process


    Plan B is shelf stable for up to 4 years. Afterpill is shelf stable for about 18 months.

    Plan B is currently available over the counter, and you can find coupons for it online for various retailers; some of those coupons require a prescription so check the coupon details carefully. Both of these medications can be ordered online.

    Plan B and Afterpill in the 1.5mg tablets are less effective for people over 176 pounds, however it is safe to double the dose, so if you are heavier order two doses. Ella is also effective for heavier people, but requires a prescription.

    Emergency contraception is effective for a short period after sex. You need to take Plan B or Afterpill within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

    IUDs and birth control implants are effective long-term birth control that does not require your partner to participate in using the birth control or even be aware of it. IUDs are 99% effective and are effective for 3-12 years depending on type. Planned Parenthood can place an IUD for you, and so can many gynecologist's offices, and IUDs are covered under most health insurance plans. Talk to your doctor or gynecologist about how to get an IUD. Birth control implants are 99% effective and are effective for up to 5 years. Like IUDs, you can talk to your doctor or gynecologist, or visit Planned Parenthood, to get an IUD.

    The birth control methods listed here are not effective for preventing STIs, they are for pregnancy prevention only.

    If you can become pregnant but do not want to be pregnant, now is a good time to consider a long-term birth control option like an IUD or a birth control implant, and to purchase emergency contraception like Plan B or Afterpill to have it onhand in an emergency.


    to my fellow usamericans….in light of the supreme court overturning roe v wade, well known organizations like planned parenthood dont need your money right now - they have plenty - if you’re going to donate, donate to your local or state abortion funds


    the national network of abortion funds allows you to split your donation between 91 abortion funds in the united states -  it lists every fund your donation goes to and allows you to customize the amount you give to each fund

    With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I need to let people know how dangerous the healthcare privacy climate is now. As someone that works with PHI (protected health information) I want to stress that HIPAA (the law that prevents your health data from being shared) does not apply to healthcare apps. These are incredibly dangerous to use, not only because law enforcement can procure a subpoena to access this information, but because these apps can sell your health data to any third party—potentially anti-abortion activists. Anyone with a uterus should delete not only period trackers, but mental health apps, because if you have a miscarriage or seek an abortion in a state that outlaws it, your mental health history can be used against you.

    I would also discourage people from using online therapy apps like BetterHelp and Talkspace. Though BetterHelp says they are HIPAA compliant, that is a lie. They have shared data with Facebook. Their most recent privacy policy update says “We may share your information in connection with an asset sale, merger, bankruptcy, or other business transaction.” Any data breach could put your information at risk. Any health app could suddenly decide to change their privacy policies without notice.

    Most responsible clinicians put your health data under (many times literally) lock and key. PHI software like Epic or Cerner have numerous failsafes to prevent data leaks. This is not the case for apps. BetterHelp and healthcare apps in general do not care about this. They only care about money. Do not trust any healthcare provider or app that operates strictly online. And for your own sake, use a VPN if you’re searching for abortion providers or advice.


    Actual shit day to be American.


    If you think this stops at abortion, you’re severely mistaken.

    Abortion was based on our constitutional right to privacy. Roe falling means we will have more mass surveillance and a heavier police state. We’re talking masses of arrests, simply for existing. No one is safe from this ruling.

    On the topic of abortion, “surveillance” includes menstrual tracking data being taken to court from apps like Clue to police period-having bodies. In a more insidious way, should legal same sex marriage and sodomy be overturned on the same precedent, this one ruling could ignite further rulings to include police infiltration of queer online spaces to arrest people for “illegal activity”. Just like pre-Stonewall when police would target queer people in our bars and safe spaces. Welcome to the cyberpunk dystopia.

    Data tracking has gotten so advanced that no online purchase of *anything* is safe from data search and seizure. Eventually anyone who has been online to buy a pride flag, LGBTQ+ media, abortion pills, contraceptives, anything that is not conservative-approved could be arrested. Anyone who has donated online to Planned Parenthood or the Trevor Project could be arrested. Anyone who has used a dating app or online chatroom to match with people of the same gender could be arrested.

    This will absolutely go beyond abortion until there is no one left but the conservative far right. If you’re not upset, you’re not paying attention.


    This is nothing more than a political hit list.


    to even hope to regain some personal freedoms lost today (except gun ownership... at least until they decide only they get to own guns) VOTE this fall and


    stop feeling hopeless, start getting ready

    If you are in a red state, your state either has an abortion ban in place or is rated by the Guttmacher Institute as likely to enact a ban. Your focus should be on protecting yourself and others who need abortions.

  • stop using electronic period tracking apps or software
  • educate yourself and others about pregnancy prevention and join groups that are making preventative birth control more accessible
  • learn the nearest and most accessible routes to states where you and your loved ones can access abortion
  • contribute to mutual aid funds to help transport people over state lines if they are in need of abortion
  • consider joining The Satanic Temple so you can claim protections under the Religious Abortion Ritual if you are prosecuted for obtaining an abortion
  • keep a stock of by-mail abortion pills for yourself and/or others who may need them (you may need to travel out of state to obtain them)
  • form community provider networks and see if you or someone you know can be trained to use manual vacuum aspiration kits or a Del-Em
  • all of the above should be done in complete secrecy using verbal communication, end-to-end encrypted apps such as Signal, or a VPN
  • If you are in a yellow state, you currently have constitutional abortion protections but they are in jeopardy. Get active in local political groups NOW to fight back against constitutional amendments to ban abortion. Your focus should be purely on political action.

    If you are in Michigan, you currently have a ban in place which is being challenged, and your governor is working to add abortion protections into the Michigan state constitution. Your focus should be on supporting the work that is currently under way.

    If you are in a green state, your state has constitutional protections for abortion that are unlikely to be challenged. Your focus should be on helping others to enter your state for abortion care.

  • connect with abortion access groups such as Aid Access, Abortion on Demand, the National Network of Abortion Funds, or Just The Pill
  • volunteer to help people enter your state for abortion care, either with transportation help or letting someone crash on your couch
  • if you live in a green state with no current or predicted primary routes from other states for abortion access, you can focus your efforts on supporting political action in other areas
  • If you are in a purple state, your state currently has no constitutional protections for abortion but is unlikely to implement a ban. You have two focuses: pushing for constitutional protections AND helping others to enter your state for abortion care (see green state list).




    I T S T H E M I D D L E O F J U N E


    I T I S H A L L O W E E N T I M E T O G E T S P O O K Y


    ok who the fuck got this on my dash it’s still june


    how does this appear every june


    T I M E T O G E T S P O O K Y


    T I M E T O G E T S P O O K I N G Y’ A L L






    yall know what fuckin month it is 😎