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    “This changes nothing.  I know you want them.  You have my permission.  Skip the massage and start licking.  We don’t have that much time together before the ceremony.  While your tongue roams my sole, your teeth scrape off my calluses, and you chew on my toenails, just listen to me.  I think you are an idiot for marrying that cunt.  Yes she has money, but you aren’t going to see any good amount of it any time soon.  She’s a bitch and a half and will treat you like shit, and not in a good way.  The thing is that, it’s not the abuse you crave.  I’ve seen that hunger in your eyes for years, and I’m seeing it now.  You have a need to submit to a real man.  I see the subtle smile you get when you refer to me as your best man; that double meaning isn’t lost on me.  You need to know your place as a lesser human being.  That’s not going anywhere once you get married.  And you know what?  Neither am I.  I’m still going to use you when I want.  Your job is to figure out how.  Remember, I have all those videos of you: you at the rest area being made to lick cum off the floor by three big truck drivers, you offering to blow homeless men and giving them twenty bucks afterwards, you being secured to that glory hole unable to pull away from any cock, and you tied down under that rimseat for that biker and his friends.  You are the one who begged me to film you and blackmail you.  So here goes.  You under no circumstances are to stop your weekly visits to my basement.  Before it’s been limited to blowjobs, rimjobs, piss drinking, and lots of foot worship.  I’m going to make it more brutal, more cruel, and more severe.  I want you begging for it all.  This will include me fucking your cunt hole.  It’s time you get over your fear and inability to getting fucked.  You will need to make tributes to me.  She has money, and you will offer me gifts.  They need to be meaningful.  And just to let you know, I am not offended by a sizable amount of cash.  Every year, you will arrange for a week’s vacation with me, as “male bonding time.”  You will do everything in your power to keep me happy.  You’ve been doing that since we were at college twenty years ago.  You will do it for another twenty.  Now it’s time for me to fill your stomach with piss.  Sit up shithead.  Here put this cock ring on.  Yeah I know it’s on the small size.  I don’t care.  Now open your toilet mouth.  Don’t spill a drop.  Afterwards, you are going to clean out my shithole, wiping your face in my ass trench.  You are not to clean it off before the ceremony.  I want you to say your vows with my piss in your stomach.  When she puts the ring on your finger, I want you to think of that ring around your cock.  I want you to kiss your bride with your face covered by my ass funk.  And when you walk down the aisle as husband and wife, I hope that my load in your ass oozes out and dribbles down your leg with every step.  Oh yes, I’m taking that cherry.  Don’t worry, my sweaty socks that I haven’t washed in a few months will gag you.  Heh heh.”