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    The holy grail of searching through academic literature is coming across a string of publications that are like:

    Here’s An Idea. Smith et al. 2016

    Terrible Idea; a comment on Smith et al. 2016. Johnson 2016.

    You’re Wrong Too; a response to Johnson 2016. Nelson 2016.

    Guys Just Stop Fighting, None Of Us Know What’s Going On; a Review of the Current Literature. McBrien 2017.


    Not even an exaggeration.


    “If We Knew What We Were Doing, It Would Not be Called Research, Would It?”

    This photo came with Dawn of the dance dolls with a corresponding in-character note on the back

    [ID: a photo of the six main ghouls + Deuce making silly faces for a photo. Lagoona is holding up a peace sign, deuce has his hands near his eyes and is sticking out his snake tongue, Draculaura is pulling in her earlobes and is crosseyed, Ghoulia has her tongue out and her hands over her eyes imitating goggles, Clawdeen is crosseyed and mouth is being pulled by her fingers and her tongue is sticking out, Frankie has her tongue out and she is pulling the skin on her lower eyes down, and Cleo is making a puckered face with her eyes cross. /end ID]

    The much talked about Frankie and Deuce two pack!

    Frankie's outfit?!?!!!!!! Best G3 fit so far imo😍

    Looks like Deuce is working at Coffin Bean?

    With Boo-ology midterms coming up, Frankie Stein wants to treat herself to a dreadfully delish drink! Frankie Stein stops by the Coffin Bean, and Deuce Gorgon whips up an eek-spresso to get his friend’s volts zapping so they can bolt to class. The Frankie & Deuce Coffee Break doll two-pack offers expanded play for the much-adored Coffin Bean café, including spooktacular accessories to enhance storytelling. Deuce Gorgon doll’s mouse Perseus zips through the hallowed halls of Monster High on his bike, delivering piping hot creep-uccinos to its busy students. Meanwhile, Frankie Stein doll’s pet dog Watzie shines in metallic silver! Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.


    nobody on this site is ever ever EVER going to top running a blog dedicated entirely to posting cute pics of sweet old dogs in a shelter for a year and gradually becoming one of the most recognized blogs on the website, then without warning dropping “i just want to get dicked down again =/” with 0 explanation and abandoning the blog. not deleting it, not explaining anything, just leaving the whole thing as a monument. fucking flawless posting. literally the best of all time.


    Don’t forget the absolute cherry on top that was reaching out to the actual dog shelter to tell them their tumblr account got hacked, only for them to say, “We’ve never had a tumblr account”