My wife was always complaining about Tristan from work how he always copped a feel every time she walked past or how he would take her phone and use it to take pictures of his 12 inch cock. Tristan even used her phone one day to text me that he was going to fuck and knock up my wife. I knew my wife wouldn’t let him she hated him and how much of an asshole he was.

    My wife went to the company party without me that night. She wore an amazing dress to show off her curves and showing enough cleavage too make any man stare. My wife began drinking and before long was extremely drunk. In walks Tristan chest puffed out making comments like the asshole he is. Then he sees my wife drunk and flirty. They begin talking it’s not long before my wife is in a car with him on the way to a motel room.

    He pulls my wife into the room locking the door. She strips naked for him and he throws her on the bed he plunges his 12 inch cock deep in her pussy. She screams in pleasure. He fucks her hard laughing as she orgasms multiple times on his giant cock. Ruining her soft tight married pussy with his dirty raw hard cock. After using my wife like a fleshlight for hours he pushes balls deep into her holding her legs open he starts to pump what seems like gallons of his hot fertile cum deep into her unprotected belly.

    My wife wakes up naked no clothes anywhere and cum still leaking out of her pussy and only a foggy memory of the night.

    Doggy style

    About 18 months ago I was sitting next to my husband watching tv and Bertie our golden lab was sat next to me. His head was in my lap and he was snoring. The vibrations from his head were starting to get me excited and his sensitive nose must have smelled it because he suddenly woke and started nuzzling into me down there. I told him off even though it was kind of nice but he kept at it. My husband (jokingly) said “I think he wants something” and I (also jokingly) said “with a tongue like his I’d let him”. There was a really weird silence as Bertie kept nuzzling me down there and then my husband not so jokingly said “Would you? Like would you really?”. I could see in his face and, more noticeably his joggers that the thought had actually turned him on. I stared at him for a moment and then took my hand of Bertie’s head and let him nuzzle to his hearts content but kept my legs firmly closed. I had on just my bath robe having not long had a shower and my husband couldn’t stop staring at Bertie as he tried desperately to get between my legs. “Would you like me to let him in” I asked and my husband dragged his eyes up to mine and said “Do you?”. I thought about it for a moment and then, after a deep breath, I pulled the belt of my robe and pulled the two sides away from each other and opened my legs just enough to let Bertie get his snout between them. He sniffed and pressed his nose against my bare pussy as my husband stared on in disbelief. I could see his cock straining against his joggers so I pulled the ties and told him to take them off. He stood up and pulled them down to his ankles and his cock was rock hard. I opened my legs further and Bertie jumped down off the sofa and got his head right between my legs and my goodness, the first time his big tongue licked my pussy I almost came! My husbands cock was leaking precum and I looked him in the eyes and said “Play with it for me. Play with your cock whilst Bertie licks my pussy”. He had gripped it before I finished speaking and was tugging at his impressive cock quite frantically with his eyes firmly fixed on my pussy and Bertie’s big tongue. I kept my gaze fixed on my husbands cock, waiting for it to erupt as Bertie brought me to the first orgasm of many. They just kept coming and coming and as I felt my whole body tingle I heard my husband grunt and then spray a huge volume of cum onto my exposed breasts. I pushed Bertie’s head out from between my legs and closed them. He nuzzled, wanting more but I was done. I looked at my husband and he had a big, dirty grin on his face and he said “You’re such a dirty bitch. I love it. I love you!”. I didn’t say anything, I just sat back and enjoyed Bertie licking my husbands cum of my breasts.

    That was just the start of a journey which has been one of discovery as much as one of depravity.

    Summertime Fun

    School was out for summer. I couldn’t wait to get home and just bask in the sun and do as little as possible. I stripped out of my shoes and the basic white socks, enjoying the feeling of the grass and dirt on my bare soles. I still wore my plaid skirt and white blouse. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to cut through the woods to get home. Little did I know the trouble I was in for. There was a path that cut through the woods, strewed with pine needles and dead leaves. They clung to my bare feet as I made my way through the woods. Pretty soon I came to a creek. Usually, there is a bit of a current, but today, it is calm and I can see my reflection perfectly. I look in the water as if it were a mirror and pull my long dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail. I’m starting to sweat, and the perfect outline of my perky d cup breasts and nipples are evident through my thin white blouse. “fuck!” I hadn’t worn a bra on purpose, but I hadn’t counted on this. I felt practically naked. Yeah. I was hot shit for a 18 year old. And I flaunted it every chance I got. But mom couldn’t see me like this. I knelt down and took my back sack off and peeked inside. Usually I keep an extra set of gym clothes with me. “Shit!” Not today. Something rustled in the brush behind me. Startled, I fumbled with the pack and dropped it. A dog; a mangy dirty mutt came forth, panting. I held out my hand for him to smell. He growled, sniffing the air. I lowered my head and tried to remain calm. More rustling in the brush. Three more dogs came out. They looked malnourished. Perhaps they were wild dogs? I didn’t know and at the time, didn’t care. As I watched the one growling in front of me, another; a scraggly German shepherd grabbed my ponytail, yanking my head back. I lost my balance and fell backwards. The dog released as another bit my thigh, tugging the plaid skirt. I threw my hands up to protect my face. Suddenly, the one growling prodded my thigh with his cold nose, sniffing. I shivered, tears in my eyes. His long raspy tongue snaked out and across my cotton panties. I could feel his tongue probing my vagina. I tried to close my legs, but a quick nip and I knew not to mess with him. I began to cry. Another nip and his teeth caught in the fabric. He was getting aggravated, and foolishly, I thought perhaps if I tossed them aside, they would be more interested in them. I rolled them cautiously down my thighs and over my ankles. The dog followed them as I took them off and as I tossed them as far as I could; I rolled over onto my knees, attempting to scurry off. Big Mistake! The shepherd was on my back, teeth clamped on my ponytail as his weight was on my back. He was tugging, pulling my head back. Wait… He was hunching, humping against my exposed ass as my skirt rode up around my waist. Something warm and moist; rubbery feeling touched my thigh. I dared tug my head forth, and looked back between my legs. “Oh God NO!” I began to weep now, shaking uncontrollably as the full scope of what was happening dawned on me. He humped against me, his huge weight pinning me. I was sweating profusely now. His powerful forepaws wrapped tight around my tiny waist and he fucked hard against me. His pointy red cock was so warm, I could feel it poking, but not finding a hole. I tried to move, wiggling my ass, to avoid him. But he seemed to catch on. He went still, readjusting himself on his hind legs, still with his forepaws wrapped around me. He moved forward, causing me to tilt on my hands, ass raised a little more, bare feet in the air behind me. And suddenly, he slipped inside me, and simultaneously began fucking me, pistoning in and out. It felt like a fiery hot poker. I didn’t care who came now, and I screamed. It grew larger inside me, I could feel it swelling stretching my tight cunny. I began to cry, sobbing hysterically; my own body began to respond. This seemed to upset me worse. I zoned out. I remember feeling pine needles on my legs, and I rested my head on my arms. I remember seeing the other dogs, and could not help but look between their legs; their cocks emerging from their sheathes. Red, pointy cocks, twitching as if in anticipation. I tried to think of something else. Anything. But I could feel it building in me. My hips arched, involuntarily rolling, bucking back to meet his jackhammer thrusts. My toes curled in the air, my cunny muscles clasping, tightening around him. Squeezing. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Something new. Weird. I could feel something new now, swelling against me. The shepherd fucks me harder. “OHHH!!” Now, it’s in me. Whatever it is, it’s swelling in me, stretching me further. This brings my clit right up against his cock and suddenly I’m shaking, racked with a series of orgasms. “Be somewhere else” I tell myself, not wanting to admit how good it feels. Suddenly, like a firehose, he explodes inside me. It’s so warm! I lower my head moaning as I cum again. My vision blurs. I can feel his cock twitch, sending more spurts of cum deep inside me. I scream again. He hops off my back but he’s still in me. He turns around, hind leg turning over my ass as he turns ass to me, but he’s still in me. He drags me backwards by his cock still lodged inside me. This hurts and I began to cry again. Another dog laps at my underarm nipping at my blouse. He licks the sweat from my skin. God. They reek. The dog inside me slips out, and I tuck my feet under my ass as warm doggy cum flows from me down my thighs, some dripping onto my soles. My cunny hurts. I don’t think I can move. I can feel the cum so warm, sloshing around inside me. The mutt comes forth and leaps onto my back. “NO!” I cry out, but it’s too late. He slips inside me easily, pounding away. My stomach hurts. Each thrust, more cum leaks out and down my thighs. God they stink. I’m crying, it hurts so bad and still, feels so wonderful. He slips out, still humping. I lick my hand and reach back under me and grasp him. He fucks my hand his juices splashing onto my belly and over my bald shaven pussy. He goes still exploding in massive spurts on my skin, on my blouse, and some splashes onto my cheek. The thought dances around in my mind but I don’t dare taste it. Eeww! And then, he too is off me. I roll onto my back. My cunny aches. Two more dogs. I grasp one by his hairy sheathe, stroking him. I can’t afford any more abuse on my battered cunny. The other is at my feet licking the sticky dog cum off my soles. “They’re dogs. It’s their nature. They don’t know better.” I tell myself. As I stroke the scraggly mutt left over, I rub the underbelly of the fourth dog with my bare foot. He humps back against my soft sole. Before I even think it, I extend the tip of my tongue and lick the tip of the mutt’s cock. Not bad. Kind of coppery tasting. A bit nutty. If that makes sense. I lose all cares, as I begin deep-throating the massive cock in my mouth. I continue jerking him with my hands. The other dog lets out a whine, and suddenly warm jets of dog cum flood up my leg. Still cumming, he completely covers my small foot in warm sticky goo. The final dog continues fucking my face, without warning, suddenly he too explodes. With such force it goes up my nose and I gag. His cock twitches, cumming all over the front of my shirt and on my wrinkled skirt. The last one licks my face, and just like that, they are all gone. I lie there a while. I try and take in what’s happened. It’s both fascinating and disturbing for me. I gather my strength, clean myself off in the water, and continue home. I look and smell horrible. Wet dog. Sweat. The thick musky smell of sex. I walk without further cares. Dog cum leaks down my thighs. I walk through the garden gate of my backyard. I’m at the back door. Mom’s cooking. She doesn’t even turn to look at me. That’s good. “How was your day, sweetheart?”

    The Walk

    Tera prepped herself for a nice day out with her precious American Akita, Pal. She had been so busy lately with her new boyfriend that she hadn’t been able to give her baby the proper attention he deserved, attention that she had missed herself. It was also a good break from her boyfriend who although started out sweet, had become a bit too demanding of her attention and time. Still, she had a good relationship going and she wouldn’t trade for anything, she just needed a little break. Getting her shorts and tank top on she checked her auburn hair before she stretched and opened the door of her bedroom where her dog sat with leash in mouth tail wagging. She nearly toppled over as he hopped on her, paws just under her chest. With a giggle she managed to push him off and get the leash on his collar after wrestling it from his mouth. Ruffling his head fur she moved to lead the excited dog out of her apartment and get ready for the jog over to the park. When she finally got to the park she was a bit sweaty, but not entirely out of breath. Being a chubby pale nerd, she was healthier than most, but since she hadn’t been out with her dog in a while he had almost dragged her rather than follow her pace. Tera couldn’t really blame Pal. He hadn’t been to the park in some time, still, she found herself needing to take a seat at the bench and get him to sit down. Tera leaned back breathing out, hoping that her puppy would calm down. It also gave her some time to think about what she would do about her boyfriend, it wasn’t just that he was demanding of her attention, it was that he never seemed to be romantic with her or properly intimate. It was an embarrassing thought to have, but they had only ever had sex once or twice, something that wasn’t necessarily a problem, but her body had needs and having access to a stud like her boyfriend and not being able to satisfy the itch was a bit stressful, and a bit harmful to her self-image. She would need to bring it up without making insulting him, or making him feel too uncomfortable. Tera’s thoughts were interrupted by a cold nose on her inner thigh and a wet tongue that caused her to squirm, “No, that is definitely not for you!” she giggled pushing her dog’s head away. With a grunt Pal laid his head on her leg and stared up at her his tail wagging. It was a welcome distraction that her dog was being so playful, and it gave her another train of thought to travel down. Maybe she didn’t need her boyfriend or the use of fancy toys to get her pleasure. She had been on enough erotic blogs to know that some people actually had sex with their dogs, either just for the unique experience or because they really were in love with their pet. Looking down at Pal she brushed a hand through his fuzzy head and her lips curled up into a small smile. Maybe she could experience what the people from those blogs did, after all, Pal was such an affectionate thing, and she didn’t think it would be that hard to get him to comply. The more she thought about having sex with her dog, the more the heat grew between her legs. She bit her lip and looked around, there wasn’t anyone really at the park except for a few here and there. Taking a bracing breath she got up and took her dog behind a couple of bushes and trees, sitting on the grass while chewing on her lips. Her cheeks were flushed red as she began to drop her shorts and panties down to her ankles, getting up on her knees to check if anyone was coming before bending down to present her supple rear to her dog. Pal’s ears perked up as his master showed off her rear. Taking a tentative sniff he began lapping at her pussy causing her to groan out. Tera clamped her mouth shut, placing a hand over it as well her eyes shut. At any moment someone could find her lavishing in the love that her dog was giving her neglected pussy. It excited her to think that she could be caught, that anyone would discover the sin she was committing, she couldn’t do this too often or else she really would be caught! Her dog however, did not care about anything other than licking between her legs and her rear, moist warm flesh lapping at her pussy and pucker, his tongue pushing inside of each hole occasionally. With a huff he then hopped on to her back his arms wrapping around her waist causing her to nearly panic. She was really going to do this, she was seriously to have sex with her dog. Tera squirmed, but froze when she felt that foreign member began to slap against her crotch and thighs, missing the mark each time. Every time he thrust against her she jolted and a sudden fear shot up through her spine. Tera figured that her dog didn’t know restraint and he would break her, he would break her hard, but it was too late to get out of it. She shut her eyes hard and at the same time her pussy was spread wide and filled with her dogs bulbous flesh knot kissing at her entrance. She whimpered through her hand and kept her mouth shut as her dog began thrusting in and out quickly, pushing in harder and harder with every thrust while his claws dug into her waist. Pain soon turned into pleasure, nothing but pure lover and pleasure. Electric warmth shot through her body and she grit her teeth keeping in moans. Pal’s heavy warm breath caused shivers up her spine as it touched her neck, she then heard him whining. She was curious if he was in pain, but she soon found out why he was whining. Pal’s cock thrust into her as deep as it could go, his knot swelling inside of her and a thick warmth spreading through her pussy. God he was releasing so much of his seed inside of her. Her cheeks were flushed deep red and she bit at her hand to keep herself quiet, groaning into it. Pal then turned around to tug and attempt to pull away sucking at her pussy, pulling and tugging inside of her causing her to nearly collapse from the pleasure. After a bit of tugging he was finally free, semen dripping on to the grass below and her shorts. She now let go of her hand panting and holding on to the tree, sweat sliding off her sizable chest. Taking a breath she turned around and sat against the tree, massaging at her sore and dripping pussy. Her hazel eyes were glazed and half lidded as she stared down at her dog which was sitting panting happily as ever, his cock still hard. Breathing out she moved between her dogs legs to lick at his cock, letting her curiosity get the better of her, kissing and sucking at the tip before she received a soft spurt of salty cum on to her tongue.  With that she pulled her mouth away and worked to get her shorts back on. She let out a breath looking down at her messy shorts, with a small smile she gave her dog a hug while giving him plenty of encouragement. She would have to do it again sometime, and perhaps not at the park or she would need a change of sorts. Tera stood up stretching with a grunt, with her itch scratched she could confidently confront her boyfriend, or perhaps she could let it sit for a bit, after all she had a great little furry lover to please her whenever it was convenient, but for now she needed to save grace and get home as fast as possible to change her damn pants, ignoring the strange looks she would receive. 


    Dog Sitting Boner

    I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While eating lunch one afternoon she looked lost in thought and sad so I asked her what was wrong.

    She said, oh I want to fly home this weekend for my dad’s birthday but I can’t afford a kennel for my dog and I can’t afford to take him with me so I can’t go. I hate to miss his birthday so bad. I’ve never missed one before!

    “Well I can keep him for you till you get back, why didn’t you just ask”, I asked her?

    “ I hate to be a bother, I mean we just met and already I’d be asking things from you.”

    “That’s bull crap Mary, that’s what friends are for.” I wrote my phone number and address on a napkin and handed it to her and said here, just bring your dog by when you’re ready to leave. I don’t mind at all, and it might be nice to have a companion in my lonely little abode.

    “Are you sure you can have pets in your apartment I wouldn’t want to cause you trouble.”

    “No trouble at all. It’s ok as long as they’re visiting otherwise I have to pay extra to have my own. Just bring him by and go home and have fun. Tell your family I said Hi!”

    She immediately perked up as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders and as she smiled broadly she said, “You really don’t know how happy you’ve made me Angel, I owe you big time. It’s nice to have a friend like you. I’m gonna call Dad right now and tell him I’m coming, ohhh I’m so excited!”

    She was almost bubbling with happiness and it made me feel good knowing I’d helped her. If I had known then what I was about to experience I might have had second thoughts wondering of the experience. Now though, after experiencing the pleasure of having him as my guest there would have been an anxious anticipation of tending to his needs. I would delight in watching him for any period of time now. Then, I was doing a friend a favor, if I had known what was going to happen I’d have known I was doing myself a favor watching him.

    Now I’ll tell my story of how I fell into the depraved depths of bestiality and loved every second of my own debasement and why I am now addicted to those newfound feelings and emotions; When I told my friend Mary I’d watch her dog for the week-end while she flew home to visit her parents I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. I was trying to be friendly to a new co-worker and make her feel comfortable. But when she brought her dog to my apartment, I opened the door and stepped out to immediately find myself staring up into a huge dog’s face while his giant paws pressed down upon my shoulders. His weight caused me to fall against the door frame for support and I almost pissed myself.

    Mary was pulling him off me scolding him, “No boner, get down, get off her you horse. He’s overly friendly at times Angel and his size can be a problem but really he’s a gentle giant!”

    “I didn’t realize you owned a horse Mary, what is he anyway?”

    “An English Mastiff she replied. I brought him food also. If you’ll take him inside I’ll get it out of the car”, she said as she handed me his leash.

    I left the door open and took boner inside my apartment and gave him a good look over. God he was big, everything about him is huge, I thought. And my eyes fell to his dick sheath and it was even huge compared to normal dogs. His mouth was large enough to put my head into. He was kinda vertically striped with black and gray on a brownish background with some lighter gray thrown in, not a pretty dog but he definitely had personality. He was very tall, coming to my waist at his shoulders and his head was high enough to lick my face easily, which he was doing very energetically despite my protests. No boner, no boy, I said as I tried to push him away. He stopped and I swear he had hurt in his big eyes as he just sat down staring up at me. I ran my hands over his big head, a head that was easily twice the size of my own, and he felt so smooth and warm and obviously liked the attention. As I petted him his eyes gleamed and his big tongue seemed to bob as his breathing became rapid. Knowing what I know now I would have thought he was thinking, “Oh yeah another bitch to breed”

    Mary returned with a huge bag that appeared to be heavy so I hurried to help her. “Here’s 30 cans of food and he’ll eat 8 to 10 of them a day. He’ll beg for more but don’t give him anymore. The vet said he’ll eat till he’s sick and puke it up and then eat more if you’ll allow it. I really appreciate you doing this Angel; I don’t know what I’d have done without you. I guess I’d have missed Dad’s birthday and I’d have hated that because he’ll be leaving us in not to many years I’m sure and I want to spend them all with him. Then glancing at Boner she said, he’ll let you know when he wants something. He’s pretty good at letting his needs be known, like standing at the door if he needs to go out, or jumping up at the sink if he’s thirsty. You’ll see, he’s a smart dog! Oh yeah he’s used to sleeping on the bed with me so you’ll have to tell him no if that’s a problem or just shut your door. He hates to be alone but it won’t kill him for a few days. Well I need to run to catch my flight. Thanks again Angel she said as she hugged me tightly.”

    I could tell she really appreciated what I was doing for her and that helped alleviate all the fears I was having about watching this “Gentle Giant”. It helped stiffen my resolve that I could deal with this also. I walked with her to the door and as she left I waved good-by.

    Mary had mentioned Boner hadn’t eaten yet so I thought, well I’d better feed him before he eats me as I thought of his big mouth gnawing at my legs..brrr. Ten cans and he wolfed them down in an instant it seemed and looked up with his big brown eyes as If begging for more. I forgot his water and as Mary had said he leapt up on the sink, paws on the edge and his big head sideways as he stared at me as if pleading. His eyes were so expressive I thought. I gave him water and went and turned the TV on in my bedroom and sat on the bed relaxing. Soon Boner had his body in front of me and his big head licking my face. I soon realized that I wouldn’t be watching much TV while he was here. I thought what the hell; I’ll take him for a walk. I grabbed his leash and headed out the door. He was very well behaved and I thanked God for that. He did his business and just walked beside me very nicely. I had visions of him taking off after a squirrel and dragging me head over heels across the grass unable to let go the leash. But thankfully he was wonderful and I wound up enjoying myself and our walk. Mary had trained him well or he was just naturally well behaved, either way I wasn’t dreading this so much now.

    When we got back I decided to take a shower and relax. I stripped, dropping my shorts and panties to the floor where I stood and noticed that Boner walked over and sniffed them. He picked my panties up and half jumped and then knelt looking up at me as if he expected to play. When I just stood there he lay down with my panties dangling from his mouth and I saw sadness in his eyes. I felt sad that he was disappointed but I didn’t know what he expected me to do so I just went and got in the shower. When I came from the shower nude with a towel wrapped around my head Boner saw me and his head immediately jerked up and his large tongue slid around his mouth like he saw something delicious. I bent to retrieve my dirty clothes and didn’t see my panties so I bent and glanced under the bed. While looking I felt something touch my pussy fleetingly. I turned quickly but Boner was just standing there behind me and I thought he just brushed me. Again looking under the bed I felt something I knew wasn’t just a brush, it was a hard licking sensation and I realized Boner was licking me. I jumped up saying No boner! And again I saw that hurt look in his eyes. I found my panties and they were soaked as if he’d been licking them or something. I thought of him licking me and now the panties soaked and wondered what made him so attracted to them, if it was my scent or what.

    That night just as Mary had said he climbed up and lay beside me in the bed, his head lying on the pillow beside mine. He was warm and I found myself snuggling against him as I would a man, my arm around him feeling his smooth fur. His fur felt almost sensual, soft and smooth and his body so warm. It was easy to see why Mary allowed him to sleep with her. It was almost like having a man there beside me. But that feeling also reminded me of how long it had been since a man had actually lain there beside me. The nagging yearning I felt was feeling stronger every day and feeling a warm body beside me made that hunger even more tangible and alive. I went to sleep like that hugging him. I’d awaken when he moved, half asleep and run my hand over his soft fur and it was almost comforting feeling him, knowing I wasn’t alone. I felt, well, safe!

    One time as I ran my hand over him it grazed something that seemed wet and touched the top of my hand. I felt of it while still in a groggy state, fingers gripping it and it felt spongy, soft but with a hard center like bone. In my sleepiness I thought his leg. But it was long and straight and had a bump on it and suddenly my eyes opened and I was awake. I was holding his dick, his long, fat dog dick and it felt slick and hard. I wanted to take my hand off it, my mind kept saying to let it go but my hand refused to release it. I glanced at him in the dim light and he had rolled onto his back with all four legs straight up in the air and his dick hard and extended. I gazed at it as my hand moved on it, god I thought it must be a foot long and thick and his knot even thicker. My mind was saying, stop, this is so wrong, but my hand gripped and stroked along its length in defiance of my thoughts.

    Then I noticed the pulsing in my clit and the way I clenched my thighs as my pussy screamed its emptiness. A rippling sexual sensation gripped my entire body as my hand squeezed him. No! No! A part of my mind screamed, but a much more powerful part screamed do it, you know you want to, no one will ever know. But it’s an animal’s dick, I thought as my chest lifted and fell with each hurried breath. I wanted it, I knew I did, I hated myself for it but I couldn’t deny it. I wanted to feel it all in me, fucking me. I could make excuses of why I felt this way but the truth was I wanted to feel it fucking my pussy, or even my ass. I felt the fog of lust gripping my mind and I knew this battle was lost when I thought of sucking it, feeling it jerking in my mouth, knowing I was sucking a dog’s dick. I shuddered as my body thrilled at that thought. Damn I thought am I really this disgusting a person? My tongue wetted my lips as I thought of sucking it. Can I do that, really do it I wondered. I sat up alongside him and stroked his dick as I looked at it and imagined its taste, texture and how the clear liquid at its tip tasted. My loins were pulsing a rapid crescendo of need that seemed to beg for me to debase myself with this animals cock. I wanted to suck it, to put it in my mouth and run my lips over it but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do it. I knew that once done there was no turning back and that I’d have to live with the knowledge of my sin for the rest of my life!

    Then I glanced at his face and his eyes were open staring at me, those expressive eyes were begging me it seemed and when his hips hunched his fat dick in my grasp I realized what he was begging for. That sealed my fate as I felt drawn to please this gentle giant that showed so much love to me. My head lowered, mouth open and my tongue slid out and I tasted his tip, licked the gleaming moisture at his tip and savored it, examining it with my taste buds and finding it slightly salty, pungent but not overly so. But it did have the effect of drawing my mouth to engulf his dick and suck on it gently, the fear of hurting him there kept my sucking light and slick. Mmmmmmm I moaned as I tasted his dick, my actions had me so excited my mouth sucked, tongue licked, caressed his animal meat. When my eyes saw his furry balls in the dim light the inferno within me demanded my tongue adore them and it did. I sucked at them gently until I heard a whimper from him that scared me so I returned to stroke and suck at his dick. His dick grew fatter and longer as my mouth caressed it and my thighs squeezed hard together as the pulses at my clit had turned to throbbing jolts of hunger. I wanted to feel his dick in me and I was torn between feeling it deep inside me or continuing to coax his dog cum from his balls into my mouth. His juices that flowed from his tip as it jerked strongly were addictive to my mouth and I wanted to feel his dick explode on my tongue so badly.

    I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this and how he seemed to lay and enjoy my mouth almost as if he’d experienced it many times. Then I thought of Mary and wondered if he had felt her warm mouth sucking him before? Knowing that I was enjoying what I was doing made me feel so slutty and that just enhanced the feelings in my body. My head bobbed quickly on his dick and he began hunching into my mouth like a man would right before he cum. I wanted to feel him cum in my pussy but the excitement I felt knowing he was about to gift me his ball juice had my mouth sucking harder than ever and I squeezed his cock with my lips as I quickened the pace of my sucking, driving his cock tip against the back of my throat with each dip.

    When the first small spurt of his cum shot into my mouth it shot out with such force it shot into my throat choking me as I tried to maintain my mouth grasp on his cumming dick. I was forced to swallow his hot juice and his tip kept spurting hot watery cum that I tried unsuccessfully to swallow as it filled my mouth and forced from around his dick forcefully. It had a strong pungent taste and flowed out of my mouth and down my chin because of the volume of fluids and my inability to drink it as quick as it spurted from him. I wanted it and I felt a satisfaction at pumping it into my mouth from his animal balls. The way his dick jerked as he hunched it up into my mouth with each hot explosion of cum told of the power he had in his body and turned the hunger I felt inside me into a powerful craving that I felt only his fucking me could ever sate. I’d never been hotter in my life as he rolled over pulling his dick from my lips and jerked upright on the floor beside the bed. And then he walked away and lay down and began licking his hugely swollen knot and his exposed dick as it lay softening on the floor.

    God I wanted to feel it in me and he just lay there. I don’t know what I expected him to do but the craving I felt had to be abated somehow and if I couldn’t fuck him then I’d have to do it myself. I got my trusty rabbit vibe out and sucked on it, wetting its tip, before pressing it into my already wet pussy and turning the vibration on high as I lay staring at Boner’s dick and thinking of it in me. It was only seconds before my thigh muscles began tightening, ass lifting and hips out-turning as I pressed into the vibrations that threatened to drain the life from me as I orgasmed. I cum as intensely as I ever had while in my mind Boner was pounding his dog dick in my pussy and I was loving it. After many more hard eruptions of my pussy, as I lay thinking of him fucking me, I lay back and relaxed, drifting off to sleep as I thought, tomorrow I’m fucking him.

    I awakened to something licking my pussy gently, the feelings were sweeping through my body before I was fully wakened and by the time my eyes opened fully I was hunching into the wonderful tongue licking me. His tongue fully covered my entire mound and he was using it to slide up through my ass crack over my asshole, through my pussy and over my clit repeatedly as my ass lifted from the bed, thighs opening widely to allow him access to me. I thought I had awakened in heaven and then his fat tongue began pressing inside me, licking in and out of my pussy like a dick fucking me and I had to moan loudly and I knew my pussy was wetting terribly and that only increased the speed of his licking my walls. He gathered my juices and swallowed them as he spooned them from me with his curling tongue The emotions I felt at knowing I was loving a dogs tongue inside my body and that I wasn’t resisting but actually loving it and wanting more just enhanced and heightened what I felt in my pussy. I tried not to move afraid if I did he’d stop and I didn’t want him to ever stop, but my body moved of its own volition, hunching into his lapping tongue, fucking it as my mind was overwhelmed by my actions and the resulting pleasure I felt from them. Then he’d withdraw and again lick at my entire mound and stop and use his tongue tip to press into my asshole, moving his tip as if licking me clean and trying to lick up inside me and the carnality of that had my eyes closed, my hands under me, pulling my ass cheeks apart as I tried to give him access to my asshole. My anus craved to feel his tongue inside it and I pressed into it, as my mind savored every touch, pressure and movement of his tonguing me.

    His tonguing my ass had caused me again to fill with juices that flowed from me, and he returned to again fill my pussy tightly as he gathered it. Then as I cried my pleasure from his tongue fucking he withdrew and he began licking my swollen exposed clit causing me to moan and press into each swipe of his tongue. Each hard lick sent explosive jolts of pleasure through every cell of my body until he lay his tongue flat upon it and began licking me never taking his tongue from me and my mind spiraled out of control as one sensation after another flowed from my clit to roil my mind until it felt like one long wonderful electric voltage was rippling through me. I couldn’t stop it happening, my body began tensing, shaking with the intensity caused by his continuous laving. My head lifted and I wanted to grab his head and pull it to me but I was afraid he’d stop and my hands wavered above him, unwilling to do anything that would stop his licking. Then while I tensed, pussy pressed upwards from my presenting my clit to his attention he again slid inside my cumming pussy and my hands quickly grabbed his head and the feel of his fur reminded me it was an animal making me cum and I again exploded, my back arching upwards hands gripping the sheets with white knuckles as I felt I would die if he kept fucking me with his tongue.

    God it was so hot and my pussy was so full and I felt it moving inside me, twisting and turning, licking and pressuring my cervix and beyond as it cleaned my walls of my cum. No man’s tongue could move like his did, it was like a thick snake was crawling inside me and my mind seethed with heat, inflamed at the knowledge I was craving a dog’s sex. I couldn’t help myself, I’d never felt such pleasure and never wanted to part with it. I was out of control, feet planted on the bed I lifted my pussy and gyrated it into his wildly licking tongue. I couldn’t stop screaming and cumming as he fucked me with it. I felt so much pleasure I felt I’d go insane but I couldn’t stop moving, hunching frantically, working my pussy on it and then he began licking me again and my hands were holding me spread, allowing him to lick my clit directly as I jerked and cum hard again. My whole body tensed, head lifted, bobbing with each spasm that roiled my mind and jolted my body with each new lick of his raspy tongue. And then he walked away leaving me lying there my body jerking, spasming, and I wanted him again to fuck me but again he had just left me as If knowing I had cum better than I ever had in my life for longer than I ever had in my life and he was through for now.

    I lay there basking in the knowledge that I had sucked a dogs dick and loved drinking his cum and now that same dog had made me cum more intensely than anyone ever had and I definitely wanted to feel that again. And I want his dick in my pussy like I’ve never wanted anything sexually before in my life. What have I become I wondered as I thought of what people would say if they knew what I had already done and what I planned on doing? No-one could have ever convinced me I would enjoy having sex with a dog and I’d have never believed anything could have me sucking a dog’s dick for any reason. But now I wonder if Mary has enjoyed all these things with Boner also. He certainly seems accustomed to a woman’s pussy and acts like he’s done it all before. I wonder if that’s how he wakes Mary every morning, wouldn’t that be wonderful I thought.

    Damn I’m such a slut I thought as I remembered the taste and texture of his dick in my mouth and knew I craved to taste it again. The thought of sucking his big dick again sent shivers of pleasure coursing through my body and made my clit pulse strongly with need. I felt so relaxed lying there as I thought of fucking him and how it would feel to be “Knotted” like I’d heard about from people watching two dogs fuck once. At the time I didn’t know what they were talking about and how they could be stuck together, knotted, as the man said. But after seeing his “Knot” I can easily understand how they were hung together. My mind returned to the present as I heard a whimper and saw him standing by the door with his head turned looking back at me and thought, damn he wants to go piss from that wonderful dick.

    After wiping the juices from me with a towel, I threw on some shorts and a blouse with no underwear and grabbed his leash and we were off to the park again. It was nice in the park until I saw trouble coming towards us. Some hoodlums were there and began talking trash to me, saying how they might just fuck me right there. I tried to ignore them and walk away but they followed me talking shit as we walked. Finally I stopped and told them to go away and leave me alone. One of them that seemed to be the leader reached out and grabbed my shoulder and was about to say something when Boner jumped and grabbed his arm and pushed him to the ground with his weight. He hadn’t made a sound before acting, now he stood there crushing the guys arm in his jaws as he stared down at him growling. Obviously in pain the guy was yelling for me to get him off and his pals had ran away and left him there alone. “I asked him if he was going to leave me alone If I told him to let go?”

    “The guy yelled yes, hell yes, he’s breakin my fuckin arm!”

    I walked over and picked up the leash and patted Boners head and said, “Good boy, now let him go”, and pulled at the leash. It took a few minutes but Boner finally understood and released his arm but stood there over him, growling like he wanted to eat the guy. The guy rolled over and got up and took off running with blood dripping from his arm. Boner watched him leave and then put his paws on my shoulders and began whimpering and licking my face like he was glad I was safe.

    I loved this dog! How could this gentle giant have turned so fierce so quickly when I was threatened I wondered? I wouldn’t have thought he’d have done anything other than try and lick them to death. I decide to take him home and reward him with my pussy; after all he had earned it by protecting his bitch. He was the Alpha male in this encounter and had driven the intruder from his bitch and so earned the sexual favors he so rightly deserved. That and seeing his powerful display had my pussy aching to feel that same power driving his dick into me deeply.

    I thought all the way home about how I could get him to fuck me? I even thought about calling Mary at the number she’d left me and asking her, but just as quickly I knew I couldn’t do that. I decided to just let nature take its course and see what happened. I’d just strip nude and see what Boner did to claim his prize. So when we got back I closed all the curtains and stripped the shorts and blouse off and went about my daily chores around the apartment and when finished I went online and read about dogs fucking women. I didn’t want to feed him yet because I intended to be fucked before we again ventured outside. He didn’t seem interested in sex and then I remembered how he had licked me as I glanced under the bed and I repeated that pose and sure enough he got up and came to me and began timidly licking me like he remembered the last time he had done that like this and had been rebuked. But this time I lay my head on my arms and moved my ass and he was soon licking me quickly as he had that morning but he pranced around as he did so.

    I glanced in the mirror on the bathroom door and saw his dick extended and jerking and I was immediately throbbing with anticipation. I crawled to the bed and lay across it while kneeling on the floor and reached back and smacked my ass cheek and said c’mon boy, fuck me! Hearing the slap his ears perked up and he was on me in a flash, his paws wrapping my waist as he hunched quickly as he searched for my pussy. I felt his dick brushing my thighs wetly and poking my ass as he tried to ensnare my pussy and my mind was crying out for him to get it in me. Finally I felt so much desperation that I reached under me and grabbed his cock and placed it at my entrance myself. He hunched once and I felt my pussy opening, stretching as it engulfed his fat dick. I knew he felt it too by the way he began fucking me quickly, forcing his dick into my wet cunt with hard, rapid thrusts of his hips. I loved it!

    His dick was so hard and it kept jerking as it spilt his animal lube within me that my tight pussy was unable to resist as he pounded it deeper and deeper inside me. Damn it was hot, it felt like it was burning its way between my walls as it filled me. Then I felt my pussy being stretched deeper, pounded and stretched and I felt tears of joy welling in my eyes it felt so wonderful. He hurt me, each hard thrust of his animal haunches drove me to an even more intense excitement. It felt he was ripping my pussy causing me to scream in agony at my pleasurable plight. The agony he caused as his tip stretched me deeply seemed only to enhance the pleasure I felt as I begged, “Yes, yes, fuck it boner, fuckit”, unable to separate the pain from the pleasure I felt from his big dog dick. I felt his knot at my entrance, opening me, attempting to press into me but not able to enter because of his long cock bottoming in my pussy. I wanted it, wanted to feel it engulfed by my wet pussy, stretching me tightly around its thick girth.

    I felt his paws tighten around my waist and he began thrusting harder, stretching me, leaving my mind inflamed and frustrated at his inability to knot my pussy. Every ounce of my being was concentrated on the fatness at my entrance as I pressed back into him. Each time I felt his knot open me I craved it and even though it pained me I couldn’t stop hunching with him to force it past my restrictive opening. I’d never felt my pussy stretched before and the myriad of new sensations had me crazy with a need to cum. I felt his dick jerking in my pussy, a hard muscular jerk and the thought of a dog cumming in me, filling me with the same hot cum I swallowed the night before had me hunching hard as the first spasm of my own orgasm tensed me, had my pussy clenching his dog cock tightly. Even as my pussy contracted around his fat animal dick his powerful hips continued driving his dick into me, roughly stretching me, feeling even larger as my pussy clasped it tightly.

    My cum coated and slickened his already lubed cock allowing him to fuck me deeper, harder, faster, as I cried out in ecstasy while cumming on his dick repeatedly. As my body relaxed after an especially intense spasm I felt his hips drive his knot into me fully causing a loud moan to escape me at the intense fullness it presented me. I felt his knot pulsing, swelling as my pussy clasped and squeezed it. His thick knot caressed the nerves of my g-spot fully, mashing them with its hot presence there while inducing an insanity of need into my mind. His hunching came quicker now and his dick began swelling and swelling. I could feel my walls stretching, gripping his cock as he grew inside me. His knot grew huge, pulsing with energy, and I felt it would rip me open as it pressured my g-spot hard, the internal pressure feeling as if my pussy would explode if he didn’t cum soon. The pain as I felt ripping, mixed with the spasms rippling through me had me in heaven. I loved the way he felt in me, loved a dog fucking my human pussy and I couldn’t stop cumming.

    His hot dick felt even hotter as I cum. My pussy strained to squeeze his huge girth as my inner muscles began to quiver, making his cock seem to tremor as I cum. That sensation spread through my whole body, beginning as a gentle tremor of his cock, then an intense trembling of my hips and pussy and finally a strong uncontrollable shaking as the first hot spewing from his balls scorched me deeply. My entire body tensed as the realization that this “Gentle Giant” had found enough pleasure in my human pussy that he desired to breed me, to gift me his steaming dog cum as his gift for being his bitch. Each seething hot spurt seemed to shoot into my pussy and boil inside me until my brain felt melting and all I could do was grasp the sheets and grip them tightly, holding my bitch pussy to his spewing dick as he inseminated me repeatedly. His cum was expelled so forcefully, drenching my pussy with the huge amount of his ball juice that the pleasure was addicting in the sating fulfillment of my cravings. I loved being this dog’s bitch as he inserted his seed deeper and more satisfactorily into my body than any male before him.

    But a part of me hated this, hated knowing how much I loved a dog cumming in my pussy, hated knowing I would want to feel this over and over. Hated the way I had loved sucking his dog dick till it cum. And I especially hated that I couldn’t stop cumming and didn’t ever want to, even though I felt I might die from the intense muscle locking orgasms his dick was giving me while fucking deep in my quivering pussy. The feeling of his hot cum seething inside me, trapped, unable to escape because of the huge swelling of his knot, was nature’s plan to ensure his seed impregnated me, his bitch. That heat engulfing his cock and seething like molten lava inside me, permeated my pussy walls and spread through my body reminding me I had an animal’s cum inside me. That knowledge intensified every feeling I was having. I felt so carnal as I reveled in the depravity of my actions but I was as helpless to control my craving need for it to continue as I was to stop the throbbing of his hugely swollen knot in my pussy. The fullness I felt threatened my sanity with the pleasure it gave me as I felt it rubbing my g-spot fully, pressuring the sensitive nerve endings there until my entire body shook wildly as it tried to throw off the mind numbing pleasure he presents me. No mans’ cock could ever make me feel the things his cock does with his powerful jets of cum while his knot stretches me so fully. His cock pressures the most sensitive spots of my pussy and his length pains me as its locked fully inside me. And the heat, god his dick is so hot and his cum just boils in his nuts before erupting like a volcano, spewing his lava like cum, deeply into my pussy. I will buy me my own Mastiff as soon as I can afford it, till then maybe Mary will get an apartment with me and we can both use Boner as I’m sure now that she does.

    He is motionless on me before he tries to back out of my pussy, whimpering when his knot prevents it. Each time my pussy spasms and clenches his knot and dick he whimpers and hunches hard into me giving me great pleasure each time it happens. I had read earlier online that if you remain motionless after some time his knot recedes and he can free himself. But I wanted him fucking me so I moved my hips and squeezed my pussy until I felt his dick stiffening inside me again. Soon I was engulfed in heaven again as he fucked my pussy even harder and deeper than before. I felt like every cell of my body was being drawn to my pussy as I cum, caressed by his dick and then pumped back through my body like a voltage, exciting every cell it courses through along the way. I had my arms drawn in to my chest squeezing them against my body as the sensations became to much for me to handle and every cell of my body seemed to condense into my pussy. I loved feeling him fucking me, jerking inside me as he tensed his dick muscle. He was so stiff and I knew why he was named boner as I felt him hunching his cock into me. I could never describe how I felt when he lay atop me still fucking me but his head near my shoulder, his breath on my neck, and his saliva dripping on me driving home the fact a dog was deep inside my pussy fucking me and I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to. I felt such an intense ripple run through my pussy as it clenched down on his cock when I had that thought, I loved the depraved carnality of loving his dick and no one ever knowing I was fucking him. Boner fucked me for hours and then was hung in me for another hour until he could escape my tight pussy.

    After feeding him and taking him to the park to do his business I took him home and let him lay on the bed on his back while I gave him another hot blow job, but this time when I saw his knot swelling I got straddle him and pressed my pussy down on his upstanding cock. Damn he felt wonderful as he opened and spread my pussy. I gazed in his eyes as I fucked my pussy with his dick and they seemed to gleam with heated passion. I didn’t let his knot enter me just fucked his dick and made myself cum on his hot cock repeatedly. When I cum I pressed my pussy down on his dick till I felt his knot opening me and I wanted it inside me so badly but it was too late for him to be hung in me again. I fucked him like that for an hour or longer and he just lay there until suddenly he began hunching up hard, his paws clawing the air and I felt him explode up into me forcefully, his dick throbbing and growing each time it spewed another forceful stream of hot cum into my hunching, cumming pussy. After my pussy quit quivering on his dick I again placed my mouth on his cock and savored the taste of our mixed cum as I cleaned his cock with my tongue. I loved sucking the wonderful dick he gave me so much pleasure with. The depravity of sucking an animal cock made it so thrilling as It jerked and slung his precum onto my tongue. I actually enjoyed sucking his dick and not worrying about him forcing it into my throat when he needed to cum. I found myself running his long dick into my throat and trying to swallow it as I experimented doing all the slutty things with a dick that I wanted to with a guy but didn’t want him to think me a real slut. Being a real depraved slut relieved me of that responsibility I thought and now I can enjoy myself with a real dick, a fat dog dick!

    We spent the next day sucking and fucking. I let him Knot me early in the morning because I had to experience that again before he left that evening. I loved fucking him and I loved sucking him and did so eagerly now feeling no disgust or trepidation at all anymore. I had never craved any man’s cock after fucking it as I crave Boner’s large dog dick. As I looked at the clock and it neared the time Mary was to be there I gave him one last blow job, this time with him standing and sucked him harder than I’d ever done and was rewarded with him hunching his dick into my mouth, fucking it into my throat as he gifted me his hot seed. I was so inflamed I didn’t miss a drop of his liquid nectar as he jerked and jerked in my tightly sucking lips. His powerful dick muscles swelling and jerking with each forceful explosion into my greedy mouth causing my pussy to throb with a need to feel it there. But then I had to clean myself up and reconcile my having to give him back and losing his wonderful dick. I then felt sadness that I hadn’t gotten his dick in my ass. I was too overwhelmed by the pleasure I felt in my pussy to have even thought about it. But it gives me something to look forward to the next time he’s with me!

    I hated it when Mary arrived that night and took Boner away. I planted a seed about us getting an apartment together but she didn’t seem too enthused about it at first. I told her about Boner saving me at the park and she said, “Really, usually a dog has to be really close to someone to feel that protective of them.”

    I smiled as I said, Well, we got really close Mary, you have to remember we spent all that time alone in that small apartment with just the two of us to entertain each other. And I thought it so cute the way he slept with his feet in the air on his back. I think he was dreaming of a hot girl dog though because he seemed excited”, I said laughing, as I watched her face for some sign she knew what I was really saying.

    She seemed to smile a knowing smile as she said, “Yeah everything about him is big isn’t it!” She turned to leave and Boner hesitated, looking back at me as if he didn’t want to leave until she pulled his leash and said, “C'mon Boner you have to leave your new friend now.” Then she looked at me and smiled warmly and said, “I’ll give it some thought about getting an apartment together, it just might work out after all. And Boner seems to love you already.”

    I smiled and said enticingly, “Yes we became close friends and spent a lot of time together and I’d really love to keep him anytime you need me to Mary”.

    She stopped and looked at me and said, Angel we’re gonna be very good friends I believe, the three of us that is.” And then she turned and left and I’m sure she was in a hurry to get Boner alone at home.

    I thought I better go get the paper and find a two bedroom apartment that accepts animals and smiled to myself as I wondered if Mary had ever made love to a woman before as my mind envisioned some hot threesomes between the three of us. I knew in my heart a one bedroom would do but she might want two bedrooms for appearances sake. But I’d let them both move in today if she wanted to….I thought as I laughed to myself. I could share boners large amount of love I thought smiling!……..Since that day Mary and boner and I have moved to a new apartment and have all become lovers. I love having my tongue in Mary’s pussy as Boner drives it deep inside her with his forceful hunching into my pussy. I found out that Boner was the reason she had left home, to be able to enjoy him anytime she wished. We seldom date anymore except to keep appearances up and when we do we always hurry home to Boner. Maybe someday if we find guys that can understand our need of Boner’s sexing us and doesn’t mind our loving each other also, we will have a relationship. So far we’ve no luck yet! Mary and I both are happy with our relationship as it is, just the three of us!!


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    How bout I put a different thought in your head.  I have you tied down to the bed to where your ass is up, your shoulders down and you cannot move. I play with your pussy to get it nice an wet where you're begging for me to let you cum but right before you do I stop go to the door and let my 100lb pitbull in, right away he smells your horniness and starts licking your pussy to it's first orgasm but wait it has only begun cuz he now proceeds to mount you and start humping!! To make sure he goes in the pussy not in the bum I help to direct him the right sopt and as soon as he feels your wetness he starts jack hammering his dick in after he's fully in and a few pumps later his knot starts to swell and you get a full feeling like you've never felt before, deep inside you feel him start to penetrate your cervix and enter your uterus which hurts at first but eases and becomes pleasurable. His knot is so big just inside thag now he's stuck in you but there's a growing pressure where it's swelled cuz it's pressing hard on your gspot. You start to notice a verh hot feeling in your abdomen and realize he's now cumming straight into your uterus and his dick is spasmodic inside you and the build up finally hits the crescendo and you have the most intense orgasm you've ever felt before but it's not stopping it keeps going on and on and on you start to get light headed from the intensity and you lose track of time not realizing you been in a constant state of orgasm for over 20min. You start to feel the pressure ease as you realize his knot is going down and starting to slip out then POP it's out and a river of cum is running out of you then you see the size of his dick and wide eyed not believing all that was deep inside you. I untie you and you collapse in the pool of cum and fall asleep immediately cuz you are so worn out you cannot lift yourself.


    Female Trainer gets knotted by her Houndoom for the first time?

    “Wait a minute, Houndoom, just hold on!”

    Dina’s eyes grew wide with panic. She reached down between her legs, fingers searching frantically. She’d been fooling around with her Houndoom, and things had gotten a little out of control.

    Granted, it had felt amazing at first; the feeling of the canine’s paws on her shoulders, the heat of his cock thrusting inside of her. It was the first cock she’d ever taken, and she’d orgasmed almost immediately.

    But then the canine’s cock had begun to swell up, and now they were stuck together. The pokemon sat hunched over her, whining and seemingly just as confused as she was.

    Her fingers slid over her clit until she found the base of the dog’s prick where it had been pushed inside of her. Pressing down experimentally, she could feel it inside of her, swollen to a massive size. There was no way such a huge thing was going to slide out of her tight pussy. What’s more, she could feel it throbbing and pulsing, the pokemon shooting his load into her without end, filling her up. Even through her panic, Dina felt pangs of pleasure at the unfamiliar feeling.

    Her Houndoom barked and tried to pull himself out without much luck. Then, to Dina’s growing alarm, the dog dismounted from her and began to turn, until they were butt-to-butt on all fours, his cock still stuck firmly inside of her. She felt Houndoom’s whip-like tail lash at her backside, and the pokemon lunged forward in another attempt to remove himself from her.

    “Houndoom, nnnooo,” she squealed, the thick swelling pulling roughly at the insides of her pussy. Another pulse ran through it as it squirted another load of cum into her once-virgin womb. “Try to calm down, I’m sure it’ll go down, if you keep doing that, I’ll…!”

    But it was too late. Dina bit her lip and buried her face on the floor as tremors of ecstasy welled up from between her legs and spread throughout her body. Her pussy clenched down even tighter, and she came again. 

    “No, we have to relax,” she moaned in defeat. They couldn’t stay like this forever. What if someone came home and caught her like this? She tried to think straight, to think of some way out of this, even as she came again and again. Without even realizing it, her fingers were rubbing at her clit, the pressure pushing down on the throbbing cock inside of her. Her head knew she had to get out of this, but her body just wanted more.


    OMG I just had sex with my dog

    I have never even thought about having sex with an animal before, I was feeling tired, wanted to just lie down for a short nap, first, let me describe myself. I’m 45 years old, average breast size, light colored hair, hazel eyes, around 5’4 130lbs shaved pussy, thin waist, anyway, I have a large dog, a mix between black lab and rottie. So, I was tired, just decided to stretch out on the couch for a lil bit, I was wearing just a short T-shirt and panties. I was having a hard time getting comfortable and kept rolling over from side to side until I finally just got on my back and laid there that way. Finally, I was able to doze off. I felt something next to me, opened my eyes, it was my dog trying to cuddle up beside me, or that’s what I thought. So I slid over to make room for him. He had his face by my thighs and the rest of his body down the rest of the way down my legs, he laid his face across my legs and I dozed back off. As I was asleep I could feel my dog breathing on my leg, actually, between my legs because his face was situated on top of my leg, it was kind of weird, but felt good at the same time. As I laid there, on my back, asleep but aware, I just let myself relax more and more. I’ve never felt my dog breathing over my pussy before and that’s pretty much what he was doing, and normally I would have pushed his face away but it honestly felt really good and I didn’t see any harm in it, so, I didn’t do anything about it. I did actually open my legs a little wider, I don’t know why but I did. I think I even got a little wet, but still, harmless. His face was laying there across the top of my legs, he was breathing so heavy. God, it felt so good feeling the warmth of his breath across my panties. I wasn’t fully asleep, obviously, but very relaxed. I didn’t want to move and make him get up. I just laid there, letting him breathe onto my panties, getting wetter and wetter thinking oh my god this is so weird but I can’t move it feels too good. He woke up, adjusted his body a little bit then sniffed my panties, put his nose on my panties and kept sniffing, then, licked the outside of my panties a little. I panicked, pushed his face away and he stopped. I told him to lay back down, and I closed my eyes again, he laid his face back down and I thought that was the end of it. I thought to myself, wow…this kinda went a little too far but it won’t happen again. I let myself relax again, and drifted back off to sleep, or tried to. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. Omg what’s wrong with me?? Well, I wanted to feel his warm breath hovering over my panties again, I spread my legs again, nudged his face back over my panties and just laid there…feeling my pussy get wet again, hoping he’d smell it again and react. He didn’t, at first. So I just closed my eyes and turned my head to the side and tried to forget that any of this just happened. Next thing I knew, my dog was shoving his face into my panties, sniffing and licking…again. I didn’t push him away this time. By now, I was already so wet and was getting what I wanted. I then slid my panties to the side so he could get right to where the wetness was coming from. He licked all around my pussy and then I felt his long tongue going inside…omg my dogs tongue was inside my pussy. It was too late to change my mind after letting it get this far, my pussy was so wet, it was throbbing! I couldn’t stop. It felt so good, I can’t even describe it in words, other than I got this warm flushing sensation all across my body, I felt like I was floating. My pussy couldn’t help but to grind against his tongue. As good as that felt, I wanted more…like I wanted his cock inside me! Didn’t go that far, but I did orgasm several times while he tongue fucked me trying to clean my pussy lol I will write about this again the next time it happens, and I hope it happens again.


    Love these stories


    Dog sitting

    My aunt and I are very close and I regularly call in on my way home to see her. She has the most gorgeous black Labrador and if she has ever needed sitter when she has gone away I’ve always stayed at the house and looked after him. One time when I called in she was sat on the sofa and Defor was on his back next to her getting tummy rubs and scratches. We were chatting away and I noticed Defors red rocket was beginning to show. I kept glancing at it and then back to my aunt and each time I looked it had come out some more. My aunt saw my eyes flit away and back and looked at Defor. She said ‘Forever horny this one’ and laughed. Conversation moved on and she said she would be going away the following weekend. I said I was free to stay at the house and then said my goodbyes and went home.

    The following weekend I went to the house with a small bag of essentials. I saw my aunt to her car and went inside. I got Defor and his leash and took him for a good long walk. When we got back he sprawled out on the rug and went to sleep. I did a few chores and then went and sat down. I kept thinking about the last time I was there though and how his dick had made an appearance. I went and joined him on the rug and gave him tummy rubs and scratches like my aunt had and sure enough, out popped his red cock. I left it at that…..for the time being.

    Later that evening after I had showered and put on an old shirt I had Defor on the sofa with me. His head was in my lap and I was rubbing his tummy again. Out popped his dick and this time I moved my hand down and touched it. I massaged it and got it fully out of its hood and it was pretty big. Not so long but quite fat. He seemed not too bothered by me touching it so I started giving it a bit of a stroke. Then I decided to put my hand around it and give it a tug. Now I should have mentioned I’m not the most attractive or physically fit girl in the world so I don’t get much attention from boys. Watching Defor start trying to hump lying down got me wet. The poor boy just wanted to fuck and I couldn’t help wanting the same thing. It had been a long time since I got some dick. As I sat there with his cock in my hand I started to get wet myself and soon had my other hand in my panties. I was convincing myself more and more that dick is dick and I was soon taking off my panties and getting down on the floor. They call it doggy style for a reason so I got on all fours and pulled my shirt up to expose my ass and my wet pussy. ‘Hey gorgeous boy’ I said and Defor lifted his head and looked at me. ‘Here boy. Come on. Come to Anna. Come on’ I called. He got himself up and got down off the sofa. I was so nervous and was almost second guessing my decision to put myself in this position when he came up behind me started to lick my cunt. All second guessing stopped and I just let him lap at my cock starved hole. I was desperate to have my cunt filled again and when he put his front paws over me and around my sides I held my breath. He started prodding away behind me but missing my cunt and I was gagging for it so I reached back and grabbed him, guiding him into me. Sweet Jesus that fat dick felt so good stabbing away at my pussy!! I didn’t care that I was being fucked by an animal, I was just happy to have a penis of any kind ramming into me. What had I become?! I was on my hands and knees in my aunts front room being fucked by her dog and all I could think about was the orgasm building in me. When he knotted me I almost passed out! He stayed there locked inside my cunt as he filled me with cum. My arms have way and I crawled forward to release myself from him and it felt like a tennis ball being slowly pulled out of me followed by a trickle down my thighs which he licked up. Who’re sitting down to lick his own cock. I stayed there on the floor with a stretched hole and cum leaking out of me and felt like a disgusting whore, but it didn’t stop me from presenting myself to him another 4 times over the weekend.


    Good story!!


    All women can feel a knot thru their tummy with their hands, and a lot of women, especially petite ones (like me) can visually see their knot 

    A dog cums directly into a girls womb thanks to their pointed cock which creates a warm, full feeling inside girls which often contributes to the intense orgasms, while men’s cock which is curved away from the cervix makes it impossible for a man to ejaculate in a girls womb directly.

    Dogs ejaculate far more volume than necessary to totally fill the womb and it often results in very visible belly swelling that stays there for hours or even days. the remaining cum often drips out the cervix and needs girls to wear maxi pads (I have been doing this even tho I’m not on my flow), and the rest is absorbed by the body

    Dog knots directly stimulate the gspot which creates a state of high, consistent constant pleasure for a girl the heaven-like state is punctuated by often dozens of earth-shaking orgasms

    Dog cum is very beneficial to women. The chemicals and hormones inside the cum makes a girls vaginal walls thicker, stronger and more sensitive, and the womb far more fertile for a dogs sperm. It also makes a slightly alkaline environment in the vagina and womb which makes it far harder for a man to knock her up and your pussy far more hospitable to a dogs sperm. It also rejuvenates a woman and makes her pussy tighter and younger, tightens her breasts and make them more perky, make all your skin look younger and glow, and can even make wrinkles disappear…just from having him ejaculate in you!!

    Dogs have around 900% MORE sperm cells per drop of semen compared to the most fertile men which is an astounding feat considering the amount of ejaculate they make!

    Dogs ejaculate 8-16 BILLION sperm cells in a single orgasm. The most fertile men ejaculate 300 million

    The average penis size for a large breed dog like a great dane, German Shepherd, husky, Labrador, etc. is 9 inches long and 6 inches of girth

    The average testicle size for a large breed dog is around the size of eggs, or around the size of both an average man’s testicles combined into one.

    A dogs makes enough sperm in 8 hours to impregnate every woman and girl on the planet twice

    If a dog were able to impregnate a woman it would take an astounding 24 seconds at least and 30 seconds at average to impregnate her. If you were to look at the egg while fertilization were occurring the egg would be completely engulfed in billions of sperm thanks to dogs ability to ejaculate directly into the womb. Meanwhile men lack that ability and when fertilization is occurring with humans there are only a dozen or so sperm on the egg and it often takes several hours, sometimes even a day to impregnate a girl.

    Dogs cocks, testes (surface), semen and precum are full of hormones that after prolonged exposure create a long term craving for more sex from the dog and make women able to be much wetter and hospitable to sperm

    Also when a woman is active and exposed to the stud and his charms and hormones, the level of stimulation is much much higher than with a man and the hormones really drive a woman to want more k9 cock..very primal need.

    What K9 women are feeling is the very deepest sexual desire without the clutter of procreation and other complications..makes for a very wanting bitch for a k9 stud.

    A doctor on BF explained to me what is happening inside a girls body when a dog is fucking her…

    “I’ll run through what is happening during the sex activity with a large breed male dog from the beginning to finish. He slides it into you and you feel a large spike of pleasure and stretching. This spike in pleasure which remains the constant level of pleasure while he is in the thrusting/fucking you stage of a sexual encounter with a human girl, is both the higher temperature of his cock as well as the new, foreign texture you feel of his cock and knot. Even after fucking a dog for many many years the texture and heat will always feel extraordinary and foreign. The hardness is also an awesome contributor to the pleasure because it is different than what you’ve felt before since a dog cock can hold more blood and also has a bone making it feel very hard with no possibility of erectile dysfunction unlike what a large amount of men experience. The hard pounding being so fast and dominating is an exclusively dog/k9 experience. No man can keep it up while his body is absolutely designed for it. Meanwhile he’s lubing you up with pre-cum..around 8 ozs. or so. Your pussy literally absorbs the new stimulant and your estrogen goes thru the roof and his system reacts to that and he starts making lots of testosterone to peak your pussy. You feel it as an itching then warming sensation as you start to spasm he drives his cock deeper and deeper, still making precum in you and and as that happens you start to feel him hitting you deeper as your estrogen and his testosterone continue to rise making your pussy wetter and deeper. And then you’re really feeling the urge to take him deeper, opening up for his cock and knot combo and having a strong powerful orgasm as you do…hormonal levels are rising rapidly and you instinctively push back into his cock, a reflex from a craving of more of his incredible sex. He stops a full thrust deep inside you and his pointed cock meets your cervix making what zoo doctors like myself call a “cervical kiss”, and his pointed cock creates an efficient entry point for his many billions of sperm cells. His knot continues to grow and you squeeze his knot as you spasm hard and he responds by pumping you full of his incredibly potent seed. His pumping action is far far stronger than any man and you will definitely feel it as it is very very prominent, with each pump of semen making his cock nearly 50% thicker which creates spikes of pleasure with every pump. You feel his warm cum and bang you start shaking as it hits you and cumming harder as he loads you and his knot swells slightly more in response to your powerful orgasms to seal your pussy so as not to lose his valuable load..your mind is likely in a state of total pleasure by now and you essentially stop thinking as you are totally washed over by pleasure. You put your face into the bed and your ass higher in the air as your estrogen levels are at an incredible rate which make you submit to the alpha at least 10 inches deep inside you. After often an hour but sometimes many hours of prolonged intense incredible pleasure and ejaculation, his knot finally shrinks to the same girth as the rest of his penis and he slides out, with a large plop sound and a wave of semen coming out. The semen that comes out immediately after his pullout is the small amount of semen he makes that does not make it into your womb. Something I find very funny is that even the very small volume that does not make it to the womb is often far larger than most men’s total volume of ejaculate!

    It astounds me that very very very little money has been put into more research on this in the name of stupid traditions and prejudice as it is very clear by my and my colleagues research and women’s experiences that this is a VERY beneficial hobby, which inevitably and often becomes a full-time occupation. I hope someday that this prejudice will end so we can put more funding into discovering and studying the power sex with a dog has on a woman, and hopefully one day we can genetically manipulate a dogs testicles to create human sperm cells that would make it possible for K9 breeder women to finally fulfill the deep craving their hormones are giving them to be impregnated by their K9 lovers. This would be the best thing science could do to help zoosexuals in their sexual exploitation as it would not make half dog half human monstrosities and it would also likely make global headlines and spike female interest in their furry pseudo-stud friends and create a large amount of girls curious about their dogs.“

    Another doctor added “Well it goes with being a newbie and being overwhelmed at first in a sexy,oozing powerful fuck beyond anything you’ve had before..and it gets better the more you breed and learn to bitch for him..lots more rewards cumming your way..sexually you will never be the same..better but not the will learn how much you lust to breed and find yourself living and working around your new interest and sexual companion…you find dog cock is a real treasure and treat to protect and in some cases you’ll worship how it makes you feel..just my $.002”

    That’s just what I’ve discovered in 3-4 days I am sure I will find more!! 

    Oh I forgot: benefits outside of normal human-human sexual pleasure a woman gets from a man’s sperm:

    Can get knocked up

    Dogs are the ultimate stud 


    Interesting read for sure!!


    Babysitting PT1

    Pretty Cynn waved goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Prosser and closed the door. She went to the children’s bedroom and checked on the kids. They were fast asleep. Cynn smiled to herself. The Prossers wouldn’t be home for hours. Now she could have her fun. Sex fun. She went into the living room and perched her cute little ass on the sofa. She leaned back and felt her tits for a few moments. Her nipples Maxd in the tightness of her light dress. She smiled and slipped her hands down between her curvy young thighs. She drew her dress way up on her belly and exposed her naked little pussy. Her blue eyes grew heavy as she stroked and fingered her juicy little cunt. She stretched her pretty legs real wide so she could really get at her hot pussy. Then she called to the dog that was sitting watching her.

    “Max,” she said breathlessly. “Come here, boy. Come lick Cynn’s pussy.”

    The mongrel jumped up and ran to her. He pushed his head between her thighs and swiped his thick pink tongue at her open crotch. Cynn took her hands away and let him lick her cunt.

    “Ummmmm,” she purred happily as the doggie-tongue started to arouse her pussy. “I’ve been thinking about this all week.”

    It was just the Saturday before that Cynn had discovered the dog liked to lick pussy. She had been on this very sofa, watching TV, and finger-fucking her horny little cunt, when Max smelled her hot cunt. To her complete surprise, he jumped up between her knees and sniffed her pussy. She thought he just wanted to smell her because she was a female, but when he started licking her cunt, she went wild with lust. Max’s active little tongue really got her off that night, so that was what she had been thinking about all week, eager to come back to babysit for the Prossers so Max would lick her cunt some more. Now, here he was, lapping away furiously at her furry young pussy, and she loved it.

    “More, more,” she panted, humping her cunt up at his wild tongue.

    She was dazed and amazed by this turn of events in her sex life. Max’s tongue was super compared to her own fingers. She never dreamed she could cum so hard. She’d had nice cums with her naughty fingers ever since she started playing with herself, but the doggie-tongue did things to her pussy she couldn’t believe it made her cum like crazy! Wanting that again, she slumped on the sofa and held her dress way up on her taut young belly, and pushed her crotch forward so the dog’s tongue could really go at her hot cunt. Max was more than happy to please the young girl. Hers was the first pussy he’d ever licked and it was a new experience for him, too. The girl’s pussy was nice and wet, pink-and-white, and horny. It smelled like hot sex to him, hotter than a bitch’s pussy. His hind feet stomped on the carpet as he got excited about Cynn’s cunt. His head twisted this way and that as his long tongue lashed her pussy. Cynn moaned after a few licks and humped her pussy for more. Her eyes fluttered and her tits got hard in her dress as Max licked savagely at her open, wet cunt. Panting hotly because the doggie-tongue was arousing her tremendously, she pulled her dress down in front and bared her lovely young tits. Her pink nipples hard as she toyed with them, and she moaned when she got good feelings in her tits and pussy at the same time. The doggie-tongue grew vicious and smashed into her cunt so hard that Cynn moaned out loud again. Her blue eyes rolled in her head and she lifted her cute young ass up off the sofa cushion. She stretched her slim thighs wide and fully exposed all of her hot crotch for the dog. Max took advantage of her new position with her pussy elevated like that, and he licked his raspy tongue into her cunt.

    “Ew! Ewwww!” Cynn cried, shivering all over.

    She thrust her hands down to her crotch and used her fingers to pry apart the lips of her horny pussy. She held the cuntlips open for Max and he licked the end of his tongue right into her juicy pussy. Cynn gasped. Her eyes closed completely as sharp sex thrills shot through her whole body. Panting, licking her lips feverishly, she humped and twisted her pussy for the licking, lapping doggie-tongue. Waves of sex pleasure coursed through her as she fucked her hot cunt against the dog’s tongue. Her fingers clutched at her cuntlips and pried them farther apart. She ached to have the tongue get into her pussy. She wanted that bad. To get it, she opened her pussy real wide and humped her hips. Max’s wild tongue found the spot and licked right into her pussy. Cynn shuddered from head to toe, rather violently.

    “I’m gonna cum!” she screeched.

    Grunting like a little piggie, she fucked her wet pussy crazily against the raspy tongue and helped Max get her off. She humped and screwed and twisted wildly, her pussy thrust up for the dog, and his tongue lashed her cunt viciously. His thick tongue wedged between her trembling fingers where she was holding her pussy-lips apart, and the end of it fucked into her juicy pussy. A few of those good ones drove Cynn right up the wall.

    “It’s cumming!” she squealed, and she fucked her hot ass faster.

    Max grunted, stomped the carpet, and licked his tongue faster into the girl’s squirmy, jerking cunt. Cynn screeched again as a sharp rush of sexy feelings tore into her taut, heaving belly. And then her pussy flooded.

    “I’m cummmmiiiinnnnggg!” she cried.

    Her whole body jerked and twisted on the sofa as the dog licked furiously into her pussy. Her pussy rotated and jumped as the doggie-tongue whipped her erect little clit, her most sensitive spot. When his tongue lashed that, she came and came and came. Huge waves of sexy pleasure engulfed her young mind and overwhelmed her senses as the doggie-tongue got her off. She lost all control of her body as she came wetly, profusely, wildly. Spasm after spasm of delight coursed through her half-naked young body and she laughed and giggled and moaned all through the dynamic orgasm. Cynn loved to make her pussy cum, ever since she had learned how to do it with her fingers. So, to have a doggie-tongue do it for her was mind-blowing pleasure. She never dreamed cumming could be so good! Now she knew. And she was hooked on doggie-tongue.

    “More, Max, more,” she panted, humping her pussy faster against the relentless tongue.

    That was the delicious part for her, the fact that Max never got tired of licking her cunt, even when she came. He kept on licking and she kept on cumming. It was marvelous!

    “Ohhh, Max!” she gasped, screwing her cunt round and round. “Do more, do more, ohhh, don’t stop!”

    Her pussy burned with lust and she fucked it up and down in the air against the dog’s whipping, lashing tongue. Max seemed to be very thirsty for her juices and he licked like crazy and slurped her cum-juice up like water. That thrilled the hell out of Cynn.

    She didn’t know it, but her hot, wet pussy made Max horny. He made small animal sounds in his throat as his head twisted this way and that. He licked his tongue fast all over her sweet pussy and his prick came out of its protective sheath. His hardon throbbed wetly under his belly as he licked his tongue into Cynn’s hot cunt.

    She first became aware of his condition when he shifted his position between her feet. Still lapping her pussy, he straddled her leg, and as he licked her cunt hotly, he humped her leg. Cynn felt his stiff prick against her flesh.

    “Max! Golly! What are you doing?”

    She lifted her head and peered down at his fantastic tongue against her pussy, then tried to see what he was doing to her leg. His prick felt funny, fucking like that, pounding away at her curvy young leg.

    “Golly!” she gasped. “I got you horny! This I gotta see!”

    She took her pussy away from him by swinging her legs over his head. She dropped to the floor with him and he immediately licked her pretty face, then her jutting naked tits. Cynn giggled as his tongue lashed her pink nipples and made them tingle. She let him do that for a while.

    “Lemme see,” she whispered hotly, her eyes riveted to his lower body.

    She pushed him over onto his back and stared hotly at his exposed prick, all red and swollen.

    “So that’s what it looks like,” she mused.

    She touched his prick with her fingers and Max made a sex-sound deep in his throat. Cynn giggled.

    “You like that?” she cooed.

    Playful, curious, horny, she slipped her hand over his stiff cock and jerked it slowly to get a feel for it. She moaned softly and milked his prick a few times experimentally. It felt good in her hot young hand. To her surprise, she got sexy feelings in her tits and pussy just from playing with the doggie-prick. It was exciting. Her blue eyes flashed naughtily and she licked her lips nervously because this was the first cock she ever felt.

    “How stiff it is,” she said.

    Max lay still for her. His hind legs fell wide open. Cynn eyed his balls and her fingers followed her gaze. She toyed with his hairy balls for a moment, listening to him groan. She giggled and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. Max groaned louder. That excited her, too. Her left hand flew to her horny pussy while her right hand jerked his prick. She finger-fucked her juicy cunt-hole and pumped the dog’s prick. She felt real horny now, doing this, and her pussy felt creamy-dreamy. When Max started trembling and humping his haunches, it dawned on Cynn exactly what she was doing.

    “Golly, can I make you shoot that stuff?” she gasped.

    Giggling excitedly, she started jerking his prick faster. She had heard a lot from girlfriends about how boys shoot cum, but she had never seen a prick cum. Now she wanted to.

    “I’m gonna make you cum, okay?” she laughed.

    She wiggled closer to the supine animal and, still fingering her hot cunt-hole, she whacked his prick faster and harder, hell bent on seeing a prick shoot. Max grunted and groaned, jerked and shook, but did nothing to discourage the girl from getting him off. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and he panted for breath as Cynn stared at his rigid cock and jerked it passionately. His stiff prick enlarged and lengthened. His cock stuck way out of its sheath into her fist to a huge size of about nine inches, and she jerked it faster. Her eyes remained glued to his prick as her hand pumped and jerked and whacked. Max started growling.

    “Golly, you’re really horny!” she panted. She liked what she was doing to him. It gave her a sense of power as well as pleasure to make his cock big and stiff. She felt so free to do whatever she felt like doing to his cock.

    Max made some grunting sounds and started humping faster. Cynn giggled and jerked his prick harder. The dog-cock grew thick and wet in her fist, then started jerking like a wild thing.

    “Oh!” she cried, eyes wide with wonder.

    The doggie-cock exploded in her jerking fist. It swelled up and jerked violently and spit savagely. Big wads of thick cum came spurting out of the dog’s cockhead. Cynn jerked faster and watched fascinated as he shot his cum-load for her. Huge globs of white stuff splashed onto his chest and the more Cynn jerked, the more he came. She was starry-eyed as she watched the beast’s massive boner shoot and gush and spit so violently. She giggled and jerked even faster and harder to make him cum like crazy. Max writhed and twisted and humped and jerked. Cynn’s horny fist drove him out of his animal mind. No bitch ever got him off like that! He whined with pleasure and Cynn knew he liked what she was doing to him. So she did it some more. Laughing sexily, she pumped his prick fast and made it shoot lots of cum. She wanted to witness that for herself. Now she knew what her girlfriends were talking about. As the doggie-prick spurted hot cum, her cunt got hornier. She fucked her finger faster in and out of her hot young pussy.

    “Did you like that?” she purred, knowing he did.

    When his cock stopped shooting, she caressed it lovingly and fucked her pussy on her finger pleasantly. She felt real good now that she had made a prick shoot. The dog’s boner was a bonus for her. She had thought cunt-licking was all there was to it. But now she could play with Max’s cock!

    “We’re gonna have lots of fun from now on,” she laughed.

    Her horny young mind thought of all the possibilities. Max could lick her pussy. She could play with his prick. He could make her cum. She could make him cum. Wow, what fun!

    “Max!” she rasped hotly. “Jerking your cock made me real horny. Come lick my pussy some more!”

    She jumped to her feet and settled her ass on the edge of a sofa cushion. Leaning back, she drew her dress way up onto her taut young belly and sprawled her pretty legs widely. Her pussy was nice and hot. Max leapt up, too, eager to please her. He liked Cynn a lot now. He pushed his head between her curvy young thighs and attacked her furry little cunt with snout, teeth and tongue. He chewed at her pussy until she thought she’d die with pleasure, and when his raspy tongue assaulted her clit, she almost passed out with ecstasy.

    “Ohhhh, Max,” she cooed, humping her horny pussy at him. “Do it! Eat meeeee! Ewwww, how you lick a girl! Ummm, more, more! More, Max, more! Oh, ohhh, ohhhh, I’m gonna cummmmm!”

    The eager dog attacked her cunt with his tongue. Her clit came out, stiff and wet, and his crazy tongue whipped it until Cynn thought she’d swoon. Her cute young ass jerked and jounced each time his tongue hit her little clit, and waves of sex pleasure rushed through her young body. She bared her tits again and mauled the hell out of them as the dog ate her out. Her eyes rolled and she gasped for breath as the doggie-tongue drove her crazy. She squeezed her tits and tweaked her pink nipples as she fucked her pussy against the delicious tongue. Pleasure like she never knew with her own fingers coursed through her young body until she was a humping, cumming mass of hot female flesh on the sofa. She threw her pretty legs wide and fucked her juicy cunt against the dog’s licking, lapping tongue.

    “I’m gonna cum!” she shrieked, horny out of her mind. “More! More! Ew! Oh! Ummmm! Do it! Do it! Ohhh, Max! Make me cummm!”

    As if he understood her need, Max licked his tongue into her young pussy and got her off a good one. Great waves of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her senses and she moaned as she came like crazy. She fucked her pussy wildly then, and it flooded wetly.

    “Ummmmm!” she moaned, massaging her aching young tits and twisting her horny little cunt. “That was goooooood!”


    I love all your stories, thanks for sharing !

    Whimpering For More

    It was late at night and I had just gotten out of the shower. I was walking around naked enjoying the cold winter air coming in from the windows. I walk in my room and lay out on my bed and chuckle when I look down and realize my nipples had become hard from the cold air. I smile a bit before I bring my hands up grabbing my boobs firmly and rubbing and pulling on them, twisting them every now and again with a hard pinch. I start to moan slightly and rub my legs together when suddenly I hear my door creek open and I look over to see my wolf dog Stump standing in the doorway.

    “Hehe hey boy! Don’t worry mommy was just playing with herself a little.” It was then that I noticed something, a long, thick, swollen cock dangling between his legs.

    “Wow… I guess Stump really isn’t the best name for you huh big boy?” Stump gave a small bark and just stood there staring at me. He was larger than any dog being more wolf than anything, and his knot was no exception. As I lay there staring back at him a sudden though crosses over me.

    “Hm… Hey Stump, come here boy.” And almost as though he was just waiting on the invitation he quickly ran over to my bed and stuck his cold wet nose right between my legs.

    “Oh! You’re an eager one aren’t you Stump?” And with that I felt his warm tung start laping at my already wet lips. I lay my head back and spread my legs farther felling him start to nip here and there I begin to let out pleasured moans. This seemed to only encourage Stump as he shoved his nose in and his tongue deeper inside me.

    “OH! OH STUMP KEEP LICKING BOY! YOUR COLD NOSE AND WARM TONGUE FEEL SO GOOD! ” Stump was licking up the juices from me playing with my breasts as more started to flow from the pleasure of his tongue. I couldn’t help but start whimpering like a female in heat wanting more, if his tongue was this good my mind kept wondering how good that huge knotted cock would be. I then loose my train of though when I feel something rush over me. Stump had just made me cum, and right then I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time.

    “AHHHHH STUMP! YES! YES! SUCH A GOOD BOY! GIVE MOMMY MORE!” When I feel Stump pull away I look down at him and I know what he wants. I can see it in his eyes, he wants to mount me like a female dog, to be knotted inside me where I can’t pull away from his bulging cock. I turn over and rais my ass up in the air with a wiggle before looking back at him.

    “Is this what you want boy? To mount me like I’m your little female. Come on Stump, be a good alpha and take what you want, dominate your female! ” and with that I had a long thick cock barried balls deep inside of me. The knot made a loud pop noise when it was shoved inside, even before he started tieing me it was almost too big. For a moment I wondered if it would be able to come out. But when he started moving and I can feel the knot pressing against my insides my head shoots back and I can’t help but moan and pant.

    “AAAAAAHHHHH FUUUCK! S-STUMP POUND ME, MAKE ME YOUR FEMALE! PLEASE ALPHA! PLEASE” Stump starts pounding into me so hard the bed creeks and I can feel his pre-cum dripping inside me, making me cum a second time, much harder than before. I can’t help but shove myself into him as the heat takes over my body and my juices start dripping down my legs. His knot was finally starting to swell inside me.

    “Ssssstuuuump! Oh Stump! Please! Please knot inside of me, give me puppies! I wanna feel your knot swell so big that I can’t take it! ”

    “Gggraaph!!! “He lets out a loud growl as he thrusts and I feel his cock as deep in as he can get it, the pure size nearly ripping me pushing at all my walls and sensative spots in just the right ways. I drop my face onto the bed only keeping my ass in the air for Stump. All I could feel now was his giant knot growing bigger and starting to throb inside me. I could feel every little twitch and movement as I pant and whimper not able to speak any longer from a mixture of being horse and the pleasure completely overtaking every other sense. I start pulling and whimpering for more, and when I feel the pain I can’t help but try to scream, and that’s when Stump shoves his tongue into my mouth, I could taste myself still on his tongue and I came causing me to buck forward and pull his knot causing another muffled scream. I felt it pulling my insides with it and suddenly I knew Stump was finally close to exploding. I was about to be full of his hot, creamy cum. His pups. And I pull through just enough to tighten my insides painfully tight around him and he let’s out a loud howl. He digs his paws into my hips and shoves his cock as deep as he can get it one more time and that was it. We both howl loudly as he comes, filling the air with the sounds of him spraying inside me before he started to try pulling himself out. At first it wouldn’t budge but with one hard tug and a loud pop he came out along with a spray of both his cum and my own going all over my bed underneath me. I drop on my bed panting and Stump lays next to me. Before falling asleep I reach between my legs and colect a mix of our cum on my fingers before sucking it off.

    “Mmmm. Good boy Stump. ”