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    A Week at the Pool

    A/N: Here is Story 2! It is quite long; too long, I think, actually. Hopefully, some of y'all enjoy it; I understand that longer stories aren't everyone's cup of tea.


    Joe sighed as he took in his reflection in the locker room mirror.

    "Bro, I don't know about this..." he muttered, using his right hand to adjust his dick. "This fuckin' speedo doesn't leave much to the imagination...and what kind of faggy pool requires this as dress code for its lifeguards?" Joe stopped fiddling with his dick and sighed again, running a hand through his shaggy hair.

    "Fuck if I know, dude," Dylan replied. The brunet was standing under a showering, giving himself a spritz before they had to walk out into the hot sun. "But for $18 an hour? I'll go out there in a g-string for that much cash!" Dylan turned off the shower tap and gave his friend a smirk. "And say what you fuckin' want to, bro, but I like how this thing hugs my cock. Really shows it off for the chicks." Still smirking, Dylan glanced down at his dick, as it bulged in his red speedo.

    "Bro, what chicks?" Joe scowled at his friend as they both started to head out of the locker room. Outside, Joe gestured at the pool. "This place is fuckin' fag city!" Dylan frowned as he took in the pool. His friend did kind of have a point. Of all the people at the pool, probably about 95% of them were dudes and those dudes did seem a bit...fruity. Hardly a pound of muscle on any of them and they were all paired off or prancing around in groups, giggling. Rows of twinks were sunbathing all along the pool, their puny dicks on display in their small speedos.

    "It's not...that bad..." Dylan said unconvincingly. A few feet away from them, two twinks sunning themselves by the pool's edge were giggling as one rubbed some tanning lotion into the other's lower back. Grinning mischievously, the twink rubbing the lotion in moved suddenly to slap his friend's ass, causing both to squeal and giggle even even further. Without missing a beat, both twinks turned to look at Dylan, smiling flirtatiously. Dylan gagged. "On second thought..." he muttered.

    "Shit dude, I don't know if this is worth it, even for the cash," Joe retorted, shooting a disgusted look toward the two giggling twinks. "I don't wanna be surrounded by fags all summer longDylan sighed and placed an arm around his bro's shoulder. "I get it, man, I get it, but look...you're seeing the small picture here," Dylan said conspiratorially. "Sure, this place is a lil fruity...but look. See over there?" Dylan gestured to the other side of the pool, where a big-titted blonde was palling around with two twinks. "And there?" A few steps away, a brunette with a sweet ass was sunning her back as she chatted to the lithe boy in the chair beside her. "And...holy shit, over there?" Joe followed Dylan's stare to the shallow end of the pool where a sexy redhead chick was hitting a volleyball back and forth with a similarly redheaded twink. Just then, the girl hit the volleyball outside the pool.

    "Oh noo!" she chirped, looked crestfallen.

    "No worrieth, I'll get it!" her twinky friend lisped back. He climbed out of the pool, stretching for a second, before he pranced after the ball.

    On the other hand, shit had gone swimmingly for Dylan, it seemed, who was attached to the redheaded chick all day yesterday. His friend had successfully inserted himself into the chick and her twinky friend's volleyball game and the two had hung out the rest of the day. Although, Joe remembered with a smirk, it seems like his friend hadn't managed to ditch the fag. On more than one occasion, Joe had looked off toward his friend to see him strolling or splashing around with his conquest, but never far behind, always off to the side was redheadedt twink.

    "That's the point, Joe my bro...these aren't just chicks. They're fag hags. Chicks who love to pal around with little gay boys." Dylan smirked evilly at his friend. "Meaning that they are ripe for the picking by you...and me." Dylan's grin widened as he gestured first to himself, then to his friend.

    Joe paused. He hadn't considered this angle.

    "You think so? You think we can tear them away from their faggy friends?" Joe asked. He still didn't sound convinced.

    "Bro, have you looked in the mirror lately?" Dylan chuckled. "We're fuckin' seeeexy, bro. Especially compared to all the fairies." Dylan joked, seemingly to finally win Joe over, who was grinning now as well. "Trust me, bro. No chick here's gonna wanna get dicked down by these betas after they see what two alphas like us are packin'..."

    "Okay, bro, you've convinced me," Joe relented, "Let's find us some fag hags to fuck!!"

    "Already one step ahead of you, bro!" Dylan shouted and with that he was already jogging away toward the redheaded volleyball player from earlier. He smirked back at his friends, his pecs bouncing as he jogged away. "I'm feeling in the mood for some volleyball!"


    Joe glowered, trying his damnedest to stare a hole into the tile of the locker room floor as he slipped out of his boxers.

    "Some shittin' plan this is, alright..." Joe muttered, throwing his boxers into his locker and slamming it shut.

    Yesterday had not gone according to plan at all. At least, not for Joe. Every time he tried approaching a girl, he'd get maybe get a few minutes in, but then it was almost like he'd get divebombed by fags. All the time giggling and smiling at him, rubbing up against him as he walked by, and not to mention staring at his dick all the fucking time. Joe couldn't take the shit. Eventually, he'd found a shady corner of the pool and kept a low profile the rest of the day, scowling at any fag who came close by.

    On the other hand, shit had gone swimmingly for Dylan, it seemed, who was attached to the redheaded chick all day yesterday. His friend had successfully inserted himself into the chick and her twinky friend's volleyball game and the two had hung out the rest of the day. Although, Joe remembered with a smirk, it seems like his friend hadn't managed to ditch the fag. On more than one occasion, Joe had looked off toward his friend to see him strolling or splashing around with his conquest, but never far behind, always off to the side was redheaded the twink.

    Joe sighed, pulling up his speedo. He then pawed at his bulge. Could never get comfortable in this damn thing.

    Despite it all, he'd come back for another day, hoping that things would maybe go a bit better. Maybe there would be fewer fags in attendance today, after all. The sound of a slamming locker door jarred Joe out of his thoughts. That would be Dylan.

    "Yo Dylan, what the fuck happened yesterday-" Joe turned a corner, expecting to see his friend, but stopped short when he saw a blond boy undressing on a bench, midway through pulling off his gray tank top. The blond bit his lip and was staring back at him with wide eyes.

    "Shit, not another fag..." Joe muttered under his breath, then cleared his throat. "Uhhh, sorry...dude, thought you were my bro Dylan..." Joe awkwardly ran a hand through his hair and turned to leave.

    "Wait," the blond quickly said, causing Joe to turn back, "Umm...are you one of the new lifeguards?"

    "Uh, yeah..." Joe mumbled. This fag was still staring up at him with his big eyes and it was starting to freak Joe out.

    "Do you..." the twink was biting his lip again, "Do you think you can teach me how to swim!?" The question was blurted out all at once.

    "Uhh..." the question had caught Joe off guard. He ran a hand through his hair again. "Look, umm, I'm not a swim teacher, dude, so I can't really-"

    "Please!" the twink shouted, leaning forward, "My friends dragged me here...but I don't even know how to swim...I know it's not a thing you'd normally do, but please teach me?"

    Joe furrowed his brows. This guy was starting to piss him off. He took a deep breath to compose himself.

    "...Sure, alright." Joe said, then blinked, surprised. Had he...had he just fuckin' agreed to teach this fag how to swim?! He'd had every intent on telling this twink off, why in the hell had he agreed?

    "Yay! Yay" the blonde was bouncing up and down, then suddenly leapt up. Joe looked down and saw that the twink had wrapped one of his arms around Joe's. He was smiling up at Joe and blushing slightly. "I'm Mikey, by the way. Thanks so much...?"

    "Uhh, Joe," Joe muttered, feeling his own face redden at the sudden contact. Inside, he was screaming. Why the fuck was he letting this fag hang off of him like some chick? But as much as he kept asking himself this, Joe couldn't bring himself to shove the twink away.

    Mikey continued to smile up at Joe. "Thanks for teaching me how to swim, Joe. I'll just get rid of this real quick..." Mikey detached himself from Joe and quickly peeled off his tank top, draping it over the bench, and shucked his black shorts off, too. Joe couldn't help but make a face. Under his shorts, the twink was already wearing a hot pink speedo.

    "Okay!" Mikey chirped, taking Joe by the hand, "Let'th go, Joe!"

    "Sure..." Joe mumbled again. His mind was racing. Why had he agreed to this again? Why was he letting this little fag lead him around like he owned him? What the fuck was going on?

    As Mikey led Joe outside, maybe he was imagining it, but Joe could've sworn that he heard a chorus of giggles erupt as the two emerged from the locker room. Shit. Joe felt fucking mortified and kept his eyes on the ground as Mikey led him onward. There goes any chance of landing a girl at this place, Joe thought. After this, they'll all think that I'M a fag, too!

    Joe was so absorbed in his thoughts, he barely registered it as Mikey led him down some concrete steps into the most shallow part of the pool. "So, um...what do I do?" the twink bit his lip as he turned to look up at Joe. Even here in the shallow end, the water was nearly up to the twink's chest. It barely came up to Joe's ass. Still not fully registering how or why he wanted to do everything the little fag said, Joe reached down to grab Mikey, turning the blond horizontal in the water so that the twink's bubble butt was pointed straight up. He kept hold of the twink, easily holding the light boy so that he didn't sink. "Okay...bro. So...just start paddling your arms and legs and we'll...see how things go, alright?" Joe said awkwardly. In response, Mikey started flailing his arms and legs back and forth. A second later, the twink was giggling as he awkwardly attempted to swim. In spite of himself, Joe found himself grinning down at the blond. His eyes kept getting drawn toward the twink's plump ass, which swayed and bounced back and forth as the twink paddled. A small part of Joe was still aware of how fucking strange it was for him to play swim instructor to a random twink. That same part of Joe knew that that wasn't the strangest thing about today, though. The strangest thing was that underwater, just a foot or two below Mikey's bouncing ass, Joe had the stiffest fucking hard-on he'd ever had in his life.


    Joe was sitting down on one of the locker room benches, holding his head between his hands. Why had he fucking come back? Yesterday has been a bit of a blur. He remembered sticking with Mikey most of the day, helping the twink learn how to swim. He...he even remembered how turned on he'd been as the fag had bounced up and down in the water. And despite it all, Joe had woke up this morning and come back to the pool, pulled on the speedo that fuckin' suffocated his dick, and was ready to do it all over again. What the fuck was going on with him? "Yoo, broski, you managed to hit it lucky yet?" a familiar voice said from behind Joe, who turned to see Dylan standing there smirking in his red speedo. "Dude, where the fuck where you yesterday?" Joe fumed, standing up to glare at his friend. "I didn't see you all day yesterday! I ended up...babysitting this fucking fag all day! I...I'm not even sure why the fuck I came back today!" Joe ran a hand through his hair again. "Like, chiLL, JOey!" Dylan said, his voice cracking unexpectedly. Dylan looked puzzled for just a second, cleared his throat and then threw a burly arm around his friend. "Just gotta set your sights on a girl and go for it! Like me! And if you score some twink ass along the way..." Dylan trailed off, smirking suggestively at Joe. "Dylan, what the fuck?!" Joe shouted, throwing his friend's arm off. "Are...are you turning fag on me, bro? What the fuck, you're straight as an arrow?" "What-no! Bro-" Dylan grumbled, suddenly looking frustrated and embarrassed. "I...I'm not" Dylan trailed off, stumbling for words. Eventually, he sighed. "Look, bro...all I'm saying is...a hole is a hole, right?" Dylan's eyes widened as soon as he'd said the words, almost like he'd been surprised to say them. "Dude..." Joe was staring at his friend in shock. "What. The. Fuck." "Uhh...suit your fucKIN' SElf then, bro!" Dylan shouted, throwing his hands up and walking off. "See if I care! Hope you're haPPY with blue balls, bro! I'm late for volleyball with AJ!"

    Joe stared after his friend in confusion. Dylan was moving away pretty quickly, his hips swaying as he scurried off. Just as Dylan was turning a corner, Joe saw him adjust the rear material of his speedo. Huh...now that he thought about it, had Dylan been hitting the squats at the gym lately? His ass was certainly looking...full. And his voice had cracked again...what the fuck was going on with his friend? And who the fuck was AJ? Joe was so absorbed in his thoughts over Dylan, he didn't hear Mikey sneaking up behind him.

    "Joe!" the twink yelped, surprising Joe as he hugged him from behind. Joe turned to see Mikey, still in his pink speedo, smiling up at him. "Ready for Day 2, big guy..? I think we really made some progreth yethterday..."


    "Nice, Mikey! Yeah, just like that!" Joe smiled down at Mikey as the twink awkwardly paddled forth in the water.

    Despite the weirdness with Dylan earlier, soon as as Mikey showed up, the blond had managed to quickly lure Joe into another round of swimming lessons. Joe still hated fags, or so he'd remind himself every now and again. Still, there was something about Mikey that just...got past all of Joe's defenses. Something about the little twink that Mikey liked, even.

    'Admit man,' Joe suddenly thought to himself, 'You want to rail this fucking fag into next week. He fuckin' loves you. He'd let you pound his ass in a fuckin' heartbeat...' Joe shoved those thoughts away, then tried to discreetly palm his cock.

    Thank goodness no one could see his obscene bulge underwater. Just like yesterday, Mikey had inexplicably given him the biggest fucking hard-on. Some part of Joe still knew that there was something fucked up about this, but it was like that part of him was locked up whenever he was around Mikey.

    "Thanks, Joe...you're an awesome teacher," Mikey stoped paddling to stand up in the water. Maybe it was the sun, but for a second there, the twink almost looked like he was blushing. "Uhh...I'm really glad that you became one of the new lifeguards..."

    Mikey moved in for a close hug. "Uhh..." Joe mumbled, caught off guard, but moving in automatically to return the hug. "Shit..."

    Joe looked down. As the two hugged, Mikey's head was nestled up against Joe's right pec and the little twink's lips were just inches away from his nipple. "Mikey..." Joe began, feeling his dick twitch in his speedo.

    At that, Mikey shifted to bring their bodies closer underwater. "Shit..." Joe muttered again, feeling his hard cock rub up against the twink. Anyone swimming underwater would see that the two were now hugging so tightly, they were literally dick-to-dick. And fuck...Mikey was hard, too, Joe realized. He could feel the heat coming off of the tiny twink's hard-on.

    Heh. A part of Joe chuckled. Not that he was surprised, but he definitely had Mikey beat in the size department.

    "I'm, uh..." Mikey broke away from the hug, "I'm going to head to the showers..." The twink smiled knowingly at Joe as he climbed out of the pool. Joe's eyes were glued to the twink's ass as he sashayed off toward the locker room showers.

    Joe stared after Mikey. Now that the twink was gone, his spell should've been broken.

    'Fuck! Leave!' Joe screamed to himself. Instead, he found himself moving to chase after the twink.

    "Ooh, go get him straight boy!" crowed one sunbathing fag.

    "Looks like Mikey's getting dicked down today...about time!" hooted another redheaded twink, elbowing and winking at a brown-haired friend at his side.

    "I'm...jealouth..." the brown-haired twink muttered, his eyes on Joe's bulge as it bounced up and down, as the jock jogged off toward the locker room.


    Joe inhaled deeply as he stepped into the locker rooms. He could hear one of the showers running around the next corner. Joe rounded the corner into the shower room to see Mikey standing daintily under one of the spigots along the middle of the far wall. The twink was rinsing all of the chlorine out of his short blond hair. Joe stepped closer, his eyes tracking the small droplets of water racing down Mikey's back before vanishing into a small gap between the twink's skin and speedo. Down into the crack between Mikey's plump ass cheeks.

    Joe felt his dick twitch again.

    He sauntered closer to the twink. He sidled right up to the blond, lining up the outline of his hard cock so that it just poking up against the twink's bubble butt. As he did, Mikey giggled.

    He just stood, exactly like that, for a few moments. Then Mikey began to slowly turn around. As he did, Joe's dick ran across one of Mikey's butt cheeks, then his hip, and then finally he felt his hard-on brushing up against Mikey's again, just like in the pool. Now that they were both out of the pool, Joe could really tell how much bigger he was than the twink. As it bulged out and over Mikey's hard-on, Joe realized that his hard cock had to be at least twice the size of Mikey's...maybe even more?

    "Hey Joe..." the twink murmured, smiling almost bashfully, "Decided to join me, huh?" The twink lightly grinded his tiny dick into Joe's and the jock felt his breath hitch.

    'A hole is a hole...right, bro?' Dylan's voiced suddenly whispered in Joe's head.

    He learned down and crushed his lips fiercely against Mikey's. The two greedily made out for a few moments, tasting and biting each others lips up top as their grinded their dicks against each other down below. They broke apart from each other a few moments later, gasping for air.

    "I..." Joe muttered, suddenly feeling more clarity than he'd felt all week. "I...don't know what it is about you. I'm straight. I can't fucking stand fags, but...fuck. I...don't think I've ever been this hard for anyone before, ever."

    Mikey giggled. "I like you, too...Joey," the twink replied. And then the blond was bending down. Joe inhaled sharply as he felt the twink's face rub up against his cock. "Mmm...you smell so good, Joey."

    It took everything in Joe to not come then and then, as Mikey nuzzled his cock with his nose. "Fuck..." Joe muttered, feeling the twink lick his cock through his speedo, all the way from its tip to its base.

    "No!" Joe said suddenly and reached down to yank Mikey back up onto his feet. The twink looked surprised until he saw the deeply...hungry look on Joe's face. "You little bitch. Don't think you're gonna get out of this with just a blowjob."

    Joe reached into the rear of Mikey's speedo and palmed the twink's ass, making the twink moan in response. "You've been fuckin' teasing me with this fuckin' fat ass of yours since yesterday..." Joe growled, "It's your ass I want, faggot...get ready."

    And with that, Joe yanked his speedo down, shimmying out of it until it was down around one ankle. The he kicked off to the far side of the room. Smirking, he let Mikey take in his full length for a moment as it freely bobbed up and down. He then jerked it a few times, moving his hand slowly up and down all of his 7 and a half inches.

    Joe's smirked widened as he saw that Mikey's eyed were glued to his cock.

    "Mmm...yessir!" the twink eventually chirped and an instant later, he was stripping out of his speedo as well. Turning again, the twink braced himself against the wall with his hands and presented his ass to Joe.

    Jerking himself a time or two more, Joe lined his cock up with Mikey's ass, but suddenly was hit with a wave of insecurity.

    "I've, uh..." Joe muttered and ran a hand through his hair, "I've uh...never done this with a guy before."

    "Like, it's the same basic concept, Joey..." Mikey giggled. "Just go with the flow...I promise you I can take it!" The twink wink and wiggled his ass cheeks. "Guess it's my turn to teach you something...let's see how quickly you learn, huh?"

    Joe smirked down at Mikey, his confidence restored. And then, moving slowly but deliberately, his slipped his cock into Mikey's ass.

    "Shit...shit, Mikey!" Joe yelled once his dick was fully buried into Mikey's ass, "Fuck...fuck, you're so tight! Tighter than...any girl...I've ever had...fuck..!" As Joe spoke, he started to thrust, lightly at first, but quickly picking up steam, into Mikey's ass.

    "So...I've been told..." Mikey mumbled breathlessly between moans as the jock fucked him.

    "Mmm..." Joe moaned as he continued railing the twink. Fuck. He loved the feeling of Mikey's ass cheeks bouncing as he thrusted into them. He reached around with his left hand and rubbed it up and down Mikey's chest and abdomen. He loved how slender Mikey was, how all the twink's weight seemed to be concentrated in his thighs and ass. With his other hand, Joe reached down and started to jerk off Mikey's tiny dick. He loved that, too - how small Mikey's fucking dick was, especially compared to his own.

    "Joey..." Mikey breathed, his breath hitching as Joe jerked his tiny shaft. Bent over as he was, the twink somehow managed to twist his head back to stare back at Joe and with that, the two had locked lips again, tonguing each other in time with Joe's thrusts. "I...I think I'm close, Joey..."

    Joe smirked and started to piston into Mikey faster, harder. "You like that, huh?" Joe teased. He was still working Mikey's small cock with one hand and he'd set his other hand to work tweaking one of the twink's rosy nipples. "You like it...when a real man...shows you a good time?"

    "Fuck..." Mikey muttered, "Fuck...Joey!" Mikey yelped and a moment later, Joe felt the warm, familiar feeling of come oozing over his right hand. Not wasting a beat, he lifted his hand up to Mikey's mouth. "You fucking slut...look at the mess you've made. Clean it up." Joe ordered.

    Staring briefly at Joe through lidded eyes, Mikey eagerly accepted Joe's fingers into his mouth, slurping greedily as he cleaned Joe's hand of his own come. "Mmm..." the twink nearly purred, reveling in post-orgasm bliss.

    And that was what finally sent Joe over the edge. Seeing the twink in the palm of his hand, so obedient, as he continued to plow into Mikey's pillowy ass cheeks...

    "Shit..!" Joe exclaimed, feeling himself come, long and hard, into the twink. Though he couldn't see, he knew he was sending ropes and ropes of come up into Mikey's ass. "Fuck..." Joe muttered as his orgasm finally started to subside.

    Then he and Mikey were just standing there, breathing heavily. Joe was still clutching the twink, almost protectively, as his dick started to deflate within Mikey's ass. The two just stood there for a few moments more, letting the water from the shower spigot run over them, as they soaked in their respective afterglows.

    And then Mikey turned to look at Joe. The twink was grinning cheekily. "So...when do you think you'll be ready for round 2?" he asked.

    At that, Joe's dick twitched, already coming back to life.


    The shower room was filled with giggling.

    "No, I mean it!" Mikey squealed, lightly slapping Joe on one of his pecs, "I have never been dicked down like that in my life, Joey! Where did you lean to do that one thing...?"

    Joey smirked. And then he giggled again, before dipping down to kiss Mikey. He'd fucked the twink another two times and only now were they finally winding down for real.

    "I guess you could say I learned a lot at cAMP ONE summer..." he flirtily replied, then cleared his throat. "Huh. That's weird. First time my voice has CRACked in a while..." The jock cleared his throat again.

    Mikey was smirking back up at the jock as the two stood closely. The blond twink was idly drawing a circle with one of his fingers around one of Joe's nipples. "Weird! But...I'm sure it will sort itself out very soon, babe." The twink then gave Joe a pat on the ass. "In the meantime...since you've stolen my speedo, why don't you run along and get me my clothes from my locker, huh, doll? It's not locked, number 33."

    Joe watched as Mikey's eyes roved down and over his body. After their last fuck, Joe had initiated a game of keep-away with the twink's hot pink speedo. Eventually, he'd pulled on Mikey's speedo and dared the blond to take it away. Mikey had relented at that point, but mostly because he was laughing so much at how ridiculous the jock looked in his speedo. His ass cheeks were hanging out in the back and the pouch was way too small. Even after cramming his dick into the pink material, the tip was still poking out of the top.

    "Like, sure thing, babe!" Joe chirped, then paused and blinked. "Uhh...I mean, sure thing, Mikey. Give me just a sec."

    Sauntering out of the shower room, Joe found that it was only a short walk to locker #33. Yanking it open, Joe grabbed the shorts and tank top inside and was about to close the locker when his eyes caught on something that had been under the clothes. Joe opened the locker back up.

    Shoved all the way into the back of the locker was a phone...presumably Mikey's.

    Joe hesitated. Tentatively, he activated the touchscreen and was shocked to see the screen light up as the home screen appeared.

    "Shit...no passcode or anything? C'mon, Mikey..." Joe muttered, then hesitated again. Looking quickly back to shower room, with his curiosity getting the better of him, Mikey tapped on the Photos app.

    "Hmm...cute..." Joe muttered, scrolling back through several of Mikey's recent photos. Most were selfies, though there were a few group shots of Mikey with a few other twinks Joe recognized from around the pool. Joe nearly gasped when he saw a picture of himself appear. He was standing poolside, looking glumly out into the distance. "Shit, a creep shot? When did that little fucker take this?" Joe mumbled, though he was grinning despite himself.

    Backing out of the Photos app, Joe nearly set the phone back into the locker, but suddenly, the Instagram app caught Joe's eyes. Thinking that he'd already gone this far, Joe went ahead and opened it. "Mike Bailey...?" Joe said aloud, his brow furrowing at the choice of user name. He'd never asked for Mikey's last name, he suddenly realized, but he'd also never heard the twink refer to himself as Mike before. Curious, Joe tabbed over to the profile page and scrolled down to Mikey's most recent pic.

    And then, all at once, Joe's blood ran cold. Staring back up at him from the screen was someone who didn't look like Mikey at all. This guy was buff, built pretty similarly to Joe. Though as Joe kept looking at the pic, he couldn't help but feel that there was something about this guy's face that was similar to Mikey's.

    The blond jock in the photo was smiling cockily into his mirror as he posed in an orange speedo that showed off his decently sized cock. Feeling the cold seeped further into his veins, Joe scrolled down to check the picture's caption:

    BaileyBro69 All ready to work as a lifeguard this summer!! Gonna score some hot chicks, no doubt!

    Joe kept staring down at the picture. There's no way. No way this could be Mikey. And yet...Joe's eyes drew upward to the phone the blond jock was holding when he took the picture. Then he turned the phone in his hand over to look at the back.

    No question about it - they were the same phone. Which meant...

    "Joey?" Mikey's voice called out from the shower room, "Somesing wrong...?" Joe tensed up.

    And just like that, the spell was broken.

    A moment later, the blond twink poked his head out from the shower room. "Joey..?" the twink called.

    But Joe was gone.


    Joe was curled up along the floor in the showers of the locker rooms, sitting nearly in a fetal position.

    "Why the fuck did I come back...?" he whispered to himself.

    After fleeing the pool yesterday, Joe had ran home to his apartment, intent on telling Dylan to fuck off and that he wasn't coming back to this fucking fag pool. He'd even texted Dylan that much, though his friend never responded to him. He didn't want to check his friend's socials. After yesterday, he...was afraid of what he might see.

    And then there had been everything else. Little things Joe was noticing about himself that...worried him. The way he'd gone through his closet last night, suddenly feeling disgusted with all of the hoodies and workout clothes he owned. The way he'd walked to his apartment door to pick up his Postmates order, noticing halfway there how he'd been swinging his hips and holding his wrists out like limp noodles. The way he'd tried to jerk off to girls on a porn site last night...but every time he closed his eyes, he saw that fucking fag, Mikey.

    The way that his voice was still cracking, even more than yesterday.

    Then, this morning, almost like he was moving on autopilot, he got up. He pulled on Mikey's disgusting pink speedo - it was the only one he had now. For some reason, he hadn't been able to throw it out yesterday. And then...he'd come into the pool, straight into the locker rooms, where he'd been ever since. Try as he might to will himself to leave, it was like Joe was rooted to the spot.

    Waiting...for something.

    "Joey...?" a voiced called and Joe looked up to see Mikey sashaying toward him. Missing his trademark pink speedo, today Mikey was wearing an orange one that was stretched tightly over his ass, yet baggy in the front.

    Joe chuckled in spite of himself. As if he needed any more proof at this point.

    "Stay...the fuck away..." Joe muttered, making the twink pause in his advance. "I...don't fuckin' know how...but I know there's something fucked up about this place...shit..." Joe was breathing heavily now. Maybe it was from the hit of adrenaline that shot through him when Mikey appeared...but at the same time, Joe couldn't deny it. Each second Mikey was near him, Joe felt himself growing hornier for the little fag.

    Mikey sighed.

    "And we were making such progress, Joey!" the twink pouted.

    "Find...someONE ELSE...to be your fucking...swim teacher..." Joe growled, though he was undercut by the unfortunate timing of his voice cracking again.

    Now, Mikey giggled. "Oh, Joey..." Mikey smiled sweetly, "That's not the progress I'm taking about, sweety!" The blond twink giggled again. "Like, I already know how to swim, you big dummy! But I'm sure you know that now...I mean, I used to have your job and everything!"

    Joe eyed the twink warily. "What...the hell HAPpened to you..?" he asked, reaching down to palm his cock. Fuck...he was getting hard.

    "You know, I'm fuzzy on the details..." Mikey said, tapping his chin with an index finger, "All I remember is that I was so excited starting this job! I thought I was going to get to fuck alllll the girls!" Mikey scowled and made a gagging sound.

    "Gross, right? But then...I met AJ..." Mikey trailed off, blushing, "He was a fag...but like, I dunno! He just drove me wild!" Mikey giggled. "I remember feeling sad, though..." Mikey paused, looking dejected for a moment. "AJ was so cute and I was so big and bulky...I wanted to be cute just like him!" Mikey brightened. And then we were fooling around one day...and poof! Like, my wish was totally granted!"

    "That doesn't MAKe any FUCking sense!" Joe yelled. He was starting to get pissed off but was still rooted to the floor.

    "Like, chill, Joey!" a new voice suddenly chimed in, "Maybe there's something in the water? Or maybe it's just the universe's way of getting rid of you dumb, useless jocks!"

    Grinning, Mikey turned and Joe followed his gaze to see two other twinks walking up: a smirking redhead and a brown-haired twink who was carrying a volleyball and eyeing Joe intently.


    A,Joe narrowed his eyes. Something about these fags were familiar to him...

    "AJ!" Mikey squealed and latched onto the redheaded twink, "Babe, it's been a minute...we need to catch up!"

    "We sure do, you little slut!" the new twink, AJ, teased Mikey, "I see you've been busy...but what the heck, babe? You didn't finish the job...sooooo, we've come to help you out!" AJ turned to smirk at Joe.

    "AJ..." Joe muttered. Then his eyes widened. "You...you're THAt fucKIN' fag that was FOLLowing Dylan around! What the FUCK did you do to him?!"

    AJ gigled. "See for yourself!" he laughed, raising a limp wrist toward the other new twink, whose eyes were glued to the floor. Joe turned to look at the brunet, his eyes widening. Fuck, no, it couldn't be...

    But it was. It was Dylan...or what was left of him, anyway. His friend looked about 5 years younger and all the muscle he'd gained over the years from hitting the gym had melted away. The former jock had gotten about a foot shorter and his dick...shit. The newly minted twink's dick, if he even still had one, had been reduced to a tiny mound bulging in his red speedo. Fuckin' micropenis it was now or some shit. Joe winced as he noticed this. His friend had always been so proud of his 8-incher.

    "Dill is for sure one horny little guy, I can tell you that!" AJ quipped, as he moved to lean on Joe. "Bitch started making moves on my sister and I just couldn't stand for that!" AJ winked down at Joe. "Really didn't take much convincing, though, for him to decide to screw me instead!"

    Mikey and AJ erupted into a fit of giggles on either side of Dylan - or Dill, now - who was staying quiet and still looking down at the floor.

    "Fuck, he had such a big cock, too..." AJ chirped, before reaching down to grope Dill's tiny dick through his speedo, "I will miss that about you, Dill! But other than that, such an improvement!"

    Dill moaned as AJ continued fondling his cock and soon DIll's tiny hard-on was tenting the front of his speedo.

    "Fuck, FUCk, fuck..." Joe muttered, the panic starting to set in. "DYlan...fuck, bro! I fuckING told you! We NEVer should've stayed here, DUDe! But we did and NOw you're a...a..."

    "I'm a fucking fag, Joey!" Joe's friend suddenly shouted, looking up for the first time to glower down at the jock, "...And btw? It's Dill now, babe. And one thing I am NOT going to do today ith have you look down at me after your little fuckfest with Mikey?" Dill puffed out his waif-life chest and smirked, "Not as thtraight ath you thought, huh?"

    "Shit...no, I...I'm not a fag..." The jock mumbled unconvincingly.

    In response, Dill only leaned down and bent Joe's knees open so that all present had a full view of the jock's crotch. Just a couple of minutes around these twinks and he'd already sprung up to full-mast. His big dick was tenting Mikey's tiny pink speedo nearly to bursting. "Don't...please, DYLan...bro, you don't HAVe to do this," he pleaded, noticing the hungry look that had appeared in his friend's eyes when he'd caught sight of Joe's meat.

    "Do what..?" Dill asked, feigning innocence. He reached down with one hand and fished Joe's cock out of the speedo. He stroked the cock once, twice...then gave it a playful little slap, giggling as it bounced back and forth. "Oh, this...?"

    "Mmm...!" Joe moaned and without thinking, opened his legs wider, giving the twink easier access to his package.

    "Or oh, maybe this?" Dill quipped again and this time he crawled down onto the floor, sidling right up to Joe's cock with his face. The twink winked at Joe before proceeding to work the jock's cock over with one lazy lick, from the base to the tip.

    "Shit..!" Joe gasped. Fuck. He'd NEVER felt this horny before in his life. But these fucking twinks had him panting like he'd just ran a fucking marathon.

    "Now, that's enough of that, Dill!" AJ chimed in suddenly, kneeling down to place a hand on Dill's shoulder. The redheaded twink was smirking at Joe. "You heard your 'bro'...he doesn't wanna play with us. We might as well head back to the pool..."

    Joe's breath hitched. He eyed AJ warily. Would they really let him go..?

    "Aww..." Dill bemoaned. The brown-haired twink gave Joe's dick a playful smooch before standing back up. "I really wanted a better taste, too..."

    "You...you're not going to turn me into a fag..?" Joe asked weakly.

    "Thilly Joey..." AJ giggled before smiling sweetly down at Joe. "Don't you get it? You're already a fag, thweetheart."

    Then the three twinks turned to sashay away. Joe's eyes were drawn to their asses, their plump cheeks swaying back and forth as they walked away.

    And then, just as they'd nearly gone...that was when Joe nearly fucking erupted with need.

    "W-wait!" Joe yelled, causing the twinks to pause and turn back. Fuck. What was he doing? "You...you can't LEAve me like this!"

    "Fuck me..." Joe groaned, briefly covering his face with his hands, "FUCK me, you're fucking RIGht, okay?! I...fuck! I've NEVer been this fuckiNG hard! You're right! OKay?! You win...I'm a fucking fag!"

    Joe's eyes widened and he reached a hand up to clutch at his throat. His voice had been cracking like hell, but as he'd said that last part, it had stopped...but only after violently ratcheting up in pitch.

    "Wha..." Joe chirped in his new, higher voice, massaging his throat briefly before refocusing on the twinks. All three were grinning at him with Cheshire grins. "Ahh...fuck it! Get over here, you sluts!" The jock giggled, happy his voice was no longer cracking.

    Wasting no time, Dill sprang into action. The twink nearly dove onto the floor to reclaim his space between Joe's legs. "Mmm," Joe moaned at the feeling of Dill's soft lips enveloping his cock, "Fuck, Dill..."

    As Dill worked Joe's cock over with his mouth, the jock started to run his hands over his thick chest, tweaking his nipples. Idly, Joe had the idea of twisting Dill around and fucking him...but oddly enough, he didn't find the idea very appealing.

    "Aww, looks like Joey's finally learning to be thubmithive!" Mikey lisped. After Dill had started sucking on his meat, he'd almost forgot about these other two. By the look of things, though, they were getting ready to join in on the fun. Both twinks had stripped out of their speedos and were lightly jerking themselves, working themselves up to hard. Like Mikey, AJ had a smooth crotch and looked to be lucky if he was 3 inches hard.

    "Heya, booooys~" Joe smiled flirtatiously and reached his arms out to the two masturbating twinks, "Why don't you come lemme have a taste?"

    Mikey and AJ obliged, moving in close and standing on either side of Dill, still slurping away between Joe's legs. Positioned as they were, their tiny dicks were just about eye level with Joe, who'd begun eyeing them greedily. Like a starving person, the jock suddenly lunged forward with his head and swallowed Mikey's cock with his mouth.

    "Mmm...!" Mikey moaned, swinging his hips forward slightly to give Joe better access, "Like...you're really good at this, Joey!" Not missing a beat, Joe swung his head round and started eagerly licking on AJ's dick.

    "Hehe..!" the redheaded twink panted as he smirked down at the jock, "Looks like...you're a natural born cocksucker, Joey!" Both AJ and Mikey giggled, but Joe hardly heard them. He was focused on working himself into a rhythm. He'd tongue AJ's cock for a few seconds, then switch to Mikey's...then back to AJ's and so forth. He used his arms to bring the two twinks in even closer and reached back to play with their plump bottoms as his tongue continued to dart back and forth. All the while, Dill kept working Joe over down below.

    Just when Joe felt like he was getting really into it, he felt Mikey's cock give a sudden twitch. The jock didn't know how he knew to do this, but suddenly he stopped blowing the twinks and opened his mouth in anticipation.

    "Hnngh..." Mikey moaned and gave his dick one or two final jerks before he blew his load all over Joe, shooting rope after rope of come onto the jock's face, into his open mouth, and also down onto his chest and stomach.

    "Mmm...so good..." Joe said, licking his lips and relishing the taste of Mikey's come. It was almost sweet, like vanilla or whipped cream. As he savored Mikey's flavor, Joe rubbed the goo that had landed on his chest into his skin like a lotion.

    And that's when the changes started to come hard and fast!


    Joe nearly gasped at the sudden sensation as his pecs pulsed and drew inward. Their heft seemingly teleported to his ass, which Joe felt surge outwards. Staring down at his stomach in growing horror as his abs popped out of existence one by one, replaced

    "Wh-what happened to my pecsth?!" Joe squeeked, grasping at his chest, searching desperately for any trace of muscle.

    "Silly Joey..." AJ managed a giggle between pants, as he, too, jerked himself to a near climax, "Twinks don't need pecs! They need...big butts...and...agh!" With that the redheaded twink came, shooting ropes of come onto Joey just like his blond companion had done. And despite his shock, Joe found himself eagerly opening his mouth again.

    'Mmm...' Joe thought to himself as he gulped down AJ's seed, his eyes closing in bliss. Strawberry flavor this time.


    Again, that sudden sensation of drawing inward, except this time Joe felt...smaller. He opened his eyes to see Mikey and AJ smirking down at him, though weirdly the two twinks seemed further away. In an instant the jock had lost a foot of height. He hadn't realized it yet, but his broad shoulders had also drawn inward. Joe held one arm out in front of him, relieved to see that at least his arms hadn't changed.


    Or so he'd thought! Before his eyes, Joe saw his biceps deflate, leaving his outstretched arm nothing more than a twig.

    "Mmm..." Joe moaned, feeling the mass from his arms relocate...settling this time into his thighs, which bulged out in proportion to his new ass.

    "Nearly there now..." AJ chimed in, "You ready to bring him over, Dill?"

    In response to AJ's question, Joe looked down toward Dill. His friend had been diligently blowing Joe this whole time, but AJ's question had made the brunet twink pause. As he pulled his mouth off Joe's dick, a part of Joe sighed in relief to see that his dick was unchanged, at his normal seven and a half inches.

    "Y'know...he was kind of an ass to me earlier..." Dill mumbled, idly tapping Joe's dick back and forth with his index finger. Suddenly, the twink smirked. "I kinda wanna make him work for it!"

    "What...the fuck? What does that mean?" Joe squeaked. Just being around the three twinks was causing his cock to ache with need.

    "You got a hand," Dill giggled and winked at his friend, "Use it!"

    "But know this, Joey..." AJ interjected ominously, "Once you come...there won't be any coming back for you!"

    Joe gave the three twinks a dumbfounded look for a moment. Then he chuckled darkly. "I...I'm not a fag..." Joe mumbled, but found himself reaching down and wrapping a hand round his dick despite himself. His dick felt so big...even more so now that his hands were small and feminine. Slowly, but with growing intensity, Joe started to jerk himself.

    "...not a fag..." Joe mumbled. He tried to imagine some girls sucking him off, but his mind kept going back to Dill and the image of the former jock encircling his cock with his plump lips. In his hand, his dick twitched...then shrank, drawing inward by around half an inch.

    "...not a fag..." he mumbled again. Now he was thinking of Dill, as his friend used to be, broad-shouldered with a monster dick. And he thought of the old picture of Mikey, when he'd still been big and manly. In his mind, Joe saw himself getting spit-roasted by the two hunks, greedily devouring their big dicks from both ends. His own dick twitched again...and shrank again, this time by a full inch.

    "...not...a fag..." Joe mumbled yet again, between pants. He could feel himself getting close. Now he was remembering Allie Reynolds, the head cheerleader from his high school days, how he'd felt up her tits before railing her the night of the regional championship game...but wait, that's not right, is it? And just like that, Joe's memories were shifting. He still remembered that night, how Alex Reynolds, the quarterback, had been on the outs with his girlfriend after she's caught him cheating. He remembered the jock bending him over under the bleachers, desperate for a hole, and remembered himself all too willing to be of service. As all of Joe's heterosexual memories shifted into gay ones, his dick twitched and shrank yet again, this time by a whopping three inches.

    "...not-" Joe started to mumbled again, before inhaling sharply, "Oh...oh, gawwwwd..!" Joe panted femininely, "I..I am thuch a FUCKING FAG!!" And then Joe was coming, thick ropes spiraling out of his now 3-inch dick. Like tigers, the three twinks quickly leapt down toward Joe's crotch, where they greedily slurped up his milky seed. As they did, Joe saw that they changed, too - or at least, Mikey and Dill did. As Mikey gobbled down Joe's come, the blond twink's thighs were growing ever so slightly. And Dill - Joe's friend had practically been a twig, but now his ass was growing, stretching out the rear of his red speedo.

    The sight of his friend's growing ass sent Joe fully over the edge and he came one last rope before slumping back against the wall and closing his eyes. He felt completely spent. He imagined himself falling back into a fluffy, pink cloud. He felt...

    "Feeling better, Joey?" a voice asked, and Joe could tell from the tone that the voice was smirking. AJ. Joe took a couple of deep breaths, still panting as he came off the high of his orgasm. "Joey?"




    Joey opened his eyes, and giggled.


    "Fuck.." Dallas cursed to himself as he gave himself a quick rinse in one of the pool's outside showers. As he dud so, he adjusted his cock in the tight, green speedo that he had to wear for some fucking reason.

    He hated the feeling of chlorine in his hair. But more than that, he was starting to hate this fucking pool! No one had told him that it was fag season at this pool. And why the fuck had they been so insistent he start on a Friday?

    "All this shit better be worth it for 18 bucks an hour..." Dallas muttered. Suddenly, Dallas heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him and he turned to see a trio of fags smiling up at him, a redhead with a blond standing to his right and a brown-haired guy to his left.

    "You're...the new lifeguard, right?" the redhead asked, cocking his head to the side. "O-M-G! Like, I'm so glad you're here! The last lifeguards quit all of a sudden! I'm so glad they were able to get someone here today so the pool could be open!" The redhead clasped his hands together before giggling, his two faggy friends following suit.

    "Uhh, right..." Dallas muttered, trying to think of some reason to excuse himself. "Well, hard to pass up a job that pays this much, y'know?" 'Last guys probably got scared off by all the fags,' Dallas thought to himself, 'Can't say I blame 'em...'

    "Oh!" the redhead twink exclaimed suddenly, "You'll need your whithle, though, if you're the lifeguard! I think they have a thpare in the locker room!"

    "Uhh, cool!" Dallas replied, already starting to saunter off, "I better go grab that! Thanks!"

    'Score,' Dallas thought to himself, smirking as he jogged off to the locker room, 'Fags gave me a reason to slip away!"

    As he headed over to the locker room, though, Dallas couldn't help but feel...watched. So many fags at this pool and each time he passed one, they'd just...look up at him and giggle. It was starting to give him the fucking creeps.

    And then, Dallas wasn't sure why, but just as he was about to head into the locker room, he turned and looked back toward where he'd come from, near the opposite side of the pool.

    The three twinks from before were still standing right where Dallas had left them. All three were still looking at Dallas.

    And they were smiling.

    Feeling a shiver go down his spine, Dallas quickly ducked into the locker room. Inside, he leaned against the wall and ran his hands down his face.

    "Y'know, what? Fuck this," he muttered, starting to head off to the locker where he'd stashed his clothes, "Something about this place...reeeally weird fuckin' vibes, man, I gotta-"

    Joe turned the corner, stopping suddenly when he heard a gasp. Ahead of him, sitting a bench mid-selfie, was...another fag, blond with longish hair.

    "Oh!" the twink exclaimed before standing up in a rush, "Thorry, am I in your way?"

    "Uhh..." Dallas mumbled. For some reason, it was like he was rooted to the spot all of a sudden. He couldn't take his eyes off the twink in front of him. "Uh...I'm Dallas! I'm, uh...the new lifeguard." Dallas' eyes widened as he said that last bit. Why the fuck had he told this little fag his name?

    "Oh, the new lifeguard!" the twink was beaming up at Dallas now, "Nith to meet you!" The twink's smile widened even further. "I'm Joey. Uh...I'm a bit embarrassed to ask, but...ith there any way you would be able to teach me how to thwim?"

    Dallas was taken aback. By the little fag's audacity, but also by the look the twink was giving him. The twink was still smiling, but there was something behind his eyes...a hunger, almost.

    "I-" Dallas began, but stopped short at the sudden feeling of his dick twitching to life in his speedo, "I..." the jock tried again, his voice wavering. He looked down, shocked and embarrassed to see his cock beginning to tent the green material of his speedo.

    Across from him, Joey giggled.

    "No worries, Dallas!" the twink chirped, walking up to link arms with the Dallas, "Happens to the best of us! I'm sure you'll feel much more...at ease after you've had a week at the pool!"

    As I regained consciousness, I couldn't recall what had happened. All I could remember was waking up as always, getting prepared, exiting my house and then... Blank. Now I was sitting there, and I didn't even know where I was.

    My vision was blurred and my hearing was messy. I could only hear an indistinct metallic sound, while all I could see was the white room surrounding me.

    I was feeling heavy and dizzy. I tried to move. My whole body was numb, so I couldn't tell whether I managed to move or not.

    Finally, a distinct, feminine voice echoed in the room from a speaker.

    "Simon Smith?" She sounded a bit bored, as though she was repeating the same thing over and over again. I think I managed to nod, but I can't tell. "Don't panic. Take some time to fully recover and we'll explain everything." There was a long pause. "Oh and, please , don't freak out, your current condition is temporary."

    My vision was slowly getting better. The more time passed, the more I could see the room I was in. It was completely white and empty, except for a giant shadow next to me. I could tell it was some kind of machine, but I couldn't distinguish its architecture, and its purpose was completely unknown.

    On the other side of the room, I could also see a window, or something like that. Some white, moving stains - people? - were standing beyond it, and we were probably separated by a glass, since I couldn't hear a thing.

    That was all. Everything else was pure white and empty.

    Also, it was quite cold. In particular, my legs felt cold. Was I even wearing pants?

    I looked down to make sure my clothes were in the right place, and I gasped as I saw that not only I was just wearing my underwear, but my legs were also twice, or even thrice bigger than they used to be!

    "What th-" I covered my mouth with my hands. I had never heard such a deep voice in my whole life, and certainly such a voice didn't belong to me! Also, my hands, or better, the hands covering my mouth... They were so big!

    I panicked and tried hard straining my sight to see what the hell was wrong with my body, but I couldn't focus.

    The same voice from before echoed in the room. "What did I tell you? DO-NOT-FREAK-OUT, someone's coming to tell you everything. Also, there's a pair of glasses on your left, you'll need them."

    As much as I was scared, I needed answers. I groped around for the glasses, and I found them laying on a white pedestal, perfectly camouflaged with the white background.

    Despite my trembling, I managed to put the glasses on, and the world finally made more sense to me. I ignored the people standing past the glass, looking at me as though I was some sort of experiment, and I focused back on my body... Or rather, the body I was in, which definitely wasn't mine.

    I was big. That's it. There are no other words to describe it.

    My legs weren't slim anymore. They were brawny, large and muscular - and naked, since I was only wearing a pair of sporty socks and white underwear - which, in my opinion, was a bit too tight for my now larger package. I tried moving them to get up, but I still felt weak in spite of my bulky mass.

    My arms were thicker too, and hairier. Although I was wearing a grey shirt I could distinctly see my beefy biceps, and as I squeezed them I feared I would witness the sleeves ripping.

    I proceeded to feel my chest, two massive pecs bulging out of it under the fabric, and my thick, defined abs, rhythmically waving with my breath.

    Everything felt so wrong. How old was I now? Surely I wasn't 22 anymore.

    I discouragedly looked at the people in lab coats past the glass. "A mirror!" I panted. No, that voice didn't belong to a man in his 20s. I was - that body was 40, at least.

    A woman spoke into a microphone, and the same voice from before echoed in the room. "Jeez, are you blind or what? Right corner."

    I took an effort and got up. My bulky legs twitched and squeezed under my weight, but I managed to stand on my bigger feet. I immediately noticed I was a bit shorter than I used to. I wasn't used at all to my new mass and balance, so I had some trouble moving forward. I tripped and almost fell, but I somehow managed to squat instead. In that very moment, I also realized that body suffered from a weak back pain.

    I finally managed to get in front of the mirror speechless. A huge, half-naked, middle-aged man was staring back at me. There was no doubt that was me: same glasses, same grey shirt, same tight underwear, same broad frame. I almost felt intimidated by my own, menacing reflection.

    I passed my rough hands through my salt-and-pepper hair, and stroked my grey beard. The face that was staring back at me looked so intimidating, but also somehow handsome.

    There was no doubt it belonged to an old man. I mean, he was in his 50s for sure! I had just lost 30 years of my life by doing absolutely nothing, and I could clearly see the first wrinkles appearing on my - I mean, that face! I was about the same age of my dad and twice bigger, it felt so wrong!

    My thoughts were interrupted by a sound. I turned just in time to see a white door opening, and a quite young man entering - at least, he was younger than I was at the moment for sure. He was bringing a stool. "Please Simon, sit down. I know you're scared, but everything's under control."

    "Under control?! What have you done to me?" I growled with my strong voice.

    "Yes, everything's under control and you'll turn back in no time, I promise". He put the stool down and sat down. He looked nice and totally harmless. "My name's Aaron. I know you're confused and scared, but you're safe. Now, sit down and I'll explain everything".

    Reluctantly, I waddled towards the sitting and followed his instructions.

    "See?" he raised his hands, "No one wants to hurt you. You're here only because we needed your body for some ."

    "My... body?" I scratched my head. "I don't understand".

    Aaron smirked. "Yeah, your body. Law enforcement found out that a close contact of yours is involved in... Shady business, and you were one of the few people who could infiltrate without raising suspicion-"

    "Who is that close contact?"

    "I don't know, that's not my job. And, even if I knew, I couldn't tell you. The point is, we needed your identity to infiltrate, but we also need you to be highly trained. So, we switched your body with one of the best and most experienced men in our department, Lieutenant Bruno Grant."

    "OK, ok, but why didn't you ask me first? Isn't this like... Illegal?"

    "It isn't, we have permissions. And we could never ask a citizen to risk his own life in such a treatenin-"

    I felt burning of rage. I suddenly stood up and towered over the poor scientist. "So you're telling me that you took me without consent, switched me with this big guy here, and now he's inside my body, risking my life just to... What, resolve a case?!"

    His face turned white. "Y-ye... No! Absolutely not! Lieutenant Grant is highly trained, and has never failed a mission in his whole life! You'll be back in your body in no time!"

    I grabbed his collar. "He'd better not fail", I hissed.

    The door suddenly opened and three other scientist entered. Two of them were older men, while the third one was the woman that had spoken to me through the speaker some time before.

    "It will save many lives, Mr Smith. Now leave the intern, please", she said. The other two scientists stepped towards me menacingly. Forgetting I was bigger than them, I felt intimidated and promptly released the shivering intern.

    "Nice", the woman said as her two escorts stepped back. "We'll give you a temporary identity and a place to stay. And some pants. Follow me."

    One month had passed since then. I had kind of adjusted to my life as Sean Robinson, a middle-aged, retired enterpreneur.

    I didn't have to work as they paid everything for me, and since my new body always needed training I could spend the whole day at the gym. I had never been athletic, but it didn't seem a problem at all: it was like I went on autopilot as soon whenever I entered the weight room.

    In spite of my age, I even managed to seduce some young guys, and soon a few of them started flirting with me. I couldn't blame them, I was really hot. That's when I realized I - or rather, my body was gay.

    I had no problem with that. It was nice to spend some time with people around my true age and feel young again, hanging out like friends. The more time passed, the more I impressed them, as they didn't expect my personality to be so youthful. One of them kept me saying, "There's no way you're 53, we share the same interests and all. You were born in the wrong decade".

    Yes, Nathan, you bet it.

    On the other hand, I also felt my body's needs and wanted to fulfill them, so I didn't mind fucking with them every now and then.

    They let me discover my new body and its potential. I soon learnt that I really liked the feeling of being a daddy, as they called me, and I also discovered that, sometimes, it wasn't that bad to be submissive either. A hefty daddy with a young man's mind and kinks can be a beast when it comes to sex.

    Plus, my new sexuality allowed me to appreciate my own body more and more. Whenever I looked into a mirror, I couldn't help but think "I'd definitely fuck myself". Most of the time I was home, I was either wearing only some hot underwear or going fully naked. Either way, I would spend half the time jacking off, which didn't really affect the sex I'd have with my young friends.

    To put it simply: I actually didn't dislike my new life. But I also missed my family, my friends, and my youth.

    That night, Nathan was at my place. Our relationship had become unique.

    Sure, sometimes we had sex with other people, but the more time passed, the more we felt the need to spend time together. We had a lot in common, and if I had been in my original body, I know for sure we would've been best friends or something like that.

    We'd just had some nice sex, and now he was hugging me from my back. He liked being the big spoon, so I let him do that even though I was twice his size.

    I could feel his heavy breath blowing on my neck, and his tonic arms holding my brawny torso. Every once in a while his hands would squeeze my bulging pecs, sinking in my grey body hair, and his soft voice would whisper naughty words to my ear.

    I was getting sleepy when I heard my phone ringing. I was forcefully brought back to reality and instinctively stretched my ripped arm towards the bedside table. As I did that, I got a slap on my exposed bulky ass.

    "Nathan!", I growled. I heard him giggle.

    I turned the lamp on, wore my glasses and took my phone. It was a call from the lab.

    "Yes?", I answered.

    Dr. Rodriguez, the dull scientist, spoke. "Simon? We have some news. You'd better-"

    I was distracted by Nathan's naughty hands, which were now stroking my thick thighs, heading towards my dick. I tossed and moved the phone away from my mouth. "Nathan, stop, it's an important call", I whispered as I tried to put on an imposing face.

    He smirked. "Oh, seriously?" He promptly pulled down my thong - yes, that was a new kink. His mouth was getting dangerously closer to my dick, which was slowly turning rock solid. As much as I was horny, I stopped him and got up from the bed. Afterwards, I took some heavy steps towards the bathroom.

    "I'm waiting for you, daddy!", I heard him scream.

    As I entered the bathroom, I yawned and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was messy, but I was okay after all.

    I turned a little bit to check my ass. I poked it. Perfectly round and solid, as it should be.

    Then I winked at my own reflection and flexed my bicep. It was so bulging I couldn't help but kiss it. My God, I was so hot! I looked like a model!

    I suddenly remembered that I was still in a call with Dr. Rodriguez, and I brought the phone back to my ear. "Oh, uhm, sorry, there was an interference. What were you saying?" I asked her.

    "He... He's dead, Simon. Your body is dead."

    At first, I thought I had misheard. But I hadn't, and I knew it. Time passed by, and I couldn't think what to say. A weird, unpleasant sensation spread from my stomach.

    "I'm so sorry, Simon. He was found this evening." I was speechless. All I could do was looking at the mirror.

    Was this like a bad joke? Was I being punished for enjoying this body?

    My family, my friends, my life,... Everything had been taken from me. I had been robbed of my youth and my future.

    Small tears started flowing down my cheeks. After all, I couldn't help but feel betrayed. I was sad and angry for losing my life. I opened my mouth to say something, but I just couldn't. All I could do was tremble in agitation.

    "Simon? We're waiting for you tomorrow morning at 11.30. We'll... Make up something, I promise."

    I didn't even let her finish. I hang up and turned my phone off.

    With a low thud, I sat on the toilet, my hands holding my heavy head. I was about to faint.

    I looked at the body I was in.

    It was mine.

    All of it.

    I was trapped there.


    And I couldn't do anything about it.

    Was I Simon Smith? Bruno Grant? Sean Robinson?

    It didn't matter. I was a fucking middle-aged, gay, buff man. As much as I didn't mind it, it was so painful to know that everything I'd loved for my whole life was lost.

    No more studying for a bright future as a researcher, no more parties with my friends, no more family holidays. Just gym and sex. Life wouldn't have anything else to offer.

    "Hey bro, is everything okay?" Nathan appeared on the threshold. He usually called me like that to taunt me, but now I didn't really feel like going along with it. "Are you... Crying? What happened?"

    I took a deep breath and forced my thick legs to stand up.

    I looked at him. I could tell he was genuinely worried. I hugged him, my towering frame fully enveloping his body, and he hugged me back. Then, we made our way to the bed, and I finally told him everything.

    He believed me, or at least pretended to. And, as he was cuddling me, I finally fell asleep, uncertain about my future.

    At least I had him.

    The Breeder Curse: Zac Attack (Pt.1)

    [The beginning of a radical reworking of a story, the initial chapters of which were originally posted on CYOC, the latter of which were never published.

    This story takes place in the world of the Breeder Curse, where gay men are cursed to become straight stereotypes whenever they are aroused. They also instinctively spread this curse to any other gay men they come across.

    A Reminder: While it’s fun to play with straight and masc stereotypes in the context of a TF story, obviously gay conversion is immoral, impossible, and not something any story in this thread is advocating for in any way.]

    Tyler saw the door to Zac Efron’s apartment open and ducked down beneath his door’s peephole. His rapid motion almost knocked the potted plant off a nearby stand and he righted the wobbling display, cursing himself for forgetting that Zac couldn’t actually see him. Idiot.

    Tyler had been living across the hall from Zac for a year, but this was the first time he’d ever attempted to meet him in real life and he was nervous. He hoped he could play it cool, but his palms were practically dripping sweat. As he adjusted his light brown hair in the mirror (the sides were close, but the slightly longer top had a habit of becoming unruly when he wasn’t looking - which was all the time), he went through his carefully memorized fact checklist in his head.

    “He loves dogs, he’s 33 years old, his favorite color is green, his favorite movie is… Caddyshack? No, The Hangover.” He felt like a cyber stalker for having read all those magazine profiles before actually talking to Zac, but he would be too busy distracting his tongue from hanging out of his mouth or drooling to actually come up with smart things for it to say. Best to be prepared!

    He wished he had the innate ability to look cool like Zac always did. He peeped into the hallway again and saw the actor running a hand through his bleached blonde hair, exuding carefree charisma. Tyler just didn’t have that. His hairless, rail-thin body was too wonky and angular to be graceful and confident. But that’s why he had to make up for it in personality.

    Zac sighed and ducked through the doorway to the emergency stairs. The second the door shut, the elevator dinged. Tyler swung open his door and rushed in, jabbing the lobby button. Hopefully he could “run into” Zac if the elevator didn’t stop too many times on the way down.

    “It’s now or never, Ty. Favorite band? Queen. Favorite TV show? Friends. Hobbies? Collecting vinyl, working out, graffiti art… Shit.” The elevator stopped just one floor below his own, revealing a bro in gym shorts with his arm wrapped around a giggling girl. He tried very hard not to look at the extremely obvious bulge the mesh shorts were doing nothing to hide.

    A look in the bro’s eye made his heart jackhammer. Shit. He saw. He knew. Tyler tried to shrink into the mirrored back wall of the elevator, pretending he was engrossed in texting on his phone. He was worried the dude was gonna rush him or something, but he merely gave Tyler a smirk and grunted, “We’ll take the next one. We’re not in a rush to get anywhere straight away.”

    As the words left his lips, the back of Tyler’s neck felt cold, like someone smashed a water balloon on his head and it was dripping down his spine. He ran his fingers through his hair, getting caught on a tangle halfway through. He tried to breathe and quell his adrenaline-soaked nerves. “Focus, Ty. Nothing happened.”

    He turned his mind back to Zac, reciting his list of fun facts over and over again, wondering where exactly Zac was going. Maybe to the gym in the basement level of the apartment complex. He imagined Zac doing deadlifts, a bead of sweat trickling past his mountainous hairy pecs, down each hardened cobble of his abs, and into the waistband of his…

    Something tickled the back of Tyler’s neck and he almost jumped three feet into the air. He swatted at the back of his head, hitting a spongy mass. He tugged at it, sending a searing pain through his scalp. Ouch! He turned around to look at himself in the mirrored elevator wall and nearly dropped his phone in shock.

    His face was… changing. As he watched, auburn stubble began to poke out from his chin and cheeks, scattering across his pale skin like pine needles on a forest floor. He’d never had to shave in his life, and now all of a sudden, he looked like he had at least three days of growth in three seconds! He did drop his phone when he looked up and noticed that his hair was growing out too, becoming even thicker and curling into a gravity defying mass.

    What he was seeing at the front still didn’t explain the tugging heaviness at the back, though.

    He reached up, tilted his head, and felt a round growth of coarse, dark brown hair was budding from the top of his head like some evil alien pod. He retched, and his heart started hammering his ribcage yet again. The pod of bristling hair pulsed and grew as he watched, pulling against his scalp as it grew heavier. Sweat beaded on his brow. His heart pounded fast. Faster. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thudthudthudthud! He felt like he was going to scream or vomit as the pressure on his head and inside his chest built and built and builtbuiltbuilt until…Pop!

    The knot of hair unraveled into a set of unkempt, oily dreadlocks, which now dangled down to just above his shoulders like hairy worms. As the hair released, so did all the pressure built up inside of him. Tyler felt his frayed nerves dissipate as his muscles relaxed. He leaned back as his eyes dilated and a pleasant fog descended over his panicked mind. All his worries and thoughts of Zac were obliterated in a cloud of contentment. Confidence welled up within him. He could do anything he wanted. He had no worries, no troubles. Nobody could touch him. He smiled and put his arms behind his head, scraggly hairs bursting from his pits as he did so.

    He grinned dopily and ran a finger down his new dreads, not even registering the pinpricks of pain as gauge earrings bloomed into existence in his earlobes, spreading the skin like stretched taffy. Like a can of paint being spilled, his brown eyebrows darkened to the same color as his newfound stubble. Beneath his dreadlocks, wispy sideburns emerged, unraveling down past his ears like a carpet unrolling.

    His shirt ripped right down the middle, becoming a battered tunic vest, the red darkening and rippling as a paisley-esque pattern spread down the sides, sliding past his smooth alabaster skin, which bulked up with small but sinewy muscle. He was already so skinny you could clearly see his disused abdominal muscles, but his arms plumped slightly, veins crisscrossing lean muscle as a golden brown tan spread from the center of his hairline and down his face and neck, dipping into his open collar before spreading out across his body, giving him a pleasing bronzed glow.

    He bent to pick up his backpack from the floor where he had dropped it. The image of a smartphone hung hazily around the back of his brain, but he shook it away. He didn’t have a phone. He was off the grid, dude. He slid the pack onto his shoulders, and the strap caught against the bracelets that now dangled from his wrist. But wasn’t he missing something? He pulled his favorite necklace from the selection that hung from his zippers and slung it around his neck, idly scratching his shoulder as an abstract nature design inked itself onto his skin.

    His shoes eroded into a ratty pair of Rainbows sandals. His freed feet expanded in size as his toenails grew long and scraggly, shadowed with brown as dirt appeared beneath them. He wiggled his toes, snickered, and closed his eyes, blissed out.


    The elevator doors opened, revealing the lobby. Fuck… what had he come down here for again? Oh yeah, that chick Ashley told him to meet her at the park. There was some sort of kickback going on, and she had more or less been undressing him with her eyes last time he delivered for her, so he knew he had a shot.

    As soon as he stepped outside, Tyl- no, Ty- no, Tyberius snagged a joint from his pocket, lit it up, took a drag, and sighed contentedly, smoke erupting from his mouth and nose, wandering off in the direction of the park.


    Zac Efron jogged past the park and sighed. A group of stoners had set up a bonfire - in the middle of the day, no less - and were blasting some shitty folk music that grated his ears. Two girls with beanies failing to hide their long tangles of unwashed hair had giggled and waved at him, but he ignored them.

    Being gay in Hollywood wasn’t an easy task. With everybody so involved in your personal business, it wasn’t easy to sneak out to the clubs like he secretly wished he could. He knew that with his chiseled body he could get any guy he wanted, but the risk of being recognized was too high. He envied those carefree stoners who clearly didn’t give a single solitary shit what anybody else thought about them. He was pretty sure they were all straight, but if they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t even think twice about making out with another guy in the middle of the park. Maybe it was something in the weed that made them feel like that…

    “But no, no drugs for me. My body is a temple. A perfect, lonely temple.”

    “Temples burn incense all the time, dude.” A scratchy voice broke through Zac’s reverie. He turned around and saw that one of the stoner dudes had broken away from the group and walked toward where he was jogging. His tangled dreads were tucked behind one ear, and Zac might have even thought he was cute if he wasn’t choking on the cloud of pot smoke that surrounded him like a reeking force field.

    “The name’s Tyberius,” the stoner said, speaking with unnatural calm. “You look worried. I have something that can help you with that. When you’re done jogging, bleeding for capitalism, whatever it is you’re doing, open this up and itll straighten you out.” He reached for Zac’s hand and deposited a small red pouch in his palm, curling his fingers around it. As they touched, Zac felt an electric shock pulse through him. He gave a slight gasp, then coughed on the weed stench that suddenly filled his lungs. Tyberius grinned and winked. “Come find me if you want more.”

    Zac couldn’t focus on the rest of his jog, sweat beading around the velvet pouch still clutched in his fist. He decided to turn around and walk home when he almost ran over a poor old woman walking her dogs. When he got inside, he tossed the pouch onto a pile of fan mail on the coffee table. After a quick shower, he ended up sprawling on his couch and opening up his laptop, turning on his tabletop humidifier with a practiced flick.

    He clicked over to his bookmarked Men’s Health page, and began his regular post-workout moisturizing routine. It’s not like he needed the article to remind him of what to do, but the sidebar ad of two men arm wrestling, their bulging biceps glistening, needed to be properly experienced. He rubbed lotion up and down his taut arms, his firm, hairy chest and abs, and his slender, smooth legs. Wait, what? He sat bolt upright.

    Where his bulging quads and calves had once been, there were now skinny noodles with no muscle tone at all. He grimaced, circling his skeletal ankle with a finger and thumb. He felt a sudden wave of hunger and looked down to see his abs deflating into his torso, sucking in one by one to form a flat, emaciated stomach. His chest followed suit, shrinking into a bony heap. He could count his ribs! The lush hair on his chest receded, leaving only a couple scraggly strays around his nipples, which dulled from bronzed protrusions to flat, tan discs. Only his arms retained their former muscle, making him look like a ridiculous, top-heavy ape.

    He couldn’t help but laugh just a little. This situation was just too crazy! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As he laughed he felt lightheaded, and just a little bit… itchy? When he opened his eyes, he saw his bleached blonde locks slithering past his peripheral vision, forming a mane of wavy tresses. As they passed his cheeks, he could feel the manicured stubble there shrink back into his follicles.

    The double sensation of his facial hair retracting as his head hair tickled his skin made him giggle even harder, but his mirth was sharply interrupted when the hungry tingling sensation began to overtake his arms. No, not his arms! He couldn’t stand the thought of every last vestige of his hard work shrinking into nothing. He rolled into a ball and began to rock back and forth, hyperventilating. Wait, what was it that guy Tyberius had said? The pouch would straighten him out? Maybe now was the moment. He made a blind desperate grab for the pouch, accidentally disgorging its contents all over his humidifier. He stopped suddenly, and sniffed. What was that weird smell?

    Zac opened his eyes and noticed that the mist from his humidifier had gotten thicker. Confused, he picked it up, leaned in, and took a deep whiff. Instantly, a wave of relaxation surged through his body, calming his tension and putting him at ease. He took another deep breath as the humidifier began to blur and shift into a well-used bong.

    He blew smoke expertly into the air, not noticing as his apartment’s ceiling dropped lower and lower, fading from pristine white to a mottled yellow. The walls also closed in, the modern paintings becoming battered Bob Marley posters. As he smoked, his couch shrank beneath him, becoming a grungy mattress leaking foam from a hole in the side, the single sheet tangled at the foot. He smiled blissfully and settled back onto his threadbare pillow. He picked up the closed laptop, which fluttered and faded into a dog-eared issue of Penthouse, and squeezed more lotion into his hands.

    He began to rub his crotch as he opened the centerfold, not noticing as his penis expanded an inch.

    “Oh, Samantha. I love jerking off when I’m stoned,” he said. “I’m so hard! Can you feel me? Say my name! Zac- Za- Zeke!” He pounded away as the last of the changes took place. The stubble that remained on his face blossomed into a thick, unkempt goatee that clung to the bottom of his chin like stubborn moss on a stone.

    “Oh! Oh!”

    His eyes bugged out in ecstasy, the pupils dilating as they dulled and became unfocused.

    He came onto his own shirt in a gushing torrent, but instead of staining, his shirt paled into a battered white tee. As the post-orgasm rush faded and his mind slowly started to return, he began to wish it wouldn’t. He dumped out the remainder of the pouch and found a small plastic bag with more bud inside it. Thank God Tyberius wasn’t stingy with his employees!


    Tyberius was drifting along the sidewalk in a happy haze, enjoying the way the setting sun was extending his shadow into a lanky, funhouse mirror version of himself. He was flopping his dreads back and forth pretending his shadowy locks were Medusa’s snakes when a rusted VW bus pulled up next to him.

    “There you are, Tyberius!” The passenger door slid open and Zeke waved him in. “I’ve been looking all over for you!”

    “We’re all where we need to be, dude,” said Tyberius, sagely, as he took another drag.

    “Right, brah, but I think where we need to be right now is downtown. Some chicks want to score some reefer in exchange for fucking our brains out.”

    “Righteous,” said Tyberius, fist-bumping Zeke as he put the Bus in drive and peeled away from the curb.

    The Conservationist

    Note: This is a re-interpretation of one the first tf stories I read called door mat 

    (which you can find here: https://dumbhypnojockboi.wordpress.com/2018/05/11/door-mat/)


    Jacob was sitting on his bed skimming through Grindr, looking for a hot time. But he was finding it difficult in his home town. Many of the people here he had already hooked up with, had a suspicious profile or were closeted dude-bros. He was hoping for at least one hook up as he was so very bored, and after this week he would have to go back to college to resume his intensive studies. Jacob was currently doing social studies, which helped with his social advocacy and activism. This shouldn’t usually take long for Jacob to find someone he was the perfect twink. He had a small frame with a little toning his face was small and had many cute features to it. His hair was gelled up in a long black quiff, but he made sure not a hair was on his face. He had golden skin from his Latino-Mexican heritage. The only thing odd about this normal Latino twink was that he had been blessed, with a pretty big dick. So why wasn’t he getting any messages from anyone? “Buzz” His phone vibrated, it was a message. “Patriot2954” was the user. Jacob tapped to check him out, but nearly puked at what he saw. It was one of those damn closeted republicans messaging him. “Hey man, wanna come over?” wrote Patriot, before sending a hot selfie.


    Damn, he was hot, thought Jacob, unable to contain his boner. But how could he bring himself to touch one of those bigots? Jacob decided to type out a snarky reply to him about him being bigoted, but instead…

    “Sure hotty, where are we meeting?” He replied uncontrollably. What? Where did that come from?

    “92 Mainstreet and be here ASAP! Names Shawn too btw, ” he replied. Jacob didn’t want to go, but some force compelled him to get dressed and rush out the door.

    Jacob came up to Shawn’s place, which looked like a pretty average house. Clearly, he was quite well off, doing some well-paying trade. He had a large ford truck parked in his driveway, and his lawn was well-cut. As he walked up the path to the door. A weird sense of unease came over him as if he was in auto mode. Jacob came up to the door before he knocked though, he took a look through the window to see inside. The inside looked well decorated and had furniture, but when he saw the republican flags and guns laying about, he began to puke inside again. Jacob was a die-hard liberal, and he couldn’t see himself banging a bigot like this guy, even if he was attractive. Jacob wanted to desperately run away, and forget all about him. Instead, he found his hand uncontrollably knock on the door four times. The door opened, and Shawn was there, topless like in his photo and wearing some black shorts. He grinned devilishly at him before ushering him in. Jacob found himself on autopilot as he walked in.

    “Do you want a drink of anything?” Shawn asked as he guided Jacob to sit down on his couch. Jacob didn’t want anything, he was far too distrustful to take anything. He opened his mouth and prepared to say no, but instead…

    “Yeah, sure I’ll have whatever,” he replied, Jacob pinched himself to make sure he was ok, but also to punish himself for his error. Why did he say that?, Why had he even walked in? And why, had he come here?

    Shawn walked off to his kitchen to get a glass out and opened a bottle of what looked like a southern brewed beer, mainly due to the rebel flag on the bottle. As Jacob sat on the couch, he looked around the room at all republican decoration hung off the walls. Jacobs’s stomach twisted itself harder with each new sight, thinking it couldn’t get worse and then being disappointed each time. Shawn had a giant US flag planted on the main wall opposite him next to that hung vertically was a smaller rebel flag, with a load of assault rifles leaned against the wall. Jacob hated guns, they were a blight on the country and fed toxic men that extra bit of masculinity. On the floor by his feet, Jacob could see a couple of magazines, both had pictures of girls on them. One was clearly a lite-porno, but the other was a Christian magazine, and it was titled, “how to find the righteous girl”. Jacob could see Shawn as a religious type, with plenty of crucifixes around the place, Shawn didn’t hide it. But it always troubled Jacob that they could be religious, and yet do hookups like these.  

    Shawn returned with a beer in his hand and gave it to him.

    “Drink this all down,” He said with a grin. Jacob took it and gave it a sniff. The beer smelled incredibly bitter and vile, it was opposite to the normal sugary beverages and cocktails he was used to. He looked at Shawn like he wanted to refuse, but something in Shawn’s eye compelled him to drink it down. Jacob put his lips to the bottle and then chugged down the vile drink. It was worse than it smelled, the bitterness flooded his mouth but settled in every spot. Jacob downed the drink in a few seconds, but once it was gone his head felt heavy and he began to slow down. His eyes grew tired and he couldn’t bring himself to talk. He slowly looked to Shawn again who was giving him that same devilish grin that he gave when he arrived, but this time he felt something more sinister to it. Jacob was about to speak up, but Shawn snapped his fingers and Jacob passed out.


    ‘Click’ Shawn’s fingers snapped again, and it was the first and only thing Jacob heard. He opened his eyes and raised his head, he wasn’t as tired or slow anymore, but he seemed to be stuck. By stuck, he was lying on his back and all four of his limbs were tied to the bed. He also noticed he was almost naked, except for some underwear which certainly wasn’t his.

    “You liberal fucks are so easy, I don’t know if it’s this power or your own weakness. Either way, I’m gonna enjoy myself,” Shawn spoke in a demeaning manner.

    “Fucking let me go now!” Jacob yelled as he struggled in the restraints.

    “You fucking drugged me and now you’ve tied me up, I didn’t consent to this!” He continued.

    “As I said, you guys are way too easy for me,”

    Jacob was about to yell at Shawn and demand he releases him from his restraints, but Shawn quickly jumped on top of him, shoving Jacob into his pits and forcing him to inhale a combination of B.O. and axe body spray. Jacob tried to stop breathing, but it was no use, he gasped for air, breathing plenty of the smell in and letting it fill him. The smell filled Jacob up, but mostly his mind, which turned into cotton candy, his thoughts becoming slow, the other went down to his dick which immediately shot to full mast.

    “This will be the last time you ever be this close with another man while being hard,” Shawn said, getting up and sitting on the side of the bed. He went to the bedside table and lit a scented candle. The candle’s scent began to fill the room, but it smelled quite odd, like some sort of food.

    “Ah, extra bbq flavour, don’t worry, this is just to make sure you aren’t a vegan as well afterwards,” Shawn said, inhaling the scent with satisfaction.

    Shawn had tough bro hands which, were covered in oil. Slowly he began to work them all over Jacob’s body, making sure the oils seeped into his skin. As his hands moved over Jacob’s pecs they began to inflate like balloons, stray hairs also began appearing on them too before becoming dark and dense forests that covered most of them. Shawn’s hands then moved down towards Jacob’s flat stomach, pushing in deep, bloating it out into a powerful core with a heavy treasure trail that linked up with the forests on his pecs. Jacob’s body began to grow as a whole now, his height increasing inch by inch until he reached 6'5. Jacob’s once well-groomed body itched as his pits exploded with hairs. Shawn quickly went over Jacob’s arms and hands, which twitched and spasmed as his tri’s and bi’s erupted from his arms, his hands grew fat and hard just like Shawn’s. Shawn then took hands and dragged them down Jacob’s legs right to his toes. Jacob could feel as his muscles bubbled forth under his thighs as they grew into thick logs. His tiny innocent feet then grew out into monstrous titanic size 13s.    

    Shawn smiled as he looked down at his work-in-progress, but there was more to change. Shawn went straight in for a kiss. Jacob was taken aback by the action. Shawn’s mouth stuck to his, his tongue invading and pushing its way into Jacob’s mouth. Jacob could taste the aftershock of chewing tobacco, bitter beer, and emptiness. A chill flowed across Jacob’s skin. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel as his natural golden colour was being sucked dry from him and replaced with a cold, pale white skin like Shawn’s. He would never be able to achieve such a colourful look again, only get a fraction of it even from hours in the sun. Jacob’s light and twinkish face began to harden and grow into a more rugged and country look. His long maintained quiff shrunk down into a short style while a dark chinstrap coloured itself onto his face.

    Shawn took his tongue out and got back up off of Jacob. He went back to his old devilish grin that he had first greeted Jacob with.

    “What do you think bro?” He asked rhetorically. Jacob looked down in horror at his new body and skin.

    “What the fuck have you done to me!?” He yelled.

    “You liberals are always so impolite, and that voice won’t do,” Shawn replied, snapping his fingers.

    “MMMMPPPPHHHHH” Jacob’s voice became muffled, and he could talk. His vocal cords began rearranging themselves until a silky smooth, but a masculine voice like Shawn’s. Shawn smiled as Jacob started coughing slightly.

    “Good, now call me 'bro’,” Shawn asked innocently. Jacob hesitated, he didn’t want to go on with Shawn’s plan and end up becoming a dumb bro like him.

    “Do it,” Shawn snapped impatiently.

    “Sorry, bro,” Jacob replied in a new deeper and masculine tone.

    “That’s perfect bro, now we can get onto the next part,” said Shawn, as he shifted back towards the end of the bed. He pulled down Jacob’s briefs, which were, in fact, his own, but just applied it for the ritual. Jacob’s giant 10" dick flopped out, covered by a thick bush and two tennis ball-sized balls.

    Shawn got down and began to suck it hard, going right to the base. Jacob could feel as Shawn sucked his dick for over ten minutes, as his monster shrank down to an average 6" dick, and once Shawn was done, he didn’t let Jacob cum.

    “Ah, that’s better. Gotta compensate with something for this newly built body don’t we,” Shawn smiled before getting up.

    “What the fuck are you doing to me?” cried Jacob as Shawn threw his clothes.

    “I was like you once, all liberal and queer. Then some dude came turned me into a conservative bro. Ever since that, I’ve been straight as an arrow, but sometimes I get these urges. I see liberals and fag’s like you, and I get this desire to convert you into conservative studs like me,” explained Shawn as he let his monster flop out from his briefs.

    “I don’t find you attractive bro, and I don’t enjoy being so close, not one bit. But the idea of making you like me is just so powerful. But I like women most of the time, gotta make a new generation of republicans don’t we,” He went on, now lubing up his dick. Shawn came back over and undid Jacob’s restraints, before flipping Jacob over.

    “My favourite bit, filling you up with red, white and blue,” He said before pushing deep into Jacob.

    Jacob was expecting this to hurt, and it did, as a painful ecstasy shot through him, as Shawn began to pump his cock into him.

    The world began to spin around Jacob, his thoughts and memories becoming surreal. His college course, advocacy work and liberal idea’s twisted and spun around, becoming more distant and unrealistic. Now, Jacob’s mind was, assaulted with different memories and thoughts. Why would he go to college? Liberal? Only in a million years. Guns, barbells, money and women began assaulting their way into his mind and planting themselves firmly. All these new thoughts made him dizzy, and the dizziness quickly turned into a headache. Shawn began pumping harder and faster, Jacob’s memories began being dragged out of his head. Everything about Jacob’s old life and personality was getting harder to remember, as the idea of being on a college campus unreal, the thought’s of him learning a trade that he was going to use after, that he was a hot-blooded conservative, voting red no matter who was on the ticket, dating and banging girls, shooting off guns and going to church and the gym became more realistic to him. Any thoughts or attraction to men Jacob once had dissipated. His mind was assaulted with images of women and building the perfect republican family. It was his duty to his nation and god to seed a new generation of republican’s who would keep the nation from turning blue. The thought of America falling into the hands of the liberals made Jacob angry and also disgusted. Illegals living off the state, fag marriage, weak beta males and attacking the sacred 2nd amendment was their motto to Jacob. On top of this though, Jacob’s old liberal advocacy and social activism turned into a new form activism. It wasn’t activism, but felt just as powerful as his desire to shoot guns, seed chicks and vote red. He could feel a power grow within him, coming from Shawn. The power to turn fags and liberals into conservative studs just like him, and it felt irresistible, he could save the country with it. 

    Shawn could see as Jacob valiantly fought to try and hold onto any precious memories and thoughts, to resist what he was doing. But it was no use as Shawn pumped even harder.

    “That’s it, bro, just give in and become like me,” said Shawn.

    'No, I can’t let go… must hold on to…’ Jacob thought as he tried to keep his cock from erupting.

    Shawn blew his load inside of Jacob filling him up, but also capturing any stray essence of the gay, Latino, college student. Even though he could feel the warm rush spread throughout him, Jacob held out, which only made Shawn continue to pump inside.

    “Just give in bro,” Shawn panted.

    Jacob tried to hold on frantically, but it was too late. He felt the rush of Shawn’s cum and his old life flowing into his ballsack, before exploding suddenly out unto his stomach.

    Shawn sat back putting on his briefs and shorts, while panting a little bit. He was filled with pride at taking in the sight of his new conservative bro. Jacob, however, sat for a couple of seconds, his new life quickly settling into his conscience.

    “How do you feel bro?” asked Shawn

    “Fucking great bro, gonna go get me some guns, beer and pussy!” Jacob yelled excitedly.

    “Great now wipe off that useless shit and get dressed,” Shawn ordered

    Jacob went over to a pile of dirty shirts and trousers. He picked up a cap and put it on.

    “Ok bro, now you got to make a profile on that gay app too, need to convert more of them queers,” Shawn instructed.

    “Fuck, I don’t want to be with no queers,” He whined.

    “Don’t argue bro, or I’m gonna fuck you again, and you won’t be pretty afterwards. Anyway, your mind should set in the same feeling I have about converting liberals too,” Shawn snapped. 

    An idea popped into Jacob’s head, he quickly picked up his phone and snapped a selfie of him in some briefs. Damn fags are like chick’s, they won’t be able to resist this beef.


    Listen Up: All-American

    Oliver was stressed. The rent on his cramped London studio was a lot, and he couldn’t work enough to cover his costs while completing his studies. His work toward a law degree produced enough mental anguish on its own.

    He’d seen the mindfulness CD atop a pile of various used items at an odd store - which seemed to stock all manner of things new, used and downright weird.

    For obvious reasons, the record was alluring to Oliver. Anything that might lower the mental burden was an option worth trying. So when the handsome proprietor offered him the disc for less than a quid he couldn’t say no.

    The drive buzzed on his desk as the contents were ripped to his computer after a late, stressful night of study. Oliver sat back in his desk chair placed the wireless headphones over his mousy brown hair and opened the resulting file that appeared on his desktop.

    “Welcome. This audio program is custom designed. Just for you…”, a deep, manly voice read. Custom designed? The words made Oliver raise an eyebrow in suspicion. “What a load of bullshit", he thought.

    “Ensure you are in a comfortable, private place. You will not want to be disturbed… You feel calm. Tranquility and stillness.”

    The deep, commanding - and almost erotic voice - continued onward. Suddenly, Oliver felt awash with relaxation.

    “Relax, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Focus your concentration on your top of your head, moving down slowly down the tips of your toes. Take in your body.”

    Oliver unwittingly obeyed. His eyes shut and, taking a deep breath, he focused on the position of his body in space.

    “This… actually isn’t too bad”, he admitted to himself.

    “Empty your mind. Focus on the tingling across your skin. A pleasant warmth filling you up.”

    Oliver was less impressed about the direction this was going now, was this going to turn into some erotic thing? But, suddenly, he did fill awash with warmth and tingling. Like a hot bath. He was surprised, no calmness app or anything similar had ever achieved this effect with him.

    “Focus harder on that warmth and tingle. Make it stronger.”

    Oliver sighed, feeling the pleasant sensations fill him up entirely.

    “Stronger. Stronger. Stronger.”

    The sensations intensified more and more; and although he felt good all over, in his head he began to panic. And so, he fumbled to stop the playback.

    “Keep listening, Oliver. I guarantee you’ll like what you’re going to hear.”

    Oliver’s eyes widened in fear, did the voice just use his name? Was it aware he tried to stop the playback? Surely this was just a co-incidence in the script?

    But Oliver realized it was no coincidence when he became unable to click pause, his finger repelling like a magnet from the trackpad.

    “You’re gonna to become a real man, Oliver. Like you’ve always wanted. And you’re gonna enjoy it.”

    “Ungh… What the f- fuck?!”, Oliver whimpered. The unbearable heat and tingling sensations intensified. Whimpers turned to loud moans as pleasure and testosterone flooded his body, his cock filled with blood and hardened in his tight jeans.

    “A real man has huge, muscular arms. Much like you do, Oliver.”

    Oliver let out a groan as his upper arms began to match the spoken words and expand. His slim t-shirt’s sleeves strained as muscles began to appear under the skinny arms. They throbbed and wriggled, expanding larger and larger, thicker and thicker.

    “Your arms are fucking huge. Every part of them.”

    Oliver bit his lip and whimpered as he flexed. The thin twigs that were his upper arms surged and tore the sleeves of the shirt. Individual muscles squirmed and bulged as they reformed large and powerful. His forearms pulsed and ached as they too inflated with muscle. Veins protruded and snaked across the swelling muscle. These arms were huge, muscular machines designed for the gym.

    “You’re tall…”

    Energy rushed through his body in response to the words, but technically Oliver had always been a relatively tall and lanky 6′0″. So, nothing happened. It was if the recording was teasing him.

    “P- please… more…”, Oliver begged. Resisting was never an option to begin with, but Oliver needed no orders to desire what was happening to him. His new arms were a taste of the masculinity he’d always desired, and it felt better than he could have imagined.

    “…Really tall…”

    “Oh fuuuuuuck yeeeeaaah!”, Oliver yelled. His cock throbbed in his denim while his entire body seared with the bliss of growth. His back pushed up higher and his legs stretched longer out from the chair. The muscular arms elongated as well to keep up, more muscle packing in order to to maintain their size.

    “How do you manage to type on this thing with those massive paws?”

    “Ahhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”, cracks and pops filled the air as Oliver held out his aching, pulsating hands. His skinny fingers twitched vigorously as they pushed longer and thicker. His palms were being tugged in all directions, stretching further and further outward. The ends of his fingers creaked as they reshaped, the chewed nails regrowing, broadening and elongating. These were indeed a real man’s hands.

    “Your chest is fucking ripped. Powerful pecs. Bulging abs. Manly hair.”

    Oliver bit down hard. But as his chest and shoulders swelled in every direction, he couldn’t hold it and let out a long whine. Muscle wrapped around the widening shoulders connecting with the stunning biceps. Growth flowed downward, forcing two huge slabs of muscle to grow out of his flat, bony chest. The tightest abs Oliver had ever seen exploded out from below his thick, tight pecs. His cock pulsed as he rubbed the rippling abs. He could feel a treasure trail forming and hair flourishing across the beautiful pecs. His cock tingled as his waist pulsed. Tight cum gutters formed below the glistening abs, leading down to his aching erection.

    “Don’t forget your back.”

    Oliver hunched forward as the muscle growth swept from his massive shoulders and chest across his back. His bony back rippled and bulged as sinew and muscle swelled.

    “Everything about your legs screams power and masculinity. With an ass to match.”

    Oliver’s kicked and twisted his legs feeling his thighs balloon with new and growing muscle. The skinny jeans began tearing and splitting at the seams as more and more muscle forced its way outward. His calves did the same, stuffing themselves with more and more power, stretching the fabric to breaking to point. Every muscle in his legs contracted as it swelled and grew. Oliver flexed the legs causing a final burst of growth and shredded the tattered jeans and underwear from his body. His flat ass, now free from its confines, began to inflate dramatically, pushing him upward in his seat. 

    “Size 13s must be hard to find…”

    He clenched his mouth shut, muffling a cry as snaps and crackles emanated from the socked feet. His fairly average UK size 9s burned with pressure as the socks began to stretch in an attempt to contain the growing feet. Oliver pressed his feet hard into the floor feeling the soles soaring across the carpet. The toes curled and gripped further and further, lengthening and thickening into 10s, then 11s, 12s… The sound of a tear was met with a moan as unbelievably long, thick, masculine toes jutted through the ends of the socks leaving him with UK size 13s.

    “You’re such a looker, Olly.”

    Oliver knew what this meant and trembled as he opened the webcam app on his laptop, watching in shock and pure desire at the image of his face moving and shifting. His neck bulged and swelled, the grunts coming from his throat deepening. 

    His narrow, oval face stretched and snapped wider and longer, enlarging to fit the upper body he now possessed. Oliver rubbed his hard cock as his face began to look more and more masculine. A wide, thick jaw formed where before there was barely one at all. His lips inflated, his nose enlarged and his brow deepened. His hair darkened as it grew out, straightened and flopped messily across the headphones.

    “I look… ungh… like a jock!”, Oliver gawked, turned on by his unbelievably hot new visage.

    As he muttered those words he gasped repeatedly. Insatiable lust overtook him at watching his gorgeous, masculine face moan. His rigid erection ached and drooled at the sight.

    “That cock is just like the rest of you. Oversized.”

    Oliver stumbled upright and planted his hands on the desk and began to thrust across the table top as the 5 inch cock commenced its expansion. The continuous ecstasy that had been tearing through him since this started concentrated into his swelling dick.

    Oliver’s screams of delight could have woken the dead. He bucked and thrust violently, shaking the desk as the rock hard rod swelled with girth and pushed outward longer and longer.

    “You’re a real fuckin’ man. That cock’s designed for topping.”

    Thoughts of working out, sports and fucking tight jock asses overwrote the introverted bottom’s personality.

    “Not just a real man. You’re an all-American jock.”

    Oliver spluttered as his British accent shifted to a distinctly American one. Memories of coming to London for exchange replaced his own. With a blinding flash of ecstasy, his foreskin merged with the now 7 inch shaft, giving Oliver the big, cut, all-American cock he’d always admired.

    “Mmmmmphhh… Fuck, yeah dude! I’m… arrruuughh… a fuckin’ jock!”

    The shaft surged longer and wider. The head of the oozing cock fattened, expanded and flared outward. A massive, drooling mushroom head formed at the end of the 8 inch dick.

    The sweating, horny jock was but a second away from release, worshiping his own body and tightly, furiously stroking his cock. But the audio interrupted…

    “I bet those 10 inches are popular online.”

    Oliver howled as his encroaching orgasm was prevented. The blissful build up rushed back into his cock as it shot forward in seconds to an enormous, veiny 10 inches. He recalled making good money selling pictures and videos of his hot body and huge dick.

    The stud gripped his thick python tight in his meaty hand and stroked fast. The voice on the audio track began to tease Oliver even more than it had been.

    “You’re a real man.”

    “Huhhh… unnnghhh.. yeah… I am!”

    “You’re a fucking alpha.”

    “Hnnnnggghh, fuck yeah!”

    “Cum, stud.”

    With a delightful roar, the beautiful, cut pole shot cum like a hose across his the desk, the wall and over the floor. Then again. And again. And after what felt like an eternity, the muscle stud’s orgasms slowed.

    “Remember to share this recording with your friends…”

    And on that command, the track ended. Oliver grabbed his phone, his huge hands dwarfing the device as he snapped a photo of his cock and incredible body to post later for his adoring online fans.

    Now all the jockified Oliver needed was bros - and with the audiobook he knew exactly how to get them. But who to share it with first? Old friends, a few dedicated online fans maybe…


    The Golden Mug

     “C’mon Britt, wake up! We gotta get out early if we wanna see everything!”

    I blearily open my eyes, wincing as I clutch my head in response to the throbbing pain in my temple as my best friend, roommate, and current vacation buddy Ashley continues to pound on the door.

    “C’mon Britt, how often are you gonna be in New York? We gotta see it all while we’re here!” She yells through the door

    I look over at the alarm clock next to my shitty hotel bed, groaning as I see the time it reads, 9:00 AM.

    “Ashe! Jesus fuck can’t you calm down for one second! We got back here at fucking 4 AM last night, can’t we sleep in just a bit?” I respond

    Upon hearing that I’m awake, Ashe busts through the door with no regard for privacy. She’s been my best friend for years, so she already knows I always sleep with sweats and a T shirt on, and even if I didn’t it wouldn’t be anything she hasn’t already seen. As always, she looks perfect, her elegant, medium length blonde hair perfectly curled, her thousand watt smile already shing, her make up already perfect.

    “No I can’t, Ms. Lazy Butt!” She replies, “This is our first vacation together since high school, of course we gotta get the most of it! Plus, I think I saw Mr Tall Dark and Handsome going to eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant, if we hurry you might be able to catch him.” She says with a suggestive smirk.

    Ah, its about the cute guy from down the hall again, or as Ashe affectionately nicknamed him, Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. She’s been convinced that we’re some couple that are meant to be ever since he spilled his drink on me two nights ago, and kindly offered to both buy me another drink and pay to replace my shirt. Seriously, its like she thinks we’re in some sort of rom com or something.

    “Really Ashe? Nothing’s ever gonna happen with that guy. Plus, if you want me to get ready so bad, you need to get the hell out of here. I can’t get ready with you watching me like a creeper!” 

    “Fine, fine, I’ll get out of your way, but you’d better hurry up! If you take longer than 20 minutes I’m coming right back in here and dragging you out!” She says as she leaves the room shutting the door behind her.

    Rolling my eyes, I climb out of bed ready to start my morning routine.

    Exactly 22 minutes later I come out of my bedroom, with my hair and teeth brushed, and a minimal amount of makeup applied. I don’t look anywhere near as perfect as Ashe, but frankly I never do, so I’m not gonna let it start getting to me today.

    Ashe looks up at me as I walk in “Finally! Took you long enough” She stands up, approaches me and orders me to spin. “Okay, you long decent enough, but are you sure you don’t want me to even braid that hair of yours?”

    I roll my eyes again. Ashe offers to help fix my hair at least three times a day, but I like it slightly messy. “For the last time Ashe, it’s fine, let’s just go.”

    We head downstairs, and I’m surprised that we’re the only two in the elevator, but Ashe just waves it off. “I’m telling you Britt, we’re coming down at the perfect time, we’re missing all the early birds, and we’re getting here before all the slackers.”

    We leave the elevator together and walk into the hotel dining room, which at this point already looks like it’s being cleared up for the day.

    “Damn, did we miss breakfast? Is it really only served until 10 every day?” I say to Ashe

    “Guess so, but it’s fine we’ll just go out to eat, get a taste of the local cuisine, maybe see some of the local flavor” She says suggestively, gesturing to two incredibly attractive men passing us, walking through the lobby, coffees in hand.

    Afficher davantage

    Eye of the Beholder - Chav


    You’d been on OnlyFans for a few months now but you kept getting constant complaints about the quality of your pics. Eventually you caved, scraped some cash together, and reached out to an online forum to ask if there we’re any photographers near by who could take some pics and give you some advice on cameras and how to use them.

    “So just like this then?” you asked trying to pose for the photographer.

    “Not quite, you’re still looking a bit too jocky” the photographer said

    “Too jocky? Haha, you do know the kind of content I’m trying to put out right? Try a few like this” you said getting a little frustrated with the guy now.

    “Fine your the boss” he replied







    You knew the photographer was right, sitting here with next to nothing on was a bit strange considering you didn’t have much muscle on you. 

    “Why don’t you try on some clothes” he said, seemingly reading your mind

    “I’m not sure what I’ve got actually” you replied a bit puzzled now

    “That’s fine, I’ve got some with me” he quickly answered

    That’s a bit strange considering what you’d asked him for. Maybe this isn’t a great…







    “Thanks bruv, yeah give them here. Be quick too, this is taking too fucking long and I need to get back to draining cash from my fags on twitter” you demanded

    “Of course, here you go” he said passing you the clothes. You slipped them on, feeling back to your usual cocky self. 

    “Right one more pic mate then I’ll pay up and you can leave” you said

    “Sure!” he said smiling





    “Oh yeah faggot, I don’t know how I nearly forgot. Save those pics and get your ass over here, I’m fucking horny. We can upload them to twitter later along with the vids of me ruining your hole tonight” you demanded

    “I wouldn’t have it any other way sir” he said obediently


    Also just as a note, I love how this got flagged for using the word c**t but not the word fag. Says a lot about what’s deemed as acceptable content and what tumblr will tolerate 😂

    El Bailarin

    [A new story commissioned by @tf-vigilante​!]


    Edwin completed his pirouette, leapt into the air, and landed hard, jarring his ankle but holding strong. He smiled, sweat stinging his eyes. The spotlight shut off and he blinked as his eyes readjusted, revealing the slim woman with a clipboard and a tight bun sitting in the front row. She shifted in her seat before clearing her throat.

    “Thank you, Mr. Gable.”

    The woman grabbed a red stamp and slammed the word “REJECT” onto the upper right corner of Edwin’s headshot. Edwin sighed. She wasn’t even pretending to consider him for the Tsunaron Ballet Company, the fucker.

    He didn’t even care anymore. He’d tried out the last six years in a row and he’d had it. “Why not? What do your dancers have that I don’t?”

    The director sneered, “talent, for one thing. One of our dancers would never have let themselves land the way you did, Mr. Gable.”

    “But I’ll put in the work, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

    “Whether or not it does is not my concern. You will not be landing on this stage.”

    “Please ma'am, can you reconsider? I’ve been working on this part for years.”

    “That you certainly have. I remember your previous attempts, as well. You ARE tenacious, at the very least. You know what? Our dance school is hiring. As they say, ‘If you can’t do…’ You might as well give teaching a shot, no? If it’ll get you out of my hair, I’ll have Mistress Esmerelda set up an interview with you.”

    “A dance school? But that’s not-”

    “That will be all, Mr. Gable.”

    Afficher davantage

    The American Way

    [A story commissioned by the lovely @tf-vigilante ]

    Adrian woke up, the sun gleaming off the windows of the patisserie across the street and directly onto his face. He mused that maybe they should rename Paris the City of Blinding Lights, before the realization hit him that a tough decision was before him. Should he finish studying for his art history exam, or should he read another story by his favorite TF writer salmonskinroll? He opted for art history. He really needed to get this credit for graduation, so with a sigh he closed his laptop and reached for his textbook, flipping open the chapter on Andre Derain. 

    As he perused the French textbook, he paused over an image of the painting Portrait of Lucien Gilbert. He normally wasn’t into men who looked so clean-cut and buttoned-up, but something about this painting really struck him. 

    It was when he had lifted the book to his face for a closer examination that he finally noticed the breathing from the figure watching him in the corner.


    Darryl was a shy and awkward teenager. He had always found it difficult to socialize with other kids his own age. As an only child, his world revolved mostly around adults so high school was a hostile environment for him. Very soon he was relegated to the bottom of the high school social ladder, along with the nerds, the outcasts and the marginalized. It was sad because despite the fact that he looked cute, he just looked like a victim to the bullies. He was a “good boy”, but that kind of guy doesn’t do well among stupid and immature teenagers.

    In a desperate attempt to make himself look cooler and become more popular, Darryl started to smoke on a daily basis. It was something quite common, a lot of high school students does that to imitate popular kids. He was terribly disappointed to realise that his strategy turned out to be a failure, as his classmates did not find it impressive that he had started smoking. He was just another sheep trying to keep up. It was all the more funny for hiw classmates to watch. And even worse, the teenager was beginning to feel the effects of tobacco addiction. 

    One day, our poor boy made a wish that will change everything because I was nearby to hear it, I’ll be the one answering his prayer : “I wish smoking would make me more confident and popular”. 


    I always like to take charge of these kind of wishes. Bad wording choice but must off all such liberty of interpretation.The words were vague and imprecise, giving me great freedom of action.I’ll have fun with this one...

    Later in the day after making his wish, Darryl was chilling on his bed when he heard a message notification on his smartphone. It was a message from Jess, a senior in high school, inviting him to a party that night at her house. Darryl was surprised, how did this girl get his number? And most of all he was just a sophomore, and she was a senior. Normally students of these two levels never talked to each other, and never invited each other to parties. He typed on the keyboard a polite message of refusal and also to tell her that she must have got the wrong number but instead he wrote this : “I’ll be there love, see ya” 

    “What the fuck ??” He asked himself in thoughts. He couldn’t control his fingers writing and sending a wrond message ! Damn he was so dead in school now ! But to his surprise his whole conversation with Jess has changed, it was now all flirting and hot topics. She even send a pic of her boobs to him yesterday ! The girl was really hot... He couldn’t resist to jerk off his cock a bit while looking at the picture. Then he took another cigarette and light it. It was the first time smoking in his bedroom. Suddenly, a wave of self-confidence invaded his man. He didn’t give a shit of his mom would find out about the tobacco smell in his room. He felt so good to relax... His mind was foggy... Thinking about the coming party, Darryl didn’t see his legs growing longer, his shoulders expanding and growing broader. A perfect set of pecs and abs soon completed his teenage heartthrob package. Life was good.

    “Time to get dressed for the ladies” Darryl told himself, a part of him finding that thought very weird for a guy like him. Getting out of his bed, he chose designer pants and a fitting black shirt and went to the party, a cigarette always in his mouth... The young man couldn’t tell how much cigarettes he smoked today. A lot. Smoking helped him relax and it was part of his laid back character. During the party, Darryl was amazed to feel much more confident and seductive. At one point, he forced himself to adopt a deeper voice to sound older. But the game was short, a pain in his neck led to his adam apple to grow bigger all of a sudden. The voice stayed that way, deep and husky. After that, the pain went to his jaw and the rest of his face... Worried, Darryl went to look at himself in the mirror, seeing his jaw turning square and broader, his whole face becoming handsome and a little bit older... But the smoke turned off his concerns... And a cocky grin grew on his face. 


    “Now where is that bitch ? I want to fuck her...” Darryl was such a horny bastard. His dick grew longer and larger in his pants, his balls dropped lower. His pubic hair exploded in his underwear and started smelling like the alpha man he was. Darryl was talking about Jess, the hot girl in his class. But he wasn’t a senior... Of course he was ! His only wish was to get out of his high school. He was a shitty student anyway... He was thinking about droping out. This thought set off an alarm signal in his mind. He never wished for that. 

    The bitch was nowhere to be find so Darryl decided to fuck off this shitty party. He got into his car and shot his cigarette again. The real Darryl was screaming in his mind, trying to defend himself but it was too late. He was becoming someone else. His muscles grew even more and he caught himself reeking of sweat. His mind fell into a dull state. His black shirt vanished, leaving him barechested. He was such a jock now ! His IQ started to decrease, and soon a dumb grin appear on his face. 

    “Let’s go maaan ! Fuck I need to bust a nut !” His new deep douchebag voice made Darryl cringe inside his mind. But he was not in control anymore. Even worse, a new internal voice was starting to corrupt him to suit the changes. He liked it. His right hand went into his underwear to scratch his fuller, hairier and bigger balls. Then he put his hand under his nose. Damn... The smell was strong with testosterone. Combined with the cigarette smoke it was pure masculinity odor. He fucking loves himself !


    The sports car roared as it started and he drove to his next destination. Darren saw a bar that looked abandoned and parked his car in front of it. Fuck uni, he needed to work on his own with his little business. He opened the door using keys found in his pocket. This place will be his bar, his den.

    A thick smoke suddenly filled his lungs and Darren realized that he now had a cigar in his mouth instead of his usual cigarette. New changes appeared on Darren’s body when the cigarette turned into a cigar. First his hair grew longer into a stylish mid long haircut. His face aged a bit, he looked more like a 25yo toung man now. His cheeks and chin began to itch and within seconds a thick beard stubble gave him a masculine charm and style. 

    Then a plaid shirt and a leather jacket appeared on his shoulders. The young man irradiates with confidence and sex appeal. 

    Darren was now the proud owner of the best gay bar in town. Only two hours later the place was full of people, only men. Only handsome men. 


    The cigar smoke was thick and bewitching. Derek simply decided to give in to his new desires. The closest guy's ass cheeks were beautiful. He just wanted to fuck him deep. Right now. 

    In front of all the customers he pulled down the man's trousers and underwear, and started to fuck the man on the bar counter. Derek felt his dick get bigger in the man's hole. In his mouth, the cigar started to grow bigger too, cementing the latest changes. His clothes disappeared, leaving only a black leather jacket and cap. His muscles grew even larger and hair grew on his chest. His pecs inflated like balloons. Piercings appeared on his big nipples. Completely focused on his fucking, he didn't feel his hair falling out. His hair, which had been his pride, vanished leaving him with a bald head. His face became even older and soon Derek started to look like a man in his forties. His dark beard stubble turned greyer. His moustache grew a bit more proeminent. Derek was now a strong man like promised, but I think his new leather fetishist persona suit him really well. 

    The bar soon filled up with the excited moaning of dozens of men who were undressing to let their homosexual pulsions express themselves. the air became filled with the smell of sweat and smoke. Every guy wore leather clothes and accessories now. Derek was now the owner of a new gay leather sex club. Darryl’s consciousness was slowly engulfed into Derek’s. The kid inside of this big leather master body soon gave up to the corruption and to the pleasure. His old memories were lost and replaced by Derek’s. When he filled the guy’s asshole with thick white cum it was too late. Derek loved his life. 


    A better life

    Hi guys ! After years of reading exciting stories from other authors, I decided to start writing by myself. English is not my native language so I'm sorry if I make mistakes. Feel free to comment, react and make suggestions for the future ! Any feedback is appreciated.


    My existence and my origins are a mystery. For most people I do not really exist... I think that I am more a power that has become consciousness by itself, an entity whose purpose is to transform, to make the world as it should be, or rather as I wish it to be. I am particularly powerful to transform men into what they deserve. I take pleasure in trapping them, punishing them by transforming them into another version of themselves. But not often the one they would like...

    Will (on the left) and Dan (on the right) had decided to work out together at the local gym that evening. They had been buddies since high school and now in college theyr were the two kings of their little town. Popular and charismatic, they were also arrogant, disdainful, true bullies and terribly homophobic.


    I watched, invisible and ethereal like a ghost, the two young men doing their workout. Then I followed them to their car, thinking about how to use my powers over them. With malice I took possession of the car radio to talk to them directly with a robotic voice.

    Good evening gentlemen, I will now cancel your status as an oppressive alpha male in order to restore peace and balance in your environment.

    “What the fuck is that ?” asked Dan while driving. 

    “I fuckin dunno bro. “ answered Will. “I’ll turn it off !” He tried, in vain. 

    You are not allowed to stop the process. I detect that most of your pride comes from your muscles and athletic habits... starting physical changes... starting reality adjustment...

    Suddenly the two friends could feel a wave of weakness running through their bodies. With painful creaks, their bodies began to shrink, both in muscle and size. Years of gains form working out disappeared. I mischievously watched the biceps, abs and pecs diminish in volume. The muscles were deflating like balloons and the bones were cracking.

    “What’s happening ? Dude stop the car !” The poor Will was looking at his now thin arms, horrified and on the verge of crying. Funny how it is easy to break strong and fearless boys with that simple change... 

    “I... can’t... need to drive back home...” Dan was the dumbest of the two. I could force him to continue drving without breaking a sweat. I’m a nice spirit, his car seat came closer to the steering wheel by itself to allow him to drive even with his smaller body. Talking about the car, it also had to change. The boys were too focused on their bodies to realize that the car interior was also smaller to suit their future life. The loud black Jeep soon transformed into a cute blue Fiat 500. In the back of the car, the two gym bags vanished without a trace. In mere seconds, their sportswear changed into casual clothes, a simple t-shirt and jean shorts. Then I took a break in the changes for the rest of the drive back home, leaving them shocked, lost, screaming in fear for the loss of their precious pride...

    20 minutes later, they arrived at Dan’s small flat. Will ran to the bathroom to see the damages in the mirror. I followed Dan in his living room / bedroom. It was a stereotypical jock room : messy with stuff and clothes everywhere. This wouldn’t do for my projects for them. I took control of the TV and turned it on. I appeared on the screen as a handsome news presenter

    Tonight our guest is Daniel ! But I’m affraid he doesn't deserve any applause for his disgusting flat. I am committed to turning this into the perfect love nest. What do you think of that?

    Terrified, Daniel unplugged the TV and my face disappeared from the screen, which turned black again. But the mischief was done, and soon the whole flat grew larger with extra rooms and much cleaner. Photos of the two young men appeared at some places. Fearing a mental breakdown of my two subjects, I instantly change their reality. They are now living together under the same roof. Daniel knew something was wrong. In his mind, a part of him was screaming to run, to flee before it was too late... But he couldn’t. 

    Will came out from the bathroom, confused and demoralised. They looked into each other's eyes and the magic took effect. The two young men were captivated and mesmerized by this sight. Their homophobic personalities were fighting against new feelings for each other. Daniel suddenly felt the need the need to reassure his friend :

    “I’m so sorry I don’t know... how to reverse this...” He was about to stop talking but words came by themselves “Babe come into my arms it will make you feel better...”

    As they were getting closer and closer, I could feel their willingness to resist. Daniel was already asking himself why he called his buddy “Babe”. They were slowly starting to become a cute couple I told myself when they started cuddling. 

    Their homophobic beliefs were infuriated and disgusted by this scene. But they were slowly fading, already in passenger seat of the boys’s life. I turned my attention more specifically to Will. He was the worst of the two in his previous life. I needed to make sure to break his spirit. In Daniel’s arms, Will or should I call him Willy now, started to feel more sumbmissive and dependent on Daniel. Before meeting them, him and Daniel were both 23 yo. I took 5 years of age from Willy to gave them to Daniel. Now Willy was 18 yo and Daniel 28. 

    Willy was a teenager who just graduated from high school but he was madly in love with Daniel for a year already. He moved in with his boyfriend only last week. I gave Willy a beta male personality, seeking guidance, attention and security from his boyfriend. Daniel worked as a chef in a local restaurant now...

    They kissed with fondness and passion for quite a while. I was proud of my first achievement with this cute couple. Willy moaned with pleasure when he felt his boyfriend’s beard stubble on his neck. 

    “I will cook us a nice meal for dinner honey.” Said Daniel with kindness.

    “Can I stay with you ? I love watching you cooking !” answered Willy with a much higher voice than before. Shrinking his adam apple was a nice addition for him. 

    “Of course my little koala. Come here...” 

    Willy then lowered his hand under his boyfriend’s underwear and started to jerking off the hairless dick. “Mmm a little Willy will have a tasty whipped cream for dessert...” continued Daniel with a sensual voice.

    I left them at their new life. Some straight remnants in their minds were still fighting but they wouldn’t for long. I liked leaving them knowing that by my powers they became the kind of men they hated. But the world will be a better place with Daniel and Willy than with Dan and Will...