My more bland, sanatized, tumblr safe blog. Please keep in mind that immediately beneath tihis veneer is the same raunchy, all-out sex-loving  unapologetic Gay Dominant Man, into adult males of all colors shapes sizes, but mostly with facial hair, bush, & hair in general, though baldness is no problem whatsoever. I like sex from tender kisses, sweet nothings in the ear all the way to full felching & fisting. Masculine, effeminate, self-identified faggots, + all in between. The beauty of nature, art, animals, especially cats. I'm an atheist, feminist, extremely progressive politically. Another few details.  #1..The appearance in this blog has nothing to do with anybody's sexuality.One lady complained when I 'reposted her dog on a porn site. I do not actually know the sexuality of most human nor canine nor any other being in this blog.  #2..I try very hard to make this as near as I can to pornograpy withput overstepping tumbr bounds.Personally, I am fine with porn. #3.. I post what I want. I appreciate any likes, follows, comments, messages, photos...But this is really just a tome of what I find interesting, humorous, amazing, disturbing, sexxxy, etc...#4...I try to credit most sources, but fail at that often. I am sorry & will remove if you ask. As for me, I do not care whar you do with, say about or how you alter my posts.  PEACE.  

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