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    I’m really sick of going through the first few pages of followers and having to block a handful of people for being under eighteen. This is an adult blog. This blog is not meant for children. 

    If you are 14 years old, you are not welcome here.
    If you are 16 years old, you are not welcome here.
    If you’re 17 years and 11 months old, you are not welcome here.
    If you are under 18 at all, you are not welcome here.


    It is illegal for you to view this page and I am personally uncomfortable with minors following me. Please leave and don’t return until you’re of legal age to view pornographic material (18).


    Always good to reblog things like this as a reminder. Adults only, like it says in the banner. Not 18 yet? Age.


    So very true!  If you are under the age of 18 please do not follow our blog and others that have explicit content.  Come back when you are old enough to play!


    So apparently there’s quite a few blogs who post content about humans ‘being space orcs’ like this blog, which is really great! So I thought maybe someone could make a masterpost of these blogs, so that anyone who likes this kind of content could have multiple blogs to look at! So if you run one of these blogs, please reblog this! Or reblog this and tag one of those blogs! That would be super cool of you, thank you!

    @space-australians is the only blog I currently know of, but I’m certain I’ve seen more! (Here’s a link to the blog if you want to check it out)


    There are apparently a bunch of us, strangely (as far as I can tell) unaware of the existence of any others before starting our own blogs, yet now coexisting. We undoubtedly have additional idea-siblings as unaware of us as we are of them, yet we are linked. Someone turn us into a color-coded squad. I’m the orange one.

    An Inexhaustive* List:

  • @human-aliens-collection (hello friend! I have interacted with you!)
  • @humans-are-seriously-weird
  • @scifihumanheadcanons
  • @space-stuff-for-space-people
  • @humans-are-space-orcs
  • @what-even-are-humans
  • @operation-earthanoids
  • *Literally just some of the ones I’ve noticed. We all made our blogs independent of each other, all have different update schedules/preferences, and overlap in content a lot for obvious reasons. Some of us prefer to reblog, some prefer to also add in their own stories.


    @justimaginethisweirdstuff reblogs a lot of stuff from all over, including a few smalltime posts i have no clue how they find. They tend to post a c r a p ton at once, once a day. @pokemon-n-aliens takes asks and does original content based on what if aliens visited the Pokemon world? They update sporadically and just started maybe a month ago, but are really good! Its less space fairing humans and more Earth fairing aliens. But yes, i was unaware there were more blogs like mine until someone tagged @space-australians (hi friend!) from one of my posts and then Tumblr was like, “oh hey, you might like these guys!” If we’re squadding up, i wanna be the dark blue one! As for me, i currently update 3 times a week, though I’m thinking of increasing it, cause my queue goes well into next year at this point.

    Maui is not obese

    Maui is a powerful demigod. Big and strong and… oh, you think he looks fat?

    That’s probably because you’ve been conditioned by the media to accept this

    as what strong and fit looks like. Amiright?

    Sadly… these guys are not all that strong. Yeah, they got muscles… but they aren’t built in a useful way. They are built for looks and that’s about it.


    is a strong guy. Actually a competitor in the Strongman competition. But… his tummy sticks out and he doesn’t look like a Dorito. 

    You know who else is strong?

    These guys…

    And Maui…

    Look at those arms, omg. And that solid, sturdy torso. You can see a shadow where his meat covers his ribs, but he doesn’t look like any slouch to me.

    And this guy…

    That’s Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather. When the Disney animators showed him their sketches of Maui, he pulled out a picture of his grandfather and showed it to them because he was amazed how similar they looked. This dude was also a pro wrestler.

    There’s actually a great infographic about ab muscles and stuff over HERE.
    but this is the part i want to show you.

    Now… look at Maui again.

    That thickness don’t move like fat. It doesn’t jiggle and he’s able to flex it. Look at how it sits on his body. It doesn’t sag… he doesn’t have a gut. There’s even a slight V shape to his torso.

    It’s just big and not ‘defined’.

    And people aren’t used to that.

    (sorry, this isn’t the most organized post… i kinda just let it all spill out)

    Non-verbal forms of communication: pet version

    I’ve seen a lot of posts about “littles non-verbal forms of communication” and I thought to myself… most pets are non-verbal, but a lot of people (mainly inexperienced owners) don’t know what to do with a pet that’s being non-verbal. So here is a quick post explaining some (not all) forms of non-verbal ways a pet (mostly canine) communicates and what it means.


  • murr/purr/low moan: “I am content and comfortable”
  • growl: “I am feeling threatened/scared”
  • yip/mew: “I want attention/I want to play”
  • whine: “Something is wrong”
  • snarl:“I am very angry/get away from me”
  • bark: “I want attention/I am ready for –”
  • questioning murr:“I am confused/I do not know what to do”
  • howl:“I want my presence to be known/I want my pack”
  • roar: “I am feeling – and cannot express my emotions properly”
  • baying: “I am in pursuit of my prey/toy”
  • whimper: “I do not like the situation I am in/how I am being spoken to”
  • fake sneeze:“I want your attention back”
  • snort: “I have an attitude”

  • headbutt:“I want attention/pet me/I’m giving you affection”
  • rolling on back/exposing belly: “I feel safe around you”
  • curled up:“I am feeling insecure/anxious”
  • pawing at: “I want attention”
  • sitting and staring at:“I want something”
  • lowering self to floor, butt up: “Let’s play”
  • playful stance:“I want to play”
  • lowering self, curled up slightly:“I feel threatened/get away from me”
  • teeth bared: “I feel threatened/I am angry”
  • flopping over: “I am content”
  • shaking off: “I am trying to relax/settle down”
  • curling up beside someone while touching them: “I want physical contact”
  • nudging under someone’s hand: “Pet me”
  • swatting at: “Don’t touch me/I don’t want –”
  • [ * This is just a quick post, these are not all of the sounds a non-verbal will make and this is not the case for every single pet; this is more of a rough guideline. ]