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2021-06-24 07:31:08

    ““You’re not a monster,” I said. But I lied. What I really wanted to say was that a monster is not such a terrible thing to be. From the Latin root monstrum, a divine messenger of catastrophe, then adapted by the Old French to mean an animal of myriad origins: centaur, griffin, satyr. To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal, a lighthouse: both shelter and warning at once.”

    Ocean Vuong, from On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.


    ive been buying more stuff on bandcamp because it supports indie artists way more than spotify


    reminder to buy on bandcamp fridays!

    these specific friday events (that do not happen every friday, it varies)?

    artists get 100% of what you pay for their work.
    On bandcamp friday all proceeds go to the artist.