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This page will document my journey from total twink to chubby as fuck. It’s also laced with inspiration bodies. All encouragement is welcome

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    story - catching up

    You don't always stay the fatter one. (wg, some elements of humiliation)

    Maybe we met online, you wanted help getting started, and I saw that drive that would help get you huge one day.

    You didn't quite have the means to really pack it on but you did your best & got into skinny fat from your formerly slight frame.

    You manage to land a sedentary work from home job that pays well enough, & it's exciting. You talk about being able to put on a ton of weight now. I hope you're right.

    The first few pounds come on easily, & you start to fill out, crossing over into chubby. You love the changes.

    You don't wanna stop. You wanted to get fat enough to be fat, but those habits have fully entrenched, and you just want to keep growing. You quietly adjust your goals, and your 'ideal shape' pictures you send me inch bigger and bigger over the months.

    Maybe it's the net result of all those changes piling up, or just something inside you, but something clicks & you're suddenly stuffing your face constantly now, spending free time researching calorie bomb shakes to chug before bed, ordering multiple meals at once without shame.

    You just start fucking blowing up.

    It's hard to nail down your weight exactly because you keep weighing yourself when full, but your number keeps ticking up, and that keeps you eating, and it starts being pretty noticeable.

    At first, it's hard to tell over the internet - is that a new tit roll or are you just sitting forward? - but in 3, 6, 12 months comparisons, it comes into focus. You must have been really pigging out, because you're starting to look like someone else.

    Before, you saw what you looked like with some weight on you, but now you get to see what you look like as an obese, overstuffed version of yourself. You're growing so fast that you don't just look fat, you look too fat to your eyes - & you wanna make that even more noticeable.

    Other people start to notice too - you can't place exactly when, but at a certain point your Twitter blows up just like your waistline - people start retweeting those weekly shots of you with a donut in your mouth that you've always taken. The angle didn't change, your body did.

    You still keep growing, too - you're thoroughly leaving 'fat' and starting to inch into 'superchub', little by little. For now you're kind of in between, but everyone can see the trajectory you're headed in.

    People know we talk and at least casually associate, and people start mentioning both of us in the same breath - the implication if not that we're the same size, than at least the same size class now. It feels weird to be put in the same bucket as someone you aspired to.

    You never believed you'd get to this point at first - I dig out a couple of old photos you sent me before you blimped out (you didn't like taking pictures of yourself much then) for you to share around. You get the reputation of someone thoroughly committed to getting fatter.

    Still growing. You make a porn account for the occasional high effort video that won't fit on Twitter anyway, and you make some money. It's not enough to completely supplant your food budget (you're much too gluttonous for that), but it makes it much easier to justify splurging.

    You're getting close to my weight now, & feeling all the effects of piling it on so impatiently. It just makes you want it even more. You stuff yourself nearly sick as you close in - maybe I've had an illness and make an excuse that I'm not at my highest, but you're catching up.

    I pack on the weight I lost and then some, but you're still growing consistently. You tease me about when you're gonna actually cross over and beat me - 3 months? A month? 6 months? Equally as likely with a (slow) moving target.

    People notice that hedonistic drive. They start to ask you the same sorts of questions you used to ask me, as someone who's shown themselves so good at getting fat. They start to assume you're the bigger one - maybe you're a bit shorter, or just carry it a little differently.

    You stop weighing yourself for a bit. That time estimate gets a little on the long side as you hit a plateau, and it's discouraging you and making you not want to stuff yourself as relentlessly as before, so in ignorance you push yourself to make the next weigh in a good one.

    By the time you weigh yourself, I'm in another break, a little down from my new highest weight trying to keep up with your explosive growth, and it's definitive. You've got at least a couple dozen pounds on me now, and no reason to stop growing.

    If you already looked fatter than me because of your body type before outweighing me, it's even more true now - every inch of you flares out with a layer of flab that's missing on me now, and you're still getting fatter.

    Something clicks in you again - maybe it's outgrowing me, or just settling into the mindset of someone that heavy, but you get more demanding and greedy. You just want more, and why shouldn't you have it? You're clearly better at getting fat, you deserve the extra weight.

    You're thoroughly superchub sized now. Your clip releases become more event like in the gaining community, you're a celebrity - you're massive and you did it so quick. You have the pictures to prove it.

    You're bullying money out of me and teasing a visit you may not even bother making - you got at least a hundred pounds on me now, and you got plenty of hotter, fatter friends you wanna visit first anyway.

    I'm just another fawning DM in your inbox about your latest picture & weight milestone - you get so many now - you look at my belly and can't even imagine being that small anymore. You think about how much better of a gainer you are - you gained twice the weight in 1/2 the time.

    Every so often you humor a conversation & talk about all the sensations you get as a megachub, ask how much I can eat at once & put my appetite to shame, talk about how much money you get for a couple minutes of wobbling, & get off thinking about how I'll never be as fat as you.


    oh fuck the idea of being too fat to perform in bed is such a hot one... just imagine trying to get on top and tiring yourself out just by swaying all that blubber around

    Not far from reality, heh. I can only top for a few minutes these days - hell, even just being on my hands and knees tires me out pretty damn quickly. It takes a lot of effort to hold up all this blubber of mine, I’ve gotten so heavy and out of shape.

    It’s hot as hell though. I love knowing that I’ve gotten so fat that it’s a work out just for me to maneuver all my heft, and feeling all my heavy blubber wobble and bounce with every movement just makes me even more aware of how fat I am. And of course, I can’t wait to get even fatter 🤤


    It is definitely something to think of you so massive and swollen, too big and round to move, just lying around, gently slurping down more boost or even a regular milkshake while being.....used 👀👀

    I certainly wouldn’t mind, heh. Long as I get plenty of food and attention in return. This belly won’t feed ‘n fatten itself, after all. ;)

    And you better believe it feels great for me too. Whether someone is riding my belly, hot dogging my fat ass, or grinding into one of my rolls, being this fat means every little movement sends waves through my body. All my blubber wobbling and sloshing back against them in rhythm, meeting their every buck and thrust. I love it. Mm.


    You’re swollen already. I couldn’t describe a heavy mountain of lard like your body any other way. Thick and full all over, but your gut is the biggest tub of flab by a long shot. Round and soft and squishy all over, overgrown with as much calories as you could swallow, still growing. You don’t even sag, you’re so plump and bloated with fat, you’re eating and growing too fast for all that fat to settle. You’re a massive swollen hog

    Oh I have some sag to my blubber, that’s readily apparent in just how low my belly hangs these days. It really just goes to show the sheer heft of all the fat I’ve packed on.

    And feeling the heft and weight of every single blubbery pound I’ve packed on is so damn sensual and arousing. I love feeling this huge, this heavy, this soft, this doughy, this downright massively fat. I’m reminded of my own super obesity every waking second of every day, and I fucking love it. It’s absolutely addicting.

    Of course I’ll just keep swelling fatter, as I keep glutting myself and the pounds keep piling on. I can’t help myself anymore, it feels far too damn good to be a hog 🤤🐗


    What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

    Hey! This depends greatly on the day. I’d say the most average day for me would be

    Breakfast: whatever’s on the kitchen counter from the night before. Cupcakes, a pastry or two, muffins, some sort of easy-to-eat baked good.

    Sporadic snacking, maybe the occasional gas station munchie run, fast food stop, a few beers until dinner.

    Dinner: starts around 7pm, ends when I go to bed. This is the period of the day I eat 80%+ of my daily intake. Usually two or three separate meals. Ribs, potatoes, burgers, pizza, pasta, chicken, vegetables, rice, frozen snacks, beer or soda until I’m ready for bed.

    I’d say my average caloric intake is around 4,000 on a bad day, and much much higher on a good day.