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    I thought this was my hometown for a second


    So this has actually been cited by academics as part of the major draw to online spaces is the fact that just existing in public is reacted to with hostility and punishment. Gretchen McCulloch discussed this is in her book Because Internet, citing research that shows teens and young adults want to be outside! We want to spend time in social places, it’s just that there aren’t any places to exist in public without being charged for it.


    When I was homeless as a kid my little brother and I loved to go to the library. We would keep warm in there reading good books all day long. Until residents of the town complained about us “loitering” at the library each day. The library staff then told us we were no longer allowed to stay more than an hour at a time. Imagine seeing two homeless children spending their entire days quietly reading just to keep out of the cold and having a damn problem with it.


    Here’s a relevant passage from Because Internet! 

    Even the fact that teens use all kinds of social networks at higher rates than twenty-somethings doesn’t necessarily mean that they prefer to hang out online. Studies consistently show that most teens would rather hang out with their friends in person. The reasons are telling: teens prefer offline interaction because it’s “more fun” and you “can understand what people mean better.” But suburban isolation, the hostility of malls and other public places to groups of loitering teenagers, and schedules packed with extracurriculars make these in-person hangouts difficult, so instead teens turn to whatever social site or app contains their friends (and not their parents). As danah boyd puts it, “Most teens aren’t addicted to social media; if anything, they’re addicted to each other.”

    Just like the teens who whiled away hours in mall food courts or on landline telephones became adults who spent entirely reasonable amounts of time in malls and on phone calls, the amount of time that current teens spend on social media or their phones is not necessarily a harbinger of what they or we are all going to be doing in a decade. After all, adults have much better social options. They can go out, sans curfew, to bars, pubs, concerts, restaurants, clubs, and parties, or choose to stay in with friends, roommates, or romantic partners. Why, adults can even invite people over without parental permission and keep the bedroom door closed! (page 102-103) 

    The source I’d really recommend for lots more on this topic is It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boyd, a highly readable ethnography spanning a decade of observation of how teens use social media. Here are a couple relevant excerpts: 

    I often heard parents complain that their children preferred computers to “real” people. Meanwhile, the teens I met repeatedly indicated that they would much rather get together with friends in person. A gap in perspective exists because teens and parents have different ideas of what sociality should look like. Whereas parents often highlighted the classroom, after-school activities, and prearranged in-home visits as opportunities for teens to gather with friends, teens were more interested in informal gatherings with broader groups of peers, free from adult surveillance. Many parents felt as though teens had plenty of social opportunities whereas the teens I met felt the opposite.

    Today’s teenagers have less freedom to wander than any previous generation. Many middle-class teenagers once grew up with the option to “do whatever you please, but be home by dark.” While race, socioeconomic class, and urban and suburban localities shaped particular dynamics of childhood, walking or bicycling to school was ordinary, and gathering with friends in public or commercial places—parks, malls, diners, parking lots, and so on—was commonplace. Until fears about “latchkey kids” emerged in the 1980s, it was normal for children, tweens, and teenagers to be alone. It was also common for youth in their preteen and early teenage years to take care of younger siblings and to earn their own money through paper routes, babysitting, and odd jobs before they could find work in more formal settings. Sneaking out of the house at night was not sanctioned, but it wasn’t rare either. (page 85-86)

    From wealthy suburbs to small towns, teenagers reported that parental fear, lack of transportation options, and heavily structured lives restricted their ability to meet and hang out with their friends face to face. Even in urban environments, where public transportation presumably affords more freedom, teens talked about how their parents often forbade them from riding subways and buses out of fear. At home, teens grappled with lurking parents. The formal activities teens described were often so highly structured that they allowed little room for casual sociality. And even when parents gave teens some freedom, they found that their friends’ mobility was stifled by their parents. While parental restrictions and pressures are often well intended, they obliterate unstructured time and unintentionally position teen sociality as abnormal. This prompts teens to desperately—and, in some cases, sneakily—seek it out. As a result, many teens turn to what they see as the least common denominator: asynchronous social media, texting, and other mediated interactions. (page 90)

    Anyway, more people need to read It’s Complicated, danah boyd really takes young people and technology seriously and doesn’t patronize or sensationalize, and it was a huge influence on me in figuring out the tone for Because Internet so I want to make sure it gets credit! 


    AND a race one since the most affected regions will be Africa, Asia and Oceania


    as a friend pointed out, this headline makes it sound like supply will be dwindling. supply is fine. people will be *priced out*.


    this is fucking MURDER.

    insulin has been mass produced (from animal extracts) since -1923-. slow acting insulin has existed since the ‘50s, and ‘human’ genetically engineered insulin (derived from E. coli bacteria) has existed since 1982.

    insulin treatment for diabetes is not some new or ‘unproven’ treatment. according to beyondtype1, “Humalog rapid-acting insulin came on to the market with a list price of $21 a vial in 1997.” adjusting for inflation, a vial these days should cost about $34 at most. instead, it costs over $300. there is NO reason for it to be steadily gaining in price to the point that diabetics are unable to afford their lifesaving medication, other than the sheer inhuman greed of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    let me reiterate: life without insulin (for Type 1 diabetics in particular) is a slow and painful death sentence. the ability to treat diabetes is a relatively modern phenomenon that has allowed countless people to live full, healthy lives. we should be expanding full covereage and access to insulin to diabetics the world over, and it should be FREE.


    Have y’all heard about Open Insulin Foundation?

    We’re a team of biohackers with a variety of backgrounds, and skills, and relationships to insulin and diabetes from many cities and countries around the world, including Oakland, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Paraiba, Brazil; Dakar, Senegal; Yaounde, Cameroon; and Puerto Rico. We’re working to develop the first practical, small-scale, community-centered model for insulin production to make insulin accessible to all. We envision a world in which communities in need have local sources of safe, affordable, high-quality insulin, and where people living with diabetes and their communities can own and govern the organizations that produce the medicine they depend on to survive. 

    What We Do

    We are creating an open-source (freely available) model for insulin production that centers on sustainable, small-scale manufacturing and open-source alternatives to production. We are developing protocols to produce short-acting (lispro) and long-acting (glargine) insulin, working on developing open-hardware equivalents to traditional production equipment, are researching sustainable regulation pathways to bring our insulin to the public, and are building capacities for local, small-scale manufacturing.

    How Do I Participate?

    Our work would not be possible without the support of volunteers, interns, and community advisors. We welcome people of all backgrounds from all over the world to bring their enthusiasm, time, connections, and experiences, both in life and in work. Our volunteers promote us on social media, build equipment, run experiments, write reports and blog posts, facilitate meetings, connect with other organizations and groups, meet with experts in the field, run virtual events, and contribute in designing tools, resources, and methods of all sorts.

    Potential Partners

    We welcome collaboration with other groups that share our mission―community labs, academic institutions, patient advocacy groups, and NGOs.


    Your donation will help us get closer to our goal. With a healthy financial situation, we can pay for lab supplies, acquire lab equipment, recruit scientists, and pay for consultation fees for regulation and manufacturing experts.”

    Open Insulin Foundation


    Reblogging for additional info, esp. about the Open Insulin Foundation.

    Children are hit for using the wrong tone or facial expression.

    Children live in constant fear of being punished for their grades.

    Children are berated for having interests that aren't normal for their gender or age.

    Neurodivergent children are bullied into passing as neurotypical.

    Children are taught that they're going to hell if they question their religion.

    And when they complain, they're told "life's not fair, deal with it". They're told that children need to be treated harshly in order to toughen them up for the real world.

    But for some reason, teaching children about white privilege is where the line is drawn.


    Fun Fact! Two Weeks Notice is not a REQUIREMENT in any sense of the word. It’s a nicety. A polite gesture, and only polite for the MANAGEMENT because THEY want time to find someone to replace you. They cannot withhold your last paycheck if you refuse to give two weeks notice, and they cannot force you to work the two weeks. Additionally, they cannot report that to any future employers who call them regarding your work history. In fact, they’re not allowed to comment on your performance AT ALL! Legally they are only allowed to confirm that you were an employee during the dates you list - anything else and they open themselves up to civil lawsuits in which they can be sued for damages for any number of reasons. So fuck Two Weeks Notice. if you work for a fucked company, they deserve to get fucked in return.


    If you ever feel bad about not giving two weeks' notice, or like you're being unprofessional/unfair, think about this: If your boss fired you, would they give YOU two weeks' notice? Or would they have you escorted out of the building then and there? Anything they don't owe you, you don't owe them. Fuck 'em.


    this one liberal dude on twitter made the (correct) take that parents have overwhelming power over their kids and very often abuse it and restrict children's rights and he was ratio'd by conservatives, communists and liberals alike who made comments like "my kids will have rights when they pay the bills" to "aw are you upset mom and dad didn't you get you a lega set for christmas". way to prove his point lol! any criticism of the power dynamics adults and particularly parents have over kids and how it is often used to abuse kids or refuse to let them exist as themselves is drowned in mockery and the idea that parents have absolute authority over children and that any less than that is actually spoiling them.

    i said it before: people only care about Children as an ideal. as property. as something that is Innocent and deserving protection From Evil Traffickers but also something Dumb that barely deserves the status of human with autonomy. and its fucking wild how even the staunchest communists think of this as normal, and how people refuse to understand that this dynamic is how kids are emotionally, physically and sexually abused, as well as robbed of their voices and too scared/ashamed to talk about it.


    it's worth saying this dude is the parent of a now adult trans girl, and his reflections absolutely come from parenting as well as how he was expected to behave as the father of a trans daughter, how much power he had over her treatment and the refusal of doctors and teachers to listen to her and going over her head to him so they could misgender her and make him consent to conversion therapy.

    he did not do these things, but the expectation and judgement that he as a parent was supposed to take away her rights and the sheer power he had over her as a minor made him reflect a lot. and now people are mocking him for sharing this reflection, even as black kids are killed or sent into the school to prison pipeline, as disabled kids are refused humanity, as parents kill their kids to spite their divorced spouses, as trans kids get their healthcare revoked, as migrant kids remain locked in cages. even as these same people panic over child trafficking and pedophile sex rings and refuse to admit how much csa and abuse is from family members.


    i hope you have a terrible pride month if you still eat at chick-fil-a with no consideration for other lgbt people


    [ID: Screenshot of an article posted under Politics tag, written by Alex Bollinger and published Wednesday, June 2, 2021

    “Chick-fil-A’s profits are being used to push anti-trans state laws & kill the Equality Act

    Christian billionaires like Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy and Betsy Devos are funding one of ‘the most sophisticated dark money operations’ to roll back LGBTQ rights.”

    /End ID] x

    I hope y’all choke on the next chicken sandwich you buy from them fr



    If you feel better about NOT eating there you have to equally acknowledge consumers of chik-fil-a have 0 power in what decisions Chik Fil A as a corp does.


    You’re still a piece of shit. It’s not about “feeling better” it’s about not funneling money directly into legislation that strips rights away from trans people. You can yell “no ethical consumption under capitalism” until you feel better about your decisions, but you still have a moral responsibility as a human being to act in a way that does the least amount of harm possible. No, you can’t boycott most companies into changing their policies but web of corporations like Disney or GM. It’s a singular restaurant you absolutely can avoid with no harm to yourself.

    You can’t avoid the harm inherent to capitalism in most transactions, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make meaningful changes to your own consumerism. Grow the fuck up


    Basically I don't care if consumer activism isn't effective, I'm not eating someplace that wishes harm to me and mine, okay? The simple fact is I don't want these people having my money, regardless of if any of that specific money goes to their evil actions. It's 100% about my personal feelings and I know that's not the same as activism but also I gotta be able to live with myself. I gotta draw a line somewhere.

    Also if all the straight people who call themselves allies actually gave enough of a shit to buy their fucking chicken sandwiches somewhere else you might actually see some movement, but instead it's "I support the gays but those waffle fries are so good..." thanks for nothing, get fucked


    The “no ethical consumption” argument is meant for situations like “Walmart is evil but it’s literally the only place where I can buy produce in a 30 mile radius.” Not “There are a shitton of fast food restaurants within 1 mile of me, all of which sell chicken sandwiches, and I could literally go someplace that DOESN’T funnel their profits to anti-LGBT+ legislation, but it doesn’t matter if I eat Chick-Fil-A they’re all equally evil right? Right??? I’m still so righteous.”


    The idea that consumers have 0 power in what Chick-fil-A does is ridiculous. They can't donate money that they aren't given. Eating at this establishment is an act of violence against LGBTQ+ people full stop.












    This is why abolishing the idea of biological sex as a binary is important. The idea that everyone Must fit into one of two discrete categories is literally artificially enforced by doctors surgically “correcting” people who don’t fit into this strict binary view, without the consent or even the knowledge of the people themselves.


    Sanyo ICC-0081 "Mini Calculator": You can carry a calculator with you now, you never have to make big math in your head ever again!

    Math teachers: We will multiply 14,762 times 2,853,654 among others in this test, no calculators allowed

    Sanyo ICC-0081 "Mini Calculator":


    Linguists throughout the ages: We have spent lifetimes gathering the significations of words and phrases in various language so everyone can appreciate them as well as possible.

    Language teachers: Translate this text, no dictionaries allowed.



    Literally thousands of artists, engineers and scientists over the years: Look at all of these awesome tools we made to help artists make more art more quickly and more easily! Now art is much more accessible to everyone!

    Art snobs: If you use anything more than a pencil and ink and these specific paints and brushes you’re cheating and not a real artist. Especially if you draw digitally. Thats double cheating.  

    Artists, engineers and scientists:


    I was always told in math class that I wouldn't be able to carry a calculator with me everywhere I went.

    I'm writing this from my smartphone.


    "never memorize what you can look up in books"


    y’all love to mock asian nail salon owners so here’s a little background for your dumbasses:

    during the vietnam war, many vietnamese refugees came to america, a lot being women and their children. an american actress, tippi hedren, flew to sacramento, ca. to visit a refugee camp. she wanted to meet the women who were living there and figure out ways to support them. many of them had lost their husbands in the war and were now left without an income and many had no knowledge of how to begin to provide for themselves and their children. while there, tippi noticed that many of the women were fascinated with her manicured nails. tippi had gotten the idea to fly her manicurist to the refugee camp to teach the women how to do nails, in hopes of giving these women a way to support themselves and their families. tippi had paid for 20 women from the refugee camp to attend beautician school and help them get their licenses & eventually find jobs. about 51% of manicurists in the u.s. are vietnamese and many of them are direct descendants of these 20 women who were given the chance to go to beautician school at the courtesy of tippi. so next time y’all want to mock and make fun of hardworking nail techs and treat them like shit, just remember that this is all because of the labor and the persistence of their ancestors who came here with nothing.


    Another reason California has a high number of Vietnamese nail techs, is because you can take the test in Vietnamese.

    As in, you don’t have to be required to test in English to get licensed which makes the transition easier to learn English gradually.

    Anti-Asian sentiment is at an all time high while people still demand their nails to be done.

    Respect your service provider.


    Another silly wish

    That every time a feedism blog I follow reblogs food posts, with some of those most decadent-looking treats and meals in loving photographic detail, my belly would fill up as if I just ate exactly what they shared…

    And somehow they just instantly knew it, too…

    Would they continue to post as normal? Would they slow down realizing it has an actual, physical effect on someone?

    Or would they start doing it more often, getting to feed someone to their limits without having to spend a penny?


    So… Would you want to be on the receiving end, or the giving end, of this lovely little wish? How overboard do you want your reblogging feeders to go? how overboard do you want to go on the feedee you discovered is filling up whenever you post? :3


    Thanks to a couple blogs I follow (one in particular today, apparently), this has been on my mind today, and I’d be absolutely fit to burst and then some already just from trying to catch up to everything I’ve missed since I left for work today. ~.~


    Someone reminded me of this again. You know who you are!


    hopefully with no broken links this time

    disclaimer(s): i primarily dress femme, so that’s the side of the internet i know. i will do my best to advise masc dressers where to shop, but i guess it really depends on the person! if i see, say, a non-girly button down shirt on the “”””women’s”””” side of things, i will say there are “limited” masc options in the interest of not cutting down on what mascs can potentially wear. if you’re masc and would prefer not to look in “”women’s”” clothing i totally get it, just know i included it for the sake of not ruling anything out. also i will in my descriptions use men’s/women’s masc/femme interchangeably just because of how websites label their clothes. i apologize if this makes you uncomfortable, i’m trying to be inclusive while also balancing being descriptive. also clothing brands being the way they are, it’s hard to keep track of who did what so i may very well put an unethical brand on here. please just tell me, in the replies or via DMs, as this whole effort was to shop ethically (not use dollskill especially). i want to make corrections and shout-outs if this happens. lastly, i’m an american, so size measurements will be reported in inches. sorry, that’s just how my brain works. thanks beautiful dark hearted ones!

    The Web

    Trash Queen: clothing options for masc and femme people. sizes up to 5XL. really fun and kooky, with cool accessories too.

    Sourpuss Clothing: mostly options for femme dressers. masc (””men’s””) options too but they’re kinda limited. cool t-shirts tho. many of the plus size dresses go up to 3X

    Unique Vintage: mostly options for femme dressers. for my mascs there are still super cute t-shirts (some of which are beetlejuice themed) that go up to XXL, and they do have a “”men’s”” collection. but the rest of the site is fun clothes inspired by 20s-70s aesthetics.

    Disturbia: options for masc and femme dressers. dresses go up to uk size 20, men’s t shirts go up to XXL (46 in in the chest, 38 in in the waist)

    Berserk:options for both masc and femme deressers. men’s clothes go up to 2XL which is 36 in in the waist. women’s clothes have a proper plus size category and go up to 4X (50-42-53 for a particular dress).  they do carry killstar designs so if you don’t want to support that, avoid it. they also have cosmetic products.

    Atomic Cherry: good plus size options for femme dressers, not so much for mens (men’s shirts go up to 2XL). women’s plus size dresses go up to australian size 24. (56″ bust, 48.75″ waist). good for gothabilly/50s inspired goth/alt looks

    In Control Clothing: black owned kawaii clothes for masc and femme dressers! some masc shirts go up to 5XL (56″ in the chest), pants go up to 4XL (55″ in the waist). and there’s a whole plus size collection for femme dressers. i can’t recommend this website highly enough, their models are super diverse too. and their clothes are so CUTE.

    The Dark Attitude:this time the femme options are so-so but the masc options are AMAZING. really cool goth men’s pants go up to waist size 46″! not to mention cool coats, shirts, kilts, trousers, vests, etc. not to mention they have goth corsets that go up to 5XL (46″ in waist)


    HalloweenCostumes.com: I personally am not above ordering some tacky witch/vampire/zombie prom queen costume and incorporating pieces of it into my wardrobe. i’ve linked the plus size costumes (for both men and women) so go nuts

    Historical Emporium:plus size victorian goths rejoice!!! this site has reproductions of Victorian clothes in plus sizes! their dresses usually go up to 3X which is at most 47″ in the bust and 42″ in the waist. for mascs, shirts go up to 3X which is up to 20″ in the collar, and…some other measurements i personally can’t figure out but go check it out and be a fabulous vampire!! i just ordered some witch boots and a black parasol this website, so i’m living my gothy dreams!

    Mystic Arts Co:the plus size clothes options aren’t so good but the chokers on here will fit up to 17 inches from what I’ve seen. You can also use the code AMB10 to get 10% off.


    here are some good etsy shops

    missOctopie:these options are pretty femme, but very cute for kawaii fashion! her clothes go up to 3XL (49″ in waist)

    Nemons:nemons is a creepy pop culture t shirt shop that caters to everyone! their biggest tee goes up to 52″ in the chest. 

    Narcissique Couture: a very vampy goth store that caters to femme dressers and does CUSTOM SIZING ON ALL THEIR CLOTHES.

    InkedStaind:also catering to femme dressers, this shop goes up to 4X in dresses which is a 46″ bust, 38″ waist. their leggings are also really cute and those go up to 4X which is a US 22-25…whatever that means lol

    Sophie And Her Store: this store caters mostly to femme dressers i would say. for really cool, decadent, vampire clothes, look no further.  she also does CUSTOM SIZING!!!

    Designer Dress Store: ok, this one’s for everyone but i think masc dressers will find it particularly interesting. this store has goth pants that go up to 50″ for the waist but you can also order a CUSTOM SIZE! god, i love custom sizing. they also have leather jackets and military style jackets and kilts on there.

    My House of Tees: for everyone, this store has tees that go up to 56″ in the chest.

    sugarhai: for everyone, their biggest tee is 60″ in the chest.


    funkypair: for femme dressers this place has lingerie, plus size hoisery (!!! so important!!!), plus size costumes that you could totally wear everyday if you were so inclined and extended size shoes! shoes up to women’s size 16!!! and they’re cute!!!


    LALCouture: so I just ordered lingerie from this etsy shop and they were super accommodating about sizes? asked for my bust, underbust, waist, and hips and normal bra size which they take into consideration when making their garments for me. i haven’t received it so i can’t speak to the quality yet but so far they have been very accommodating to my custom size, as i am bigger than their largest size which is XL

    GoodGirlLatex if you want something a little more risque, this latex lingerie etsy does custom sizes as well.

    victoriancorset has corsets that go up to 7XL

    nedbasleather custom sized harnesses and stuff for all the genders!

    EmmaAlamo sizes here go up to 4X which means 52″ waist they do custom sizes as well. harnesses for people of all genders.

    novaharness’s plus sizes probably don’t go super far (they have an XXL with a max waist that’s 39.5…not great) but they are notable in that they have this plus sized option for the men’s harnesses as well…plus sized men and mascs rejoice! they’re also happy to do custom designs if they don’t accommodate your size!

    InkedStaind has really cute pentagram body harnesses up to 4XL, they also do custom sizing

    SensuaLingerie does custom sizing in bras and in panties, and their designs are super cute and vintage inspired

    BlueberryShopUa also has cute designs and custom sizing

    DebutLingerie has things for ladies and feminine people but I’d really like to point out their more masculine lingerie options. Does custom sizing!

    BodyFetish has lingerie options for many genders and does custom sizing.

    RebirthGarments not lingerie per se, but they have undergarments so I thought i’d include it. it is an amazing shop that truly tries to clothe all bodies. they’ve got binders, swimsuits of varying modesty for all gender expressions and they do custom sizing!

    LeoLines has panties specifically for transfeminine people in tons of very casual designs. good to just fill your underwear drawer with. super basic but hey most underwear is basic!

    just a heads up that many of these custom lingerie brands on etsy are located in ukraine so it might take awhile to get to you!

    Not Etsy But

    AdoreMe has really helpful size guides and stuff in sizes up to 5X…their designs don’t always blow my hair back but hey a bra and panties that fit, that’s priceless.

    CurvyKate has tons of bras and panties in plus sizes and they’re trans friendly.

    SavagexFenty believe it or not fenty beauty bras go up to 46 in the band and H in the cup (in american sizes). unfortunately it’s so popular, your size might be sold out in the thing you want.

    Corset Story is super pricy in my opinion but if you wanted to get yourself a REALLY NICE corset, their corsets go up to 50″ in the waist.


    ⚠️really super important⚠️

    Ok I usually like to stay super positive on here but it makes me so mad when people post pictures of random fat people in public that are so obviously just innocently living their lives

    They did not give you their consent to be plastered all over the internet for the sake of your kink, and it’s really disgusting to use them for that. They are human beings, most of which don’t want to be reduced to being sexualized. Strangers are not tools for your kink fantasies online