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    do you have any cursed/blessed harris hawk facts?

    Harris’s Hawks are the only pack-hunting raptor on the planet! they go after rabbits with tactics similar to those found in a pack of wolves, driving it away from cover until one of them can go down and nab it.

    this also means they’re more social than other hawks, and will do things like stand on each other’s backs or hold hands for no reason

    fuckin lol

    Another day, another politician that thinks Trump doing something they do means Trump should get all the criticism instead of realizing they’re both wrong

    The difference here is that Trump spends tax payer money for his golfing and AOC spent her own paycheck on a video game to unwind. They literally aren’t the same thing at all

    Right, where do you think that paycheck comes from?

    Were you born this stupid or did you have to work at it?

    Ok, just to be clear, do politicians get payed with tax money or not?

    If you honestly think a government employee spending their own salary is functionally identical to charging leisure trips to your own golf courses to an expense account and billing the Secret Service for being there, just because they’re both paid for with taxpayer money, I can’t help you.

    But what’s the difference in the end? They both paid for something with taxpayer money.

    Okay. It’s very simple: When the government disburses money to its employees in the form of a salary, the transaction where the taxpayer is concerned is concluded. The taxpayer has paid the employee for services rendered. What that employee does with that salary after that isn’t the taxpayer’s business, since the taxpayer already got what they paid for.

    To put it another way, you wouldn’t argue that Doris from the DMV is “spending taxpayer money” when she spends some of her salary on a pedicure and claim it’s the equivalent of a presidential golfing trip, or that a soldier buying a case of beer with his salary is a waste of tax money. Because you are paying them for the job they did.

    In other words, it’s not fucking taxpayer money anymore.

    It is, however, still taxpayer money when it is part of an account set aside for expenses incurred in the execution of one’s duties, and the President uses it to pay himself for taking vacations, and to pay himself again for the taxpayer-provided security detail.

    And even if I were to play your stupid false equivalence game: At $300 per console and a game price of $59.99, AOC would have to buy 369,455 Nintendo Switches with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for each to reach the $133 million racked up by Trump’s golf trips. So even if you were to blubber about how it’s all a tragic loss of taxpayer money either way, there’s your fucking difference you goddamn moron.

    We’re done here.

    <>me seeing the mailman buying twizzlers at the grocery store: wtf that’s my taxpayer money

    <>Marvel Comics #1000: We’re Calling Him Ben

    I feel this is an important addition. He saves so many people on a regular basis that this just keeps happening. And he feels so much for his uncle that the answer is always the same.

    …. This hits different when you realise he’s canonically Jewish

    Can you please elaborate ? I’m curious as to what it means

    You can read a pretty good summary of it here, but as (most likely) Ashkenazi Jews, PP probably follows the minhag (custom) that says “that by naming a newborn child after a deceased loved one, the soul lives on through the child.” (Quoted from the site linked above.) And given how his Uncle Ben died, it just makes it all the more sadder tbh.