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    TMNT Summer Short #1 Review

    Ok so I don’t normally do this but I just had to do it fot this.

    So the first Summer Short just dropped and it’s called called “"Teenaged Mecha Ninja Turtles”.

    Yup you read that right.

    Ok so it takes place in the future and it’s all standard fare. The Turtles are giant robots.

    It’s pretty standards TMNT fare, they don’t work well as a team and they learn to do so at the end. Normal stuff.

    That is until the last minute.

    We see that they’re suits! And they’re controlled by…

    This adorable kid called Kusana…

    Basque (a POC! Played by Cyborg! That Cyborg!)

    Jackson (I started laughing cuz he looks like a generic blonde anime boy)

    And Frida! Look at that diversity!

    Not only that…

    Mikey’s the Sensei! How fucking cool is that???

    Overall this was a giant AU and I loved it.

    ( YouTube link: (