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okay this may be a weird question and you can definitely tell me to Buzz Off but. have you ever researched ehlers danlos syndrome. because I think maybe you should, based on a lot of other posts you’ve made! also, Mood, I do the same thing with my shoulders! it’s just so satisfying    

I’ve known my pinkie fingers can over extend/pop back for years now and its like the one thing I do when I get real bored in class or something (even if it is slightly sore later). Just something about the “sound” I guess that entertains me.

But about the first message, its not weird at all! Its a good question--I haven’t necessarily studied it “in depth” but I do know the overview of it. Actually I think it may have been a video someone made about it when I first realized that actually, yes, bending fingers back that far IS considered hypermobility (I’d been watching a video on migraines before it and it was next up on autoplay) and then when I looked up hypermobility more in general it was a wow....I can do that” rabbit hole kind of thing. But I haven’t researched EDS specifically.

Anyways! While I am fairly bendy, I don’t really think I have the other symptoms or markers of EDS (based on the mayo clinic overview, at least). I don’t think my skin is any stretchier than “normal” and when it comes to wound healing, when I got stitches last summer it healed up just fine without any problems. The other things I do have on the list is that I bruise easily(?) and I would sprain/roll my ankles a lot. But I know there’s usually a lot more nuance with things than the symptom lists on websites, so!