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    when i was 13 i was reading a sasuke uchiha/oc fic on quizilla.com that repeatedly referenced heating up apples covered in tin foil in microwaves, to the point where eating a tin-foil covered apple fresh from the microwave was a multi-chapter occurence & that’s the story of how i lit my first microwave on fire


    casual reminder that sasuke uchiha personally set my microwave ablaze

    honestly wish it was easier to tell if something is a tic or just a repetitive muscle twitch or something completely separate


    Okay but this is actually why Sportsmaster exists. Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern and had the weakness of “Ring cannot affect wood”, because Golden Age comics just did things. So they created a villain for him whose power was “hit things with a baseball bat”. And then 70 years later, we get Dick Grayson dodging explosive golf balls on Cartoon Network and we take it seriously.

    I love comics. 


    I know exactly two things about comics and I’m so glad this is one of them.