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    ik that 'dont look at the notes' is like a tried and true tactic to avoid brainworms on this website but with protest and anti-police tactics going around you *need* to start reading the notes. read the notes on those cheeky posts about how 'i hope nobody realizes that you can xyz to zyx' and read the twitter thread, op's and replies. the spread of misinformation right now could lead to unnecessary fear at best and *real physical harm* at worst. right now I'm talking about that plywood shield post but this could literally be about anything. please do your own research even if it's very cursory to make sure you won't be ,like, killing somebody

    i really hope that no protesters/rioters know that grabbing the bottom of a police officers riot shield and flipping it up will push the officer on his back, rendering him immobile due to the weight of his riot gear :(( that would be an awful thing to know and terrible information to spread :((((

    on another note, i really hope protesters/rioters don’t find out that you can buy plywood from home depot from 9-30$ and make your signs out of that, and use it to deflect and shield yourself from rubber bullets :((( noooo don’t do that :(((

    I'm being 100000% serious here- the plywood thing is a bad idea and will not shield you or anyone around you.


    I know it's meant in good faith, but in actual practice this plywood shield is absolute bullshit.

    Please spread this info.

    YEAR 4, GIVE IT UP FOR YEAR 4!!! 4 years ago I started this cake collection of pride designs and today, as every year since then, I’ve added 4 new designs to the bunch! This year we have:

    Demi-sexual (my sister’s cake!)



    Polyamorous (asked for quite a bit)

    We are now at 19 cakes! Let me know which one is yours or if you don’t see yours let me know what it is and I can add it to my list. 

    I hope you all have a great Pride and stay safe out there!!! All designs available on my online stores: