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    a rlly good trope is a teenager who was forced to grow up too fast suddenly being surrounded by teens who love having fun and goofing off, and just slowly starting to come out of their shell and do dumb stuff just for the hell of it bc they can finally act their age

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    op why would you hide this vital content in the tags i’m

    You know it’s serious science fiction if there’s a dude who’s literally just a fish.

    The Little Mermaid is serious science fiction, apparently.

    You know The Little Mermaid is serious science fiction because it’s about a daring young xenoanthropologist whose radical theories about alien cultures put her at odds with the reactionary isolationism of her society’s ruling class. Having a dude who’s literally just a fish is a bonus.

    There are many primers on how to start with Ursula K. Le Guin, all of them perfectly fine, but I haven’t seen any that just go with “Start with what’s available and easily accessible”. 

    The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” is available online, and it’s only four typewritten pages. Confession: I hadn’t read this until today. You may think, as I did, because you know the story through osmosis (as probably many people who are familiar with sci-fi do) you don’t need to read it. You would be wrong.

    This website has collated stories that are available online. They all appear to be from free sources like Baen, Lightspeed, and Clarkesworld.

    On Le Guin’s personal website there is a great deal of stuff: poetry (original and in translation), book excerpts, interviews, and writing advice. 

    She blogged pretty extensively for many years, and there’s some lovely stuff in there. Her penultimate entry was about her cat Pard and the Time Machine. (just Ctrl + F for “pard” on the archive index. Trust me.)

    Don’t let me stop you from going to the library or your online bookstore of choice to get her books, of course, but there’s plenty of stuff available that you don’t have to go very far to access.

    Sobbed the first time I read Omelas, would recommend everything she wrote

    @coldwind-shiningstars replied to your post: one of the series i read as a kid and that stuck...

    I remember those books almost entirely because one of them has the most viscerally disgusting description of rotten fruit I’ve ever read. I don’t remember the exact phrasing but I DO remember the way it made me feel. ah middle grade fantasy!

    I feel like I almost remember what book or scene you’re talking about. I honestly don’t remember most of the books and I’m fairly certain I read most of them, but I do think that they were at least somewhat influential to me at that age. Probably because there were some absolutely horrifying scenes and descriptions in them. Also they were illustrated which was the coolest shit to me.

    Also there was that scene where they saved one of the main characters from falling out o a ship by the auto lock function on the armor’s gloves that was made specifically for this purpose and that was also very cool to me. Maye just a lot of things were cool to me.

    one of the series i read as a kid and that stuck with me the most despite never fully finishing it was the edge chronicles. not only did it have a really cool world where rocks were splitting off of the edge and floating up in the sky (they had to be chained down and buildings would be built on the larger ones) but it also had the most important thing in the world to younger me:

    sky pirates.

    which was something i always wanted to do something with writing wise but never did

    also there was a moment in the books where one of the characters was wandering around the twilight woods which caused you to loose your memory and sense of self, but never your life and he found the decrepit body of a man from ages before and the man tried to go after him and that moment haunted me ever since

    My sister told me today that her in-laws know someone English who decided to drive to Wales on the weekend during a pandemic to visit their elderly aunt, and we're SHOCKED when they were stopped and turned back at the border. Meanwhile the Welsh news is full of confused English people who somehow dodged the border patrols to go hiking in the Brecon Beacons who promptly got stopped by police, fined on the spot and fucking deported.

    I can't tell what I'm enjoying more - the fact that the government has accidentally established a hard border between England and Wales, something that even Yes Cymru hasn't dared to dream of, or the whining of the bewildered English people who not only didn't realise that Wales has different rules but <>had never heard of devolution<>, and are now outraged on national telly that WELL THAT WASN'T IN THE NEWS! THE BBC SHOULD HAVE TOLD US! as though Welsh people haven't been talking about our exclusion and invisibility for decades.

    Tough times for the ‘Wales is just part of England’ crowd, pour one out for them