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    [image description: drawing of Yellow from Pokemon Special as Link from BOTW.  They are a teenager with tan, freckled skin and yellow hair in a half ponytail with a black and purple feather tucked behind their ear.  They are wearing a gold champion’s tunic over a black turtleneck, purple pants and purple boots. The pokedex is hanging on their belt in place of the shiekah slate.  They are holding a fishing rod and standing with one hand on their hip, smiling. the background is yellow-green. end id]

    The difference between Yellow and Link is Yellow knows how to fish


    bruh what


    Oh for crying out loud....

    The youtube grandma here is based off this video by a historian who suggested that it could be used as a knitting tool, something that’s considered a fringe theory because the vast majority of what we know about knitting history suggests that it hadn’t been invented yet at this time or place. Just because something could be used to make glove fingers doesn’t mean that it was used to knit gloves, any more than your average hair stick can be used to knit with. What’s more even the youtube grandma acknowledges that it’s not very good at making glove fingers. 

    Historians have found dodecahedrons without any holes in them, with wax inside (meaning it might be a candle holder), and in coin hoards. There are a lot of theories for what this thing did and a knitting tool is one of the least likely. It’s cool that she saw this and actually tested the theory out, but it doesn’t hold water, so stop turning this into a “historians don’t know what they’re doing” post.


    Also a lot of them are too small to make fingers for adults (and as a knitter it’s a lot easier to... knit them), this would be a very expensive and very use-specific fiber arts tool. For baby gloves. If you know anything about babies and their wiggly little hands, it’s a lot easier to put them in mittens as well as easier to make mittens in the first place.

    Archaeologists have looked at this possibility and found it not terribly likely, guys. I promise.