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    I HIGHLY recommend this book for spirit workers or anyone interested in spirit work!

    Here's a few things that the author goes over

  • Working with local spirits (water spirits, spirits of trees, etc)
  • Methods of talking to spirits
  • Spiritual dreams
  • Manifestation
  • Prayers and spells
  • Respecting spirits while also maintaining authority over them
  • Those are just some of the things I read so far, and I'm only halfway through!

    Btw, if you have not had tragedy dropped on you before, grief does fuck you up in unexpected and physical ways. If you can’t sleep or sleep more than expected or have more or reduced appetite, or energy goes weird— your brain just had a bunch of emotions dropped on it and sometimes it reacts by hitting every button in your brain. It will pass. Just try to not get too frustrated with yourself.

    It’s also fine if you feel normal. Grief literally hits everybody differently, and some people are made to be able to to keep the farm going the day after a death, and some of us turn into sleepless gargoyles and get really into trying to help, and some of us are just unspeakably sad. Grief is weird. Be kind to yourself.


    'Of the Watchers'

    "Ancient inscriptions record a story of certain angelic dissidents who, in transgression of Astral Law, descended to the earthly plane and there made their abodes. Each among their number served as a luminous benefactor, giving unto man a specific bequest of Light. The ancients called these magnificents "Watchers'. Why were they so named, and what did they watch?

    Some say their eyes were captivated by the sight of mortal women, who were fair to behold. Upon seeing them, their desire was roused, and so they courted them, and embraced them as wives. From their union sprung the Giants or Mighty Ones, as well as the great houses of the Art Magical. Such is the Fascinum of Beauty, the Great Encircler, whose quality of Light binds Seer with the Seen, lures stellar power unto Earth, and serves as Mother of the Generations of the Wise.

    Others assert that their stations were set on high to observe the progress of Man, and assist them who, humbly entreating the Fire of First Reckoning, aspire to transcend the shell of mortality and be as gods'. This is the power of dream-foretelling, which looks upon all things and perceives their apotheosis, even when their present forms are shackled by temporal constraint.

    Adherents of the Doctrine of the One Image maintain that the Watchers were supremely potent shards of the Mirror of All Things, and that their means of observation is eternal:- it is forthis reason they are also known as ‘Vigilants’. According to this teaching, the Watchers cast their sight beyond time and mortal reckoning to the moment The World is at last reassembled, and the Mirror of All Things made whole. In that distant and shimmering reflection, them who watch on high behold in simultaneity all eventuality between the present moment and the instant the final shard of the Mirror is restored. As a result of their ever-open eyes, present and future are bonded, and a sacred trajectory is established.

    The knowledge of the Witch, or Heretic, is that the Watchers are their especial patrons, who have bestowed upon them peculiar gifts of power or knowledge. Chief amongst these dispensations is a Hidden Fire burning at the nexus of Flesh and Spirit. Through the light and heat of this eternal pyre they may glimpse the veiled contours of Sheol and the New Jerusalem, and a thousand dominions beyond, even as the common man walks hoodwinked amongst a great labyrinth of illusions. The light of this fire, in addition to the revelatory properties it instills in the eyes, may also be formulated, by way of the Art Magical, to create and destroy."

    Lux Hæresis:

    The Light Heretical

    I: ‘Eye of the Lamia’

    by Daniel A. Schulke


    I wander the earth with a chaotic mind, confused. Then a twilight glow in the distance allows me to remember… which path felt like home.

    Spirit Communication Spell Jar

    So I remade my old spell jar since it broke and was unusable. This jar used to be my “go-to” way to aid my spirit work, but after the old one broke I’ve learned I don’t need to focus on tools as much to practice spirit work.

    For newer spirit workers or companions, or anyone who is having trouble feeling confident in their discernment, this jar is an amazing and easy way to get started! I’ve changed around some of the ingredients and intents, so here’s the updated recipe.

    ~Basil (protection)

    ~Sea salt (protection)

    ~Clove (psychic powers, protection)

    ~Amethyst (psychic powers)

    ~Tigers Eye (confidence in abilities/discernment)

    ~Carnelian (energy, clear communication)

    ~Magnesite (psychic powers, clarity, visualization)

    ~Clear quartz (energy, amplifies other ingredients)

    ~Sigil ashes

    A lot of the ingredients on here revolve around protection, and that’s mainly because I rely on intuition and telepathy to communicate with my spirit companions. The extra protection helps make sure that this jar aids only those who I want to speak with. You can never be too safe with spirit work!

    As for the crystals, all of them can be found in those packs of assorted gemstone bottles like this one. They’re quite common online and in craft stores for a decent price (I barely made a dent in each for this jar).

    If you don’t have access to some of these ingredients, or want to add/substitute your own, go ahead! There’s no restrictions, this is just what I’ve found works best for me.

    Finally, the sigil. I made my own sigil with the intent “I communicate with my spirit companions clearly and easily”. I then burnt the scrap of paper it was drawn on and put the leftover pieces and ash into the spell jar. Feel free to use another sigil that works for you, or use mine:

    I made it the final design look kind of like a key to symbolize “unlocking” communications and psychic abilities.

    As for charging, I gave the jar an initial boost by letting it charge in both the sun and moon. For future charging, I will shake the jar while focusing on its intent. You can charge your jar in either of those ways, or any method that works for you!

    I hope this spell jar works as well for you as it did for me, and best of luck in your practice!

    Sigil making

    I enjoy using and making sigils because they are fun to make and easy to use. You can carve sigils onto food like pie crusts and items like soap and the process of eating or using the item will charge then activate the sigil. There are multiple ways to make sigils but I’ll only talk about my two favorite ways in this post. The first method is what I like to call the word method invented by…

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    Mama Bree's Magical Powders

    Finally, all my powder recipes in one place! Go nuts, witchlings.

  • All-Purpose Cursing Powder
  • Banishing Powder
  • Clean House Powder
  • Eye of Sauron” Revelation Powder
  • Heal Thy Heart Powder
  • Hexbreaker Powder
  • Jackpot Powder
  • Lucky Day Powder
  • “Outta My Way” Powder
  • Peacekeeper Powder
  • Persuasion Powder
  • STFU Powder
  • Traveler’s Luck Powder
  • Truthfinder Powder
  • For those of you who may not be able to find herbs locally, here are some online suppliers who consistently have affordable and high-quality products.

  • Ruth Roy’s Wellcat Herbs - A highly reputable seller with quality herbs, teas, incense, and botanicals. Also runs a booth every year at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. (*HIGHLY RECOMMEND*)
  • Starwest Botanicals - Bulk herbs, spices, oils, and teas. Good amount of organic and Fair Trade products, as well as supplies for holistic medicine and tea-making.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs - Bulk herbs, spices, and sundries. Also carries organic products and essential oils, and has link to schools that offer courses in herbalism and herbology.
  • The Magickal Cat - Online shop with just about everything you could want for your craft, from herbs to books to cauldrons, and everything in between. Reliable shipping and excellent customer service.
  • Bulk Apothecary - Bulk herbs, spices, and oils, in addition to materials for the home production of soap, candles, wine, and beer.
  • For more online resources and information on herb magic and spells, check out my website here.


    The website is now defunct, but you can find all of my other recipes in  Pestlework: A Book of Magical Powders & Oils. Available on Amazon or in the Willow Wings Witch Shop. 😊

    Spell crafting in witchcraft 101 

    this is a quick guide on different types of spells and their formulas.

    First, we should talk about what a spell is to know how to use them and write them ourselves.  According to the British book of spells and charms, a spell is a set of actions or words intended to bring about a change or revelation. The change might be to cure an illness or improve the weather or bring luck. And a revelation is usually to show the location of a lost object or to show the identity…

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    A compilation of magical symbols I’ve compiled over the years.

    These ones are mostly a combination of alchemical symbols and planets.

    If you have questions feel free to ask. :)

    #symbols #symbolism #magicalsymbols #magicalsymbol #magicalsymbolism #sigilsandsymbols #occultsymbols #occult #occultism #alchemicy #alchemicalsymbols #alchemical #witchcraft #witchy #witchyvibes #witchystuff #bookofshadows #bookofshadowspages #pagan #witchesofinstagram #pagansymbols

    A compilation of magical symbols I’ve compiled over the years.

    These ones are mostly a combination of alchemical symbols and planets.

    If you have questions feel free to ask. :)

    #symbols #symbolism #magicalsymbols #magicalsymbol #magicalsymbolism #sigilsandsymbols #occultsymbols #occult #occultism #alchemicy #alchemicalsymbols #alchemical #witchcraft #witchy #witchyvibes #witchystuff #bookofshadows #bookofshadowspages #pagan #witchesofinstagram #pagansymbols

    A compilation of magical symbols I’ve compiled over the years. These ones are mostly a combination of alchemical symbols and planets. If you have questions feel free to ask. :) #symbols #symbolism #magicalsymbols #magicalsymbol #magicalsymbolism #sigilsandsymbols #occultsymbols #occult #occultism #alchemicy #alchemicalsymbols #alchemical #witchcraft #witchy #witchyvibes #witchystuff #bookofshadows #bookofshadowspages #pagan #witchesofinstagram #pagansymbols https://www.instagram.com/p/CfaFBwiBV8i/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

    Sigil for deep and restful sleep I made this sigil as a request and it can be used by re drawing it on paper then meditated with then burned. If you have a request feel free to message me it. :) #sigil #sigils #sigilmagick #sigilsandsymbols #sleep #restfulsleep #magic #sigilmagic #witchcraft #pagan #spells #symbols #occult https://www.instagram.com/p/CfZ5maaBbN0/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

    I got my baby plants in the mail! I got an autumn mandrake, belladonna, datura and lions tail! 🙂 I can’t wait to get to know these plants better and work with their medical qualities. I got them from strictly medical seeds. #plantmail #plantsofinstagram #plants #poisonpath #poisonplants #strictlymedicinalseeds @strictlymedicinalseeds #mandrake #belladonna #datura #lionstail https://www.instagram.com/p/CfZqyhuhvxy/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=