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    In Super Mario Odyssey, there is an extremely easy way to transport Mario out of bounds underwater in the Lake Kingdom, as long as there are two players or one player is willing to briefly operate two controllers at once.

    There are platforms floating on the surface of the water in the Lake Kingdom that bob up and down slightly when Ground Pounded. If Mario captures a Cheep Cheep in 2-player mode and swims downward underneath such a platform, while Cappy performs a Ground Pound on top of the platform, it will push Mario down and through the ground. After this, Mario can explore the out-of-bounds areas of the kingdom.

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    Yoshi’s walking animation on the map screen of Yoshi no Cookie: Kuruppon Oven de Cookie, an extremely rare 1994 Japan-only version of Yoshi’s Cookie for the Super Famicom of which only 500 copies were produced. In addition to containing the regular version of Yoshi’s Cookie, it also featured a unique mode where Yoshi walked around a town (using the above sprite) and taught the player how to bake cookies using a microwave with interactive tutorials.

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    The vast majority of Donkey Kong’s 3D models are posed in a T-pose by default, with Donkey Kong’s tie pointing straight down. In some models, the tie clips through his chest, especially if the T-pose also includes completely straightening his spine.

    Possibly to avoid this and have a clearer view of the tie during the design process, the Mario Superstar Baseball model of Donkey Kong is unique in that it has a special default pose for his tie, whereby it curves forward as though being blown by a gust of wind. This is its unedited position; in order to display its regular behavior in-game, the tie has to manually be pulled down by the animation code.

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