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    tumblr wanna hear my most angsty dumb edgy headcanon?


    do we get a choice?


    of course you have a choice! free will, that beloved gleaming prize, that cornerstone of humanity and philosophy, rests at your feet! you are forever free to choose your answers to any question, whether that answer is yes or no or any alternative! whether the answer is accurate or false or undetermined, only you can give it! only you can make that choice! what is your answer?


    Will you listen to our choice?


    oh wait I JUST got why they’re called Dr. Who


    Why are they called dr. who, gaud


    ok keeping in mind i have never seen an episode, i assume it’s because whenever they introduce themselves as The Doctor, people ask “doctor who?”




    Well, Missy did once claim that the Doctor's name was actually Doctor Who, but it was likely she was lying.


    I’ve been having the same argument with my mother and siblings for 15 years now. Tumblr please weigh in: what range of numbers constitutes a couple? and how many is a few?


    no you are wrong you are all WRONG shut up shut up they are SYNONYMS, a COUPLE is two OR MORE, it’s the same as a few, usually 3-5, shut up shut UP


    So by your logic, 648,937,362 is couple because it is more than two (2).


    saw this on Twitter and I just think it's hilarious (sarcasm) that BBC doesn't allow people to publish Doctor Who fanfiction


    they've seen enough doctor x doctor to know they need to set a boundary


    I would imagine that it would end up being quite good, because it wouldn't just be 2 exact clones, because of the different incarnations of the Doctor.


    If environmental activists, both soft and hard line, had any courage, they would promote an effort to discourage any tourism to Idaho. This action is insane.

    Excerpt from this New York Times story:

    The Idaho Senate approved a bill this week that would permit the state to hire contractors to kill up to 90 percent of Idaho’s wolves with the goal, supporters said, of protecting cattle and other agricultural interests.

    “These wolves, there’s too many in the state of Idaho,” State Senator Mark Harris, a Republican, said on the Senate floor before the vote on Wednesday, after telling a story about a “gentleman rancher” whose livelihood was jeopardized when a pack of wolves scared off his cattle.

    Idaho’s Wolf Conservation and Management plan calls for the state to maintain a wolf population of at least 150 wolves. At last count, Mr. Harris said, 1,556 wolves were roaming the state.

    “They’re destroying ranchers; they’re destroying wildlife,” he said.

    The bill would give the state’s Wolf Control Fund an additional $190,000 to hire contractors to kill wolves — on top of $400,000 previously allocated toward killing wolves in Idaho. The bill also would remove a limit on the number of wolves a hunter is permitted to kill.

    The Senate approved the bill in a 26-7 vote on Wednesday. The measure now goes to the State House of Representatives. The office of Governor Brad Little, a Republican, declined to say whether he planned to sign the bill. Last year Mr. Little signed another bill boosting funds for the killing of wolves.

    Backers of the bill said that wolves also reduce the numbers of deer and elk available to hunters, taking an additional economic toll on the state. Some lawmakers disputed that hiring contractors would drive the wolf population down to just 150, while others referenced the 150 figure as if were the goal.


    While sometimes their population does need to be controlled, 90% is over the top, unnecessary, and cruel. Wolves are a keystone species and important to the environment. They control the population of deer and keep the herds healthy by hunting the sick, weak, and elderly. Moreover, they keep herds moving, which helps ensure the new growth of local flora that provides resources and environments to other animals. If the wolves are really a problem, there are definitely better ways to handle it.

    And sign the petition at:



    Please please reblog this I live in rural Idaho and the wolves are massively important in maintaining the healthy ecosystem out here! The legislation is not listening to biologists nor farmers who understand the importance of keystone species like wolves!



    My friend Jason suffers from a condition called myasthenia gravis. It is a rare long-term condition that causes muscle weakness and pain.

    It affects his arms, neck, and legs, meaning he is sometimes unable to walk or can only walk a few steps.

    Jason lives in an area where there are two major hills - making it extremely difficult for him to get to places such as grocery stores. His condition can cause him to fall and injure himself when trying to do this, sometimes, particularly in hotter months, he is unable to get up the hill at all.

    If Jason had a mobility scooter this would mean he would be able to get around outside and prevent him from injury.

    Jason does not have any living family who will support him, so please consider donating - if you are unable to, please spread the word and reblog, so as many people can see this as possible.

    Thank you so much.


    COVID is slowly becoming a "third world" disease. While first world countries are hoarding vaccines, having doses for populations many times their size, third world countries can't get any because pharma companies want to sell to the first world countries first. Even then, first world countries will receive them first. While rich countries recover from COVID, they will forget about the pandemic while many other countries live the absolute worst moment of the pandemic without being able to vaccinate their population.


    Watch also when some first world countries finish vaccinating their populations, they will turn to third world countries and "donate" or sell surplus vaccines. People in these countries will go "Oh how sweet! The government is donating vaccines to the poorer countries <3" when it was their hoarding that led to many, many third world citizens dying before they could even get vaccinated in the first place.


    african and latin american countries are also pushed by pfizer to give up sovereign assets as part of their vaccine agreement


    Yo europeans, sign the fucking petition, get the european commission to lift the patents


    This is not a bullshit useless change dot org petition by the way this is an actual thing with legal consequences. If this petition gets to a million signatures, the european commission HAS to examine it.


    Fellow Europeans, I urge us all to sign this!


    To be clear this petition is for people in the EU specifically


    Fellow people whose countries are in the EU, please sign this!


    I make little bags! i also need help :(

    i'm autistic, intersex and unemployed. my partner drives for uber eats, but as hard as he's tried we can't make rent this month. i know everybody's struggling rn, but if anyone has a few dollars to spare, wants a lovingly handcrafted bag, or can reblog, it would mean so much to us! thank you for reading

    my shop is below and my cashapp is $kateclrk, i also have a venmo, just dm me. i may also be able to make you a custom bag, depending on the request!


    4/30- i'm overjoyed to have sold three bags, which puts me at about 150 of the 5-600 i need to cover our immediate expenses. thank y'all so, so much!


    5/03- my partner's motorcycle tire just went flat, which we have no money to replace, and we're still hundreds short on rent, which is due in two days. anything helps


    americans better be rebloging the donation and help links for mexico and colombia after all the help they recieved from latin americans w their own issues


    i'm not joking, after all the support usamericans have received and continue to constantly receive from latinoamerica, you really do better be helping us back, taking in count that a huge chunk of the things latinoamerica has suffered and keeps suffering to this day is because of your country's intervention here. i'm posting some links to learn more about the current situations in mexico and colombia, but here is a carrd dedicated to the compilation of resources to aid all of latinoamerica that you SHOULD look into further and SHARE

    mexico: Mexico carrd | feminicides in Mexico carrd | Mexico needs you carrd | ways to help Mexico carrd | feminicides in Mexico, a thread | ¿porque la CNDH fue tomada por mujeres? thread
    think about this: a Mexican explains Mexico's situatio
    n | thread in spanish: the situation in méxico | The Collapse
    NY times artic
    le | the drought: el financiero article, Spanish

    colombia: Colombian armed conflict carrd | situación en Colombia carrd, in spanish | what's happening with bombing and children? thread | why will Colombians go out to protest from this APRIL 28? thread in English | thread with info in English | What is Happening, thread | what is happening | Colombian information carrd

    that said, boost the shit out of this post and share all the links with everyone and everywhere you know. this goes to non-americans as well. we need help, people are dying, our governments are killing us.


    What does Cyana taste like? Like does it just taste like flesh? Or is it like some sort of food? Please explain.

    ...I'm sorry what??


    Given the multiple descriptions found in this blog, I would guess that Cyana's flesh would have the texture of a marshmallow. I would also guess that she tastes like a marshmallow too, but further testing must be done to confirm this.


    last day to reblog


    you now you want to.

    Gonna have to wait a whole year if you miss this.






    Been waiting 12 months for this ….


    Bringing this back because in one week …….


    Indeed, it shall be soon.


    i never talk about these things but i can’t remain silent.

    i know tumblr doesn’t give a SHIT when things happen in countries outside the “most popular ones” (such as the usa & england). it’s true, don’t lie to me. y’all don’t give A FUCK. not every issue and problem in said countries gets the appropriate exposure but in general shit shows up on the news WORLD FREAKING  WIDE. you set up donations, you help out, your spread the word, you say “pray for x”……

    southern europe is burning.

    my country is burning.

    people are dying - at home, on the road, trying to run away, in their cars.

    yesterday my country had 300 active fires.

    people are losing EVERYTHING they own.

    i have a friend that is on a train right now passing through places that have been burnt to the ground and she says the smoke is so intense it’s getting inside the train and she can barely breathe.

    and yet, even though several people (myself included) have been trying to bring awareness to what has been happening in southern europe… what we get from most of you, those not part of the countries suffering, is silence. we don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit other than a reblog to spread awareness… something you can delete in 24/48hrs if you wish. 

    i don’t know what to tell you. i’m angry. i’m frustrated. i’m disappointed. i feel like i’m screaming into the void. “a reblog does nothing” - you know that’s a damn lie, you know exposure always helps, you know people start paying attention when posts on social media become popular. my country in particular is a small one, we get ZERO exposure. y’all are only starting to figure out we even fucking exist bc of the shit we’ve been winning lately. 

    but hell, if the EU doesn’t give a shit, why should some user on tumblr dot com?

    again, i don’t know what to tell you so i’ll let the images speak for themselves: 


    An image captured by a Nasa satellite shows a thick plume of smoke blowing southward from the Greek island of Chios over the island of Crete


    Torneros de Jamuz, Spain


    Duca, Croatia


    A helicopter from Italy’s civil protection service drops water on a fire near the railway between Venice and Trieste


    Residents take refuge on the beach as a wildfire burns on the mountain next to the village of Lithi, on the Greek island of Chios


    Men gather cattle during a forest fire in Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal.


    Charred trees are seen on the hills above the Cloister of Thivaidas on Mount Athos, a World Heritage Site in Greece




    This is fucking important. I am glad someone fucking spoke about this and said what they had to say. The damage is terrible, and all the evergreen, stone, even the ground is black. I was fucking terrified when Croatia was burning. The fire was near a village where I like and I thought it will burn down. I thought the church will burn down. I thought the cemetery where my grandpa is buried will burn. I still remember the smell of smoke, and when I went to check how bad is fire, my clothes and hair and skin all stunk of smoke. It didn’t go away for weeks.

    This is NASA’s picture of Croatia and Montenegro burning. My fucking country was burning. Fucking reblog this. I don’t care that it isn’t UK or US, or that it doesn’t go with your blog, fucking. Reblog. It.


    Not my blog type, I dont care.


    Reblog for awareness. Do it.


    @thegrinningkitten @trialoftheguilty-comic @the-bad-sanses @thewastedwaffle @thewastedwaffle @theundertalehuman @idonthavefronds @kit-kit-kat @the-star-sansess @lights-camera-stagefright @smol-lightning-bug @undertaleau-headcanons @enosstart @incorrect-ibvs-quotes @smol-spook-owo @starlypenguins @laurarose1701 @bellkim27 @definitely-a-living-human @smol-spook-owo @joyfultimetravelbanana @joyfultimetravelbanana2222 @aurellia404 @onebizarrekai @ds-and-ibvs-nerdo @horrordustislife @outcode-crossing @undertalethingems @dryemiddi @skumhuu @bung0us @ask-dreamswap @beruu14 @jmv-au @biggest-gaudiest-patronuses @pukich

    Boost this or so help me

    I don’t care if this “Doesn’t fit your blog theme” or “You don’t think people will notice if you reblog it”




    If you don’t reblog this, that’s a conscious decision to ignore that people are suffering.

    And one last thing


    I don’t care if you don’t think you’re big enough for them to notice you or you’re worried about bothering them, you do it regardless! I nearly had a panic attack tagging some of the bigger blogs I know of because I’m practically invisible in term of popularity but I still tagged them because it’s worth me being anxious if it means someone gets help.

    So unless you don’t care about people dying and suffering, then reblog this and be a decent human being.


    I reblogged this last month, tagged it, and said “might as well see if it works.” I used this video as a reference to find all the forms that i needed (which is A LOT, especially if you’re a dependent) and sent them through the mail, not really allowing myself to hope.


    $2,714 of medical debt from my top surgery - gone. im shaking this was such a weight on me for 2 years and it fucking worked. what the fuck.

    Black teens shouldn’t have to worry about being killed by cops.

    LGBTQ+ teens shouldn’t have to worry about being thrown out or assaulted.

    Asian teens shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked or facing xenophobia.

    Latino teens shouldn’t have to worry about being told they don’t belong here or having family members deported. 

    Low-income teens shouldn’t have to worry about how to succeed in a world stacked against them.

    Teens shouldn’t have to worry about climate change or school shootings or all the other stuff they do, and underprivileged and minority teens have even more to worry about. Let’s change the world so future generations don’t have to go through this. 

    Happy ldov! please help a trans lesbian of color survive

    My best friend made their gofundme more than 9 months ago and have yet to reach even half of the goal. They’re unemployed, and need money for rent, food, and other necessities. We would really like to reach the goal as soon as possible to ensure their safety and survival. Please share and donate!

    more details can be found on the old post


    Venmo: earthandair

    Cashapp: $saltwatered



    if you are in high school and you follow me idc if you learn nothing else from me, but learn this: do not join the fucking military. they will promise you all sorts of things in exchange for joining their muder-system for a few years. do not listen to them. you won’t find a sense of purpose, you won’t find an adventure, you might not even get the money they promise you for college. if you survive, you’ll come back with blood on your hands, feeling just as aimless as before except knowing you’re a killer. the government will drop you like hot potatoes the second you are not useful to them, and you will be on your own with nothing but some ptsd and a more intimate understanding of the phrase “blood for oil.”


    They also have a way of targeting POC as well as those who are in a family that isn’t doing well financially. Be wary of any and all recruiters.


    I also recommend the podcast What a Hell of a Way to Die, which is by two men who joined the military very young, (one of them was 17) and then became very leftist socialists after seeing it for what it really is. They cover a lot of topics like anti imperialism, military propaganda, fascism, and talk about all if it from a perspective I haven’t heard before.

    They did an episode about this topic pretty recently, titled Recruiting 16-Year-Olds: Patriotic Child Grooming.




    These are so good if you need something to calm you down on a bad day or after panics :)

    So, India is dying.

    Look, I know a good number of you are from the US and things aren't amazing there either, but my country is literally on the brink of collapse. So I'd love it if we could talk about that for a minute.

    If you can't do anything else, please just read and reblog.

    A second COVID wave has taken out the healthcare system. There are no more hospital beds. There's an oxygen shortage. There's a critical vaccine shortage. The Central Government has thrown its hands up and is passing the baton to the State Governments to do what they can.

    There are over 16 million covid cases. A record 330,000 new cases reported yesterday - comparable to the US at its peak. 187,000 dead as of today.

    There is no plan.

    Mass cremations are taking place. The cremation grounds are running day and night and they are short on wood. People are watching their loved ones die while waiting for a hospital bed, and then they're unable to give them the proper burial rights.

    Hospitals are overwhelmed. Patients are being confined, two to a bed. They're the lucky ones.

    We are on the verge of people dying in the streets.

    This is the second-most populous country in the world. The largest democracy. A country that encapsulates over 15,000 years of recorded human history and has endured everything from famine to invasion to colonisation.

    We might be at the end. This might be the thing that does us in.

    People are dying.

    People are dying.

    People are dying and there is no plan.

    More good news? Variants are popping up. A double mutation strain has shown up. It is resistant to current vaccines. This will not go away. This is the devastation they warned of when the anti-maskers were out protesting the minor inconvenience of covering their face in public.

    My country is on the verge of an emergency state. Our government has failed us. This is as dire a situation as it ever could be.

    Look. I don't do much with my life. I write fics, some of you have read them and that's pretty much it. I spend my days with my head in the clouds because that's where I like to be.

    But two days ago, my grandmother tested positive, had to be taken to hospital and the ambulance caught fire.

    She barely made it to the urgent care she needs.

    So, here I am, using whatever meager platform I have to cobble this request together. Because I have to do something.

    If you can, donate.

    Or spread the word.

    Help. Please.


    DNI: literally everyone


    Eldest children, comedians, coffee drinkers


    weed suppliers


    tag this post with how often this person would cancel you


    19. Like dang he is thorough and even lists things in opposition to each other.


    I got canceled 15 damn times lol.


    The final boss of terfs


    20. I think that's pretty impressive if I do say so myself.