Just came back from the new dnd movie BRO it was so good actually

    It was everything that I was hoping for (besides the end credit scene of them being around the table, I'm offended and disappointed that that did not happen)

    The druid had So Much Gender. Like. I genuinely. Ooohhh my god, can i BE her pls

    The sorc was such a mood fr lmfao ALSO WILD MAGIC?!?!?! MY FAV KIND OF SORC??? THAT WAS SO COOL AND JUST AMAZING TO SEE AAAA i love him, i adore him

    Chris Pine is a dad... i can already feel myself getting weak... i cant handle another father figure i cant... Oh but i Can.

    Also its chris pine, Man love that dude

    THE PALADIN WAS SO FUNNY LMFOAHDJFKD lawful good characters r the best characters, and I see ppl are already shipping him and the bard. Not surprised at all

    The movie was just so wonderfully chaotic and charming, and honestly really did feel like a dnd campaign :)))

    I'm really happy about it. I enjoyed it immensely and I feel like they really respected the source material !!

    It was also really cool actually understanding tiny references n stuff, but yeah!! 10/10 recommend for both normal ppl and dnd nerds alike


    I watched the DnD movie a couple days ago and I have so many FEELINGS.

  • Simon is my new blorbo. Every moment with him, I was like “that’s my boy! 🥹” Loved watching this man on his self-confidence journey.
  • The affection in Simon’s voice every time he talks about Doric. The absolute PRIDE seeing her absolutely annihilate guards as an Owlbear. *chef’s kiss*
  • Bonus: the absolute lack of hesitation this man has to give her everything. The way it overcomes his own fears and anxieties. “Always.”
  • Despite basically all the characters having canonical straight relationships, they’re still brimming with queer found-family dnd energy.
  • Edgin and Holga’s iconic sibling dynamic.
  • The Avengers WISH they were Edgin’s party.
  • Edgin is a good dad.
  • Holga is an icon.
  • Xenk is an icon.
  • Hugh Grant is a delight in every role he plays.
  • Edgin’s lute is surprisingly durable.
  • Jarnathan my beloved, you didn’t deserve any of this.
  • the d&d movie was so good. they captured the energy perfectly. exposition and character building and meeting that takes 10 minutes. travel across 3 countries in like 5 minutes. bullshit plans that work so hard. a dragon for no reason other than its a fuckin dragon. Chekov's gun but it's Chekov's arsenal. A paladin's autistic swag. nat 20 on the potato. crying. a very quick "where are they now" segment. everything.

    Saw the dnd movie and have to share these parts bc i cant stop thinking about them:

    1) the fat dragon

    Absolute chonker

    He looked like a legit rolly polly

    I love him so much

    2) Holga's death scene for so many reasons

    how she was genuinely happy the whole time. Sang with them until the end

    the call back to Ed's apology, where he differentiated between "your mom" and "my wife" when speaking about Zia. Him realizing as Holga dies that Kira's mother was Holga. Ed going through with his promise of "resurrecting your mom" with Holga instead of Zia

    Also shoutout to the amazing bff (and tbh probably qpr) relationship between Ed and Holga. When ppl say they want m/f adult platonic friendships in media this is what they mean

    Leo bad boy supreme”, smugly: I’m basically irresistible. Bet I’ve even caught Death Boy’s eye.

    Percy, still under the impression he’s crushing on Annabeth: Doubt it. *nudging Nico playfully* Nico only likes tall, blue-eyed blondes. Isn’t that right?

    Nico, looking right at Jason: Guilty as charged.

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