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    My favorite artist and great inspiration @me-za-me-ro ‘s home was destroyed by an explosion and they lost everything. Please consider donating some money to the paypal and kofi in the description 🙏 MZMR also made many many amazing pieces of YOI fanart, which is why I thought Tumblr was probably the best medium to post this to.

    Here are some examples of MZMR’s amazing YOI drawings 💗


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    I needed this


    Is this foreal?

    Yes it’s a real service. I do volunteer work for a rape crisis support service in my city and texting is one of the features we provide as well. But just to boost its credibility, I tried it myself:


    reblog to save lives!


    😭 Thank you.

    Wow. Thanks

    I’m a crisis counselor with this service. It is for real and we do care.

    Please know we want to help and you are NOT alone.

    Feel free to DM me here too anonymous or not.

    And for the UK….

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    Things I Loved About The Prologue Update:

  • Literally EVERYTHING they added and/or altered for Muriel, Lucio, and Portia.
  • Especially Muriel! Everything they added was so soft!
  • And especially Lucio! I feel like last prologue update had defanged him. I loved seeing him be more villainous.
  • Also love how it now implies that you caught the plague DIRECTLY from Lucio while apprenticing Julian. Makes Lucio's Death book all the more angsty.
  • Literally everything they added for Asra, Julian, and Nadia
  • I love the bit about the curtains changing color when it rains???
  • Also like...people should start shipping Portia/Selassi, just sayin'.
  • Loved Malak being used to send letters
  • Things That I Irrationally Hate About The Prologue Update:

  • Why the fuck did they swap everyone around on the main menu??? Thanks, I hate it
  • Valerius not being introduced in the Hierophant chapter. Wtf?
  • I'm high key pissed that they took away scenes that I PAID FOR, like the dream with Asra at the shop, Nadia giving MC gifts, and frisking Julian.
  • It feels bad and wrong that Asra doesn't bookend the prologue anymore. It feels completely disjointed to start with Asra and end with Muriel. Asra is the heart of the story in a lot of ways, literally and figuratively. Idk, it just doesn't sit well with me.
  • Nadia is being WAY too open and upfront in the prologue. It feels like Nadia halfway through her route after she learned to open up, not Nadia at the start of the story.
  • While we're on the subject, I'm still not over the changes they made to the prologue the time before this. Am I the only one who misses the chase for the guards in the hedge maze?
  • It feels so rushed now? Honestly, they could make the prologue 5 hours long, I would still play it. I would rather they have added instead of subtracted.
  • So yeah...those are some Thoughts that I have.

    What? Okay this new prologue woof...

    I miss the pomegranate scene with Portia very much,,

    My absolute favorite paid scene with Asra in the dream is GONE...

    They removed the tarot readings with Nadia and Asra which I just don’t get.

    A lot of the mystery that the prologue gave is just... gone and the characters and their characterization feel too shoved in.

    I did like the new scenes with the snooping and Lucio by the very least, and the CGs are great. There was also a little new convo like with Asra which was nice I guess.

    But... there are things that definitely do not line in with the plot. Why are we already telling Asra about Julian breaking into the shop?? I just finished replaying Asra’s route and there’s literally a scene (when Asra and Julian are in the dungeon together) where Asra introduces Julian and the apprentice and the apprentice notes they forgot to tell Asra about their encounter with Julian and that they’ve already met. And THEN you have the option of telling Asra “He broke into the shop. Twice.” ??? Just???

    WHY is Julian already telling the apprentice of Asra being at the palace and the whole working together thing??????? That’s explained in the beginning of Asra’s route!

    And what the flipper was with changing Julian’s scene with the Portia letter... into just a wanted poster with a tangled reference joke.

    Muriel. Don’t get me started on that. It’s been clear he has something against the apprentice in all other routes (except his own and even then he’s like that in the beginning). Usually coldly replying, glaring, or just flat out avoiding. But in the prologue he’s all blushy n actually pretty willing with the apprentice? Mercy on us please at least keep characterization consistency.

    To add; ugh I still don’t like the changes from the last prologue update. The CGs? I adore. But removal of the deer/rabbit guard scene? Removing the part where the games says to take note of everything or smth along the lines of that and having to pay attention to the password Portia had in order to get past the gate. Taking away the choices that affect future outcomes like when Portia asks if you like the animals and depending on your answer, the dogs will treat you differently.

    Just. There are a few changes that are nice. But it most definitely does not make up for the multitude of bad changes. Changes that take away from the story, changes that don’t line up with the story. Just so much is wrong. Honestly I beg for them to change this.

    EDIT: turns out, without mentioning anything, they also changed scenes of the routes to line up with the prologue and I’m FURIOUS

    The Arcana Characters As Pieces of Classical Music:

    (My sister @sevrina-devorak picked out most of these. Click the song titles for links to the pieces!)


    <>Character Theme: The Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saëns

    <>Love Theme: I Giorni byLudovico Einaudi


    <>Character Theme: Le Cygne byCamille Saint-Saëns

    <>Love Theme: Bagatelle in A Minor, “Für Elise by Ludwig Von Beethoven


    <>Character Theme: Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian

    <>Love Theme: Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


    <>Character Theme: Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie

    <>Love Theme: Canon and Gigue in D Major by Johann Pachelbel


    <>Character Theme: Serenade in G Major, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusick” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    <>Love Theme: Frühlingsstimmen op. 410 by Johann Strauss II


    <>Character Theme: Devil’s Trill Sonata by Giuseppe Tartini

    <>Love Theme: Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach


    <>Mazelinka: Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Johannes Brahms

    <>Morga: Flight of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner

    <>Valerius: String Quintet in E Major, Minuetto by Luigi Boccherini

    <>Valdemar: Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky

    <>Volta: Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairies by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    <>Vulgora: Dance of the Knights by Sergei Prokofiev

    <>Vlastomil: The Four Seasons - Winter by Antonio Vivaldi

    <>Bonus Bonus!:

    <>Faust: Chinese Dance, “Tea by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    <>Chandra: Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Majorby Johann Sebastian Bach

    <>Malak: Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakow

    <>Inanna: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach

    <>Pepi: Duetto Buffo Para Dos Gatos by Gioachino Rossini

    <>Mercedes & Melchior: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

    How to Tell when it’s not a REPOSTED ART

    Hey guys, so this is long overdue, but I’m going to teach you how to check if a post you want to reblog is a repost or not. 

    Remember that sometimes it’s hard and you can fall into it, and if someone tells you it’s a repost delete it, and if you get wind of someone who has been reposting check your archives to make sure you don’t have any of them reblogged. Because the art left behind can still be harmful to the original artist if it’s on your blog. 


    <>Step 1: Check for water mark!

    the most common feature in art is a watermark, that is the artist’s name or user that is physically on the art somewhere! this will usually be the same as their screen name. 

    You can check the source for that name or the name header above the art and it should be the same, if it’s not it might be a repost but we’re still not sure. the next step can help you make sure. 

    If there is no watermark BE SUSPICIOUS! 

    <>Step 2: Check to see if watermark matches the nickname in the blog description!

    this is also common, artists will often put like their nickname instead of their URL cause sometimes they change their URL a lot so it’s easier for them. 

    The best way to check is to just hover over their image and check the description. 

    Usually, artists with say they are artists and that this is their art blog and they go by this name. when you see this it’s usually SAFE TO REBLOG because most artist understands the hatred of reposting and wouldn't do it to others. 

    If the watermark doesn’t match their URL or the nickname then it’s prob not their art, but it also might be so let’s keep going. 

    <>Step 3: Tags and Comments

    Usually, the tags can also be a good indicator that the artist is posting their own art as it will usually contain commentary beyond just ships and show names, and the possible “My art” tag or something critiquing or explaining their struggles while making the art.

    The small comment section can be hard to read between the lines in order to know if it’s them or not, but the more you get used to it the more you’ll know what it looks like. 

    Artists tend to leave comments about the art itself or about how much they can’t stop drawing this one ship or person or thing and comment about like 

    “These boys are just so cute” 

    “I’ve fallen into (ship) hell,” 

    these can be misleading but reposters tend to not put anything and leave that blank, that’s a red flag.  

    <>Step 4: Their picture/Icon is in the same art style.

    When this is the case it’s usually their art because the style is consistent and they’re proud of their art. 

    Many artists will use their own art as their Icon and so if it matches it’s usually safe. 

    If it doesn’t match then keep looking. 

    <>Step 5: Their art is consistently in the same style

    THis one is HUGE, if you have used the other steps and still aren’t sure that the art belongs to that blogger, then you might have to dive into their blog and scroll for a bit, if the art style is consistent then you can be pretty sure it’s their art and you can reblog. 

    Reposters most of the time don’t stick to the same artists so they’ll have many different styles and therefore stick out. This is the biggest red flag, if you see them, don’t touch that art. 

    <>Step 6: Check the notes

    Usually, if it’s a repost someone will comment on it that it is. and you can check to see if there is one there. If there isn’t then to be safe I wouldn’t reblog the art

    This is all the tips I can think of right now but if you really doubt it then don’t reblog. these are really helpful and work almost all of the time so please use them and just get in the habit. 

    All of these tips can be done in less than a minute to complete so please use them. 

    Okay, but THIS.

    My therapist only recently understood that when I said, “I don’t know how to make this phone call or make this appointment.” I very literally meant I didn’t know what to do. I can dial the phone, but what do I say EXACTLY? What questions are going to be asked? What do I need to have on hand? What if they ask me something I don’t know the answer to?

    I’m one of those people that needs very specific and detailed instructions if I’m doing something for the first time.

    Be patient with people. We all have our struggles. Sometimes it can make all the difference in the world knowing someone can spare a few minutes to care about you and walk you through something that’s hard for you.



    From an adult who has been doing this for about a decade now: 

    Remember that about 10% of any office’s weekly call volume is from people just like you who have never done this in their life. 

    The mass majority of people who run dentist offices, insurance claim call centers, whatever - remember what it’s like to be completely new, and are generally happy to explain the steps and re-phrase themselves if you let them know what you’re having trouble with, and are kind and patient with them. 

    You’re not inconveniencing them. You’re not burdening them. Call center folks are 1000x happier to speak with someone who is earnestly trying and needs some basic help on super simple things, instead of a pissy long-time customer who demands free shit. 

    You are a bright spot in their day. A chance to actually help

    So! Here’s the steps: 

    Keep reading

    I can’t tell you how much I needed this.

    I had to ring my car insurance yesterday, which I’ve never had to do before. It was terrifying. BUT when I explained to the call center person, including calling myself a useless adult who can’t adult, and they were very kind. It’s always worth saying “I’ve never done this before” because they’re usually a kind human (apart from P.B in my office, who I won’t name, but you get her on the phone and good lord, you’ll want to throw yourself out a window. I think she wants you to throw yourself out the window too) who will assist you however they can.

    Here’s the Subway Reddit thread they were referencing.