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“The natural law, that is to say part of the law of God that reason can allow us to understand through rational faculties that he gave us, this is a law that is higher than human law." -AH (1775)

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2022-09-26 01:38:42

    This man took shotgun pellets for women protesting the wearing of hijabs after the suspicious death of a twenty-two year old woman arrested by morality police in Iran for wearing her hijab "improperly" (some strands of her hair had escaped from under it). Women have taken to the streets to protest by burning their hijabs and cutting their hair short. Currently internet access in Iran is cut off and Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram are removing posts about the protests.


    Still getting info out.

    Looks like things are boiling over to Persian communities in different parts of the world too, seeing Canada at least likely more that haven't made their way to the news desks.


    I had an abortion today. I was 16 weeks along and I just didn't want a baby...I couldn't afford one or give it love. I thought I was so sure in my decision but I'm now sitting in my room bawling my eyes out. I have this empty pit in my chest. The abortion itself was painful and afterward when I was awake I instantly knew I had made the wrong choice. I I feel so much shame right now. And I'm questioning my pro-choice beliefs. Please, I need some advice.

    [continued: Also, I told my friend who’s very pro-choice and she acted as if my feelings were not valid, like I shouldn’t be hurt. I now understand why people are pro-life though. It took getting an abortion and feeling guilt to really understand. I just need someone to talk to, I feel so alone.]

    I am so sorry you went through that. Your feelings are valid. Many women experience feelings like yours after their abortion. You are not alone by any means.

    Feel free to vent or talk or anything you need. You can email me through my main blog page (down at the bottom of the page).

    Also, check out www.abortionchangesyou.com, it’s a secular post-abortion healing website that helps you work through your feelings. You can also find support groups and counseling near you here. I highly recommend these resources for you!

    I will be praying for you. God bless you!


    Anon, your mental health and emotions are not only valid, but deserve to be addressed in a safe, loving, and professional environment. If you EVER feel like hurting yourself or doing something unsafe, please call 988 (US suicide hotline).


    Other resources are Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard. They are faith-based but service anyone regardless of what you believe or where you stand.

    Shame paralyzes you and traps you in despair. There IS hope and healing for you. I am here if you ever want to talk.


    A lot of crisis pregnancy centers offer post abortion counseling as well. You are doing through a lot right now and deserve love and support


    Hey, have you heard about that woman on a ventilator bc her prolife state wouldn’t allow her to abort the baby she was miscarrying? What about the 19 year old girl who nearly lost her womb? Just thought I’d drop in with a reminder that your enforcement of your religious views is causing suffering

    If you want to give me more specifics/links I’ll take a look.

    But what you’re really saying is “you oppose babies being brutally murdered, and not murdering babies is causing suffering”

    Pretty sure murdering babies also causes suffering, but you don’t care about that because your preferred media sources have told you not to care about it.


    Istg just leave pro life people alone


    What, like how you guys leave women at planned parenthood alone?

    Oh, wait.  You don’t. 


    Sorry if I’m not going to stand idly by while a woman walks in to have her child killed.

    But you might be under the false impression that pro-lifers are standing outside abortion facilities yelling at women and calling them names.

    There are a handful of anti-abortion groups that do this. They don’t usually call themselves pro-life, and they’ve been disavowed by every major pro-life organization.

    What I do is stand outside Planned Parenthood with a sign that reads “Ask me about free pregnancy tests and sonograms.” When a woman pulls into the parking lot, I smile, wave, and offer her information. If she comes over to take it, I ask if she’s willing to talk to me about her options. I never yell, never harass, never threaten.

    Many women ignore me and walk inside without taking info. Some take info and then walk inside. Others take info, talk to me, and leave to go to a pregnancy center that will actually help them and their baby. I’m very glad I didn’t “leave those women alone.”


    remember that person that impulsively spin kicked the anti abortion protester lmfao


    YES i have it saved as a gif hold on


    that doesn’t seem impulsive. they paused and considered their actions. then chose violence. the correct choice.


    Omg funnay ecks dee I’m glad you guys saved and shared this gif of a fella who regularly assaults women and celebrate it on a yearly basis like fucking Mardi Gras I’m glad this isn’t a deep seated hatred of women being expressed through righteous violence because the hole was getting too uppity


    This guy knew he could kick a woman cause he'd lose in a fist fight with another man.


    Pro-choicers always cry about how men shouldn’t have a say in abortion, then screech with delight over a guy physically assaulting a woman just because she’s pro-life. Get the fuck out of here.


    Friendly reminder that the guy was fired from his job and also arrested for this stunt. Y’all keep celebrating all you want, you’re still losing :)


    Feminists scream about how abusive men are towards women but I guess it's ok when the woman doesn't agree with you demons right?