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2021-06-18 14:33:25

    There’s even more pictures, from the second page of the link:

    Never before have I so deeply wanted to live in the world of someone’s artwork. Those pictures with the human just burying their entire upper body in the floof, they speak to me on a spiritual level.


    I really respect the guy that just keeps faceplanting all of the softest looking creatures. Same, dude. same.




    giant animal: exists

    human: nap time


    This human is in danger.


    I’m sorry but if cats were even half that size we’d be extinct as a species.

    As would 90% of all non-cat life on earth.


    The resulting image is everything I hoped and more

    Plus there’s more pictures of the process and materials they used

    I have so many feelings about this humans just be making art


    legit just color-by-number, this is insane


    Aperture Science Announcement Voice: “Congratulations, Homosexual! Your existence has been deemed profitable in the following regions: North America, Western Europe, and Australia.”

    “To celebrate the occasion we have temporarily recolored all Aperture Science appliances in these regions to your favorite flavor of gay.”

    “For further pandering on a wider area please continue fighting for basic human dignities and Aperture Science will be right there to celebrate your victory with you. Afterwards.”


    Okay but that tiger one is brilliant.


    Why do you reblog your own fics so much?

    Because someone might as well!? And look at this. Look. At. This.

    Does this look right to you??

    These are just the last three fics I wrote. I appreciate the likes, believe me I do, but you have to understand. Likes do nothing for content creators. It’s the reblogs. Because that’s how you find shit on your dashboard. Through reblogs. Not likes. This isn’t twitter or tiktok or instagram. This is a website that’s run by the reblog system.

    Reblogging helps content creators put their stuff out there. Why do you think so many people stopped writing fanfic and creating beautiful fanart and edits? It’s because they put in hours of work and don’t get nearly enough notes for their masterpieces. Yes we do this because we enjoy it but like...some validation won’t hurt. A boost of confidence here and there might be all someone needs to finish whatever thing they started and left.

    Anyway, I’m still going to reblog my shit...


    I think I’m gonna restart blogging my own shit.






    I don't really pay much attention to likes and reblogs since I'm not making money off my art these days, but I was doing something the other day with a bunch of my old images up. After looking at the numbers, most of them had 4-5 likes per reblog, so only about 20% - 25% of people who liked them reblogged them.

    Which is pretty crappy, since fan creators are making content for free.

    So, I don't care about my own numbers, but if you like their work, PLEASE REBLOG CREATORS' WORK. ESPECIALLY FICS, which get less attention on Tumblr. Some of these folks rely on commissions for a living, and even for those who don't, a little attention and appreciation shouldn't be too much to ask.


    “The Camera Never Lies” is a lie that doesn’t even need the aid of photoshopping afterwards to do it and leaves an original image with no evidence of having been manipulated in any way - maybe more valuable in the days of film negatives, but never mind.

    I wouldn’t be surprised - maybe that’s just my cynical streak showing - to find that photojournalists are instructed how to use shooting angles and lens focal lengths for effects like these, so a story can be slanted as required.

    The OP photo set, for instance, could illustrate two opposing articles, one showing how the public “arrogantly ignores” social distancing, the other showing how the public “carefully observes” it…

    i knew the state of society’s view of children was bad but i didn’t realize just how dire the situation was was until the lockdown began. this last month or so has really opened my eyes to how much people dislike children, even their own children, simply because they exist and they need them because you know… they’re small humans without the capacity to care for themselves. 

    it seems harmless but memes talking about how parents need alcohol to deal with their kids or can’t wait for their kids to go back to school so someone else can deal with them does harm in that it dehumanizes children and puts blame on the children for existing when it’s not the child’s fault they were brought into the world. it also brings about another uncomfortable fact: if you don’t like the way your children behave, barring them having a behavioral disorder or disability, you’re probably to blame and need to reevaluate how you’re raising them.

    children are more than innocent bystanders… they are helpless and absolutely reliant on the adults around them to not only provide for them, but to show them love which in turn sets the precedent for how they will love in the future. this attitude implying they asked to be here and that it’s okay to joke about how annoying they are has got to stop.