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Hello I'm Elliott (16) and I like to share weird stories and quotes out of my life or really whatever random thought pops into my mind brain. I post updates to any of the fanfics I write here. I'm queer and nonbinary (she/they). I'm a writer, actress, and hopefully one day teacher. This is a safe place for all who need it.

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    Hii, so I was tagged by @thiscryptidischronicallyyours for the first line of 20 of your fics. However I only have fuve published obes at the moment, so the last three lines are from some WIPs that will be published at some point in the future.

    For any interested, you can find these stories here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/TheaterQueen/works

    1. There'd Always a Way Back Home (multi chap) atla

    "Tensions ran high throughout the Fire Nation palace."

    2. But I'm Your Idiot (oneshot) atla

    "It had been a mostly peaceful day first Zuko at the teashop."

    3. Snooping Sokka (oneshot) atla

    "Master Piandao had given Sokka an hour of time to rest before they continued on with his training."

    4. Dao and the Freedom Fighters (multi chap) atla

    "Zuko ran as fast as his little legs could; doing his best to not trip as he could only see out of one eye."

    5. Rewind (multi chap) atla

    "The lion-turtle pressed its clawed finger to Aang's forehead.

    6. A Light in the Darkness (multi chap) atla

    "Most of the world knew of Firelord Azulon's eldest son, General-Crown Prince Iroh."

    7. A Mother's Love (multi chap) atla

    "Kya's head hung low as she was once again cuffed and chained back in the waterbender's prison."

    8. Zuko Makes a Friend (oneshot) atla

    ""Li, this is so sweet," Jin paused chewing on her lip, "I have something for you too; it's your turn to close your eyes.""

    I think I may have a bit of an obsession with Avatar..... Like this isn't even counting the other WIPs I have planned and just haven't started writing. Anyways, I'm tagging @sonicole, @unfried-mouth-wheat, @cryptid-from-the-closet, and anyone else who would like to do this. ❤❤


    Desperate to find a way to end the war peacefully, Aang speaks to a lion-turtle that teaches him the art of energybending. However in doing so, Aang is also launched back it time to a point way before he was ever freed from the ice. He finds himself in the Fire Nation palace, racing to help a child in clear danger. Aang flees the palace with a child who he believes to be his friend and firebending master, Zuko. How wrong he was? Despite the voices in his head telling him to leave the child and find a way back home, he decides to take the child under his wing and teach him of love and friendship. For years they live on the run until finally a day comes where Aang finally has to take on the Firelord with the help of his new gaang.


    I was reading some time travel atla fics the other day and got an idea for a new one.

    So, Aang instead of learning energy bending from the lionturtle, it sends him back in time 40 or so years. He wakes up somewhere in the Fire Nation palace hearing a kid screaming. So Aang runs into help and see Azulon burning this kids wrist or something, idk. Aang blast Azulon away and decides to kidnap this kid, thinking that it has to be Zuko because what other child would he find in the palace. Anyways, Aang's running from the guards to Appa (who's in thr FN because why not) with this kid who's trying so hard to escape. Aang gets them out of there being "it's alright Zuko, I can heal that." To which we find out this child he's kidnapped isn't his friend Zuko, when the kid snaps at him "Why do you keep calling me that? I'm Prince Ozai of the Fire Nation."

    Right there Aang decides he's now a father and is going to raise Ozai to not be an evil dictator. They don't stay in one place too long since the Fire Nation is still all around, but when possible they spend a lot of time at the Southern Air Temple (where he gets a lemur he names Momo because he decide that Momo deserves to be in this time too). Eventually, Aang's like "guess I have to end a war so out of habit he goes to the South Pole to find Sokka and Katara, kinda forgetting about the fact that they don't exist yet, but he does find teenage Kya, Bato, and Hakoda, so he's like "this works."

    At first the Water Tribe kids aren't the biggest fans of the Fire prince, but hey if he's willing to stop his evil father and war-raging brother, he'll be fine. There's no reason for them to go to the North Pole since Aang's a fully trained Avatar (he's also like in his early 20s, so really Aang's the weird uncle character of the group).

    A lot of this doesn't have a storyline, but at some point they pick up Ursa because why not and Iroh is the one chasing them through all this. Anyways they manage to stop Azulon and Aang learns energybending to take away his powers, though Ozai's 100% encouraging that they just kill Azulon.

    So Ozai, gets crowned Firelord and stops the war, y'know all that jazz. Flash forward like 5-10-15 years, Aang finds his old gang and brings them all to the air temple that has been restored and Aang found some airbenders (Ty Lee's family is there because I said so, that girl would have been an awesome airbender). Life is good, balance has been restored to the world.


    So I may or may not be working on the first chapter of this fic and I'm y'know trying to plan out things for later bits and all because generally I just outline chapter by chapter to get to the points I want to reach.

    Anyways, I'm trying to figure out if I want Aang to casually talk about his time travel experiences to the parent of his friends in the future and the to all be like "okay, grandpa whatever you say..." Or if he talks about it and they take him seriously, or (what I am kinda leaning towards) Aang revealing it in an epilogue flash forward where all his friends are like 8-12 and out playing in a garden somewhere, so he's just like "I got a story for y'all."

    HmmMmMmm decisions, decisions...


    ra ra rasputin 10 months into quarantine


    It is a shame how it carried on


    ra ra rasputin 10 have turned into 13


    It's been a year and I've forgotten the sun.


    There lived a certain trend in tumblr long ago

    Counting months and days till the quarantine would go


    Outsiders looked at it with questioning and fear

    But to tumblr blogs it was just that time of year


    People preached that quarantine was over

    Full of sorrow and lies


    [Image ID: A digital drawing of Asra Alnazar from The Arcana and Faust. Asra is facing the left. They are doing finger guns and are wearing sunglasses. Faust, the snake, has her head rested on his left shoulder and her tail wrapped around his arm. Above Asra reads "Depression!" End ID]

    Have you ever wanted to express the exact emotion that you feel when your zombie crush dates the Count instead of you, who gave them half your heart? Well You're in luck!

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    I don't even really know who this is, but I just feel this image. 10/10 whole ass mood.


    im the Bastard Gender Theif and im here to steal your gender

    hand it over or face the wrath of my army of crows


    *hands you a jumbled pile of gender* im not sure what it is, but here take it. i dont want to be confused by it anymore


    [Hands you a pile of pink gender] never liked it anyways


    *the crows flock to me, having turned against you* You fool. The crows ARE my gender!!!!


    “It's incredibly discouraging as a fandom creator to get little to no comments/reblogs on your works” and “no one should be guilt-tripped into reblogging or commenting if they don't want to” are statements that can and should coexist.

    And they both coexist with the statement that “posts that guilt-trip fans into interacting with fandom works make many people who want to interact less likely to do it out of fear the creator will think their interaction is not good enough”.

    And another truth that also coexists with these, but that I don't see talked about enough, is that this:

    (no need to actually read the whole text in the image!)

    A screenshot of an incredibly long comment on a Drarry fanfic on AO3 that takes up the entire screen and goes on beyond it.

    ...is a wall of love.

    But these:

    These two screenshots show several one-line comments on AO3 thay say things such as

    ...are also walls of love!

    (image descriptions available in alt text)

    And both of these make many creators so, SO happy!

    So, for all of us who do want to show creators more love and improve their and our own fandom experience, here's what I propose:

    Whenever you consume fandom content, if you have the energy and feel like it, leave a one-line comment. A few emojis. A smile. A keyboard smash. If you have a bit more time and energy than that and you feel like it, quote back your favourite line or point out what your favourite detail about a fanart is. And on the moments where you don't have the energy for any of this, trust that others will do it for you, the same way you do it when you have the energy and others don't.

    Let's all remember that fandom is a community. No fan should be feeling like they have to do it all on their own. No one should feel guilty for not having more to give than they do. And those of us who do, let's create walls of love together.


    I just want to say that I am a writer and even I am notoriously bad at commenting! 

    It’s okay if you can’t comment!

    Sometimes I just mentally cannot handle it. Not even anxiety wise or because I’m intimidated by the person posting, but I just don’t have the mental capacity to do it. I do it to my friends fics, even.

    It’s OKAY!

    An ao3 kudos means a LOT, I promise!

    A comment that is nothing more than emojis means A LOT (and are often how I leave comments on bad days), I promise!

    Do what you can!

    A reblog on tumblr with or without comments or tags means SO SO MUCH! 

    A like on tumblr also means a lot!

    Just the knowledge that people are out there and appreciate what we do means the world and we know that comments can be taxing, it’s why we value the ones we do get so much! But it doesn’t mean we are holding not commenting against you. A show of support is a show of support no matter what! <3 <3 <3




    (Kuzon's return wasn't even planned, I was just editing and felt like I need the scene where the Fire sages saw the statue and was like "you know what, i'm bringing Kuzon back because Aang deserves more people he knew still being alive.")