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    goth gf x pastel gf


    [id: an illustration of two girlfriends. the girl on the left has brown skin & is wearing a dark purple turban-style hijab, glasses, crescent moon earrings, a long gray-to-red coat with the sleeves rolled up, bat-patterned pants, boots, & a black bag with a few pins & a kuromi charm. the girl on the right has dark brown skin & is wearing a purple hijab with a pink bow, a heart-patterned pink sweater, a blue skirt with a bow around the waist, pink shoes, & a yellow back with a bow & a my melody charm. the two are standing together with their arms around each other & smiling as the left girl leans toward her girlfriend’s cheek. the right girl is holding a hand up to her mouth as she grins. /end id.]


    I’m glad that Indiana finally has its first national park and that it’s the one mostly known for having sand dunes that eat children.


    how, pray tell, does a dune eat A Child


    Imagine that you’re a big pile of sand by the shore of Lake Michigan, between Gary and Michigan City. Your name is Mount Baldy, and you’re a popular tourist destination at what is now Indiana Dunes National Park.

    For a huge pile of tiny rocks, you live a surprisingly nomadic lifestyle. More than a hundred years of tourism and foot traffic has destroyed much of the native grass that kept you stationary. You are now what they call a “wandering dune”, as wind off the lake slowly but steadily pushes your tremendous bulk a little further inland every year.

    As you move, you gradually engulf everything in your path—trees, buildings, rocks, hills, your own parking lot—everything. You are an unstoppable force, like some kind of gigantic gelatinous cube, but you’re still very popular with visitors.

    In 2013, you suddenly eat a child. It’s a surprising move on your part—dry quicksand isn’t supposed to be a real natural phenomenon. I mean, what is this, a 1960’s action movie?

    One moment, a family from Illinois is cheerfully climbing your slopes. The next, the 6 year old boy suddenly vanishes without warning, leaving no trace. Would-be rescuers dig in the sand where he disappeared until their hands are bleeding. Geologists insist that he must have wandered off, because enormous piles sand physically cannot form hollows or pockets within themselves—but three hours later, he is found, unconscious but alive, buried almost twelve feet deep in the sand.

    The current leading geological theory as to how this happened is that the organic material you engulf, like trees, slowly decompose beneath your slopes, leaving behind unstable voids held together only by the fragile remains of the decayed material. When these voids are walked over, they collapse, forming sudden sinkholes that can swallow visitors whole. The rules that typically govern stationary dunes, or wandering dunes in areas that are not forested, no longer apply to you. You are unpredictable and dangerous and have remained closed to visitors except on guided hikes ever since.


    world heritage post


    So this sand dune just… what, defies the laws of physics for sand?


    Nope–here is an illustration I just made that might explain it better:


    ok, let me explain

    I’ve never really done anything like this before. I just wanted to make a comic based on the greatest post on this website and I wanted it to become more and more detailed as it went along. It took me a little over a year to finish and it was all made without using a tablet.

    Please click on the individual images to get the full experience. Thank you.

    Original post by @fuckersupreme


    i want to shine a little light back on this, it’s a great post


    this really happened

    there are plenty things abt native culture that’s open to outsiders.. its just that its all politics and conservationism and all white ppl want is the hollywood no-strings-attached mysticism. u go on and on so much abt how u wish u could be one with nature but when we’re like ‘ok so you need to put laws in place to protect it and then try not being freaks’ its like.. no.. i wanna have my own Vision Quest.. or some such stupid bullshit. if u wanna know abt us become a leftist and read some shit by native activists maybe


    little used fantasy trope i love: when two people are playing cards in a shady bar and it's the tense moment where they show their hand but it's a fantasy so they can't say things like "full house" or "royal flush" so they same some nonsense like "three crowns and a dead crow" and the crowd is like "oooOOHH" so we know that's good


    Other character smirks: "Well, I've got a castle on four omens."

    The crowd "oohs" louder, so we know that it's Much Better™️


    thats how i feel watching scenes with regular cards

    MPD pivoted to throw Chauvin under the bus during this trial. This was a strategic decision on their part to quell demands to disband the Minneapolis Police. Going forward, there will be a narrative being pushed that protestors “won” and this is all over, that MPD will turn a new leaf. They won’t. We already decided the MPD should be gone. Don’t let them use this as a distraction.