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    peter and wade are fighting side by side and when peter runs out of web fluid, he grabs a gun off wade’s belt and wade has this transcendent moment of i’m going to watch spiderman shoot my gun at a real live bad guy

    but peter just fucking throws it at a bad guy’s face and knocks him out cold


    The impact causes the gun to go off and shoot wade in the dick. Spider man spends the next several minutes frantically apologizing while cable laughs his ass off for the first time in years.


    Pretty sure I’ve read this comic


    @wishem please omg just a quick doodle or something even


    I am sorry Cable looks like that


    Don’t you dare apologize for perfection.


    Ok this is literally at least the third time I’ve reblogged this but I don’t care. It’s too funny.


    Cyborg: I can interface with satellites that allow me to perceive and measure countless electric signals and waves flying through space and the atmosphere. I can listen to the sun, live. But sure, let’s all freak out because Beast Boy just figured out he can see shrimp colors.

    Beast Boy: Cranky ‘cuz you can’t see shrimp colors, aren’t ya?


    Raven, not even looking up from her book: Tch. I can see shrimp colors too, it’s just there’s no way for me to see them without also perceiving 13 overlapping hell dimensions at the same time.

    Beast Boy: Wh… what?

    Cyborg: Seconded. What?

    Raven: Oh it’s all ‘Raven why don’t you talk about yourself more’ until I mention the ‘Everyone’s face is peeled off’ dimension.


    Robin, who can’t see shit through his white mesh mask: 


    Twitter users are defending their right to assume Picasso was a renaissance artist. Tiktok users think watching any film made outside the US makes you a snob. “Replace classic lit with YA and fan fiction” discourse is flourishing. I think we’re just living in anti intellectual times.


    it's not anti-intellectualism it's anti-snobbery


    Let me ask you this: how many “snobs” have you actually met? Because I have met many people who take interest in art history, watch vintage film or films from films from outside the US (which by the way are not all “arthouse” films), or read and cherish historically and culturally significant literature. But I have never met anyone who will treat me like I’m a bad person for watching Mama Mia or just wanting to be entertained once in a while. I have, however, met people who think art history is stupid and pointless and that those who study it deserve to live in poverty, who are xenophobic and dismissive toward any art made outside the US (or western Europe for that matter), or roll their eyes at people who read literature they consider boring because they’ve never given it a try. In fact, most of the people I know who you would consider “snobs” out of projected insecurity are cautious to bring up their interests because they think they’ll be made fun of. Is anti intellectualism “anti elitist?” At times, but it’s the sort of pseudo populism that fits comfortably within contemporary right wing discourse. Have you paid any attention to politics the last decade or so? If you are allergic to culture and new information, fine. Just don’t claim the moral high ground for it.


    you could have just asked for her wig instead of snatching it like that