Changing the plan (Chapter 4.5)

    ( This is a mid-chapter selection of this longer form story. The events take place during the night of chapter 4 inside of James’ bedroom.

    I wrote this chapter as a commission from a fan. If you’re interested in commissioning more or similar stories you can message me here, or my email Enjoy.)

    James and Tyler’s apartment was quiet only for a moment. During that moment, James was placing his head down onto a pillow on his own couch. He was exhausted and relieved. Dealing with Brad had made an anger and jealousy swell up from deep inside of him that he wasn’t used to.

    As well as having Alice show up unexpectedly early, all of the events caused James some serious stress after working most of the day. Finally able to rest, knowing his girlfriend and little sister were safe together in his bedroom, James closed his eyes and let the quiet night overtake him as he drifted off to sleep.

    However, completely unknown to James, was Brad relaxing just a few paces down his apartment hallway. Brad knew that his friend, and James’ roommate, Tyler, would be out most of the day and night. Brad knew that Tyler was going to be spending his time and money on that pretty little brunette he had become infatuated with. The one that had so greedily swallowed Brad’s own thick cock as he drove away from that party with all those horny sluts all those weeks ago. Brad could barely even remember her name though, thinking it might have started with an H, or...well, he really didn’t care as he swiped through the slutty selfies and lewd shots of herself in the mirror she was still sending him even as she was out with Tyler.

    Brad figured it was about time now that it was dark. A very light tapping came on the door and he lifted himself up off the bed and opened it. He at least made the effort to remember this stacked sluts name. Mostly his interest was in just how incredibly busty her chest was though.

    He stared at the outfit she had squeezed herself into. A deep purple matching set lingerie. The bra pushed her large round breasts up and together in such a way that made it difficult to even look away for a second. She seemed to almost overflow out of the piece and its small lacy border. Which her matching panties shared in style. Brad wondered just how she could make him so turned on after fucking her the entire day already.

    Jessica smiled at Brad. “I think he’s asleep now. Come on,” she said.

    Jessica led the way down the hall, strutting and wiggling her hips with so much extra flaunting style that Brad couldn’t help but grin at the way her bubbly ass jiggled with only the thin purple string she was wearing to cover it. He slammed the door to Tyler’s room harder than intended, but enjoyed the idea that James might even wake to the events that were about to take place.

    Together they reached the door to Jame’s bedroom and Jessica opened it up, leading Brad inside, who chuckled softly to himself as he slammed that door harder than necessary as well. Jess turned to look over her shoulder, giving a face filled with worry at the noise, but Brad’s tall figure made a smirk of her own slip onto her face despite her misgivings.

    They both saw the woman on the bed, James’ bed. The same bed Jessica had spent most of the day either kneeling in front of while she swallowed Brad’s cock, or bouncing on top of as she felt all of those long and incredible inches slam deep inside of her. The woman was cute in a younger girl sort of way, but also sexy in the way she dressed and showed off her body’s shape.

    Alice watched Jessica and Brad stare at her. She felt nervous and unsure what to do with her hands or where to even look. The tiny skirt she wore had made her happy, made her feel sexy, but the way Brad’s eyes looked at her gave her a different feeling. She couldn’t really put it into words in her own mind, but she felt like he saw right through her. As though she was already his and he was well aware of it. When Jessica told her about Brad and showed her the pictures, Alice agreed to the plan, but now she was feeling a bit guilty and anxious. Was this huge man really the same one that bullied her older brother? Did Jess really think he was that amazing? Could his dick actually be as big as Jess said and the pictures showed?

    Alice swallowed hard as Brad’s eyes lingered on her body and she couldn’t maintain eye contact for more than a second or two at a time. Then she looked over and saw Jess almost skipping over to the bed and bouncing down onto the mattress beside Alice. Alice felt Jess’s hand on her back  as it gently rubbed in a circle and she met her eyes.

    “Relax. You look so totally nervous, but you don’t have to worry. Like I said, you can just watch. But, I know you’ll want to do more than just enjoy the show after you see what’s waiting for you.” Jessica winked and licked her lips as she slid forward off the bed and took Brad by the hand, leading him to sit at the edge.

    Jessica quickly pulled her hair back and slipped a hair tie around her swiftly formed ponytail before gently lowering herself to her knees right between Brad’s large thighs. Jessica placed one hand on each of his knees and inched herself closer until she was almost resting her tremendous rack right on Brad’s crotch.

    Then Jessica took one hand and used it to outline the already impressively long bulge down Brad’s leg. Her breathing intensified, just like it did each time she placed a hand on Brad’s big bulge. She closed her eyes for a moment, remembering back to that first night they danced together. It was at her anniversary party and James had talked her into the idea of giving a blowjob to another man. Specifically a man with a really big dick. Of course, Jessica knew that James was talking about Tyler.

    In fact, that had been her plan. Seducing Tyler was an idea that made her nervous at first, but she also knew the way he looked at her body. Despite being best friends with James, she doubted that Tyler could resist such a tempting offer. Except, that night there was a problem. A big problem. Brad’s attitude and aggressiveness turned Jessica on to such an intense degree that she changed the unspoken part of the plan.

    She had only intended to tease James at first by dancing with Brad. The way Brad spoke and James spoke about Brad, she knew they didn’t get along. A single dance, with a hidden purpose known only to her and her boyfriend would be the perfect prelude to a night of lewd, but mutually agreed upon, cheating.

    That was all before the dance took place though. On the dance floor she felt like a doll. Brad’s colossal strength and ability to move her body around and put her into any position he desired was only rivaled by the gigantic throbbing bulge she felt push up against her every time he dragged her hips roughly back into his own crotch. The entire experience made her brain feel dizzy, her thoughts muddied, as her body moved on its own. Jessica remembered as they danced how Brad’s huge hands explored her body with free reign, her mind unable to even think about how her boyfriend was watching it all happen.

    Jessica thought about how that huge bulge slammed into her ass over and over again as Brad manhandled her on the dance floor. She thought about how he bounced and groped her huge tits as she began to sweat and pulled her in lowering his paws onto her ass while taking two gigantic handfuls as he roughly squeezed. Finally, Jessica thought about that final slap, right after Brad had turned her around, pushed her into bending forward, and dominantly spanked her ass so hard it drew attention and continued to jiggle for an embarrassingly long moment.

    As Jessica opened her eyes, the present flooded back to her where she found herself with both hands stroking Brad’s fat throbbing bulge as he sat on the edge of her boyfriend’s bed. She looked behind him and motioned with one hand for Alice to come around and watch. Cautiously Alice crawled across the bed, climbing off and crouching herself shyly behind Jessica.

    “Come on, get closer. You have to see this. Come here!” Jessica giggled as she reached back and took Alice by the hand, gently dragging Alice onto the floor beside her.

    Jessica could hear Alice’s nervous breathing. It was almost in her ear as Jessica smirked and began to unzip Brad’s pants. Jessica dragged the pants off of Brad’s body with excitement, revealing an incredibly tight fitting pair of boxer briefs that seemed, to Alice’s eyes, to have something as large as an entire rolling pin stuffed inside of them. Alice loudly gasped at the sight.

    “Fuck. Love hearing you innocent little sluts get so surprised. Turn her around, let me see those fat cheeks.” Brad said as he rubbed himself.

    Alice blushed and hid her face behind Jessica’s shoulder. Jessica turned to Alice and coaxed her out, rubbing Brad’s bulge once more as she calmed the scared little sister of her boyfriend down.

    “Relax, he’s a big talker, but you’ll be fine. Besides, this,” Jessica said, grasping Brad’s cock through his underwear and shaking it very slightly, “feels so good! There’s nothing to be afraid of, this is only going to be fun and pleasurable. Come on, you look so pretty, show off and I’ll show you what to do with this thing.”

    Alice took a deep breath and followed Jess’s advice. She stood up and scooched her feet forward in their tall pink and white striped socks that came halfway up her thighs. She played anxiously with the hem of her soft pink skirt that ended shorter than she was used to as she saw the hunger in Brad’s eyes. Then she turned around.

    Immediately she felt her skirt being lifted. Looking over her shoulder she expected Brad’s hand to be on it, but instead it was Jess. Then she heard a loud whistle from Brad.

    “Damn. I knew you would have a nice ass, but that’s a fucking thick booty. Alright, come on bitch, get my cock out, it’s time to go to work.” Brad admired Alice’s ass before turning to Jessica and ordering her to begin worshiping his cock once again that day, except this time with her boyfriend asleep down the hall and his little sister watching on.

    Jessica made sure to have Alice kneel down next to her once more as she began. First, Jessica brought her lips up to Brad’s bulge and planted several smacking kisses on it, feeling it throb back in response. Then she pulled off his underwear and the huge pillar of meat sprung out like a rocket, almost slamming into her face. Jessica leaned forward and began kissing Brad’s dick.

    First, on the head of Brad’s cock. Then another kiss halfway down, one more at the base, and one for each of his big round churning balls. Slowly, Jess stuck out her tongue and licked the two fat orbs, moving her tongue up and down, before bringing her tongue to the base of Brad’s cock. Then, beginning the long journey of dragging her tongue all the way up to the head. Jess reached the head of his cock, saliva slickening the entire length as she drooled uncontrollable and was motivated even more by the whimper and gasps of Alice at her side.

    When Jessica felt the large powerful hand grip her by the hair, she knew the fun was about to really begin. Alice watched on as Brad guided Jess’s head roughly to the tip of his cock and she opened her mouth eagerly. She watched Jess, almost painfully, stretch her lips so far apart it seemed like she might not be able to fit the monster cock inside. Alice kept watching as Brad made Jess drool, gag, choke, and moan with each inch he slid in and out of her throat.

    Alice continued to watch as Jessica stood up, stripped off her lingerie and climbed on top of Brad’s incredibly huge erect cock. She wondered how that enormous shaft would ever fit, but surprisingly Jessica seemed to know exactly how to work it deep inside of her as she climbed right into his lap, facing him. Then she began to bounce. Brad could easily lift and drop Jess, so any time she began to slow down, he seemed to take over and just bounce her himself like it was almost effortless.

    Alice started to worry about the noise. Jess was moaning, and loudly too. The bed springs were creaking, even Brad’s breath started to quicken. After a bit of that, Alice was amazed as Brad stood up, Jess still impaled on his thick slab of meat, and simply bounced her on his cock right above Alice’s upturned face. The excitement flooded into her, the sheer power of the man was shocking, the incredible way he moved Jess so easily, and how erotic it looked to see such an intimidating cock slide in and out as he did whatever he wanted. The entire thing started to really get to Alice.

    She had completely forgotten about the noise that she was worried about, instead getting aroused as Jess moaned louder and almost more high pitched, and the loud slapping of flesh on flesh filled her ears. With a sudden rush of confidence Alice stripped off her top and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

    Meanwhile, James struggled to sleep just down the hallway. Assuming the loud and lewd noises down the apartment were his roommate Tyler and some woman, James found himself aroused and in need of a sleeping aid. He quickly rubbed one out, completely oblivious to the fact that it was in fact, ‘Brad the bully’ slamming his enormous alpha cock inside of his girlfriend who was reaching yet another orgasam as James had his own.

    When Brad tired of the position he put Jessica back down on the bed and had to let her rest for a minute and regain her head. Alice looked and saw a glazed-over quality to Jess’s eyes. She seemed out of it, taking a bit of time to come back down off the long and intense ride she had just been taken on. Alice noticed Brad was still as hard as a rock and ready to continue.

    It wasn’t long before they began again, switching positions several times, Jess moaning and groaning in pleasure as she was continually tossed around with ease. Then with Jess cumming once again, she said she needed a break and thought it was a good time for Alice to have her fun.

    Alice started to get really nervous. Brad was big, he was so big it was almost unbelievable. Could she handle a cock that huge? Then she felt Jess’s hand on her and she calmed down. The two women met with their eyes and Jess just nodded. Then Jess turned and had Brad sit on the edge of the bed once more, this time with his cock slick and already completely erect. Alice swallowed hard in suspense.

    “It’s way too big. I don’t think I can take that.” Alice said, feeling shy now that the moment had come, embarrassed to be standing only in her underwear.

    “You’ll be fine. You can take it slow. Besides, it’s better when it’s bigger, trust me. Size matters and Brad here is just, so, big! C’mon, it’s so good.” Jessica replied.

    “I...I don’t know. I’ve know. Plus that looks big, like, really really big.”

    “I know you’re a little scared, but he’s seriously amazing. Trust me, the size just makes it so much better.”

    “What about my brother? He could find out. Didn’t you say Brad and him don’t get along. Wouldn’t it be really bad if he heard us?”

    “James? Please, James doesn’t have to find out about anything. He’s dead asleep. Besides he has no idea we’ve been together every day for weeks.”

    “Are you sure? You guys were getting pretty loud and-”

    “I’m sure! Seriously, James is great, but he’s really oblivious. I mean Brad fucked me all day on this bed and he was clueless when he got home!”

    “’ll help me though? Show me what to do?”

    “Of course sweetie! Now come on, get on your knees right here. You’re going to need both hands.”

    Brad’s deep voice suddenly spoke up, “Stop. First, show me that fat ass girl.”

    Alice turned around and had a sudden rush of euphoria as she realized such a large and powerful man, a man who seemed to be able to have his choice of any woman, was getting aroused and desiring her. It was a strange feeling for Alice, not having known many men interested in her because of her younger looks and way of dressing.

    With Jess’s encouragement though, she realized that her body could look good in different and more revealing clothing. She was grateful her brother’s girlfriend had helped her choose the outfit today.

      “Fuck, I knew you had a dump truck. Now on your knees bitch.” Brad said without emotion.

    “Hey, I’m not a bitch!” Alice quickled replied, but she got on her knees regardless.

    “Whatever, crawl closer. Yeah, see, you already got handlebars for me bitch.” Brad took a tight grip, but didn’t pull on Alice’s hair that was put up in pigtails. “Make sure to open wide, I want to watch those lips take every inch.”

    Alice did as he said. Brad surprisingly gently guided her head by her hair to the tip of his cock. It seemed impossibly large the closer she got. As her lips began to touch it, her heart felt like it might explode out of her chest. Then slowly, she felt as her head was pushed down and she couldn’t stop the momentum as her lips slid around Brad’s enormous dick.

    It didn’t work. He was much too big. Brad knew it, Jessica knew it, and Alice had suspected it. Yet he didn’t give up. Alice felt herself dragged by her hair all over Brad’s cock. She ended up licking and kissing the bully’s fat shaft over and over again as he let her stop every minute or so and attempted to fit him inside of her mouth.

    With a lot of encouragement from Jess and after she felt slightly dizzy and almost tipsy, Alice amazed herself as Brad’s cock finally slid into her mouth. It was too much all at once and she had a sudden urge to pull her head back up. The resistance was overwhelming though. Brad’s one hand simply laid on top of her head like a rock and the only direction for her to go was down, deeper onto his shaft.

    Up and down, up and down, Alice’s head bobbed completely out of her own control. Brad let her up for a breath every now and then and she gasped loudly as Jess encouraged her enthusiastically the entire time. Then the great cock plunged back into her mouth and began to make its way down her throat once more. Alice felt like a doll, like a toy being used to take Brad’s cock again and again at his own pace and as much as he wanted. She understood why he was called a bully by her older brother. The thing was, she liked it.

    Alice tried harder and harder to take more of Brad’s cock. She found herself sticking her tongue out and licking it while he fucked her mouth and slammed deeper into her throat. Soon she was moaning around the thick shaft as saliva sputtered from between her lips and she made a sloppy mess of the entire throat fucking.

    A few minutes later Alice thought of nothing except pleasing Brad’s cock. She knew she felt different, she felt drunk almost, cock drunk on Brad’s huge member. It was a totally foreign experience to her, but just like Jess had said, she craved it desperately. When Brad told her to do something slightly different, or move in a different way, or even was overtly rude and demanding, Alice still found herself excitedly following his commands.

    “Fuck, that’s it slut. Hey big jugs, get over here. I’m almost there so help this dumb bitch with the fat ass finish me off.” Brad commanded

    Alice didn’t even stop sucking Brad’s cock as he called her a dumb bitch. She couldn’t stop. Even as he pulled her by the hair back off the huge dick she tried to continue slurping at it. Alice watched as Jess crawled up next to her and took her place at Alice’s side. Her brother’s girlfriend just smiled at Alice and winked before dropping her own head down toward Brad’s lap.

    Suddenly Alice felt jealous. She felt like Jess was coming to steal the spotlight at the last minute and take all the reward. Alice herself dropped her head down and her tongue joined Jess’s as the two women began to lick up and down on either side of Brad’s towering tool. The two moaning women fought over who would finish him off as their tongues and lips collided again and again around the colossal cock.

    Then, to both of their surprise, Brad dragged Alice backward by the pigtails. “Turn around you schoolgirl cocktease. I’m gonna nut all over that fat dumptruck so shake it bitch.” Brad said with slightly strained breath.

    Then he turned her head and forced Alice to turn her body as well as she lowered onto her elbow, her fat thick booty sticking up in the air and facing Brad. Alice moved her hips, making her own ass cheeks bounce and slap against each other as she heard Jess continue to slobber all over Brad’s dick.

    “Ahh, here it comes!” Brad groaned.

    Jessica yelped as her ponytail was pulled and her mouth removed from Brad’s cock that he used his other hand to aim right at Alice’s huge twerking ass. Then his cock erupted. Shot after shot of cum launched from the head of Brad’s gigantic shaft and slammed into the wobbling ass in front of him. Jessica watched from her knees, her tongue hanging from her still open mouth as Brad covered Alice in his cum.

    The amount of jizz was seemingly endless as Alice felt it splatter her. She was still shaking her ass as she felt it slam and hit seemingly every inch of her booty. Brad’s spunk also landed onto her lower back, her upper back, and she guessed by the feeling that it had shot as far as her head, landing in her hair.

    Jessica couldn’t wait any more and took Brad’s cock, stroking it after it drenched Alice in cum and pointing it at herself. The enormous member didn’t show signs of slowing down as it blasted her right on the lips, between the eyes, hit her cheeks, covered Jessica’s huge chest, and even shot surprisingly hard into her hair.

    The two women breathed heavily, trying to catch their breath after getting absolutely plastered in cum by James’ bully and his stupidly gigantic cock. James slept, completely unaware his bully had dumped an impossibly large load of cum all over his girlfriend and little sister in his own bedroom.

    A few minutes went by before any of the three moved. First, it was Brad. He stood up, dressed himself, and told Jessica that her idea was a good one and he expected her to bring him even more fat assed sluts. Then he left without another word, leaving the huge mess and cleanup to the cum splattered women.

    Changing the plan (Chapter 4)

    (Fourth chapter of this longer form story. It pick up a few weeks after the events of the anniversary party. I wrote this chapter as a commission from a fan. If you’re interested in commissioning more or similar stories you can message me here, or my email Enjoy.)

    During the few weeks after James and Jessica’s anniversary party the couple decided to put the breaks on anything outside of the relationship. While the two of them admitted to each other that the entire experience was arousing, James was very concerned about Brad being the other man. Jessica told him that she understood and would hold off on any more fooling around behind his back until he was sure he was ready for it.

    James checked his phone before driving home to his apartment. He had been lucky and was able to get out a bit early from his part time job thanks to his friend Kevin offering to cover for him. He had several messages from Jessica asking him how his day was going, asking him when he thought he was getting out, and asking when he thought he would get home. James felt like the two of them had been seeing less and less of each other since the party, so he agreed to let Jessica spend the day at his place to relax while he was stuck working.

    The low battery warning chimed on his phone, showing James that there was only 5% remaining on his charge. He spent the next few minutes searching his car for the charger, but couldn’t remember if he had brought it inside or not. James decided to send a quick text to let Jess know he was heading home when he received a message from his little sister Alice. At that same moment however, James watched the screen switch to a logo as the powering down noise rang out and his phone turned off in his hands.

    James shook his head and climbed into his car, getting it to start after a few attempts and began to drive home. He smiled as he thought about how much Jessica and him were able to click back together after it seemed their relationship had a dimmer few weeks. It did seem to him that Jessica was busy more than usual since their anniversary, but now it seemed like she was constantly asking him where he was and how long it was going to be before he arrived. It seemed to James that she really missed him even in the little bits of time they were apart.

    With the weekend arriving however, James had someone else to divert his attention. That, of course, was his little sister Alice. She had been asking to come visit James for a long time and he had finally relented into agreeing. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, but more that Alice was such a young and innocent girl in his mind that he really thought of himself as her protector. In James’ mind, Alice really was still that little girl she had been when they were growing up.

    Pulling up to the apartment James quickly found a spot and walked back towards his front door a bit quicker than usual, excited to see Jessica. As he reached the pathway leading up to his front door however, James saw something that stopped him in his tracks. A pickup truck that looked so comically big that James would have instantly assumed the owner was compensating for something if he didn’t already know the owner. It was Brad’s pickup parked right in front of James’ apartment.

    James took a deep breath. He thought that maybe Brad was visiting Tyler. They were friends after all, it wouldn’t be weird for Tyler to have Brad over for time to time surely. James tried not to think too hard and simply walked to the front door. He fumbled with his keys at the doorstep and ended up dropping them once before getting the correct one and putting it in the lock. He opened the door and stepped inside.

    When James reached the kitchen he saw his girlfriend Jessica sitting at the small table with a drink in hand and wearing almost nothing. Nothing except an oversized T-shirt and one of the smallest little thongs he had seen her in. The T-shirt wasn’t really even long enough to cover her ass as it stuck out and attracted James’ full attention. His eyes lit up and a smile crept over his face as James ogled his girlfriend before she noticed him.

    “Whoa!” Jessica shouted in surprise, putting one hand over her chest. “Oh my god babe you scared me. I...I had no idea you would be home so soon. I thought you were working later tonight.”

    James just shrugged his shoulders as he opened the fridge to get himself a drink. “Yeah I was going to, but Kevin covered for me. I figured we would get to spend some more time together before Alice gets here. My phone died so I couldn’t let you know, my bad. Oh, Alice, I forgot, she sent me a message.”

    James lifted his phone up to show Jessica, then quickly walked down the hall to find a charger. As he passed by Tyler’s bedroom door he saw it was closed and could hear the shower running. Just then he remembered Brad’s truck and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the two of them must be in Tyler’s room. Probably back from having gone to play basketball together or something. James entered his bedroom and plugged his phone into the charger by the nightstand.

    Then he took a look around the room and shook his head. He knew Jessica wasn’t a clean freak or anything, but she really made a mess of his bedroom. He remembered seeing her get out of bed in the morning, but now the sheets were all pushed to the side, half hanging off the bed and the pillows tossed onto the floor. The clothes she had been wearing when he kissed her goodbye earlier were in a little a pile right at the foot of the bed as well. James did a bit of cleaning up before finding his bottle of lube hidden slightly under her clothes. He could only shake his head, happy that he would get to tease Jess about what she may have been up to while he was gone.

    Back in the kitchen James sat with Jessica and talked about his day at work. He noticed her constantly looking over his shoulder and back down the hallway every so often, then she seemed to be doing it even more once the shower noises stopped. Just before James opened his mouth to ask his girlfriend why she was acting so seemingly paranoid Tyler’s door opened and shut and footsteps sounded down the hallway towards the kitchen.

    James saw the look on Jessica’s face before he saw who it was. That panic in her eyes, the way she sat up straighter suddenly, as well as the way her breathing seemed to pause for a moment. There was also something else that James saw though. He watched his girlfriend bite her bottom lip, a look that always melted James’ heart and excited his entire body. James turned to look over his shoulder and instantly felt the anger rise up inside of him as he laid his eyes on Brad.

    The meat headed giant walked into the kitchen laughing to himself as he approached the table where James and Jessica sat. James took care to bite his tongue to stop from calling Brad a flurry of names and insults. It was all he could do to stop himself from charging down to Tyler’s room and dragging him out to have him kick his friend from the apartment. The anger in James’ mind flowed together with all the things Jessica had told him that one night. Line after line about her submission to Brad.

    “He made me beg him.”

    “He made me beg him to let me suck his cock.”

    “...while I licked his big round balls.”

    “I begged for more and told him how much bigger he is than you.”

    It was too much for James to take. He didn’t know how to stop the thoughts and emotions flowing through him when he was inexplicably saved. Saved by the sound of the doorbell. The doorbell rang out, then rang out again, then a soft knocking came not a second later. James pushed himself up as quickly as he could without knocking the table over and left Jessica and Brad behind him.

    The sight of Alice standing at his front step was a shock to James. Both that she was several hours early and her appearance. It hadn’t really been that long since James had seen his little sister, but it seemed each time they spent time apart his memory went back to her being that little girl from their childhood.

    Wordlessly James opened the door to let Alice in, watching her give him a questioning look as she stepped inside. She didn’t look like the little girl from his memory, but there was something still young and innocent about her. The soft pink skirt she wore, the pristine white shoes, Alice’s white top with hearts on it, and especially the way her soft blonde hair was put into pigtails.

    All of that contrasted with the other things James noticed about his little sister. How incredibly short her skirt was, barely reaching the tops of her pale thighs, how tight her little shirt was and how it left her stomach exposed, the layers of makeup on her face he didn’t know the names of, and the way her lips shone with a glossy pink finish.

    “Alice. What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you to get here for another couple of hours.” James asked confused.

    “Well hello to you too big brother. Why didn’t you answer any of my texts? I sent you like 100 messages!” Alice rolled her eyes as she turned her phone towards James.

    James wiped the look of confusion from his face and paced quickly down the hall, grabbed his phone, and returned as he scrolled through his text messages. The first few from Jessica, asking when he was coming home, asking him to make sure to let her know when he’s leaving work. Then a ton of unread messages from Alice. Messages detailing that her ride over had to be earlier, that she was on her way, that she was almost at his apartment and why wasn’t he responding.

    James was quick to apologize, noting that his phone died and he hadn’t had a chance to even look at any messages or the several missed calls, since he got out of work. The siblings put the matter behind them as James smiled at his little sister and offered to show her around. While the place wasn’t as clean as he wanted to make it for Alice, James couldn’t help it since she had already arrived, so he started the tour.

    When they entered the kitchen together James saw Jessica still dressed in just a T-shirt and thong. As well as the bully Brad having taken James’ seat and dragged right up next to Jessica. The sight made James’ heart leap into his throat, but he did his best to hide and anger and surprise he felt. 

    “...then wait until he’s asleep-.” Brad was saying quietly to Jessica.

    Looking up and noticing the two of them enter the room, Jess jumped up and ran over to hug Alice. The two girls didn’t seem to get along when James first introduced Jessica to his family, but over time they quickly became friends and had their own series of inside jokes he didn’t really understand.

    Next, Brad stood up and in James’ mind, had a horribly nauseating look on his face as he looked Alice up and down. James thought about telling him to ‘fuck off’, but decided to try and keep things civil in front of his little sister. Besides, Brad knew a secret that James never wanted Alice to hear about.

    “Well, well, well, who is this?” Brad asked, as he towered over Alice and she almost had to tilt her head back to look all the way up at Brad. “How boutcha turn around. Damn that ass looks fat even from the front.”

    James stepped halfway between Alice and Brad. “THIS!” He said loudly, “Is Alice, my little sister. So back off.”

    Brad just chuckled in that cocky way he always seemed to as he ignored any intimidation. “Well damn shrimpy, your little sister Alice looks like she’s got a dump truck on her.” 

    Then he gave one more loud laugh and took a step back, still eyeing Alice up and down.

    James turned to see his sister’s face growing bright red, barely able to even make eye contact with anything except the floor. Her hands fiddled with the bottom of her skirt as her hips gently wiggled from side to side with embarrassment.

    After introductions James was happy to see that Brad went back to Tyler’s room and seemed to keep quiet and out of his life for the next several hours. Jessica hung around and gossiped with Alice about everything from fashion, to the boys at her school, to college life and beyond. Jess even mentioned a few times that she thought Alice should really try out something special with her, showing her pictures on her phone that Alice found very shocking. It seemed to James it was only ever brought up just as he was leaving the room, so he never heard what this special thing was.

    By the time night rolled around and sleeping arrangements had to be made, James agreed to Jessica’s suggestion that he stay on the sofa out in the main living area while Jessica and Alice took his bed.

    The day had been exhausting for James and he fell asleep almost right after his head hit the pillow. He didn’t sleep great though, awakening several times throughout the night. The first to several doors opening and closing and footsteps down the hallway. James didn’t have the mental energy to wonder what the ruckus was about so he closed his eyes right away and drifted off.

    The second time James woke up it was a very different sound. The noise confirmed to him that Brad had gone home and Tyler must have brought a girl home. He wondered if it was Hannah, feeling like he hadn’t seen a ton of her since the anniversary party either, despite Tyler’s strong feelings for her. Although, the scene in Brad’s pickup made James guess that perhaps the two weren't perfect for each other.

    The sounds echoed down the hallway a bit and he wished that he had warned Tyler that Alice was staying over. He just hoped she didn’t wake up and have to listen to the sounds of moaning and bed springs bouncing through the night. It took James quite a bit more time to fall asleep again, hearing the sounds get more and more intense. It even sounded like some loud slapping joined in and a really high pitched moan. James couldn’t help himself, being so unable to sleep he slid a hand down his own pants and tugged a quick one out to the incredibly lewd and long lasting noises, as he told himself it was just to help him sleep.

    The third time James woke up, the sound wasn’t subtle. He thought an intruder had just broken in from the front door slamming open and then closed. Loud footsteps, laughing, and someone falling over caused James to jump up from the couch. He reached over to turn on the light and saw Tyler pushing himself up to his hands and knees, before standing once more. Tyler had the goofiest smile on his face as he struggled to get his shoes off and put his keys away.

    “J-Jamesy my friend…” he stuttered out looking a bit dizzy and a bit sick. James realized that Tyler was drunk, definitely too drunk to enter their apartment quietly, and maybe too drunk to even get back to his room. He just shook his head and despite offering help, Tyler declined and boasted that he was fine and just needed some sleep before stumbling and bumping his way down the hall to his own bedroom before slamming the door all too loud.

    James laughed at his friend and roommate. He wondered how he had gone from such incredibly long lasting and loud sex sounds to stumbling through the front door to...the noises began again. In fact, the sound of bedsprings may have just been happening the entire time Tyler was crashing into their apartment, but James realized he was too distracted to hear them from all the way down the hall. All the way down, to the very last door, his bedroom.

    James felt his own heart race, he felt that awful twist in his stomach, but he had to confirm it. He stepped down the hall, hearing the noises getting louder and louder. Eventually, just a few paces from his own bedroom door, he could hear muffled voices. Then, once he got all the way to the door, he could just about make out what they were saying.

    “Just, so, big! C’mon, it’s so good.”

    “I...I don’t know. I’ve know. Plus that looks big, like, really really big.”

    “I know you’re a little scared, but he’s seriously amazing. Trust me, the size just makes it so much better.”

    “What about…”

     James slipped a bit backwards as he realized the voices belonged to his girlfriend and his little sister. He could barely bring himself to listen to anymore.

    ”...doesn’t have to find out about anything. He’s dead asleep. Besides he has no idea we’ve been together every day for weeks.”

    “Are you sure? You guys were getting pretty loud and-”

    “I’m sure! Seriously, James is great, but he’s really oblivious. I mean Brad fucked me all day on this bed and he was clueless when he got home!”

    “’ll help me though? Show me what to do?”

    “Of course sweetie! Now come on, get on your knees right here. You’re going to need both hands.”

    Suddenly a much deeper voice joined the girls, “Stop. First, show me that fat ass girl. Fuck, I knew you had a dump truck. Now on your knees bitch.”

    “Hey, I’m not a bitch!”

    “Whatever, crawl closer. Yeah, see, you already got handlebars for me bitch...”

    James stumbled back down the hallway to the couch. His mind and heart were racing so fast he thought he was going to pass out. He sat on the couch and put his head in his hands, unsure if he was going to puke, or if the tent in his pants was going to explode. Instead, he leaned back and eventually he did pass out. 

    As he opened his eyes to the sunlight James could smell breakfast in the kitchen. He stumbled in to find Jessica standing in front of the stove and Alice and Tyler sitting at the table. Tyler had a coffee in front of him and his head on the table, looking like he was somewhere between horribly drunk and horribly hungover. Alice on the other hand looked a bit tired, but was smiling.

    The three of them talked like it was a totally norming morning after Tyler excused himself to spend the morning in bed, leaving his coffee for someone with even the slightest appetite. James couldn’t bring himself to say anything, despite running it through his head again and again.

    Meanwhile, all through the meal Jessica kept looking at her phone and giggling before tapping  it a few times and rejoining the conversation. She even turned the phone to show Alice once or twice who simply blushed at whatever was on the screen.

    After breakfast James complained about being tired and Jessica quickly offered to take Alice shopping so he could take a nap. Alice was about to object when Jessica whispered something to her that was inaudible to James.

    “Really? Again?” Alice said surprised.

    Jessica nodded with a smirk on her face that James hadn’t seen in quite some time. He felt too tired to complain though and went to fix his bed up for a nap. During the process of returning the covers to the bed he saw Alice’s heart covered top from the day before at the foot of the bed. 

    Upon moving it, James discovered the same bottle of lube he had found the day before underneath it. When James picked up the bottle of lube, he was even more surprised to discover just how much lighter it felt. In fact, it was almost completely empty.

    He decided to just put it to the back of his mind, having much more important things to talk about with Jessica first. He made his way to the kitchen finding it empty. Then noticed both Jessica and Alice already at the front door, ready to take off.

    “...really doesn’t like it when I’m late. Oh, hi babe. Alice and I are going to leave now actually. You go take a nap, we won’t be gone all day I’m sure.”

    James raised an eyebrow, feeling a bit of the knot in his stomach, but the anxious feelings made it difficult for him to form a question that asked what he really wanted to know.

    “So, where are you guys going to go today?” James asked.

    “We’re going to go see Br-ahhh!” Alice began, stopping midsentence as Jessica stepped onto her foot.

    “Oops.” Jessica said unconvincingly.

    Alice shot her an angry glance but then her eyebrows raised as though she just realized something important. 

    “Bras! We’re going to see bras. Just girly shopping.” Alice finished with a satisfied smile. 

    “Bye bye big bro.” Alice said before taking off out the front door with Jessica behind her, as she turned to blow a kiss to James who watched the two girls exit and close the door leaving him alone.

    Changing the plan (Chapter 3)

    (The third and maybe final chapter of this longer form story. It jumps off the morning after where chapter 2 left off. I wrote this chapter as a commission from a fan and am open to doing more or similar stories. If interested you can message me here, or my email Enjoy.)

    James rubbed his head for a minute before opening his eyes. He looked at his surroundings for a few moments as his blurry vision and pounding head slowly faded to the back of his mind as he remembered where he was. James had fallen asleep and now awoken on his living room couch. He slowly stood and moved several empty beers away with his foot as he stumbled to the bathroom. He almost tripped over someone on the floor who he didn’t immediately recognize. It was Kevin, a coworker and friend of his. James recalled the two of them drinking together, talking, waiting, drinking more, waiting more, and finally...nothing else. A blank space in his memory where he assumed he must have fallen asleep.

    James eventually reached the bathroom and washed his face, trying to remember exactly where he left things last night. His head hurt too much to think straight though and he decided that maybe drinking some water or getting food would help. He half stumbled to the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal before sitting at the small table to eat. Instead, James simply stared at the bowl, feeling a mix of disgust and confusion. Unsure of whether he even could eat, James put down the spoon and took a sip of water before hearing someone walk in the room.

    He looked up to see...he couldn’t remember her name. The woman had long red hair and much to James’ surprise, was wearing almost nothing. She didn’t notice him at first, rubbing her own eyes as she opened the fridge and took a big gulp of something. James stared in surprise as the woman was wearing one of Jessica’s undersized shirts and only a thong under that. Her ass was just basically fully on display for him as she was facing the other way and he couldn’t look away. After a minute she finally turned and noticed him glued to her voluptuous and bubbly butt.

    James opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again, finding it difficult to even come up with an excuse. The redhead however, didn’t seem to have the same problem as she raised one eyebrow at him and smirked.

    “Oh, I didn’t see you there. Wait, you’re James right? Wow, congrats to you and...sorry what’s your girlfriend’s name? Wait wait, I know it, Kevin told me. J-J-Julie! No, that’s wrong. Jessica. It’s Jessica right?” She settled on the correct name as James simply nodded. “Well anyway, I better get back.”

    Then just as quickly as she entered, she was gone. James was still a little shocked as he watched her incredible ass wiggle back and forth while she made her way down the long hallway to his bedroom. His bedroom! James remembered, remembered Jessica opening the door, then the door slamming in his face, and, oh no, Brad.

    On his feet in an instant, James rushed down the hallway only to find his bedroom door locked. Deflated, feeling too weak to put up a fight, and feeling slightly nauseous, James slumped back to the couch and closed his eyes. He wanted to rest them for just a moment as his mind raced with ideas of what could be happening in his own bedroom.

    James opened his eyes when he heard Kevin’s voice and looked over his shoulder to see his friend and coworker talking to the redhead. The sun was bright through the front window, so James knew he must have fallen back asleep, but didn’t know for how long. Kevin looked just as bad, or maybe even worse, than James thought he did when he looked in the bathroom mirror earlier. Guessing that he may have kept drinking even after James himself passed out last night, it made sense that he would me immensely hungover.

    Watching silently, James saw the glazed over look in Kevin’s eyes as...Shannon! That was her name, Shannon. It came back to James as the image of her on all fours on his bed, getting railed by Brad’s enormous cock came back to him. Then he watched Shannon as she kissed Kevin and took him by the hand, leading both of them out of the apartment with Kevin still wondering where his girlfriend had disappeared to the night before, but more so, just glad she was safe.

    A few minutes later as James tried to forget about his pounding hangover headache, he saw Tyler and the woman he had been talking to the night before come out of his bedroom. Tyler was beaming and the woman with him was as well. He recognized her, unsure if he even ever got her name though. She had been over before for a late night hookup, James was sure of that. He also had seen her last night, when Tyler returned from buying more beer for the party. 

    “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just get an Uber. I really do have to call work though so you have to let me go.” The pretty brunette said to Tyler as she stood next to him. Tyler just nodded and the two of them kissed before she stepped out the front door and out of sight.

    Tyler walked over to the chair opposite James and sat down with a longing, but happy sigh. James could see out the window behind where Tyler sat and he noticed the woman stop on their front step as she raised her phone to her ear and began a conversation. Tyler seemed, surprisingly happy, even for him. That’s when James realized that Tyler was talking, had been talking in fact, for some time now.

    “...she’s just so amazing. I’ve never really met a woman like her before. You know? Well, I guess you do, you got Jess after all.” Tyler shook his head in disbelief and satisfaction, two feelings that James was desperately missing himself. He’d never seen Tyler so smitten for a woman before, always keeping them as friends, even the ones who came by often for a quick, or rather, all night hookup.

    The sound of footsteps behind James gave him a start so large he almost jumped out of his seat as he turned. Brad walked into view, stretching and yawning before looking over Tyler’s shoulder himself at the woman standing on the phone outside. James saw Brad’s evil smirk as he clapped James roughly on the back. It might have seemed a friendly greeting, since Tyler wished Brad a good morning so casually, surprised he had spent the night. In reality, the slap was so rough James thought he might retch. Having the air knocked out of him, James couldn’t say anything as Brad sarcastically thanked him.

    “Thanks for letting me use your bed bud. She’s a little small, but I made her work.” James saw Brad rub his crotch as though he thought nothing of it and Tyler just smiled at his phone all the while.

     “See, I knew you two would get along eventually. Thanks for being the bigger man James.” Tyler said. Brad laughed at that comment and shook his head. The laugh was like a knife in the stomach for James as he thought of all the incredibly arousing, but horribly humiliating things Jessica had told him the night before. His chin sunk down to his chest as Brad finally left him alone and said his goodbye to Tyler before making his exit.

    James breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the nightmare of Brad the bully was finally going to be over. James was feeling hopeful that the jerk would actually leave. Tyler went on and on about how important this new woman in his life was. He even said that the two of them had agreed to be exclusive last night, having spent almost the entire night just up talking to each other.

    Literally just behind Tyler’s back, James saw Brad come into view, heading for the street. Then he stopped. Of course, James knew there was always something else with that brute. 

    “I just think she’s really amazing.” Tyler said. 

    James watched as Brad brought his big hand down and slapped the woman on the phone right on her ass. He could almost hear the clap of her cheeks and gasp of surprise as Tyler continued. 

    “Seriously, Hannah is the whole package. Beautiful, smart, fun to be around.” 

    Brad bent down and whispered in the woman’s ear, Hannah’s ear, before grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her hand down, down to...well, since James could only see their backs he wasn’t completely sure. Another gasp. 

    “ funny. Like, we were already planning a vacation together.”

    Brad walked away as James watched him from the inside and Hannah watched him from the outside. Brad walked up to a ridiculously oversized pickup truck and climbed inside. It seemed like a moment that lasted forever as Brad turned his head and looked right at James. Such a horribly evil smirk on his face, the man just sat in his truck and waited. James began to wonder if he was waiting for some kind of reaction when he saw Hannah finally move and open the passenger door.

    Then James realized that Brad hadn’t been staring at him. Rather, he was staring at Hannah that entire time. James had thought he was done being shocked by Brad, except, he now knew that he wasn’t. Why would Hannah get in the truck with that asshole after he just groped her? Wasn’t she just with Tyler all night and promised to be exclusive with him. Tyler was still even in the middle of talking about how wonderful she was. Perhaps, perhaps he’s just giving her a ride?

    When James saw Brad’s huge hand drop down on top of Hannah’s head his eyes went wide with shock. He supposed Tyler must have noticed because he finally stopped talking and gave James a curious look. Tilting his head slightly, Tyler took a moment before standing up and turning around to look out the window himself. Except, from Tyler’s point of view, Brad was visible right through the passenger window, sitting alone in his truck.

    “You okay man?” Tyler asked James as he turned back around and sat down. Merely a second later James watched Brad’s hand rising up as Hannah’s hair, then head came back into view. Then once more, she dropped out of view, her head bouncing in Brad’s lap as the pickup truck’s engine kicked on and he pulled away.

    James just sat in silence, unable to even comprehend what he just saw. Tyler shrugged his shoulders, putting it down to just being hungover as he took out his phone and texted Hannah how much he missed her already.

    Meanwhile, Hannah’s phone vibrated in her purse as Brad’s cock vibrated in her throat. She felt Brad’s strong hand hold her head down as she went to move up to breathe. This shocked her. His aggressive and forceful action made her even more aroused. How could his cock possibly be so huge? Hannah could barely believe what it felt like over his pants, but stuffed down her throat, Brad’s gigantic shaft was intoxicating. She fought her overwhelming urge to gag and choke as she lifted and lowered her head quicker and quicker, sliding her pouty lips up and down as many inches of the aggressive stud’s incredible manhood as she could fit inside of her.

    Hannah felt so suddenly slutty and naughty. Hadn’t she just promised Tyler to make themselves exclusive? Didn’t the two of them just spend such an incredible night together, one that didn’t simply devolve into lustful sex. Somehow though, that didn’t even compare to getting to suck on the monstrously massive cock she was stroking with her lips at the moment. The thickness made it difficult for her to even begin to suck, but now that she could feel how powerful it was, it almost seemed like her throat was expanding to take more of Brad’s cock.

    Back at the apartment, James decided to take the regretful walk down the hall to his bedroom. The door was unlocked at long last. There was a light on overhead when he entered, as well as the bright makeup mirror he had bought just so that Jessica could do her makeup at the corner table. She smiled at him, applying a thin brush to her face as James took in the room. It was a mess.

    James saw blankets all over the floor. Pillows as well. He noticed a lamp had fallen off a nightstand and onto the floor, the lampshade several feet away from it. James also noticed a box of condoms, his box of condoms. It was open and on its side, several condoms in wrappers spilled out of the box. Then just next to those, two ripped wrappers and two discarded condoms. Strangely, they didn’t seem used. Jessica noticed James’ look of confusion.

    “Oh...that? Well, I know last night wasn’t exactly what you wanted honey. It’s just, it’s so hard to say no to him. Brad said he was going to fuck me, but I knew you wouldn’t want that. I told him no, then he just kept slapping me with his big hard cock and I told him that maybe if he used a condom, just a little bit would be okay. He said he didn’t have any though. I took out your condoms and figured that would be fine, I knew right where they were. There was a problem though babe.

    “You see, Brad was, well, he was too big. I tried to put one of your condoms on him, but it was just way too small. Seriously, it didn’t even get on the tip before it broke. He got mad, saying it could have hurt his big cock. So I had to give him lots of apology kisses, but I was adamant about not having sex without a condom. Then, umm, oh I don’t think I got her name. You know, that red headed woman?” Jessica smiled at James as though all of her talking was totally normal and not about cheating on him with such a horrible and hung bully.

    “Sh-Shannon?” James croaked quietly.

    “Shannon, is that her name? Well, Shannon and I both tried together, but it was useless. Your condoms are much, MUCH too small for Brad’s horsecock. Maybe if you buy some like, I don’t know, XXXL Magnum condoms for him next time, he won’t have to fuck me without one again.” Jessica finished with a smile, before going back to fixing her makeup that she clearly didn’t wash off last night as streaks still remained around her eyes and lips.

    James shook his head. “A-Again? What do you mean again? You didn’t fuck him did you? Baby. Jess, please tell me you didn’t fuck that asshole.” James clenched his fists. 

    “I told you it’s hard to say no to him. You wanted me to suck his big cock anyway though, right honey? So like, I figured just going a little further wouldn’t be such a big deal. You did kind of push me into it right?” Jessica gave James her lovely smile and it instantly washed away his anger.

    James sighed. “Let's just forget about it. Forget about it all. I don’t care what you did or who’s idea it was. Just, just stay away from that douchebag okay? All I want is my girlfriend back, who doesn’t suck huge cocks and fuck them in my own bedroom.”

    Jessica smiled and walked over to James, guiding him to the bed. She put one hand on his lap and gently rubbed. “ don’t want to hear what we did? You don’t want to know all the details of how Brad’s big strong bully cock controlled me. You don’t want to hear all about what that little redhead did too? What about all the things Brad made me AND her do together?”

    It was impossible not to be aroused for James. He instantly got hard at her words and sensual voice. He could barely nod as she coaxed the arousal from him and he grew instantly erect at the idea of all the terribly lewd things his beautiful girlfriend had done with Brad’s big bully cock.

    “Oh, I see just how hard you’re getting. Getting nice and hard for me and Brad’s big dick aren’t you baby? It’s okay, I like it. In fact, why don’t you just take back everything you said. Take it all back and I just might give you the entire play-by-play of events.” Jessica moaned into James’ ear and he almost lost it right there in his pants.

    James nodded, “Okay, please baby. Tell me everything. I need to hear it, you’re just too sexy. I’ll take it back, in fact, I do take it back. Fuck it, just tell me it all.” He watched Jessica smile as she stood up and stepped to the bathroom door.

    “Okay little man, I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell it all to you...tonight. Now, you just be a good boy and wait until then.” Jess smirked that devious smirk from the night before as she closed the bathroom door.

    James felt on edge as he watched the door close. He sat on his bed, feeling it slightly off balance before checking under it to see one of the legs bent out of place. He wondered just how hard someone would have to jump on the bed to bend that metal and...oh, right, Brad. James sighed as he saw a light come on the corner table and heard what he realized was Jessica’s phone vibrate. Without thinking he grabbed it and started walking to the bathroom door to tell Jess, when he felt it vibrate again in his hand.

    James looked down and saw the name ‘Brad’. He couldn’t resist. James unlocked the screen and looked. He knew he shouldn’t, he knew it would only hurt, but he had to see. Only the last few messages were visible.

    Jessica: You really want me to wear that? It was a gift from my boyfriend. I haven’t even worn it for him yet.

    Brad: Wear it slut. Make sure you get here in time. I’m kicking you out after, I’m busy tonight.

    Brad: [Picture Message]

    James stared at the picture. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It seemed so much larger close up like that. Brad’s massive cock, obviously still in his truck. It seemed to tower over the blurry figure behind it as the gigantic shaft stretched out of frame. It took James a second to realize this was after Brad had just cum as the figure mostly blocked by the fat shaft was dripping with spunk.

    Just then, the bathroom door opened and James quickly clicked the screen off. He handed Jess the phone and she smiled. She skipped over to the makeup table and put away some things before getting her purse and a red gift bag with hearts on it. Then she kissed James.

    “Alright honey, I’ve got to run, but I’ll be back tonight. Remember, be a good little boy until then okay?” She smirked and took off in a skirt so short James might have been able to see her ass hanging out the bottom if he wasn’t so busy watching her huge chest bounce around in that impossibly tight crop top.

    James sat in the dark for a few minutes before realizing what he saw. It was Hannah in the picture. Hannah was the blurry figure dripping in Brad’s massive load of cum. There was also the line about a gift James wondered. Wait, red gift bag with hearts? James panicked and looked around, only finding the anniversary card he wrote to Jessica. The gift he gave her was missing. The lingerie he had spent so much time thinking about and so much money purchasing. 

    James just hung his head down as he sat on the edge of the bed, hoping he could hold on until tonight when he knew Jess would return. He knew he would forgive her when she returned. He knew she would keep worshiping Brad’s huge cock. He knew Brad would keep bullying him. Most of all, or maybe worst of all, he knew just how absurdly horny the thought of it all made him.

    Changing the plan (Chapter 2)

    (This is another long form story, picking up directly from where the first chapter ended. I wrote this chapter as a commission from a fan and am open to the possibility of doing more or similar stories. You can message me here, or my email Enjoy.)


    James’ stared at his beautiful girlfriend Jessica as his mind raced. He couldn’t help but love her. He loved the delicate features of her face and her stunning blonde hair. James loved Jessica’s incredible body, and most of all he loved that cute and sexy way she bit her lip when she giggled. Except, now, she was biting her bottom lip as her eyes glanced over towards Brad.

    Brad, that horrible, sexist, brute of a bully. James hated Brad before the moment the realization clicked in his mind, but afterward it took all of James’ willpower not to yell out in anger. At least that’s what James thought. However, it wasn’t anger that flowed through him. Instead, he only felt weak. James slowly turned his head to see Brad already talking to some other woman at the party, a tiny redhead that James thought he had seen before but couldn’t quite recall her name. James saw Brad and the redhead from behind and watched as the meathead slid his arm down her back and cupped the woman’s thick ass that was stuffed just barely into her extremely tight jeans. Even from across the room James could tell the redhead was into it, leaning into Brad as he groped her thick jiggly ass.

    James looked back at Jessica who still seemed to be partially in a state of bliss. She seemed to be in a post sexual-encounter high The sexual encounter that she had rambled on and on about to James, now taking a dark turn in his mind. He had to ask, he needed her to confirm it, to say it, before he could believe it. It took him a minute of trying to phrase it the right way, but coming up with nothing, James decided he would just find the words as he asked.

    “Jess, baby. I know this was my idea and, like, we’ve been talking about this for a while now. I, umm, I know we didn’t say exactly who you would be hooking up with for this. I mean, I’m not going to get mad or anything, but I kind of, like, you know, thought we were talking about Tyler. You were talking about Tyler right? My best friend, someone I can trust, we were both totally on the same page right? That’s who you were with just now...even though, oh man I can’t believe this. Even though he was out, picking up more beer for the party...right?”

    He felt his heart sink when Jessica didn’t immediately answer him. Then even more so as her eyes darted around the room, everywhere but to his. Her failing to make any kind of eye contact or really, any noticeable attempt to respond made James’ stomach do what felt like a complete twist. Finally, after what seemed to James like an endlessly long silence, Jessica sighed. She looked down, then up at James and replied with such a soft frown that he couldn’t look away.

    “Sweetie. I told you and we agreed what was going to happen. You said you were excited, like you said this was your idea, your fantasy. I told you that I was going to find the guy with the biggest cock at the party. I said it to tease you and excite you, but I also meant it. You told me you wanted me to hook up with someone, well, big.I mean, you watched me dance with all of them, I saw you watching. I did dance with Tyler as well. But...James baby...he wasn’t the biggest.” 

    Jessica reached out and put her hand on James’ thigh and scooted over so she was close enough that no space was between their legs touching.

    “I mean, Tyler did feel, you know, big. But, oh sweetheart. He wasn’t the biggest guy here. I mean, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t even close. There was one man bigger and the instant I felt him push up against me, I knew what I was going to do and let him do to me. Babe, the biggest man at the party, well, it’s Brad.”

    Jessica closed her eyes as she bit her lip, oblivious remembering the time she had just spent alone with Brad’s apparently massive dong. James could only stare in horror at his girlfriend, fondly remembering how she spent the past hour and a half kissing, licking, sucking, and swallowing that horrible bully’s gigantic tower of cock. Then he felt her hand move up his thigh. That awful feeling took a backseat as James felt his girlfriend’s delicate hand move higher and higher up his leg until she rested it right on top of his crotch.

    Nothing was more arousing to James than Jessica’s touch. Coupled with the look that overtook her face, James found himself powerless. Jessica’s lips curled up into a smile he had never seen her put on before. It wasn’t the sweet and beautiful smile he always saw or remembered in his mind of her making. It was different, somehow less innocent and cute, instead the smile was vastly sexier and...wicked. 

    “James!” Suddenly James heard a voice call his name from behind. Turning around James saw Kevin, a friend and co-worker. “James happy anniversary! Hey do you mind if I ask you two a quick questio-oh, oh sorry, nevermind.” Kevin quickly took off before James even had a second to respond. He guessed that Kevin could tell they were having a bit of an intimate moment together and just hoped he didn’t overhear anything.

    James didn’t want to risk anyone interrupting again or overhearing so he took Jessica and found a nice secluded spot in a mostly empty room for the two of them to talk. Basically hiding in a corner the couple sat down together and resumed their talk.

    The two were now so close with Jessica leaning over towards her boyfriend that their foreheads almost touched. She spoke a bit soft so James found himself leaning in, his eyes darting between her hand on his crotch, her voluptuous cleavage, and that wicked smile he found so hypnotizing and alarming simultaneously. Then she spoke. James heard his girlfriend’s voice, but it suddenly sounded exceedingly sultry, tremendously arousing, her voice was pure sex in his mind.

    “Brad’s cock was so huge. Baby, you have no idea. You called him a bully, you saw the way he danced with me, I didn’t miss the way he talked down to you, but none of that mattered to me. He could be the worst man I ever met, but his dick is so thick, it’s so impossibly long, Brad’s giant shaft is so powerful I would do anything for it. And I did.” Jessica licked her lips as the two of them stared into each other’s eyes and she gently rubbed James’ crotch.

    It was impossible to resist her. James felt his arousal totally overpower any negative thoughts he had. The way Jessica spoke almost directly into his ear, melting away the entire party surrounding them. James throbbed as his girlfriend spoke about the bully Brad’s gigantic endowment and how submissive it made her.

    “I was grabbing his crotch before you even left the room honey. I told him he was the biggest man at the party and deserved to be rewarded for it. After dancing with all those guys, I knew that each and every one of them would have thrown away anything to get me in our bedroom alone in an instant. Brad was different. James, I swear he looked me right in the eye, and told me to beg. He made me beg him. He made me beg him to let me suck his cock. I couldn’t help myself.

    “I took his pants off and was on my knees so fast while he sat on our bed that I don’t know if the door even managed to close by the time I was kneeling between his legs. He had me kissing up and down the thick bulge in his underwear, begging him to let me take out his fat cock. Finally, after drooling all over his bulge and myself, Brad let me fish out that mountain of meat and worship it like a good size obsessed slut.

    “Things might have gotten a little out of hand. He asked me if he was bigger than my boyfriend, if he was bigger than you. I tried my hardest not to laugh, but babe. I mean, compared to Brad, you might not even be a man. Now, don’t pout or I’m not going to tell you the rest.” Jessica stopped rubbing James crotch as his face twisted at her insult to his size.

    James suddenly felt a horrible desire to hear more. He needed to hear every last detail. He hated that bully Brad, but he had to know what happened between him and Jessica. He had to know what his bully made his beautiful girlfriend do for that enormous cock.

    “I...I’m sorry honey. Please, keep going.” James said.

    Jessica smiled her wicked smile once more. “Good boy. Now, as I was saying. He wanted me to keep talking dirty while I marveled at his huge, superior cock. I tried to think, but honestly just looking at that monstrous sized member, it was difficult. I guess I said some things about how he’s bigger than you. Maybe...just maybe I said his massive cock would squash your tiny dick like a foot stomping an ant...while I licked his big round balls. I was just doing it because he demanded it though honey. I can tell from the look on your face that that upsets you. I really don’t want to hurt you, but I’m trying to be honest with you about what happened. I mean, at least I wasn’t lying though right?

    “Please, don’t give me that look, I know how bad you want to hear the rest. I can tell that by this little bump I feel with my hand on your crotch. Nothing like Brad’s bump though, maybe a tiny hill compared to a mountain of a bulge. So, let’s see, oh yeah, I was licking Brad’s big bully balls. He made me lick him all over. I licked his balls, up and down his shaft, he even had me making out with the big head of his dick. He was rough too. That jerk really got a tight grip of my hair and dragged my tongue up and down his gigantic shaft over and over again while I begged for more and told him how much bigger he is than you.

    “Then he told me to open wide and stick out my tongue. Of course, I obeyed him immediately. Brad doesn’t seem like the type of man to take disobedience well. I was just kneeling there between his legs. My lips spread as far as I could get them to go. My tongue was hanging out and drooling, like, even my mouth was begging for his cock. I watched him lift that huge thing and just drop it on my tongue over and over again. He slapped my tongue with his big dick, getting it even more coated in my saliva. Then he swung the heavy shaft the other direction. From side to side he slapped my cheeks with his cock. Brad just cock-slapped me over and over, dragging his giant shaft across my face, making me a huge slobbering mess of my own spit.

    “After all that he decided it was time for the blowjob to begin. My lips were open as wide as I could possibly get them, but it really wasn’t enough. As Brad began to slide his cock into my mouth I felt my lips stretch wider and wider. Honestly, it kind of hurt after a while, but I wasn’t going to complain. The biggest cock I’d even seen demanded to slam down my throat and I wasn’t going to object to that godly thing.”

    James swallowed hard as he heard his girlfriend refer to that awful bully’s cock as ‘that godly thing’. The arousal completely overtook his mind though and he was throbbing for release. The look he gave Jessica must have been obvious enough of a sign to her because the wicked smirk dropped from her lips and was replaced with her lovely beautiful smile James was so familiar with. 

    The two of them took a second to take in their surroundings. Many of the party goers had left and it seemed most of the stragglers were in small groups talking or finding their possessions before heading out. The secluded pair of James and Jessica smiled at each other. Jess leaned in so her lips were brushing against her boyfriend’s ear.

    “Come on you, let’s finish this up in the bedroom. I can tell just how excited you are and we’re going to have you let it all out. You can stroke that little thing while I tell you exactly how Brad the bully used your girlfriend’s throat to jerk off his huge cock.” After saying it Jess leaned back and giggled, biting her bottom lip in that immensely seductive way of hers. 

    The couple quietly found their way around anyone who would stop them and try to chat, sneaking to James’ bedroom at the back of the long hallway. As they got closer to the room, the two exchanged a look. What they were thinking was quickly confirmed as they stepped ever closer, the sounds of moaning, flesh smacking against flesh, and the ringing out of bedsprings. Someone was having sex in their bed. James felt a pang of nervousness and anxiety, unsure of what to do in this situation. Jessica on the other hand smiled and rushed forward, throwing open the bedroom door without a hint of hesitation.

    “Oh my god…” Muttered Jessica.

    “What the fuck…” Muttered James.

    There, on the bed, was a beautiful redheaded woman. Except, her face was down in the mattress, completely out of view, while her huge jiggling ass stuck up in the air. Around her hips were two large hands pulling her ass back over and over at a rapid pace. Muffled screams and moans of pleasure were coming from the mess of red hair still face-down in the mattress as a completely unbelievably large cock pulled far, far back and then thrust forward over and over again into the redheaded woman as she writhed in ecstasy.

    The man attached to the oversized slab of meat that James thought might make a horse feel insecure turned his head to look at who opened the door. A big grin spread across his face. He lifted one hand up off the redhead’s hips and slammed it down roughly, right onto her huge juicy ass. The sound was like thunder as her ass cheek clapped and bounced even more out of control.

    “Hey, if it isn’t the busty little throat slut. This bitch is a few strokes from passing out on me already, so how about you get back on your knees and finish me off. I need that tongue back on my balls.” Brad commented casually, almost as if it was what would happen, and no one would question it.

    James, a few steps behind his girlfriend, could only stare in shock and horror. The sight of Brad’s enormous cock, the fact he was already fucking another incredibly attractive woman after he had Jessica worship his cock with her throat barely more than two hours ago, and the way he spoke was too much for James to take. He could only stare in stunned silence as Jessica turned and looked back at him over her shoulder. James felt his stomach turn before he even saw it. That evil wicked smirk suddenly appeared back on Jessica’s beautiful face, then she bit her bottom lip. 

    “Sorry babe, change of plans.” Jessica said, stepping into the bedroom and slamming the door right in James’ face. 

    It took him a few seconds after hearing the click of the door to move. James stepped up and tried the door knob but it wouldn’t budge. The room was locked. He felt sick again, his stomach twisting and mind racing. He began to knock on the door, then he began pounding his fist against it, then he began to shout.

    “Jess! Jessica! Honey! Open the door! The door is locked! Baby please, please! There’s no key for this door! Jess-Je-J…” James’ voice gave out on him and he felt choked up and he simply ended up leaning against the door, with the barely audible sounds on the other side far too muffled for him to understand. The only thing he recognized was the bedsprings beginning once again to creak.

    “James? Is that you?” James turned around to see his coworker and friend Kevin again. Kevin quickly approached and James had only one thought. Don’t let Kevin find out about Jessica and Brad. “James, sorry about earlier bud. Oh is that your room? Is Jess in there? She might know...well I’ll ask you too.”

    James cocked his head in confusion, then replied, “Jess, she stepped out for a minute’s just...Brad.” James could feel his heart in his throat, his mind seemed to be working so slowly.

    “Oh great, that asshole. Is that your bedroom? I bet he took some dumb slut in there didn’t he? God, I hate that stupid bully so much.” Kevin said with venom in his voice. At least he understood what an asshole Brad was. “Anyway, I’m looking for Shannon, have you seen her anywhere?”

    “Shannon?” James replied, still struggling to remember why that name seemed to be on the tip of his tongue earlier. James did remember that Kevin had told him he was dating someone. “Oh! I remember now, the girl you had that big crush on. I can’t believe you finally asked her out, how long have you two been dating?”

    “It’s already been six months. I honestly think she might be the one. I’m just a little worried about her though. She can be a bit...reckless when she drinks. Have you seen her or maybe ask Jess when she gets back?” Kevin had a worried look on his face as he pulled out his phone and typed a quick message.

    “Sorry Kev, it’s been a while, I don’t really remember what she looks like. You got a picture?” James said, after having recalled Kevin’s weeks or maybe even months of crushing on some girl that he spent most of the workday talking about.

    “Sure, here, this is from when we first got to the party.” Kevin tapped his phone screen and turned it towards James. James looked at the screen, at the picture of Kevin and his girlfriend of six months. A petite redhead woman with bright green eyes, a tiny waist, and undeniably round hips that without a doubt had a full bubble butt around the back. The same huge bubble butt that was currently being slammed into the bed by Brad’s gigantic bully cock just behind the bedroom door they were standing near.

    James turned pale and looked at the picture for a long minute before replying. “N-No...I haven’t seen your girlfriend. Let’s...let’s just head back to the kitchen and get a drink okay? We can both wait for our girls to come back.” Kevin shrugged his shoulders and followed James back down the hallway. 

    The two retreated to the kitchen, both opening a beer, and beginning to wait. Wait for their girlfriends to return. To return from doing everything they possibly could do behind their boyfriend’s backs to pleasure Brad’s massive bully cock.

    Changing the plan

    (A really quick and rough story I wrote up based on an idea I had. Anyway, enjoy.)

    Tyler and James had been best friends all their lives. They always had each other's back no matter what happened. Being neighbors, classmates, teammates, and even eventually roommates in college, the two were inseparable.

    James always looked up to Tyler since Tyler was the more athletic one, the outgoing one, the ladies man at the end of the night. James felt a bit like he was just the sidekick in Tyler's life. James didn't mind though, he cherished their friendship.

    James tried his best through High School, helped along by Tyler he even made a few other friends. Tyler even encouraged James to try out for sports and eventually the two were on the track team together. James was the slowest on the team, never being much of an athlete. Barely over five and a half feet and being clueless at the gym never helped James much. However, he didn't mind, he got to watch Tyler setting records between his other sports teams and various girlfriends through the years. Unlike James, Tyler grew well over six feet and seemed to look like the ideal swim team captain that he ended up becoming.

    James even met Jessica thanks to Tyler. James knew it was love at first sight, her long blonde hair, smooth pale skin, the way she bit her lip when she giggled. It took him until the third year of high school, but James finally got the courage to ask her out and much to his surprise she even said yes.

    They shared a wonderful four years together, graduating High School and heading off to the same college. During all three years of college together James and Tyler were roommates. They grew a lot closer during their time together, revealing even more of themselves.

    As James and Jessica's fourth anniversary approached, James thought long and hard about revealing to Jessica more of himself. He was happy with their relationship, but always felt like he wasn't enough for her. Sure, James wasn't overweight or repulsive, but he wasn't the tall muscular manly man like Tyler was. James felt like Jessica and her beautiful long hair, cute petite face, and unbelievable curves were too far out of his league.

    It really got into James' head when he caught Tyler home alone one day after getting back from classes early. James was in shock seeing his best friend just hanging out naked in the main area of their apartment. Tyler apologized profusely and they laughed it off, but James couldn't get the sight out of his head. Tyler was...hung. He wasn't just ordinarily hung like some braggadocious frat boy claimed to be, he was actually porn star sized in James mind.

    James’ intense feelings of inferiority eventually overtook his fantasies and he could barely contain himself around Jessica. It started with a little dirty talk. 

    "Would you like it if I had a bigger dick?"

    "What if some well endowed man hit on you?"

     "It would look so hot to see you suck on a really big cock!"

    Jessica was hesitant at first, unsure of how she should approach James' newfound dirty talk. She went along with it, then she joined in with it, then she took over. It wasn't overly long before she was talking dirty to James in bed, begging him to let her suck on some fictitious man's ‘giant horse cock’. Their bedroom got a new spark that had them going wild for each other more than at any other point in their relationship.

    Then James got an idea. A dirty idea, a risky idea, but one so arousing he couldn't help himself. He worked up the courage over a few weeks and one night told Jessica. He wanted her to actually blow a man with a really big dick. James said everything except for the name of the man he had in mind during their conversation. They agreed together that this other man  would have to be fit, very dominant, and they would have to know he was packing some serious dick. James couldn't bring himself to come right out and say he had Tyler in mind, but he got the feeling Jessica picked up his hints.

    James knew it was impossible for Jessica not to be thinking the same thing as him. After all, the two of them had heard countless women in the other room of the apartment scream in pleasure as the bed squeaked and Tyler made them yell out how big and thick he felt. Something James had thought was the women acting before he saw what Tyler was really packing.

    A few weeks before James and Jessica’s fourth anniversary Tyler brought a friend from work back to the apartment. Tyler introduced Brad to James, but the two seemed to butt heads immediately. Brad had a rough sense of humor that seemed to rely on degrading anyone he looked down on, which to James, seemed to be everyone except Tyler. He thought his best friend would pick up on how uncomfortable it was, but the night continued and James heard joke after joke at his expense with no interference from Tyler.

    The night of James and Jessica’s four year anniversary Tyler surprised the happy couple with a party. Their apartment was packed and it seemed like everyone they had met at college showed up. Even that asshole Brad was there, but James knew he could easily be avoided.

    Instead he decided to focus all of his attention on his beautiful girlfriend and how amazing her body looked gripped so tight in her tiny black dress. Her tits seemed to be fighting to spill out as her cleavage exploded and the bottom hem of the dress just barely touched the top of her thighs as it stretched so far back over her round bubbly ass.

    James couldn’t help but smile broadly, putting a hand around Jessica's tiny waist and whisper in her ear that he thinks tonight should be the night. She grinned back at him with a mischievous smirk and licked her lips. When she agreed, they both could feel their hearts begin to swifty race. She told James that she's going to do it. 

    Jessica embraced him in a quiet area of the party, she looked James directly in the eyes and told him, "I’m going to give a blowjob to the guy with the biggest cock at the party."

    James felt a bolt of lightning through his body. The incredible excitement, mixed with a single moment of worry. He worried that she said ‘the biggest cock’ and she didn’t just say Tyler, but her teasing words were so much more exciting to him. After taking a moment, James realized that no one could outclass Tyler anyway and Jessica’s really was just trying to rile him up. He nodded in agreement as she sensually added that she's going to have to dance around and really find out who the biggest winner is.

    James watched, sipping drink after drink as his beautiful girlfriend of four years danced with man after man. Some of the men were shocked that Jessica was up for it, others took full advantage. A few grinded their hips into Jessica's huge ass while James bit his tongue. He felt a mixture of being both slightly angry at how forward they are, and jealous. 

    Finally, James saw Jessica approach Tyler and the two danced for a long time. James did his best not to show how turned on he was, but almost lost himself when Jessica looked over and made eye contact with James, before bending at the waist and letting Tyler hold onto her hips as she twerked on his crotch.

    After their dance ended Jessica headed back over to James. Just before the two lovers could speak however, Brad stepped right in front of James and asked Jessica to dance. James couldn’t help but roll his eyes, referring to him as "Brad the Bully" and telling Jessica not to dance with the jerk. It seemed like she was going to tell Brad off when he suddenly laughed quite loudly and leaned toward Jessica. Brad whispered just loud enough for James to hear that the bully part is short for ‘Bedroom Bully’ grabbing his crotch as he said so. Then Jessica surprised James by telling him that she already danced with all the other men, it would be weird if she didn't dance with Brad as well.

    The two were on the dance floor before James could squeak out a sound and he simply watched the show. Brad was much more aggressive, more daring, and more perverted than all of Jessica's other dance partners combined. His big hands were all over her ass, bouncing her huge tits, spanking her, even pulling on her hair. Just as James started to fume and was about to interrupt, he saw Brad put his hands on Jessica's hips and pull her back roughly into his crotch. He couldn’t help but notice as his girlfriend gasped and bit her lip before grinding her hips up and down as the bully slapped her fat bouncy cheeks.

    After what seemed like forever, the music stopped and the two broke apart. Brad whispered something in Jessica's ear before she stumbled back over to James. James wanted to chide her for letting Brad do all those things to her body, but the intensity of her eyes as she approached made James forget his words. Then the couple began to fiercely make out, harder than when they first decided to begin exploring their new kink together. 

    Jessica told James that she's ready to find that big dick and take it all down her throat. Her eyes darted over to where Tyler stood and James smiled in response. James told Jess okay, but warned her not to let anyone else find out. It would all be much too humiliating for him if his other friends knew his biggest kink.

    A minute later Jess took off and headed over to the area of the party where Tyler was, who James saw was now also apparently talking to Brad. James' nerves began to go wild and he decided to step outside for a bit while Jess had her fun and he would wait for her to report back.

    Barely more than five minutes later his phone vibrated. A text from Jessica made his heart pound so hard he felt like his chest might explode. James opened it and saw only two words. 

    "IT'S HUGE!"

    James sat down and tried to relax himself as his mind raced with thoughts of his girlfriend sucking Tyler's huge cock. The bulge in his pants started throbbing with anticipation as everyone around him enjoyed the party, clueless that his girlfriend had her beautiful pink and glossy lips sliding up and down the biggest cock around. James waited...

    Ten minutes...fifteen...twenty hour went by and he began to get nervous. Just when he thought he might start texting her back, James saw Jessica approaching him. Almost ninety minutes after she left she returned. Jessica’s hair was much more disheveled, she had a fresh coat of lip gloss on, and a few stains on her dress right on her chest.

    Jessica beamed at James and to his surprise gave him a long wet kiss, tongue and all. He felt shocked and unsure, but gave into his own lust and kissed her back hard. He had so many questions on his mind, but with everyone else around was too afraid to ask. Jess just smiled at him and pulled him by the hand to the empty love where no one was around. Then she began.

    "Babe, it was...HUGE. I mean, bigger than huge. I knew it would be big but, come on! Seriously, I've never seen anything so scary, so intimidating, so...demanding. I just lost control. I'm not even joking. I had no idea I was gone that long. It was a struggle, but worth every last inch. Not that I managed to get every last one, I think that would be impossible. He just...owned me. I don't know, it was totally unlike anything I've ever experienced before. It-" Then James turned his head as someone slapped him on the back.

    It was Brad, Brad the Bully. James gave Jessica a look, trying to signal that she should be quiet, he didn't want Brad to find out he let his girlfriend suck another man’s cock, a bigger cock, Tlyer’s cock. He didn't need the asshole to have another thing to bully him about. James asked Brad what he wanted.

    Brad just smiled, "There are some serious sluts at this party man. I just found this dumb little busty slut with a fat ass and she swallowed my monster cock. She was a serious thot. I'm telling you-" 

    James interrupted, "Shut up! I don't care about you or any dumb slut you hooked up with. I'm trying to enjoy my anniversary with my girlfriend, just fuck off Brad. I don't want to hear about some slut sucking your dick. What kind of stupid, braindead, bimbo whore of a woman would ever suck your cock anyway? She must be the biggest slut, who's only thought in her mind is swallowing cum to hook up with a bully like you."

    Brad and Jessica stared at James. A few others had even stopped their conversations to stare as James came back to reality, realizing he got much too loud during his outburst. Brad didn't look mad though, he just pat James on the back and laughed. 

    "You're right bud, she was a slut, probably the biggest slut I've ever met. Just some worthless bitch who loves an extra large cock. Still, I can't wait to have her lips around it again soon, going all the way down, tongue out to lick my balls as I tap the back of her throat." Brad said as he smirked as though James’ outburst didn’t affect him at all.

    Brad stood up and left, leaving James a mix of embarrassed and enraged. He turned to Jessica who looked somewhere between her previous intense state of arousal and tears. 

    Then the couple were interrupted once more. Tyler walked through the front door, along with a girl James had seen him hooking up with before, and beer in both their hands. He came over to James and Jessica.

    "Hey you two. Happy Anniversary. Whew, the liquor store was swamped. I swear I've been stuck just in line there for at least the past hour. Anyway, we got your favorite bud, enjoy." Tyler clapped James on the back and headed off to ice the rest of the beers.

    James turned and looked at Jessica with his eyes wide in shock. "B-Baby? If Tyler was out for the last hour...then who?" 

    He couldn't finish the sentence. He just saw Jessica glance up in Brad's direction, then back at James. She bit her lower lip, that sexy pose he first fell in love with. She shrugged her shoulders as she did so and simply replied, 


    Wife speaks to rude neighbor. (Pt.2)

    You thought that perhaps, if your wife's plan to handle the big rude bully of a neighbor didn't work out, you could try something else. As she left you set your phone up near the paper thin wall to record him playing music overly loud and hopefully get someone to make him turn it down with your proof. Instead, you recorded something very different than what you wanted...

    (Part 1)

    Wife speaks to rude neighbor.

    You were so sick of your neighbor blasting music through the thin walls that connected his place to yours. You complained about it relentlessly to your sexy wife and always said you would do something, but never did. He was an asshole, just the thought of talking to him scared you some. Eventually she got fed up with all your talk and no action and decided to take things into her own hands.

    Coming out the bedroom a bit later on, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Your wife was wearing the smallest and tightest booty shorts you’d ever seen her in. It made you wonder how many years ago they were from, considering her already sizable ass was even bigger and rounder now.

    It was also her top, although it could barely be called that. Only the smallest bit larger than her bra, it squeezed against your wife’s enormous chest and did nothing to hide the fact that she was stacked more than any woman you knew.

    She blew you a kiss goodbye before you could complain, telling you she was going to handle the neighbor. Then with a wink and jiggle of her fat jiggly ass she slammed the front door closed right in your face. Your heart began to pound, not knowing what to make of your wife’s sudden attitude and shockingly revealing outfit.

    You tried to listen, but the music was much too loud to make out anything concrete. You ran to the bedroom, since that was always the loudest spot, where the wall was thinnest connecting his bedroom to your own. Then the music stopped. Finally, finally you thought, the headache was about to be over. You waited for your wife to return with a smile on your face when you heard the bed springs.

    Slow at first, but then picking up the pace and the headboard began to join in. Worst of all, the music resumed. You recognized the song as the slamming headboard went with the rhythm of the music. Then the moaning voice became all too familiar. Moaning turned into screams of pleasure, bed springs sounded like they might give out, and the headboard threatened to completely smash through the wall.

    All while the music grew to an unreasonable volume. You recognized the song. “Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt. Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt!  Turn around, stick it out Show the world you got a...”

    The pictures on your wall began to fall and smash against the floor, one just barely missing your head as you listened in. You couldn’t believe what you heard, denied that it was real.

    “Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt. Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt!”

    Then you heard her voice. Louder than the music, the headboard, the bed springs, louder even than the memories of your wife and yourself smashing against the floor next to you.



    Stories and Ideas

    I'm thinking about getting back into writing the types of stories as the ones I imported from this old tumblr blog to bdsmlr. I'm not sure about the direction I want to take it yet, but if anyone has stories, ideas, or even requests for the type of things I write feel free to send me a message.


    My big-assed gf and I are trying to get pregnant, but it isn't happening. She thinks I'm the problem, and says my little balls can't produce enough cum. The big problem is, my asshole friend Jake is our fertility doctor and we have our insemination scheduled tomorrow. You see, my gf has heard the rumors about Jake, about how big he is, and it didn't help that at our first meeting he teased me about my small (5 in) dick and balls and my gf just laughed. I'm afraid he'll dump my sample

    Your girlfriend and your doctor friend Jake have been in that fertility room for a while now. You know they told you to wait out in the waiting room, but your nervous feeling is driving you crazy. Finally you decide it will be fine just to take a quick peek and make sure everything is okay.

    When you open the door you are shocked to see what’s going on. Jake has your girlfriend bent over and is railing her from behind. Not only that, but you notice cum dripping down her face.

    Your Girlfriend: Oh OH OHH! I’m so sorry honey, but OH MY GOD when we went to use your sample Jake accidentally spilled it on me. See it all over my face? It’s okay though, he told me if we really wanted a baby it had to be right now, so he’s just warming me up. Come on stroke your little…oops…I mean, stroke your dick for me. There you go, wow you’re already excited huh? Is it because of how hard Jake is fucking me?

    You start stroking your cock, mad at your girlfriend for letting Jake take advantage of her, but you know it will be okay once he gets out of the way and you can take her as yours.

    Your Girlfriend:YES YES FUCK ME JAKE! GOD DAMNIT YOU HUNG STUD, THAT COCK IS SOOO BIG! Alright honey, should Jake stop now? Why don’t you stroke it really fast and make sure you’re ready for me? In the meantime Jake is going to keep fucking me. PLEASE DON’T STOP BABY, I NEED THAT BIG COCK. I DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD FEEL SO GOOD.

    You can’t help by being turned on watching your beauitful girl bounce back against Jake’s massive cock. It’s almost a little too exciting. You ask her a few times to take your turn, but she keeps saying soon. Now your starting to get close and Jake is still fucking your girlfriend.

    Your Girlfriend:JAKE YES JAKE OH MY GOD YOU FEEL AMAZING! What’s that baby? Fine, I guess it’s your turn. Let me just…OH SHIT! SO DEEP, NO ONE HAS EVER FUCKED ME THIS DEEP BEFORE! Honey, honey WHAT? What did you do? You came? You were supposed to cum in me you idiot!

    You got so excited when your girlfriend was talking about how deep Jake was you couldn’t help it. You tried taking your hand off your dick, but it was pointless, you couldn’t stop yourself from cumming.

    Your Girlfriend: What the hell? Well I guess we just have to let Jake finish. Baby calm down, Jake said this is the perfect time. You really don’t want him to? Are you absolutely sure? Okay fine, Jake you cant…OH FUCK YES! YOUR SO BIG, SO MUCH BIGGER!! JAKE WAIT! WAIT! OH WHO CARES? CUM INSIDE ME YOU STUD, YES FILL ME UP! YESYESYES! WOW YOUR’RE STILL CUMMING, I FEEL SO FULL. Oh baby, I’m so sorry, don’t cry. Maybe I won’t get pregnant. Listen, let’s just go home and I can come back for my appointment next week alone and Jake can tell me what to do.


    My gf is a cheerleader at our college. She was assigned three black football players to encourage and "cheer" academically. She hangs out with them all the time and they started teasing me in the halls. I even saw her come out of the guys locker room shower once. I asked her about it and she said she didn't know what I was talking about.

    You’re really worried about your cheerleader girlfriend hanging out with all those big black football players. Some rumors have crossed your path, but you refuse to believe that your girlfriend would actually cheat on you. Especially with those assholes.

    Of course, they do always try to put their hands all over her body, grabbing her ass whenever you’re around. Even boasting about how big their cocks are, which really drives you mad because you’ve noticed she glances at their crotch every time they mention it. Even once biting her lip as one of them lifted up her cheer leading outfit and pulled her big ass onto his lap. You’ve complained to her, but she just giggles and says they’re being friendly and that’s just how most guys are.

    Now they’re all going out of state on an away game and staying in the same hotel. You’ve called five times already, but voice mail every time. she promised to pick up so you two could talk since you haven’t had much time together lately. What could your girlfriend possibly be doing that she forgot about your phone date and doesn’t notice her phone is ringing over and over again?


    My fiancee has a family tradition where the couple swaps families for a week, before the wedding. So I get to live with her stuffy parents and bitchy sister while she lives with my jock of a dad and 19 year old brother. I got my genes from my moms side because my dick is 4" while my brother takes after my dad, both easily twice as big as me and they like to rub it in. Yesterday, they laughed and said that they'd take real good care of my bride to be.

    Fiancee’s Sister: Haha, I can’t believe she’s going to be spending a whole week alone with your brother and dad. I guess this is her last chance at some fun before the wedding. I’m sure she’s going to be having SO much fun though, god, I would love to spend a week with those two big boys.

    Your fiancee is now at your family’s home, while you’re stuck with her boring and stuck up family. Her sister isn’t helping at all, always talking about how hot she thinks your brother and dad are. It’s the first night away and you figure you should check in on her so you give her a call.

    Your Fiancee: Ugh…ahem…Hello? Oh hi sweetie. Yes, everything’s fine here, your brother was just showing me around and helping me unpack everything. He’s so helpful, such a big strong man he’s turned into, oh my yes. What’s that? Oh, nothing he’s just being silly.

    You: Okay, well I hope everything goes alright for you, I know my bro can be kind of a dick sometimes.

    Your Fiancee: Ha! Yes he’s quite a big dick and I know he’s A LOT to take in all at once, but I think I can do it. Oh, can you hold on one second baby? You weren’t kidding, that’s huge! That is nothing like your brothers oh wow! I’m back. What’s that? Oh he was just…umm…hold on again. I can’t, I’m on the phone with him right now. Ok just one hand…well this isn’t going to be enough obviously. Sorry about that honey, what were we talking about? You heard something? It’s nothing, your brother is just welcoming me and showing me everything I need to see. Listen I have to go right now, your brother needs help with something big and I want to give him a hand…well hands…anyway, gotta go.

    You: What do you mean? What are you going to-ok then I guess I’ll talk to you later. I love (click) you…

    You get the nervous feeling in your stomach, but try to ignore it. You keep telling yourself that your fiancee would never cheat on you, especially not with your family. After about two hours you can’t take it anymore and have to call her again. It rings for a while, you think it’s about to go to voice mail when she answers.

    Your Fiancee: He-UGH-Hello? Oh it’s-OH OH-hi…FUCK..hi honey.

    You: What the fuck? What’s going on?

    Your Fiancee: It’s nothing baby, jus-gluk-just your dad helping me unload. Your brother and dad are so nice. I can’t really talk now I-SO BIG OH MY GOD. Stop! I’m talking to him right now, OH DONT STOP. Sorry but-ugh-I have to-mmm yes right there-I have to go.

    You: Baby please tell me your not…I can’t even say it. Honey? Baby are you there?

    Your fiancee isn’t answering but you can still hear noises in the background. Did she mean to hang up but didn’t? You listen closely, you can’t tell for sure but it sounds like choking noises. You can’t really understand what’s being said but it’s definitely your dad and brother talking to your fiancee.



    The idea that girls cheat with delivery people is a cliche, right? My gf ihad some furniture delivered yesterday and the delivery guys were real pricks, teasing me about being too weak to carry it and clearly checking out my gf and her roommate. The guys are coming back by today to finish delivering stuff but i work. i'm heading over there as soon as i get off though to make sure they don't try anything...

    You leave work as early as you can, but it still takes you a while to get over to your girlfriend’s place. You are really worried about the way they were checking her out yesterday. You know something’s wrong as you reach the front door. The delivery truck was still there and you could hear loud noises from inside. As soon as you open the door your ears are filled with moaning and slapping sounds. You want to leave, but have to see what’s going on. The first thing you see if your girlfriend’s roommate, riding on top of a huge black cock. 

    Holy shit you think to yourself, that’s easily the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. You stand there for a minute admiring how hot she looks, riding as hard as she can. You feel a wave of relief, not only is it not your girlfriend, but you get to see her sexy roommate getting fucked and they haven’t noticed you yet. Then you hear another voice. 


    Oh nois the last thought that passes through your mind as you peek around the corner. There you see it, your beautiful girlfriend. There she is, two big black hands on her ass, guiding it up and down on…no way… an even BIGGER black cock. You can hear her moans of estacy as she cums all over his monster cock. Then after she regains her composure a little, begins to bounce once again.

    You’ve seen enough you think and get ready to turn and leave. That’s when your girlfriend spots you. You see her turn her head and a wicked smile cross her face.

    Your Girlfriend: Oh hi there baby. Why don’t you have a seat, we figured these big men needed a break so we offered anything they needed.

    She doesn’t even stop fucking him while she talks to you. You can’t believe it, your girlfriend riding that humongous black dick right in front of your face and your powerless to stop her.

    Your Girlfriend: Speechless huh? God I bet this looks so hot from where your standing. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed too much little man. Plus, we haven’t even given them their tip yet.


    My "friend" has always had a fascination with my girlfriends big jiggly boobs. he stares a lot, and makes comments to her face about how shes a huge tit whore to which she laughs. what's worse is he caught me getting changed once, saw ny micro dick and now loves to remind me that he is incredibly hung. he told me the other day that men like me don't deserve my girls fat tits, and he told her this too. bow they both want to see me tonight, to discuss something

    You get back to your place and see your friend’s car there so you know that your girlfriend and him are waiting for you. They call down from your bedroom for you to come in when you walk in the front door. All you know is that they want to discuss something, but for some reason you’re getting really nervous all of the sudden. Your mind is racing, thinking about all the times your friend has talked about how much he would love to get his hands on your girlfriend’s big tits.

    Now you can’t stop thinking about it. You know he’s got a really huge dick and you just don’t measure up. It’s not even close really. When you walk in your room you see your biggest fear in reality. Your girlfriend is lying on her back, big fat tits hanging out. Your friend, not wasting any time, is kneeling over her, his huge cock laid between your girlfriend’s massive jugs. He looks over and laughs, smiling because he knows that your girl is now his slut. She pays no attention at all to your entrance. Just like every other big cock slut he’s fucked, your girlfriend is completely focused on your buddies enormous cock. She’s wrapping his tits around it, sliding them up and down his entire length.


    Your Bully: Yeah I fucked his last girlfriend, a bitch just can't resist my cock once she knows how big it is.

    You:Baby, don't talk to him. He just wants to use you and torture me.

    Your Girlfriend: Oh relax, I can handle myself. Besides I wouldn't cheat on you, I'm not like her. He's probably lying about his dick anyway, most boys do.

    Your Bully: Haha, well let me show you. First I got behind that slut like this. She had nice tits, not as big as yours though. Then I had my hands holding her hips and pounded that tight little pussy while this wimp was calling, trying to find out where she was. Damn girl you got a nice ass too, now you're getting my monster hard it's your job to take care of it.

    Your Girlfriend:OH! Oh my god! Is that really your...? Um, honey, I have to...I just need to run to the bathroom. Hey do you know where it is?

    Your Bully: Ha, right, "the bathroom". C'mon slut, I'll show you something your boyfriend never could.

    You:But...honey...where are you...not with him...