Listen, yes of course Eddie Brock is an exceptional example of an alien fucker but I need everyone to understand that the symbiote is canonically from a planet where not only does everything reproduce asexually but the even idea of wanting any kind of relationship with a host was considered so insane and devious that the Venom symbiote was sentenced to death for it. And consider how weird a human must be to them. Humans are as much aliens to symbiotes as symbiotes are to humans.

    What I’m saying is in terms of being an alien fucker, NOBODY beats the Venom Symbiote.


    tired: eddie brock is a monsterfucker

    wired: venom is a monsterfucker


    Me: -so after it became apparent that ‘retarded’ had become a term of abuse, educators and psychiatrists switched to other terms like ‘handicapped’ or ‘special needs’ in an attempt to -

    George Orwell, whom I’ve dragged forward in time with my arcane powers because I’m lonely and want someone to talk to: You have a telephone in your pocket?  It listens to you all the time?

    Me: Never mind about that, the point is, young people now mock each other by sending the wheelchair emoji - that’s a type of electronic heiroglyph - to suggest mental deficiency and shout SPESHUL!!!! while doing offensive imitations of disabled facial expressions and posture.  So any attempt to lexographically make crimethink impossible is pretty much doomed because the meaning of words in everyday conversation can’t be controlled by a dictionary entry, no matter how many Ministry of Truth employees-

    Orwell: It reports your location to the telephone company at all times?


    The Dance of a Thousand Hands.


    This is so surreal for something that includes zero special effects of any kind


    If this is the group I think it is (you can find them by searching Dance of a Thousand Hands on YouTube), the dancers are all hard of hearing and the orchestra is visually impared. The dancers can feel the music through vibrations in their feet and hearing and feeling each other’s breathing. They are the China Disabled Peoples Performing Arts Troupe and have traveled to 100 countries and counting. They aim to prove that anyone can dance, and anyone can play.



    that’s just garlic confit


    Seriously, anyone who didn’t know about how to make this didn’t have parents/relatives who cooked.

    Y’all need to pick up a cookbook.  Or watch Julia Child.


    Sorry everyone didn’t grow up in a household where their caretaker cooker or knew how to cooked. Some of us didn’t grow up in a household with fresh fruits and produce. Some of us didn’t have the money to spend on a shit ton of garlic.

    So how about enjoy the video instead of being a snobby bitch.


    Also Julia Child would be ashamed of people behaving like that. Her whole deal was just... Making cooking accessible for people. Hell, she had a whole segment devoted to "oh, nobody taught you how to cook eggs? Here's how you do that." A significant part of her show was basics that people take for granted (and though the equipment may have changed somewhat, its still pretty helpful). My dad had busy parents who didn't have the time or knowhow to cook, and he learned from watching Julia Child. French cooking made easy, here's the basics everyone assumes you know but never taught you. And ever since, he's had a love of cooking.

    Stop putting people down for not knowing basics. Everyone is a beginner at some point or another.


    “Y’all need to pick up a cookbook. “ Or... watch a cooking video?