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    elizabeth bennet said "i can't fix him nor would I for a million dollars" and fitzwilliam darcy said "wait she thinks I need to be fixed? .... she's right, I've gotta work on myself and learn how to be more understanding and generous" and then he did. and elizabeth was like "shit.... he's so understanding and generous now.... makes me realize that my stubbornness and pride in my discernment are obstacles in the lives of myself and others" and then they got married and that's why pride and prejudice has been a bestseller for two hundred years


    Something needs to be done about teachers who hate kids tbh


    My sister is currently getting her doctorate in child psychology & education, but years ago she worked as a substitute english teacher at a high school in nyc. She spent half a year subbing for a woman who was out for surgery, and had been teaching english there for years and years. Most of the kids in this class were remedial; they had failed english before and had to retake it. Most of them hated the class, and they hated literature, because they had been made to feel unintelligent. My sister decided to introduce them to poetry, which was a little easier to digest than long form prose, and had them read Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice." And the kids loved it! They connected with it, they were spirited and engaged in class for the first time all year. They wrote their own poetry! They started seeking out and reading poetry on their own! They were all on track to get a C, B or A in that class. And then the original teacher returned and failed every single student, to "teach them all a lesson". That was the moment my sister decided to go into administration so she could hopefully prevent that sort of thing from happening. But it's difficult. Despite numerous complaints from parents and other teachers, that teacher had a job there for decades. She continued to have a job there. There are a lot of teachers like her, wielding power and taking their frustrations out on kids, especially disabled and remedial kids. And students have so few advocates in the classroom.


    This post has turned into teachers complaining that this behavior is understandable because of burnout, low wages, etc and like. Ok then quit lmao. If you treat my kid like this because of "burnout" I'm gonna burn out your fucking teeth

    I think people sometimes forget that the Crazy Frog was literally a TV ad spot for a novelty ringtone. Which is such an unbelievably specific bygone era that its easier to imagine it as some kind of internet meme animation.

    And then it was so wildly popular that the creators overlaid some of the sound effects onto bestselling 1984 movie soundtrack song "Axel F" and it was SO popular that people just imagine the song was written for the ringtone ad frog. From when you paid for ringtones. On TV.