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    The Shade Estate Discord Server

    ***We are looking for ACTIVE members who have the will and motivation to participate!***

    Are you a fan of roleplay? Story-driven scenes? Kinky adventures? Then our server is for you!


    Sexy demons, maids and bimbos, we have it all.

    Chatting is fine of course, brainstorm ideas, make new friends! You never know where it could lead!

    Create your own characters, participate in roleplays, chat with wonderful people.

    Who knows, you might even be transformed into something…

    Please note that many members are on different timezones, so the server’s active hours may vary.


    Mid-month reblog!


    Hello everyone! I am sorry for being so inactive. Real life has been taking most of my free time away, priorities have changed, and I have no longer the time to indulge in most of my hobbies...but here is a short message. As all of you probably know by now, tumblr will be going through some...major changes. I have no idea if this will affect my blog or not, but just in case; here is a final reblog of my discord server’s link. It is almost at its third year of existence! We talk a lot, we roleplay a lot, we share some kinky stuff...in short, don’t be shy!

    Become the Hive

    It had been a while since you’d been allowed to see, nothing but darkness and movement. Odd chatter here and there, muffled behind the sounds of the breeze and the rain. How long had they had you blindfolded like this? hours, days? It was getting hard to tell. Occasionally you could catch a word from those around you. “Queen” was tossed around alot “hive” and more. It wasn’t until finally you were unmasked… Light, blinding your eyes as the world slowly came back into focus. A wondrous room of such beauty, with what looked like some sort of chambers along the wall. Your breath catches in your throat as you see bodies emerging from these cocoon-like structures. People, or so you thought, covered entirely in a shiny black substance, it has to be latex. They can seemingly see, but they look so empty, faceless, a feeling of dread swept through your body as they stepped forward to face you.. “We are the hive, we serve the queen, we are drone and you shall join us. Submit, give in, the Queen lies within. Become one, become drone, become the hive so the Queen may thrive” The words echoing in your mind as the being stares right through you, into your very soul. Your hands still bound behind you, you feel a nudge against them. “Forward, into the chamber and you shall be reborn as we are” Whether you resist or not, you and the others beside you all with different looks on their faces are lifted, shoved or pushed forward into these little chambers… “You will obey” are the last words you hear as you’re placed inside, something new coming over your head. Some sort of visor? it starts to play an odd spiral, as a tightness begins to wrap around your feet, almost unnoticeable. A warbling sound begins playing in each of your ears, all of the background chatter is removed from earshot as the sound grows stronger. The tightness creeps up your legs, yet you can’t quite see just what it is. The sounds turn to something more intelligible, growing easier to hear each time its repeated as you’re forced to look into the never-ending spiral in front of your eyes, until the words can be heard… You are a drone. You are the hive. You serve the Queen . The Queen must thrive. Become a host. Become the hive The tightness grows around your waist, creeping further and further up your body as you listen to the words over and over, looking into the spiral, losing yourself to the words being forced inside your head. All you can focus on, all you can hear, all you can think, all you need to think… The substance creeping up your body more and more until it reaches your head, almost encased… forced to watch, to listen. Nothing more to happen until your mind breaks. Until you learn your place. Until you are reborn. Until you utter the words.. I obey. Only then will the visor rise, and the latex shall consume your head, a faceless husk, a latex husk to serve the hive and the Queen as one. You are a drone.

    Hi, hello.

    I know I’m just the author of an NSFW blog.  

    I know the majority of you are here for the kinky-boobs. 

    But I just wanted to take a moment to tell you, human to human: 

    I care that you exist.  

    Not just as a follower, not just as a ‘like’ notification that pops up on my screen,

    But as a person: a living person with so much wonderful, unique potential

    I’ve said it before that the popularity and reach of this blog took me by surprise.

    I never thought a secret fetish blog would grab the attention of ~6,000 people.

    But since we’re here, and I’ve somehow indirectly garnered your attention: 

    I’m going to ask that you keep on going.  

    I’m going to ask that you keep growing as a person.

    I’m going to ask that you be kind to yourself.  

    I’m going to ask that you be kind to others.  

    Because you are special.  

    Because you are irreplaceable.

    Because you are worthy of love.  

    Because you are capable of loving

    I just wanted to tell you that– simply because you’re here, and I’m grateful.