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    Loaded with bombs, an A-7A Corsair II of VA-27 prepares to be catapulted off the flight deck of USS Constellation (CVA 64) steaming in the waters of the Tonkin Gulf off North Vietnam #OTD in 1968. The first operational deployment of the A-7A was in combat operations occurred the previous year.


    Re-blogging my Alma Mater CV-64 USS Constellation


    A soldier’s face after four years of war, 1941-1945.

    In 1941, Evgeny Stepanovich Kobytev was a young man ready to start his creative life as an artist when Germany attacked the Soviet Union and he had to join the Army. Four years later, the difference in his face is striking. A thin and tired face, deep wrinkles, a troubled stare, this man was completely changed after witnessing 4 years of a no-rule war in the Eastern Front.

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    The Eastern Front was absolutely brutal


    I love you, Nicole Haught. And I can’t wait for the rest of our lives to unfold.


    Is anybody else getting these inserted into their timeline as “in your orbit”? If it’s just me then I’m genuinely curious how tumblr decides what’s “in your orbit”. This is probably the 7th or 8th time they’ve inserted this in my timeline in the last few days and some of the other ones were pretty risqué.

    I don’t follow anything even remotely related to lesbians. I only follow military aviation / aviation / military / sci-fi and one or two fantasy and warhammer40k blogs. I’m not offended or upset about it just bizarre lol