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    I had a Thought the other day after reading your Domestication of Izzy Hands fics that I felt I needed to share with you, so here you are 😅

    He’s just about asleep, finally, when hears Stede fucking Bonnet start up again.

    “…Izzy?” Stede whispers, and Izzy shuts his eyes tighter against the far too soft pillow.

    “Izzy?” The ponce tries again. He’s so fucking tired.

    “Izzy!” A stage whisper that barely even qualifies, finally earning him a grunt of acknowledgement.

    “Are you awake?”

    There’s a pause, as Izzy’s brain buffers. He wonders, briefly, if there’s any chance he could just go back to sleep.


    Silence, for a beat, and it’s just long enough to marvel at the fact that worked.


    Safely hidden by the pillow his face is smushed into, Izzy rolls his eyes.


    Could he reach his knife and end it all before he got caught?


    “Hm? Wh’izzit mate?”

    “Sh- Izzy’s asleep”

    He’s going to have to kill them both.

    DLJNFJKNDFLJNFDJFD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. this is SO real, poor izzy just trying to sleep and somehow using the most ridiculous excuses to get out of conversations w the two of them. i am OBSESSED thank u for sharing!!! <333


    When you spend 3 hours picking crowns with your husband for your characters in your fic (which might not even be mentioned), but not actually doing any writing. @siriuslythatbitch


    Buuuut, they're so pretty, so worth it? I believe in us writing... eventually...


    Yes. We've got this. Once flowers and clothes and music for the fic are all figured out. That might take us the next two days to decide...


    It’s fine that Discord is down. I’ll just do a little writing during lunch.

    *writing, blah, blah, it’s fine*

    What was it that I told my pocket friends I was going to do for this scene? Let me check…

    *open discord to check*


    Can I just...

    Look at how this gif is loading on my phone



    Actually, the gif just is that way. No idea why, but it felt appropriate.


    This sums up Discord though

    For all the less popular writers. For the writers who don't get much attention. For the writers who have a very small following, or no following. For the writers who don't get a lot of notes or comments.

    You are valid. You are brilliant. You are creating something unique and magical and all yours. No one would create it better. You are creating! You're writing! That is a magic all its own, and all yours.

    You are valued, and valuable, and good enough as you are.