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    this scene - where felice talks to wilhelm about her findings on who leaked the video, has always stuck with me since i first rewatched the show. i missed this the first time i watched because it's such a small thing but the more i think about it, the harder it hits.

    felice shows wilhelm the video of him and simon so she can point out the dead pixels and his first reaction to seeing what's on her screen is to flinch away...which is just...ouch.

    still not sure if he's flinching from the video itself or from just seeing simon, since this happened right after the scene where wille goes to simon's house and they have that talk, the wound of being "abandoned" by the one person he had left must still be fresh.

    just something i noticed and both options hurt my heart.

    Just saw Edvin and Omar’s radio interview translated in English (thanks @omarscurls on IG) and the saddest thing was the really creepy dm Edvin got from a so-called fan.

    He’s a TEENAGER for goodness’ sake. And regardless of age, that should never be ok. And you could also see how disturbed and shocked Omar was (but still tried to keep a straight face).

    And also Omar bringing up how fans dug up really old photos of them (and you can tell he wasn’t super happy about that either).. Sigh

    This brings me back to SKAM and how Julie made sure the actors weren’t active on social while filming and the show was on air to protect them. Tarjei complaining about fans coming to his school even when the show was over and him choosing to not have social media accounts. Tarjei and Henrik not even interacting publicly so they don’t fuel the craziness. Axel deactivating his Twitter account because of how crazy it got. SKAM actors’ girlfriends getting hate mail. And that’s just to name a few!

    So yeah, if you are a fan of YR and the cast, do NOT message their friends or families. Don’t send them lewd dm’s. Stop digging into their past and sharing super old photos of them. Give them their space when they’re out and about.

    They 👏🏼 don’t 👏🏼 owe 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 anything 👏🏼

    Appreciate the work they’re doing.. Support their careers. Send them your love (but don’t be a creep about it).

    And MAYBE we won’t break them before we even get a season two.


    Obviously there are many things to dislike about adulthood but as someone who grew up in an abusive household for whom adulthood offered the only chance at an escape, it's incredibly important to me that i romanticize adulthood whenever possible because i know there are kids and teenagers like me out there who are seeing nothing but complaints about rent and taxes and the loneliness of living on your own and i know they're going to internalize all of that and assume it means that adulthood won't offer them the freedom and safety they've been dreaming of. So while i never want to minimize the difficulties of being an adult, i also want to highlight how incredibly nice it can be to finally have ownership of your life and your body and your time and money and food and everything else in a way that you never had before. You can choose when you wake up! You can choose what you have for breakfast! You can choose when to go to sleep or if you want to (inadvisably) stay up all night watching tv in the living room! In the living room! You can choose what to watch! These are little things, but they are worth taking pleasure in, and they are worth looking forward to.


    Oh. Man. I'm in my 40s now, but can STILL remember the first apartment I lived in alone. The first week, I had nothing. NOTHING. I slept on the floor wrapped up in curtains, until a friend came to visit and was like "welp. This ain't keepin' on" and gave me a folding bed and a couple of blankets. There were part of it that were just... not fun. You know what I did, though? I made cookies. Because I wanted them, and nobody could keep me from using the kitchen. I got a cat, because nobody could tell me "no". I took long, hot bubble baths because the bathroom - and the bathtub - were MINE and nobody else's. I turned MY music up and danced around MY living room all day (but was aware of the family with children downstairs, so shut down the one person party before it got too late). I bought a cast-off couch for cheap and had friends help me bring it in, and sat on MY couch and sewed. And crocheted. And started to teach myself to knit. The only one there to tell me "no" was the kitten, and she loved playing with the yarn. There were things about it that were exceptionally hard. I was a pregnant single waitress truly struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. But that's not what stuck. What stayed with me, and what was important, was those little things that made being an adult worthwhile.


    You will get out and you will get free and it still rains, sometimes, but you get to decide whether to stay in or put up your umbrella or just let it pour down your face while you stomp puddles. You get to choose. It's not paradise, but it is, in the end, yours, which is such a relief. And all the things they say about the best of life being free - that's true. You will have happiness of your own making.

    no you don't understand, my baby wille was dragged into a fucking school where he didnt want to go to at first place, felt lonely af and when he found a person that makes him feel full & happy his fucking cousin had to screw everything up leaking something so damn personal of him and now the entire country, which he's now the heir of after his big bro, the only member of his family he could really trust died, is judging him to death and can't even be with the boy he likes. no, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND