In a daze I stumbled to my daughter’s dorm house, the closest place I could think of near my laboratory. I had been working on a new growth serum, but somehow ingested some by mistake and now I was growing larger and bursting out of my clothes. My daughter was the only person home and when she answered the door instead of being shocked or frightened, she was amused.

    “Oh my god!” she giggled as she opened the door to let me inside. She then shut the door behind me, told me Mom would be super happy and then took out my cock! What was happening? “You’re really, really big Daddy,” she said looking up at me.


    I come from a family of small people and until recently I was barely 5′. But now I was well over 6′ and possibly on the way to growing over 7′. I felt so many new sensations, including a combination of rage, confusion and intense horniness. “What the fuck is going on?” I growled. My daughter explained that she’d broken into the lab last night to put some of the serum in my coffee, as a favor to Mom who had always wished I was larger. “And see Daddy, now you are!” 

    “You stupid, little fucking cunt!” I roared. You’ve turned me into a freak! You’ve - ahhhhhhhhh!”

    My daughter sensing I needed calming, took decisive action. She started sucking my cock. As much as she could anyway, with her mouth being so small.


    I looked down at my daughter and thought about how devious and slutty both her and her Mom were. It made me both happy and angry. But I was losing a grip on my sanity - I couldn’t allow my own daughter to blow me! This was fucked up. But I love it… damn, I have to fight the effect the growth hormones were having on my mind… or I could give into them… oh fuck yes… I could just surrender to these feelings…

    “You know what little one?” I bellowed down to my daughter, “I know you did this because your Mom prefers fucking bigger man, but I’m not going to fuck her. I’m going to help myself to your little cunt instead!”

    My daughter stopped sucking, “Wait, that’s not how it’s meant to go! No Dad! You’re too big for me!

    “Too bad,” I laughed as I lifted her up off the ground. I torn off her clothes as if they were made of paper, threw her onto her hands and knees onto the couch, and feed my growing cock into her oh so tight little pussy. “See, you can take it!” I snarled as she gasped in shock.


    My daughter was so wet and moaning loudly with pleasure, but that didn’t stop her from complaining, “Daddy, you’re stretching me out! You’re ruining me for others!”

    “Then I guess you’ll have to just always fuck me from now on!” I said as I flipped her onto her back, ordered her to grip her legs in the air and then continued my assault on her cunt. 


    “Mom won’t be happy about this Dad.”

    “Fuck your mother. No… fuck you! Fuck you everyday and I’ll make you a mother!”

    “Daddy? What?”

    I just laughed as I felt my cum start to explode into my daughter’s unsuspecting and unprotected womb.

    With great power comes great responsibility, and I intend to abuse that power and responsibility as much as possible.

    Happy Halloween dads and daughters!

    By request


    ”Who’s prettier?” she asked. And she turned around and stuck out her little bottom and lifted her dress. “Tell me, daddy,” she said.  “If you answer correctly, maybe I’ll show you more…”

    She wiggled her ass and giggled and I felt my cock go immediately hard. “Who’s it gonna be, daddy?  Who’s prettier?  Me or mommy?”


    Waking up from an afternoon nap (sue me, it was hot), I heard some noises coming from out in my backyard and had a moment of freak-out. Dad wouldn’t be back from a business trip for a week, and mom was supposed to be out having a weekend with the girls she worked with, so who the hell was in my backyard?! Still naked (I always sleep that way), I crept over to my window and pulled the curtain aside just enough so that I could look down into the backyard without drawing much attention. As I looked out the window and down to the first floor, the sounds I had been hearing suddenly made sense, but even still, my brain wouldn’t accept it, at first. Down in the pool, where the sound of the water slapping the wall, and flesh slapping flesh had woken me, mom was, indeed, home. One of the guys from my school was behind her, and from my angle I could actually see his cock disappearing into her again and again as fucked her from behind. She was moaning lightly, and clearly enjoying herself, though they must have just started because she was a far cry from being worked up yet. Mom’s hair, which was very long, but always gave that illusion of being short from the front, was in her typical style of tied behind her so you couldn’t determine its length. I probably should have shouted, or called my father, or got dressed and gone down there to kick that kids ass, but I didn’t do any of those things. I couldn’t help myself. Her voice was so familiar, her face so lovely, and her body so sexy. I looked down at her, obviously enjoying fucking someone my age, her son’s age, and it made me hard as a rock.

    My cock was so hard it hurt, and the veins it in pushed against the skin and pulsed with the throbbing.  As I looked out the window, figuring I was safe because of the height, because the room was dark, and because she must have thought I wasn’t home if she was doing this; I started to jerk off. I had to go slowly, because the taboo of the situation, the forbiddeness of desiring the gorgeous woman getting her cunt stretched by a teenagers cock just outside my window was so intense that it had me on the edge before I even started. I was looking down at mom as she was taking it from behind, and then, out of nowhere, she was looking back up at me. Mom looked up at me while a buddy of mine was sliding his cock into her pussy, and her eyes went wide. Again, I probably should have done anything but keep stroking myself, but she was making eye contact, and it just made the whole thing so much hotter, and so I actually started to stroke it faster. In trouble or not, I was definitely going to cum. And as I looked down at my mother’s face, and into her eyes, she did start shouting, but she didn’t shout what I thought she would. Instead she just started screaming “Yes!”. Mom was looking up at me and yelling “Do it”, “Oh My God! Yes Baby”, and finally “Cum! Cum for me! Cum for Mo”… but then she was cut off. Because the guy who had been fucking her hadn’t seen me, and so he naturally thought she was talking to him. The teen who was riding my mom clamped his hand over her mouth, probably figuring that she was going to get them caught, and then, because he reasonably figured that she had just given him permission to, he started to cum. His hand was clamped over mom’s mouth, she was looking up at me, I was jerking off, and she was screaming and moaning into his hand as he doubled down and started fucking her hard and fast. Soon I was cumming, she was cumming, and so was he. The teen cried out, and buried his cock deep in my mother’s cunt as his balls began to empty into her womb. His hot cum splashed up into her and filled her unprotected pussy, and judging from the look on her face, she loved every fucking second of it.

    When I had finished cumming, I pulled the blinds closed again and waited for my mom to throw the guy out, now that she was done with him. I had no idea what to say. I was no longer in a position where I could take the high ground, but I also couldn’t pretend that what I had seen hadn’t just happened. More than an hour passed. Eventually though, I heard my mom call me from downstairs. “Would you come down here please sweetie?”. After a few moments, I threw on a robe, mustered up my courage, and headed down stairs for our talk. At first I didn’t see her, so I yelled for her, asking where she was, but when I heard her reply, I also heard, again, the sound of slapping flesh. And a heat crept up through me as I turned towards the kitchen, where the noises were coming from, and I heard my mother call back. “I’m.” “In”. “Here”. “Baby”. Her words were broken, and my imagination had no problem picturing why. I walked around the corner, and saw mom. She was with some guy I had never seen before, and they were both already naked. He had my mother bend over the counter, and he paused when I walked in, giving her a chance to breath. Mom looked up at me with wicked smile, put her long blond braid back over her shoulder again, and said to me “Hello baby. I was just telling my friend here about my teenaged lover, and how we liked to pretend we were mommy and son, and he practically begged to come over and see for himself. So… What do you say honey? Wanna fuck mommy?”.

    She didn’t wait for a reply, she simply spread her hands wide on the counter top, her tits already mashing up against its cool marble surface, and she braced herself. A moment later the stranger took her cue and slowly slid his cock back out of her, making her moan and close her eyes in pleasure. “Are you really going to fuck me while my own son watches?” She asked incredulously. Then she opened her eyes again, smiled, and looked right at me a moment before he slammed his cock back into her for her to moan loudly. Soon he was fucking her again, and I was up on the counter, holding my cock out to my own mother as her big tits shook with the force of the fucking. “Mmm… she moaned. Come here and feed that big fat cock to mommy baby”. We double-teamed my mom in the kitchen, and when we were all finished, he begged us to do it again at his place the next day. So the following day, before dad got back from his trip, mom and I went to a strangers house, where we tied her up and gagged her in his basement, and he, his son, two of my friends from school, and I, all gangbanged my mom on the cool basement floor. When it was done her clothes were torn to shreds, her ball gag was a necklace, and she was slathered in the cum of a half-dozen men. Two hours after that, mom had cleaned up, and we were eating dinner with my dad, welcoming him home. But as I felt mom’s foot reach out, under the table, and begin to slide up my leg and towards my inner thigh, I knew that nothing between my mom and I would ever be the same again.