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    If you missed the earlier announcements - and judging by my messages, some of you have - this blog is closing today. Just to get this out of the way here at the beginning, there will be another post coming later this evening. It'll be a short and sweet post saying the blog is now closed. And probably some links to the source lists and whatnot, just to make it easier for people who might find their way here weeks, months, or even years from now.

    But for all intents and purposes, what you're reading now is my last post.

    I started this tumblr in September 2012, so about three and a half years ago. It's weird to think I won't be doing it anymore. Doing this blog, and thinking about what I'm going to do on the blog, have become a regular part of my life.

    I'm going to miss it. As I write this, I’m honestly sad. I've talked before, and just did again in the last batch of reader questions, about how I don't think my life would be the way it is today if I hadn't started this tumblr. So for that reason alone I'm pretty attached to this place. Doing this blog helped change my life in ways I only could have dreamed of when I started it.

    But even beyond that, I'm going to miss it. Everyone probably needs a creative outlet of some sort in their life. And I've never been much of an artist or anything like that. So I felt like the stuff I did here gave me that outlet. I'd always been a fan of the comics and stuff that guys like Johnny Fever did. And tumblr has always been full of porn gifs. When I decided to start this blog, I thought it would be cool to see if I could kinda combine those two things and use gifs to tell little stories. And it was. I enjoyed doing it.

    I'm also going to miss the interactions with people here. I'm not sure how well it came through on your end of things, but this blog really felt like a community to me. I can't even tell you like... when I started talking about how we were moving, I got messages from people in real estate. People in banking. People with moving companies. All offering their advice, their help. And some of them offering it for free. Actually, nobody ever mentioned money, but not mentioning money and offering to do it for free are two different things. So I won't say everyone was offering their help for free.

    When I posted a couple years ago about getting kidney stones, a lot of you wrote me with advice. Including a couple doctors. Actual doctors. I remember looking at one of their tumblrs and thinking whoa, a doctor with a tumblr. Because I'm pretty sure my doctor doesn't have one.

    And now that we're moving, I've gotten several letters of advice from people who have done the same thing we are. Moving to a new place to openly be a couple. And they wanted to share some of the problems they ran into and the lessons they learned so that we can hopefully avoid them.

    Those are just examples of the kind of interactions I've had with people throughout the life of this blog. If I had ever run into some kind of problem, I honestly feel like I could have posted about it here and there would have been several people offering to help me with it. Like physically help if they could. If a reader had written in about a problem, I would have gotten letters of advice for them too.

    That's not something you find just anywhere. It's something special. I never could have anticipated anything like that developing when I first started doing this. And then there's all the messages I've gotten since saying I was closing the blog, which I also talked about in the last reader questions. It's been really overwhelming.

    I'm going to miss it. And I'm going to miss everyone who helped contribute to making it that way.

    But there are things I won't miss about doing this. I won't miss looking for porn. Really, I probably never even needed to look for porn in the first place. With the porn I had access to the day I started, I could have made the same number of gifs I ultimately posted here.

    But it goes back to that creative outlet thing I talked about before. I had ideas for stuff and I'd always end up looking for new scenes that might match some of my ideas. And it turns into this never-ending search for something that probably doesn't exist anyway. I won't miss doing that.

    Mostly, though, I won't miss the little nagging worry in the back of my mind that one day someone would go "Ah-ha! I know who you are!". Was I going to say the wrong thing and a reader would realize they know us? Would tumblr get hacked and information of mine would be exposed? I’ve had those thoughts in my mind every day.

    Years back, before I ever even imagined doing a blog like this, there was a message board I used to go to. They had a section there where you could post pictures to be "faked", meaning people with advanced graphic skills would photoshop cum onto the face of the person in the pic. Or put a dick in their mouth. You know, classy stuff.

    And as opposed to posting a pic of their favorite celebrity, some posters there would post pics of people they actually knew in real life. Even in some cases, their mom or their sister or whoever. It seemed like a terribly bad idea to me but people did it. And a lot of times, they would just save a picture off that person's Facebook account and post it to the board.

    But it turned out, at least at the time, when you uploaded a pic to Facebook the picture would get renamed with a certain pattern of numbers. And part of that pattern was the profile ID of the account the picture came from. If you knew that pattern, you could figure out someone's profile ID. And once you had the ID, you could then look up the person who posted the pic.

    So when these posters were saving pics off the Facebook of a girl they knew and then posting them to get “faked”, they were unknowingly providing information on how to find that’s girl’s Facebook profile. And sure enough, some people caught onto this. And I guess just for their own amusement, they started contacting the people whose pictures were being posted. Saying hey, your friend, your co-worker, your classmate, your friend's boyfriend, your brother, your son, is posting pictures of you because he wants to see dicks in your mouth.

    Then when I first started this blog, there was (from what I gathered) a pretty popular porn tumblr that had just recently disappeared. It was run by a girl and I think a lot of it was about her sexual exploits. But it just up and vanished one day. And people started to say that she deleted it because someone figured out who she was and sent the link to her parents.

    Those are just two of several examples I could mention. But I've had stuff like that on my mind the entire time I've been doing this blog. It's one of the reasons that, for instance, I've never taken a picture of anything and posted it here. I know you can go into the internal data of a picture and find out information, like the location the picture was taken. And it’s something I don’t know a lot about, meaning I'm not savvy enough to be certain I could remove all that before posting something. So I didn't take any chances doing it.

    The first year in particular, back before I knew how she'd react, I was somewhat paranoid that I might slip up somehow and someone would send my mom a link here. Once everything happened and I told her about this place myself, that fear went away. But it was replaced by a new one, which was that I was posting about something that isn't legal most places.

    I talked to her about that when I told her about the blog, and when we discussed whether I should keep doing it. But by then I knew she had my back and I felt a little more comfortable. And I figured that even if something like that did happen, nobody could prove that anything I was saying here was actually true. It's not like they'd have cameras in our house. I could just be making it all up.

    But once we move, that's not going to be the case anymore. If we're presenting ourselves as a couple, which we hope to, then nobody would need to have cameras in our house. At that point, they would only need to prove we're related. And if they had our names, that probably wouldn't be too difficult.

    I told you a while back about concerns she raised to me. And that was, while not the only one, I'd say the biggest. And there's really no arguing it. It would be a lot more risky to do this blog once we're openly a couple, because at that point we'd be conceding the thing that would be hardest to prove.

    Once I accepted that, I also realized that this was just a good time to stop. Some of you even pointed out that I'd gotten hypothetical questions ages ago about when I might stop doing this. Early on I said if anything ever happened between my mom and I, although I obviously didn't stop then. But I also said if/when we moved, that would be a decent point to stop.

    And that's the way it feels for me. I'm going to miss doing this, but we're going to be starting a whole new chapter of our lives. And before you get to a new chapter, you have to finish one. I think this is a good place for this chapter to end.

    I know some of you disagree. I've gotten several messages from people saying they're sad because they want to know if she and I make it, if we last as a couple. But to be honest, I'm not worried about that in the slightest little bit. And trust me, I'm someone who tends to worry about things.

    She's the only person for me. I've known that all along. And she told me when we first started that the relationship we'd already had for 20-some years was much too important to risk on some kind of fling that might not last. So if she had any doubts that we might not be together for good, she wouldn't have entered into this with me in the first place. We've known from day one that we were going to be together forever. And I know it’s a cliche, but we fall more in love with each other every single day. So it's nothing anyone should be concerned about.

    I guess that's really all I have to say. On the surface this big move of ours is because she's taking a new job. She's not starting it for a while yet, so we have a nice long time to get moved, to get settled in, and get started on our new life together.

    We’ve moved a few times before, back after my parents got divorced. Including a big one similar to what we're doing now. And every time we did, I remember sitting in the car with her, about to leave our old house, and she'd squeeze my hand and say "Here we go!". Like we were embarking on another new adventure.

    I'm really looking forward to that moment. When we're right about to pull out of our driveway and start this latest adventure together. I'm gonna try to squeeze her hand and say it before she can do it to me, assuming she even remembers that.

    I love her more than anything in the world. If any one message came through on this blog, I hope it was that. And I don’t want to hide that anymore. I want to be able to shout from the rooftops about how much I love her. And hopefully, not too long from right now, I'll be able to.

    I'm going to miss this place. I'm going to miss you guys. Thanks for being part of this with me.


    Reader Questions - The Final Load

    Before we get going with the questions, I want to mention that, first, this isn’t the last post. There will be another still to come.

    And second, I’ve gotten a lot of really nice messages the past few weeks. And over this last week in particular. I’m not going to post them here as most weren’t questions, but I want to acknowledge them so that everyone who sent something knows how much I’ve appreciated it.

    As for the questions, I haven’t done a big post like this since November. So this is a mix of standard questions and questions I’ve gotten since mentioning the blog was closing down. There’s a pretty clear difference in tone between them.

    And there are always questions that either I don’t receive or they briefly show up in my inbox and then tumblr eats them. In the past, no big deal, people could always re-send their questions if they didn’t get answered. But that’s not the case this time so I kinda feel bad. To anyone who’s question didn’t make it, I’m sorry.

    With all that said, on we go.


    Did you and your mom have a good Christmas? Did you get her anything special?

    We had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for asking.

    I did get her something kinda special. To her it was special, at least. It wouldn’t be to anyone else. But to fully explain it, I’d have to discuss personal details about her I don’t feel comfortable sharing. It’s things people who know her may know.

    This is probably a waste of all our time, but to try describing it vaguely, she does something, like a hobby, that she enjoys. And it’s a hobby where when she’s finished, she's produced something. A tangible... thing. And she’s produced several, but one in particular she’s really proud of.

    I was reading about something and I saw a way where I could take that thing she’s proud of and… display it, I guess would be the best way to describe it. But the method in which it’s displayed actually ties into another thing she really likes. I’m sure this makes no sense at all, so I’m sorry for the crappy answer. But basically I found a way to bring together two things she really likes, and together it shows off the thing she’s proud of.

    I thought it was neat. I hoped she’d like it, you know. But I didn’t anticipate it being anything that would blow her away. But boy, it blew her right the hell away. She just loved it. So it was pretty awesome.


    Now that you've got a taste for blogging, will you be blogging somewhere else? Politics? Arts and crafts? Small engine repair?

    I don't have any plans to. To be honest, I don't think I know enough about any other topics to blog about them. My mom, my feelings for her, on those things I'm pretty much the world's foremost expert. But anything else? I have no idea what I could blog about where anyone would go "Man, I'm interested in what this guy has to say".

    So it seems unlikely.


    I'm going to ask this here so everybody can read the answer. I remember you said somewhere that if it wasn't for this blog, things would not be the way they are now. Do you care to elaborate on that? Perhaps think about it as taking a stroll down memory lane with us to remember how it was not all a given before moving on to the next stage? How did it evolve from a fantasy into this? What were the stages and pivotal moments, like this blog for example was one of the final ones.

    If I hadn’t started this blog, I don’t think there’s any way things would have worked out like they have. There’s a few reason for that, but the biggest one (and easiest to explain) is that without this blog I don't think I ever would have told her how I feel. I probably would have tried to bury my feelings and hope they finally went away, like I always had before. I think having this place to talk about it, rather than hide from it, helped me get to the point where I could tell her.

    As for pivotal moments and that kind of thing, starting this blog was definitely one. Telling her was obviously one. But other than that, I think everything else was just the culmination of many little things that occurred between us. How our relationship evolved and became closer after I moved back home. If she ever said that certain moments were more key than others, I don’t recall it at the moment.


    Do you think you will still update the Sydnee Steele blog after you stop updating this one?

    No. Probably right around the same time this question was sent, I had a message queued up there to announce it closing. It was a fun side project, but I really didn't have much time to update it the last few months anyway.


    Did you get the house with the cool shower?

    No, but the realtor found out which renovating company (or whatever you’d call them) did that bathroom. So we're gonna have them do it to ours.


    Your love story inspired me so much I've decided to make a web comic based on it :) I was hoping to send you the pilot episode before you decide to close the blog or not on February 1 but I'm afraid I wont be able to make that self-imposed deadline. In any event, I'm calling it Tommy and Gina and I hope I can do justice to your solid writing skills :D Hope you don't mind me using your lovely words for this project.

    I'm sorry I won't be able to see it. That sounds really cool.


    How would you feel about taking a break from this for a few years and then publishing your findings in an e-book anonymously? I frankly don't give a hoot about the salacious details, but the more mundane "life under cover" challenges of our type of unique relationships is rare to read about. Best of luck.

    I dunno, I guess it mostly depends on how anonymous it would really be. I'd probably have to find some way to publish it where it couldn't be traced back to us.

    And it would probably depend on what kind of issues we run into. If our experiences teach us things that might help others in similar situations, it's probably something I'd think about. Several people in situations like mine, starting fresh in a new place with this kind of relationship, have reached out in the last month with advice based on things they've gone through. Which I've greatly appreciated. If I was able to help others in the same way, I'm sure I'd consider it.


    What do you want your legacy to be? Great blogger? Top notch erotic gif maker? Pioneer for the acceptance of incestuous relationships?

    My legacy? I dunno... I just ran a tumblr for a few years. I don't think it's important enough to have left a legacy.

    I just hope people liked the blog, that's all. But if I had to pick something more profound than that, then I guess... I've had people tell me that they've found this blog (or been shown it) and it's kinda opened their minds a little. Like they say they’re for equality with marriage laws and that kind of thing, but someone would go "Well, what about being able to marry multiple people? What about two adults getting married who are related? Are you for that?" and they weren't.

    But they read some of my story and saw there was nothing sinister going on. Just two people who love each other. And it helped them see things a little differently.

    So if anything here has helped people look at things in a new way, that would be good. I think I’d pick that legacy over “he made good naughty gifs”. Not that I’m not proud of the gifs.


    A while back you said if you told anyone about your relationship with your mom it'd be your aunt (her sister). Have you done that yet? If so, what was her reaction? If not, do you plan on telling her or anyone else?

    No, we haven't told her. We don't have any plans to tell anyone. I think if we ever did tell her, it would probably be because we thought she'd already figured it out for herself. Or if we needed to for some reason, though I'm not sure what such a reason would be.


    What's the source video of (your url)/post/103274670489 ? Who is the actress? What is the name of the scene?

    There are source lists to answer just those sorts of questions. That one’s older, so check the second one.


    Hey man. I've been following your blog since practically the beginning, and I've had a question I've been wanting to ask. Since the blog is ending, it's now or never. I know you say that the incest thing isn't a big part of it for you - that you don't want her to mention it or play on it or whatever. But do you ever have/have you had moments while you're having sex where you just get focused in on the whole thing? Like "holy shit... I'm having sex with my *mom*. It's really happening."

    I can't specifically remember just zeroing in on the mom thing. Even today I have moments where I can't believe we're doing it. Or that she feels about me like she does. But it's bigger than just because she's my mom.

    She's the woman of my dreams. And it actually happened. This incredible amazing beautiful woman picked me to be with. Why? It boggles my mind. There are many reasons why it's hard to believe sometimes, and the fact she's my mom is only one of them.

    But with that said, I can't say I never focused in on just the mom aspect at some point. I probably did. But it would have been back at the beginning and I just don't remember it.


    Obviously you've had to lie by omission for reasons of privacy. No arguments there. However, did you ever tell a fib in your personal story that was a whopper? Come on -- 'fess up.

    Well, I guess I can come clean now. To be honest, my mom really isn't all that hot. And when I told her how I felt about her, she kicked me out and hasn't talked to me since. But other than that, it's all been true.

    No, there's nothing I can think of that was a particularly big lie. Any outright lies I told would be so that if someone who knew us in real life was also reading this blog, they wouldn't be able to piece certain things together. Like if I were to say that we're officially moving on a certain day, I wouldn't say the actual day. I'd say a day weeks after we moved. Or weeks before. Because people who know us in real life would know the day we're moving, and if I gave the same day here they could go "Hmm".

    So stuff like that.


    Do you have any regrets about the blog? Anything you wince about now when thinking? As well, any surprises looking back?

    There are some things I wish I hadn't said. I'm not going to mention what they are, but I liked to think I had a good ability to filter out certain things. And it failed on a few occasions.

    As for surprises, I've talked several times in the past about how surprising it's been to me that this blog has been popular with girls. Or women. Girls and women. I never know what word to use. "Girls" seems to imply someone young, the same way "boys" does, and “women” implies someone older. Is there a feminine version of "guys" that doesn't imply anything about age? The only thing I can think of is gals, but nobody ever says gals. I realize it's a bit late in the game to be asking this.

    Anyway. It's probably just my own cluelessness, but it never occurred to me that, um, ladies had fantasies about their dads. Or had "daddy" fantasies in general, even if it wasn't about their actual fathers. And likewise that mothers had incest fantasies, even if not about their actual sons. For whatever reason, I just thought it was a guy thing. So that was definitely surprising.

    Then there's stuff like I just mentioned in a prior answer, people telling me this blog has helped them see things differently. People have written into say that I inspired them to tell the love of their life how they felt. Or that this blog helped them deal with feelings or fantasies they had, whether it’s being less ashamed of them or giving them the courage to broach it with their significant other for roleplay ideas and that sort of thing. I never could have expected anything like that.

    I’ve gotten a lot of messages like that this week and it’s very surprising for someone to tell me that this blog had an impact on them. And a positive impact at that.


    If you leave can you let us know any other sites with stories about incest please

    There are lots of sites with stories about incest. Literotica is probably the most well-known, but just google "incest stories" and you'll find lots of stuff.


    Hi, can you please update your about me with a list of people who know about your relationship?

    I know. She knows. If you're reading this, you know.

    That's the list.


    Will you be living in this new place as husband and wife?

    We plan/hope to live openly as a couple, but I don't think we're going to pretend we're actually married. I wouldn’t mind doing that but there are a lot of issues that go into it.


    In your 'How I Told Her' post of two years, ago, she broke off the conversation for a phone call from her sister. I am curious, what was her thought process during this time?

    At some point back then, I'm pretty sure I explained it from her side. I would just link it for you, but I have no idea which post that's in. So I'll just tell you as best I remember.

    Back at the time, I thought she was on the phone that entire time after our talk ended. But she told me later she laid on her bed for at least a half hour or so, kinda freaking out. Good freaking out, not bad. She was aware that she'd been feeling things that weren't typical motherly feelings, but she hadn't ever said to herself that she was in love with me. Or that she otherwise had any kind of romantic type feelings for me. That's when she realized that that's what those feelings were. That she felt the same way I did.

    I think the word she used was overwhelmed. She was overwhelmed (in a good way) by everything I had said to her about how I felt. And then realizing she felt the same way was overwhelming too, also in a good way.

    But she wanted to give it a lot more thought and not rush into anything. So she basically put it all aside to think about later, and had to get herself together, and then she called my aunt back and had to keep from saying anything about it.


    The "Summer of '78" story was beautiful and sad. Were those real events or a fictional story? Do you know if the writer has written anything else?

    I'm honestly not sure if it was meant to be a real account or not. The author didn't mention having anymore stories. It just showed up in my inbox. It doesn’t seem to have been posted anywhere else, which would make me think it might be something that really happened.


    I'm not sure if you elaborated on this, but I'm assuming the house you're leaving is the one you grew up in. Are you guys going to miss the house where all this started? Did you consider that when you were thinking of moving? If you were to come back to the house in a few years would you have a moment like "Oh the stories these walls could tell!" or something like that?

    We've lived in our current house for many years, but we moved a few times after my parents got divorced. So it's not the "house I grew up in" as though I'd lived in it all my life. But we've still spent a long time here. So yeah, I definitely think we'll miss it. It's a really nice house and we have lots of memories here. Some sexier than others for sure.


    Are you a troll?

    I don't think so.


    Has your mum ever been back to that psychic?

    The psychic as mentioned in the previously linked “How I told Her” post, yes, she's been back. The psychic has never said anything about our relationship, if that's why you're asking. Some people have asked that before. I think the closest she's come is just saying that she can tell both of us are very happy about where we are in life, or words to that effect.

    Mostly they talk about what dead people have to say. But no dead people have said anything about it either, so I guess that's good. Maybe they approve.

    Or... you know. Maybe it's all bullshit. But she's not a big fan of that suggestion.


    Will you keep blogging but not about this subject? Or would bridging some of your audience to a new subject rather miss the point of closing things down?

    As I mentioned earlier, I don't expect to be doing any blogging of any kind. But if I did, I don't think I'd ever mention that I'm the guy from this blog.


    A mom here. I sometimes wish I could do that "Movie Night" technique to get my son to stay but I worry it'd keep him away more!

    Hey, you never know, you can never underestimate the allure of a blowjob. Especially if he doesn't have a girlfriend or anything. But you know him best. Don't listen to me.


    I feel like you're totally bullshitting us. You've never actually had sex with your mom, or else you would have actually proved it.

    It's a shame you waited so long to send this, because I would liked hearing your suggestion on how I could have proven it without publicly posting our pics, names, and my birth certificate to prove they all matched.


    The first time you saw her naked you said for as long as you've wanted to see breasts in general you'd wanted to see her breasts in particular. Now that you see them all the time, is it any less exciting? Does it still make you hard or are you so used to seeing them that they don't have the same effect anymore?

    I'm sure in some sense I've gotten used to seeing them. I mean, I'm not worried anymore that I might cum or pass out just from the mere sight of them. But I get hard watching her unbutton her blouse. So seeing them is still very exciting.


    good moms give their sons pussy

    You should make that into a bumper sticker.


    Put up a pic of your moms cunt

    You first.


    My favourite story was the one about the wrestler and his mom. Have you ever heard more from him?

    No, I think that's the only thing I got.


    Any regrets? What about words of wisdom? Hypothetically, your secret life were to go public, what would you want to say?

    I have no regrets. I'd like to hope there's some small degree of wisdom contained somewhere in these answers, but I couldn't tell you where to find it.

    If it went public, I'd want people to know how much I love her. My big fear is that if we were ever found out, she would get the blame. Like I couldn't have fallen in love with her of my own volition, she must have groomed me or something like that. Like a predator. And as you’re well aware if you've read this blog, that would be completely untrue.


    You and your mum are in different phases of life. Will you want children? But at her stage of life, would she?

    She can't have more kids, so the only issue is whether I’d want to. And I really don’t. I do think she feels kinda bad that I won’t be able to. But I’m not worried about it.


    How would you answer the Proust Questionnaire?

    Thoughtfully. Carefully. You weren't asking me to answer the whole thing, were you?


    So did you lick eggnog off her tits again this year?? lol

    Yes. And Bailey's Irish Cream, which she always likes to get at the holidays. I think we might stick with that going forward, I like it better than eggnog.


    Hey mate it's Mac, no updates or anything just wanted to send a message to WineMom via you lol anyways to WineMom: if you are really unhappy, he's cheating on you and there isn't anything really keeping you together divorce your husband. There isn't any point in staying in a relationship if you are not happy I think.

    I’m not sure if she’ll see it, but I’m posting it in case she looks.


    It's a publicity stunt. You'll be back after February. You can't stay away! You just can't quit and walk out?! Goddamnit fight you pussy! Continue doing this cause it's all you can do' We need you here doing this! You know you'll be back.

    I'll miss you too.


    Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but you've said that you never spied on your mom, masturbated with her panties, that sort of thing. Since you lived with just her it probably would've been fairly easy to. So why didn't you?

    I just loved and respected her too much to do stuff like that. It would have been violating her trust in me. Violating her privacy. At the time I thought that as much as I wanted to see her naked, it wasn't going to be worth how bad I'd have felt for doing it.

    Having now seen her naked, I think it actually would have been well worth the guilt. But I'm glad I didn't.


    I have a question I don't think you've actually been asked before: I've been following your blog for awhile and you have answered many questions about your Mom. Obviously you love your Mom and you're okay with having sex and a relationship with her. What I'm curious about is what if you have a daughter and she felt the same way about you? Let's say she's over 18 and she told you that she's wanted you for years. Would you engage? Would you discourage?

    Well, it's hard to answer a completely hypothetical question. I can't say what kind of feelings I might have for someone who doesn't exist and that's a pretty important part of the equation. And where's my mom in this scenario?

    I think it would have to be an extremely specific situation, pretty much exactly like my situation with my mom (except in reverse), before it was something I'd even think of giving any consideration to.


    Have you two filmed yourselves at all?

    A few times here and there. Not like setting up a tripod by the bed or anything. Mostly just playing around.


    What would you do if your mother made you a deal your senior year of high school that she will willingly give you head or titfuck you anytime and anywhere you ask her to. But the only catch is that you have to stay at home and can't date any other girl would you take the deal?

    I probably would have taken that deal so fast, the speed of it would have caused the Earth to start rotating in the wrong direction. But she never would have said anything like that. And if anything like that had actually happened, I don't think we'd be where we are now.


    "Just before Christmas, my mom kind of suggested that, with our move, maybe it was time for me to stop doing this" and then you'll sit down and she'll say she doesn't think you two should have sex, and you'll probably move back to where you live now, or where you went to college. She's having second thoughts dude, and you need to get out now.

    That's an interesting take on it.


    What were the positive and negative benefits for you, and possibly your mother, from operating the blog? (We'll take the endless spam and abusive users as a given.) What were the risks of running it? Now that it's over, what do you reflect on the cost benefit analysis of the exercise?

    Well, as I said in an earlier answer, the overwhelming positive is that I don't think things would have worked out as they have if I hadn't started the blog. So it's pretty hard to top that.

    The risk was that someone might find out about us. But since that hasn’t happened and things worked out like they did, I'd say it was well worth it.


    Do you play any video games? Also what kind of music are you and your mom into? Favorite TV shows?

    I used to play video games but I haven't really done it since everything with my mom happened. When we're both home, I like being with her. And when I have time by myself, I work on this blog among other things. So I haven't really had time. Maybe now that I won't be doing this anymore, I'll start again. I dunno.

    I like most any kind of music. So does she but her favorite is stuff from the 70's and 80's, her formative years. I have no such connection to 90s and 2000's music, though.

    I wrote about my favorite shows once here.


    Dude, don't hold out on us; you've got to tell us about fucking your mom in her office? Did you bend her over the desk, was she sitting on the desk? Against the wall? All of the above and more? C'mon, spill...

    We mostly did it... I wouldn't say she was bent over her desk, but she was leaning forward with her hands flat on the desk. Then she wanted me to sit on the edge of her desk (I kinda half stood and half sat) so she could sit in her office chair and give me, you know, a mouth hug.

    That was really it. It couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 minutes. Just a quickie.

    And just to update the list of places we've done it, we also added the hotel we stayed at when we went to look at houses. And when we were looking at houses, the realtor would show us all the highlights and everything. Then she'd go set up shop in the kitchen or somewhere and do her realtor business, return calls and whatever, while we explored the house.

    So we fooled around a little bit in a few houses. No actual sex but a blowjob or two and some other orally related fun.


    Can you repost the story that got you into this? You know the one with the 2 sons and 2 moms ones a therapist

    Sure. This appears to be the same version I remember finding back then, with the original names and everything.


    A while ago you mentioned that your step-mom is the nosiest member of your family. Will that be an issue moving forward? It may be the sort of thing that boils over when you return for family visits – I think you two need to bail from Facebook totally.

    I imagine it will be an issue to some extent. How big an issue I won't know until it comes up.

    I don't think I've used Facebook in over a year. I think for her probably even longer. But there are definitely things like that we'll have to stop doing now. There's a lot that goes into something like this, but I think we're going in with our eyes as open as they can be.


    I sent this comment in a few years ago. I’m glad things worked out.

    So am I. Thank you for the advice.


    Who'd play the two of you in a film?

    Hmm. If I could pick anyone, I’d probably go with... late-1990s Catherine Zeta Jones for her. She’d like that. And for me, The Rock.


    One last question: it's said we have the best sex with our spouses because it's flavoured with the thousand experiences of a long marriage, events positive and negative. Our appreciation of the person's eroticism becomes deeply nuanced because we've been with them through different phases of life and thousands of experiences. This normally takes couples a decade or more but have you two reached that stage sooner for obvious reasons? Thanks for everything, Phantom. (A and L)

    I definitely think we have. For both of us, our first time (once we got rid of the initial jitters and stuff anyway) was markedly better than any sex we’d ever had with anyone else. Which doesn’t mean a lot from my perspective, having less experience. But it does from hers. And I think it’s because we had such close emotional ties already.

    And it’s only gotten better and better since then. It’s a very powerful combination, taking the close relationship we had for 20-some years and adding the bond that... I don’t want to say “lovers”, as I’ve never liked that word, but I can’t think of a better one. The bond that lovers share. I wish everyone could experience what that’s like.

    Thank you too, BTW. I couldn’t reply to what you sent earlier in the week, so I’ll just do it here.



    A lot of people have asked for suggestions on other blogs to follow. I just reblogged a post full of them, and be sure to check the notes/comments on that post for even more suggestions people have added.

    You can also check out the resurrected Incest Family tumblr for more sites.

    There are also a lot of incest groups on reddit. The main one is here and on the right you can see where it says “related subreddits”. There are several under that, including ones for porn and one for relationships. So you can check into those too.


    One of the best things about your blog is the reader's submissions. Seriously, the "Above And Beyond" entries are fantastic! Any chance you'd be willing to link other blogs who would post reader submissions? I'm willing, but I have a small blog.

    For anyone interested in sharing their story, here’s a blog that would post it.

    I guess this is a shoutout, so I lied a minute ago when I said that was the last one. Oops.

    Obviously I'm going to miss you and your story and your gifs. Everything you do, basically. LOL. But I'm also going to miss the stories people send you. As far as I can tell there isn't another tumblr that gets the amount of story submissions you do. I think it's because with your way of writing and your voice, you connect with people and help draw it out of them. They feel comfortable sending you their experiences. What I want to ask is where are those people going to send their stories to now, but you have no way of knowing that. I don't know, I just wanted to get that out.

    I didn't even know that, that other tumblrs don't post as many stories. I've pretty much been in my own bubble the last two and a half years, so I know very little about what's going on outside my own space here.

    You're right that I don't know where people will send them now. But I thought I'd post this in case other blogs want to put out a call that they're interested in taking stories. I know one that is and I'll post that right after this.

    One more gif post to go

    It will go up tomorrow. Two guesses on who’s in it.

    I just wanted to mention something about the one that posted this morning, the two parter. In the final gif of the first part, you can see the mom go “Well, he’s MY son!”

    That’s not really what she says. She says stepson. But I was able to cut the frames saying “step” and you can hardly even tell. I’ve tried to do the same thing before, even where there’s nothing in the gif except the mom talking, and it’s always obvious that something was cut. Her head suddenly jerks into a different position or something.

    But in this one, even with a woman bouncing up and down right next to her, it somehow worked perfectly. It’s crazy. I just wanted to point it out so we could celebrate this momentous occasion.

    Anyway, more to come tomorrow.

    My decision

    As of February 1st, a week from today, I will no longer be doing this blog.

    Since I first brought this up a couple weeks ago, it’s seemed like 90% of you that have written in figured this is what would (or should) happen. So based on that, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a surprise to most of you. But I just want to be clear that this is what I’ve decided.

    I don’t plan to delete the blog. I don’t plan to give it to anyone else to run. It will stay here until tumblr decides to get rid of it for being inactive, I guess. If they even do that. I don’t know if they do.

    My plan for this final week is to post all the gifs I’ve made and haven’t shared yet. I think it’s around 10 sets. I've posted all the stories and Johnny Fever stuff already, so there’s no more of those. I will also do one last reader questions post. As I said the other day, if there’s anything you ever felt like asking me for any reason, now would be the time.

    And before I go, I will explain my decision to stop in more detail.

    That’s all I have to say at the moment. The gifs will start tomorrow.



    Are you going to answer questions again before you go? Also, once you decide whether or not you are closing the blog, are you going to announce your decision then or wait until the 1st?

    I will do another answers post before the 1st. So hey, if there was something you always wanted to ask, now’s the time.

    As for the second part of the question, I’ll announce it when the decision is certain. She and I will probably talk about it this weekend.

    Source List: 2016

    The original source list has grown too large for tumblr. I’m unable to do anything to it anymore. Even if I’m not adding something, if I’m just trying to change the title, it tells me it’s too long. If I remove some stuff, it’s still too long.

    So we’ve got to start a new one. What follows are the sources for gifs posted here in 2016. Like the prior list, if there are quotes around the name of the source, it’s a movie title. If there are no quotes, it’s a web site.

    If you click the View the source lists” link on the right hand side of the blog, it should display both lists.

    Gifs: How To Get Over A Crush On Mom
    Name: Lisa Ann
    Source: My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend (Naughty America)

    Gifs: “I’m NEVER gonna forget this, Mom!”
    Name: Brandi Love
    Source: Tonight’s Girlfriend

    Gifs: Caught by Mom (Part 2)
    Names: Janet Mason (mom), Farrah Dahl
    Source: Moms in Control (Brazzers)

    Gifs: Cancelled Plans
    Name: India Summer
    Source: My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend (Naughty America)

    Gifs: Dinner Party
    Name: Nicole Aniston
    Source: Dirty Wives Club (Naughty America)

    Gifs: Mom doesn’t need a man
    Names: Ava Addams (mom), Ariana Marie (daughter)
    Source: Mommy’s Girl

    Gifs: Daddy’s Favorite
    Names: Casey Calvert (favorite), Remy LaCroix (not favorite)
    Source: "Brothers and Sisters”

    Gifs: Patience is the mother of all virtue
    Name: Vanilla Deville
    Source: Moms Bang Teens

    Gifs: "More pussy, sweetie?
    Name: Veronica Avluv
    Source: Tonight’s Girlfriend

    Gifs: Motivating Your Son
    Name: Lisa Ann
    Source: My Friend’s Hot Mom (Naughty America)

    Gifs: That Awesome Feeling...
    Names: Ariella Ferrera (mom), Cherie Deville (friend)
    Source: MILFs in Control (Brazzers)

    Gifs: Blackmailing Mom II (Part 2)
    Name: Charlee Chase
    Source: Mark’s Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers (Clips4Sale)

    Gifs: Sunday Brunch
    Name: Julia Ann
    Source: "Love, Anonymous“

    Comic: Too Hard to Say Goodbye (Part 2)
    Name: Teresa May
    Source: ?

    Caption: Maternal Pride
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Caption: Most Valuable Pussy
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Caption: A Satisfied Reader
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Comic: The Drink (Part 2)
    Name: Jordan Lynn
    Source: ?

    Comic: Company Inspection (Part 2)
    Name: Terri Jane
    Source: ?

    Caption: Striking a Deal
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Caption: Conflicted
    Name: Brooke Lee Adams
    Source: ?

    Gifs: Family Movie Night II
    Name: Sara Jay
    Source: My Friend’s Hot Mom (Naughty America)

    Gifs: Mom’s Shower
    Name: Kelly Madison
    Source: KellyMadision.com

    Gifs: How Good Mothers Bond With Their Sons
    Name: Veronica Avluv
    Source: "Filthy Family 6″

    Caption: Every Son’s Dream
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Caption: Mom’s tank top
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Caption: Naughty Mom
    Name: ?
    Source: ?

    Gifs: Not Ready For My Son to Move Out
    Name: India Summer
    Source: My Friend’s Hot Mom (Naughty America)

    Gifs: The Agreement
    Name: Tori Black
    Source: Real Wife Stories (Brazzers)

    Gifs: Watching Mom Ride
    Name: Lisa Ann
    Source: Tonight’s Girlfriend

    Mom Letters

    We’re finishing up the story posts with a collection of mom letters. That is to say, a few short little correspondences sent in by moms. What could be better?



    Back when my son lived at home I used to catch him eyeing my chest now and then. I may have been having a mid-life crisis, who knows, but I enjoyed it. You know, I was north of 40. Not feeling very sexy. I liked the attention. Something about it being my son made it even better. He wasn’t supposed to look at me that way, right? But he was anyway, which made me feel even sexier.

    I never even let on that I knew. But I did start wearing low cut tops more often. I wanted him to have a good view so I could see him looking.


    In 2011 I approached my son (I was 50, he 26) about having an affair. It was not something I did lightly. I thought about it for over a year before I finally asked him. Because of multiple issues, mainly health, my husband and I weren't having sex anymore. I needed something beyond my vibrator. I wanted a warm body against mine, eyes to look into, a soul to connect with. Those aspects of sex have always been more important to me than just the “getting off”.

    So it wasn't that I needed to get laid. I needed a physical connection with someone I deeply cared for. I couldn’t get that picking up a guy in a bar. It had to be someone I was close to.

    After much consideration I felt my son was the best choice. When I finally got up the courage to address it with him, I began by explaining the situation. How his father and I hadn’t been able to do it for some time and that sex was something I needed. Before I could ask him if he would be interested, he actually offered. He told me he’d always dreamt of something like that happening between us.

    I started to cry. Mostly out of relief. I had spent more than a year worrying that approaching my son with this could hurt our relationship with each other. I was greatly relieved that wasn't the case. But they were also tears of happiness.

    We made love that day and have continued to do so ever since. Becoming one with my son is the most passionate, emotional, intense, wonderful experience. There is nothing else on this earth that compares to it.


    My son likes me to watch him cum. I finally agreed to watch about six months ago, just this once. Then once became twice. Then three times. Now it's a regular part of our day.

    I found your blog while searching for whatever I could find about this. I was hoping for things like articles, discussions, to learn if him asking me to watch was normal. If my agreeing to do it was normal. Instead I mostly found porn (LOL).

    But things like your blog helped me understand this does happen. It may not be normal but he's not the only son who's asked and I'm not the only mother who's watched. Knowing that is good enough.


    Lately when I masturbate my favorite fantasy is my son coming to me and demanding a blowjob. I'm not saying I would ever do it in real life. But the scenario turns me so much. He’s very good looking and I don’t say that just as his mother. He is. And 99% of the time he's the sweetest person you could ever meet. But he can have moments where he acts entitled. That's how I imagine him in my fantasy. He demands I blow him like it's my job to do things like that for him. I yell at him for asking me such a thing, but then I give in and do it. I come so hard thinking about it. I’m afraid to even know what this says about me.


    Ever since my son was in high school we've been playing something together we call "the counting game". Here’s how it works. We go into the bathroom together. He jerks his cock off, usually into the shower or sink. And while he orgasms I count every cum shot out loud. "One! Two! Three!", like that.

    He cums more than I've ever seen. Big white ropes of spunk coming out over and over again. The first time I saw it happen, I told him he came so much I 'lost count'. It was a figure of speech - I didn't mean I was literally counting the cum shots as they left him. But he said "You counted??", real excitedly. I told him I hadn’t but I could tell he liked that idea. I think he enjoys knowing his mom’s watching so closely, that my eyes are trained right on his cock while his cum shoots from it. Counting lets him know I’m paying real close attention.

    The next time I watched him jerk off, I asked if he wanted me to count this time. He did and we've been playing the counting game ever since. He’s married now so it doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to. But we still find time to play. =)



    Daddy Stories: Volume 4

    The stories continue with another collection of tales sent in by lady readers about their dads. Thanks, of course, to all of them who sent their stories.


    Say, you might remember the post A Daughter’s Fantasy from a few months back. The author wrote us again and it seemed she was thinking of turning her fantasy into reality.

    I didn’t get any follow-ups about what happened, so maybe nothing did. But if she sends anything else the next couple weeks, I’ll post it.

    You might remember me from a story a while ago about my horny, high fantasy involving me, my step mother and my father. Well, once again I’m high, and once again I come bearing what is, hoepfully, a sexy story for us all.

    My dad and step mom live a very open life. Currently, they have this third woman, and my dad spoils both of them to lots of shopping and vacations. My dad is not the richest man on earth, but he is pretty established on his career, so he can afford to spoil two girls on his life, as long as they satisfy him in other fronts, specially sexually. However, this is making my step mom very jealous, since the girl is younger and prettier.

    I remember reading more than once in this site that, for a man, one of the highest achivements wold be to fuck their mother/daughter. I wonder it that’s true? If my dad would think like that about me too? Because you see, my dad is very sexually active, and women are his trophies. He loves to show off. If most people think like that, than fucking me would be the highest sexual achivment he could ever have. I really hope that’s be true. Cause today I caught myself thinking, if I could hook up with my dad and my step mom for real, he wouldn’t need another girl in his life, and my step mom wouldn’t be jealous of me. I know she wouldn’t. And I wonder, if my dad ever would accept that… cause if he would, I’d make the move.

    Today I kinda did. I wanted to get all dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant, so I asked my dad out to dinner with that scenario in mind - of us fucking, and he spoiling me to my every wish. The ultimate sugar baby/daddy’s girl experience, which is my biggest fantasy. He, unfortunately, said he couldn’t make it today, but tomorrow we will go out to dinner. I’m excited and very horny at the thought… but I don’t think I ever could make the move. I wonder, what do the guys reading this, specially older ones who have daughters, what would you do in my dad’s position? Would you like your young, virgin daughter, to make a move on you in turn for you to spoil her? I’m curious. And I’ll follow up wi
    th whatever happens tomorrow. xx


    my dad and I started doin’ it (lol) over the summer. i know its really naughty that we fuck but it's not about that. when he's inside me it makes my soul happy.


    I read where someone asked about your friends hitting on your mom and you said they didn’t. Well fuck, my friends constantly hit on my dad. That’s when I realized how I felt about him because sometimes he would flirt back and it made me so jealous. This one bitch in particular I wanted to claw her eyes out the way she acted around him.

    One day my ‘friends’ were over acting like sluts around him and I knew he liked it. When they left I was so pissed I literally had him backing up from me in fear. First I was yelling how fucked up it was he was into girls his daughter's age. But then I started yelling that if he was into girls my age, like hello, I’m right here. I said I’M your girl, ME, not them, so how do you think it makes me feel when you’re flirting with them and not me? He was so shocked. It was weird at the time but it makes me laugh now.

    Things were weird for a while after that but eventually we talked it out. He admitted he did think about me that way sometimes but it was wrong and nothing like that could happen. I said I didn’t care it was wrong, but no matter how much I tried I could never get him to do anything with me. But he also never flirted with my friends again so at least I got that much out of it.

    We have a great relationship today. It’s probably for the best nothing ever happened because it probably would have ended up bad. Like with every other guy I’ve fucked, LOL. But I’d totally still fuck him though.


    A couple months ago I got brave enough to tell my dad how I feel about him. He was flattered. I even made him blush. He said he loved me and all but he didn't think we should be doing anything physical together. He thinks my feelings for him are like a phase I'm going through. I told him they're not and after a few weeks I got him to agree that if I still want to have sex with him when I'm 25 then we will. i said 21, he said 30, and we settled at 25.

    I’m only 19 so there's a long ways to go, but I'm hoping I can make it happen sooner. But even if not, I can wait.

    Telling him didn't hurt our relationship at all. If anything I think we're even closer now. I'm so glad I did it!!!


    Hi! I want to say first I love your blog and I think your totes amazeballs :) lol. I'm not sure why I'm sending this because there isn't even an ending. But I need to get it out and tell someone and I knew you would understand.

    I started camming last summer. When I went home for thanksgiving I told my dad about it. I told him because we're really close and in case he found out somehow I wanted him to hear it from me. He wasn't happy about it, i mean no dad dreams of his little girl growing up and being naked on the internet lol. But he said as long as I was happy with it that's all that mattered to him. I was like aww!

    I made him promise not to tell my mom because she would totally lose her shit if she knew. I would never hear the end of it and she has a big mouth so I know other people in our family would hear. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. When I went home for Xmas I knew he kept his promise because mom acted normal around me. No way she would be normal if she knew.

    I thanked him for not saying anything and that led us into talking more about it. We had a few talks when I was last home. He vaguely knew what camming was when I told him, but he'd come up with some questions. He didn't come out and say so but I think he thought I might be having sex on cam. I reassured him it was only me. Strictly solo performances lol.

    The day before I went home we went for a walk together and it came up while we talked. He asked some questions about how it all worked, the technical parts. We talked about that. We were talking about the chat part of it and how I can interact with people watching me. I said how sometimes there are trolls but I can kick them out. He wanted to know what kind of things they said and I said the usual, your ugly and you smell bad.

    He didn't like that and in his Dad voice he said "Well, what's the name of this site?" cuz he was gonna go in and set those assholes straight for messing with me. I told him what the site was but one million percent kidding I said are you suuuuuure that's why you want to know? Cuz I think you just want to get on there and see me nekkid!

    He got soooooo embarrassed. His cheeks got red and he started stammering saying no, that wasn't why. It was really cute, lol. But it gave me this rush because to me my dad is big and tough and invincible. And little ol' me actually made him uncomfortable. Me and all my womanly womanness lol. I liked how it felt.

    We continued on our walk and then he said something incredible to me. He was saying how even though this wasn't his ideal choice for me, it did make him happy that I was confident enough in myself to do it. It's a long story but when I was younger I had body issues and an eating disorder that got bad enough I had to be put in the hospital. I give all the credit for my recovery to my dad because my turning point came when he almost cried and told me he wished I could see myself through his eyes, because to him I was the most beautiful girl in the whole world. i hung onto that and i'm doing good now.

    Anyways, he said he was glad I had the confidence to do it and it made him happy that I knew how beautiful I was. This hit me like a hammer upside the head because honestly I never thought of it like that. How the 13 year old who thought she was too fat was now an adult confident enough in herself to get paid to be naked. Even though we were in public on our walk I started bawling like a basket case.

    If I was with someone who started freaking out like I did, I would step back like uhhh I don't even know this person. But not my dad. He wrapped me in a big hug and kept telling me it was ok. I don't know what he thought I was crying about, but I was overwhelmed by what he said. Not only the words but like I said before I give him all the credit for getting past my issues when I was younger. Now there he was hugging me to make it all better. I kept crying and started telling him over and over how much I love him. God, he must have thought I was insane lol. I finally got control of myself and then we walked home.

    I laid in bed that night thinking about how amazing my dad is and how lucky I am to have him. I also thought about when I joked about him wanting to see me naked and how embarrassed he got and how fun it was having the power to make him uncomfortable like that. But then I got to thinking he got really embarrassed, like surprisingly so. How come? Why would he have such a strong reaction? I started to wonder what if he got so embarrassed because I was right and I kinda busted him on it, even though I didn't mean to.

    I love my dad more than anything. I would do anything for him. So if he wanted to watch me cam it didn't bother me at all. If he wanted to watch me then I wanted him to see me. When I joked that he wanted to get on the site to see me, if he would have told me I was right I would have told him he didn't even need to watch me on cam. And when we got home I would have taken him to my room and got out my vibrator and fucked myself on my bed with him sitting right there.

    I figured if there was even a chance he got so embarrassed because I was right and he did want to get on the site to watch me, I wanted him to be able to get on and do it. So the next morning I wrote down all the info he would need. Like the site and the name I use. Then I wrote down some codes so he could get me private without having to buy minutes. We can get codes we can give out for free minutes. I mostly give them to my regulars so they know I appreciate them, but i do post them some places with a pic to drum up business. I wrote down four codes so he would have plenty of time.

    Before I left I slipped him the note when we were alone. I told him what it was and said if you ever want to have a look at your little girl, I don't mind.

    He said my name in a surprised way. He started to stutter like he didn't know what to say. I put the paper in his hand and closed his hand around it. I said you kept my secret. If you ever want to watch then I can keep a secret too. Then I kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the room. I went back up to my room and almost passed out. My heart was beating so hard!

    I left a little while later and started camming again the next day. The way the codes work is when I'm camming I know if someone used a code to go private with me, but I don't know what code they used. I can check to see if a certain code has been used. We're supposed to keep track of codes we give so like if we post codes on a site somewhere we know what places are good for repeat business. I usually don't keep track.

    A couple days after I got home, someone used a code with me and it wasn’t a regular. When I finished camming that night I checked to see if my dad's codes were used, but they weren't.

    This has been going on ever since. Every night someone uses a code I check to see if his were used, but so far it hasn't been him. I'm not like offended he hasn't come to have a look. But then again I kinda am lol. I mean I told him how to find me on there, so he could come look and see me naked without using a code. But I told him private was the good show so I’m hoping that’s what he would do.

    Anyways like I said before this doesn't have an ending. I don't know if he'll ever look. Maybe he already has without using a code. If he does ever go private with me, I don't know what that will mean between us going forward. Should I even tell him that I know? I don’t know but it's exciting to think about. I kinda hope he does.



    Summer of ‘78

    This took place back in 1978. Tail end of the summer. My cousin was driving cross country on his way back to college. My parents and I lived near the halfway point of his trip. Our house was on a large property outside of town, no neighbors for miles, real peaceful. My cousin said a few days at our place would be a great way to relax.

    He came and stayed with us for two days, give or take. Arrived late afternoon Friday. Stayed Saturday. Got back on the road after lunch on Sunday.

    My cousin was a few years older than I was. He was everything I wanted to be: popular, athletic, good looking, confident. Too confident, though. Arrogant. He could be a real asshole. I admired and disliked him in equal amounts.

    The first night he was there, he asked about pussy. Specifically, where to find it. Where did the girls hang out? Which ones put out? Which ones were best at it? I was shy and quiet for a teenager. A virgin, in other words. I had to bluff my way through the conversation. Acted above the fray, as though I was bored by what the locals had to offer. I remember him chuckling, like he wasn't buying my act. But he didn't call me on it.

    Dad played in a softball league that was wrapping up its season. Saturday afternoon was their final game. My mother always went to watch him play. I only went half the time. Anything was more fun than watching middle aged men trying to relive their youth. But she liked me to go with her and I couldn't always find an excuse not to.

    I expected Mom and Dad would go to the game and my cousin and I would find something else to do. I couldn't see him being interested, big shot that he was. Imagine my surprise when he told my mother he'd love to go with her to watch the game.

    Dad left early for warmups. My cousin insisted on taking Mom and I in the big orange van he'd been driving across the country. He drove. Mom rode shotgun. That left me in the back. There was a curtain behind the two front seats that kept the back of the van private. The way I was quickly forgotten and ignored, I may as well have been in another vehicle.

    The three of us sat up in the stands to watch the game. I was bored out of my skull. About the fourth inning, I got up to walk around a while. When I went back to my seat, I saw my mother and cousin both holding beers in clear plastic cups. My cousin's was half empty. Mom's looked like it had barely been touched.

    From their body language it looked like he was encouraging her to drink it. She took a sip and he tilted the bottom of the cup up, so she would have to drink more of it. Mom swallowed it down and coughed, but was laughing. She seemed to be having a good time.

    I was very surprised. I had never seen my mother so much as touch a beer before. Or any other alcohol for that matter. As far as I was concerned, she was a saint. An angel sent to Earth. Not only because of her gentle kindness and warmth, but also her beauty. She had the face of an angel. Blonde hair as golden as the sun. I loved my mother dearly. Adored her, really. Seeing her drinking and laughing with my asshole cousin made me uncomfortable. She was a flower and he was a weed.

    I went back up and sat down beside her, thinking my presence would get things back to normal. But she actually finished her beer. Then my cousin got two more and she drank most of that too. They spent the rest of the game laughing together. I heard her say that coming to the games was always so boring. Since I was sitting with her half the time, that stung more than a little. Apparently it was only my cousin, not me, who could relieve the boredom she felt.

    I'm sure I was being overly sensitive. But the more they laughed and carried on together, the more I felt ignored. Not being old enough to drink yet, I couldn't have a beer of my own. I was sitting right there but it felt like they were part of a secret club and I was on the outside looking in.

    Dad's team won the game and one of the guys on the team always hosted a BBQ afterward. Dad always went. Mom and I rarely did and that day was no exception. After saying bye to Dad, Mom, my cousin and I went back to his van. I could tell by the way she was acting that my mother was a little tipsy from the beer. She only had two that I remember, but when you never drink I guess it doesn't take much.

    When we got to the van my cousin tossed me his keys and told me to drive us home. I didn't think anything of it. I assumed he didn't want to drive because he'd been drinking. I was almost impressed by the unexpected display of responsibility.

    I got behind the wheel and he helped Mom into the back of the van. Instead of one of them sitting up front with me, they both stayed in the back. I still didn't think anything of it. I'd spent the whole afternoon being ignored. I guess I'd gotten used to it.

    Only a minute or two into the drive, my cousin told me to turn on the radio. I did. I drove along, listening to the tunes. About ten minutes later I got to an intersection in the middle of nowhere, a few miles from our house. There wasn't another soul in sight.

    I was about to go through the intersection when I heard a strange sound. The radio had gotten quiet, like someone forgot to have the next song ready to play. There were about five seconds of silence. It was only because of that silence that I heard what I did. Funny to think that one forgetful disc jockey might have forever changed my life.

    The sound I heard was moaning, there wasn't any question of that. And as my brain analyzed what I was hearing, I realized it sounded an awful lot like my mother. I immediately turned to look into the back of the van. I had to open the curtain, which I did slowly and only enough to peek in. I saw my mother sitting there. Her head was tilted back, eyes closed, while my cousin sucked on her neck like a vampire.

    I barely had time to process what I was seeing when I noticed it. The thing that really made my eyes bulge out. It was my cousin's hand firmly attached to one of my mother's large breasts. But he didn't merely have his hand on it. He was actively fondling it. Pawing her. Groping her over her shirt with big greedy squeezes.

    I let go of the curtain before they saw me. Had anyone seen me at that moment, I imagine I’d have been white as a ghost. My first thought was that my cousin was forcing himself on her. Mom was tipsy from the beer and he was taking advantage of her condition. I thought about what to do. Should I get out, drag him out of the back of the van, and kick the shit out of him? I would have loved to, but it would have been easier said than done.

    Then I started to realize the uncomfortable truth. The noises I heard were noises of enjoyment. And my mother was making no effort to stop him. No verbal protests. No pushing his hand away. No nothing. To the contrary, she was tilting her head back and moaning.

    I felt sick. I could not believe my angelic mother would let something like that happen. In the back of a dirty old van? With my asshole cousin of all people on Earth?

    I realized we'd been sitting at the intersection for too long. I feared they would realize the van wasn't moving. In turn, that would lead them to realize I'd been watching. So I hit the gas and started driving the remaining few miles back to our house. All the while, the knowledge of what was going on behind me ate a hole in me from the inside. I tried to block it out as best I could.

    I pulled into our long driveway and parked the car up near the house. I hadn't heard any more sounds from the back of the van. Maybe they had been drowned out by the radio. Or maybe I had mentally blocked them out. When I cut the engine and the radio went silent, I still didn't hear anything. I felt relieved. Maybe Mom had put a stop to it.

    I was just about to get out when Mom popped her head through the curtain. For a split second I almost didn't recognize her. Her cheeks were flushed pink. Her golden hair was messy. She didn't look like herself. She told me to go on inside the house and that she'd be there in a few minutes. I asked what she meant. Why wasn't she coming with me? She said she felt a little light-headed and needed to sit a while longer.

    I wanted to trust her. She’d appeared tipsy only minutes before, so what she was saying was certainly possible. But for the first time I could remember, I felt like my mother wasn't being honest with me. I said OK, that I would see her inside. She pulled her head back and then pulled the curtain to make sure it was closed. I knew right then she was lying.

    I opened the driver's door. I fully intended to slink away. To sit there quietly inside the house as my mother and cousin got up to God knows what in the back of his van. But for some reason I couldn't bring myself to leave. So I slammed the door closed while still behind the wheel. Naturally, they assumed I'd left.

    Perhaps I've blocked out some of what came next, or I just don't recall all these years later. But the way I remember, it was almost immediately after I shut the door that the van started swaying and I heard my mother moaning again.

    I clamped my eyes shut and tried to block out what I was hearing. I knew what was happening and I wanted to vomit. In a strange way I felt betrayed by my mother. More than that I felt humiliated. It had been my decision to stay in the van, but it felt like they were purposely rubbing my face in it. Even if I’d left, would I not look outside after a few minutes? Would I not see the van rocking back and forth? Did they not care if I knew?

    I don't remember how long I listened, but I eventually decided I needed to see it for myself. I opened the curtain a crack to look.

    My cousin had a cooler in the back of his van. Red and white. I still remember the color because it's what my mother was bent over while my cousin was screwing her. Her shirt was pulled up over her breasts. Her bra had been removed. My sainted mother was being fucked doggy style, her big breasts bouncing, moaning like she couldn't get enough.

    The sight of it burned me to my soul. But I couldn't look away. The subconscious desire I had for my mother, feelings I had never previously admitted to myself, were suddenly thrust to the forefront. It was hitting me like a tidal wave. I sat there angry, humiliated, jealous, and as aroused as I'd ever been in my life.

    From my point of view, I was looking at them from the side. I was in no danger of them seeing me through the little crack in the curtain. I watched until I couldn't take it anymore, then sat there silently behind the wheel. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Still hard.

    For my cousin, it wasn't enough that he was fucking her. He had to talk throughout it. Saying he could tell how badly she needed it. That my dad must not be taking care of business. Asking her if she'd ever taken such a big dick. My mother never said a word in response. She just kept groaning and begging for more.

    I don't remember them finishing. The next thing I recall is hearing them getting dressed again, cleaning up. My mother suddenly sounded nervous and told my cousin he couldn't tell anyone what they’d done. He told her not to worry. Then he told her how much he'd always wanted to fuck her. She giggled like a schoolgirl.

    They left out the back of the van. I ducked down on the seats and peeked up over the dash as they went inside. A few minutes later I quietly left the van and ran out behind the house, like I'd been working on something back there. I don't know how long I stayed outside, but I eventually made my way in through the back door.

    My mother was in the kitchen. She said she’d wondered where I was. She came towards me with her arm out, as if to put it around me. For a moment I bristled, not wanting her to touch me. But I knew I wouldn't be able to stay mad at her, so there was no sense in trying. I let her put her arm around me and then I pressed myself against her for a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my head. She was being perfectly normal, like nothing had happened. But I could still smell the faint scents of sweat and sex on her

    My cousin had a giant smirk on his face for the rest of his stay. Managing to fuck a blood relative, his mother's sister, had made him even more arrogant than before. A few different times he said things to my father that seemed harmless at face value. But with the knowledge that he'd fucked my dad's wife, I knew he was actually mocking him.

    If there was any more inappropriate behavior between my mother and cousin, I didn't see it. I spent Saturday night shadowing her, never letting her out of my sight. If they planned to slip away for a repeat performance of what happened that afternoon, I wanted to do my best to prevent it. But she never tried to get away. If anything, she seemed to enjoy having me at her side.

    When he left the next day, he gave my mother a big hug. In front of my father, he went overboard praising her generous hospitality and thanking her for making him feel so welcome. Again, the kind of thing that seems begin on its face, but has deeper meaning when you know the truth of the matter.

    Then he got in his van and drove away. Life went on. Naturally, my mother never spoke a word of what happened. Many times I thought about asking her respectfully. Confronting her angrily. Calmly telling her what I'd seen. Bitterly blaming her for the burden I now carried, a secret that could ruin our family. But I could never find the courage to do any of it.

    That weekend forever changed how I viewed her. I still loved her. Even knowing what she’d done, she remained an angel in my eyes. But it was different. Now her wings were stained

    To this day, late at night, when I'm alone, I picture her bent over that cooler. Her big breasts swaying while she moans. But instead of my cousin kneeling behind her, I imagine it's me.

    I hate that I have that image of her in my head. But after almost forty years, I still can’t stop thinking about it.


    I planned to post more than one story a day while I was gone, but I never changed that setting in the tumblr queue. Oh well. We’ll finish up the stories this weekend, but here’s a few things first.

    We have a new house. It’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait to live there with her.

    As for the blog here, we have a little technical issue going on. I tried to update the source list before I left and tumblr told me it had gotten too long. I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. So I can’t update it anymore. I’ve got to create a second list and that’s gonna be annoying cause I’m not sure I even remember how to put a link to it on the side. But what can ya do.

    As I said, more stories this weekend. BYE.

    Aunt Sugar

    Last summer my Mom and I went to visit my Aunt Amy. She's my fun aunt. And my hot aunt too. While we were there I met some of her girlfriends and none of them called her Amy. They called her "Soogs". One just called her "Soog". I asked her why they called her this weird name and she said it was a takeoff on her nickname, which is Sugar.

    I asked why her nickname is Sugar and Mom changed the subject. It sounded like a stripper name to me so I wondered if maybe she used to be a stripper. It would fit her personality. Whenever I looked at her after that I would picture her stripping.

    A couple days before we left to go back home, Aunt Amy and I were downstairs at her house and my mom was taking a shower upstairs. I asked her again why her nickname was Sugar. She said she wasn't supposed to tell me on orders from my mom. I knew if my mom didn't want me to hear then it must be a good story. I told her Mom not wanting me to know just made me want to know even more. She said Mom not wanting her to tell me made her want to tell me.

    I asked if she had been a stripper and she cracked up. She said no but that it was a good guess. She told me that one time one of her girlfriends (the one who called her Soog) was kissing her and she said she tasted like sugar. She started calling her Sugar after that and the name stuck.

    I was a little disappointed because it didn't seem like such a big deal. I asked why she and her friend were kissing and she dodged the question. She just said girls do things like that sometimes.

    Then she asked if I wanted to kiss her and see for myself. I said sure! She plopped down on the couch next to me and gave me a huge kiss. Closed mouth but still a big kiss. She asked if I could taste it. I smacked my lips together and said no, I didn't taste sugar.

    She laughed and said that made sense because it wasn't her mouth where her girlfriend had been kissing her. I said where was she kissing you? She said a little farther down than her mouth. She gestured downward and I realized she meant her friend was eating her pussy. I guess her pussy must taste really sweet. That made more sense for why my mom didn't want her telling me, since it was a sex story.

    Her friend was hot so naturally I started to picture my hot aunt and her hot friend getting it on. She said she wasn't a lesbian if that's what I was wondering. Sometimes she and her friends just had fun together. I said I wasn't wondering anything, I was picturing it. That made her laugh.

    But I went hold on, why did you kiss me if I wouldn't be able to taste it? She said she just wanted to kiss me. Then I asked if she really tasted like sugar down there. She shrugged and said that's what she's been told. Then she leaned into my ear and that I should come visit her without my mom and she'd let me find out for myself. She kissed me on the cheek three times real fast and then got up and walked away.

    I sat there all flustered. I didn't know if she was being serious or what. But a few days later when we were leaving, she said to my mom that we (her and I) had agreed I was going to come visit her by myself soon. My mom laughed and said "Like I'd let him be alone with you".

    So I dunno lol. There are no plans for me to visit that I know of. But I sure as fuck hope it happens.