leftist media discourser on twitter: this niche indie project contained an earnest depiction of a marginalized identity that made me uncomfy. I can pull identity-rank on the creator so I think we all need to run the creator off the platform with rocks and stones. This is for the protection of marginalized identities.

    some shit on comedy central called "Alphie's Racism Cafe", about a lovable quirky racist named Alphie whose signature gag is always getting censored by a car horn or a bus whenever he drops the n-word: 10,000,000 views per episode.


    Never, because the vast bulk of South Park fen and audience do not care and in fact many of them actively want you to be miserable and uncomfortable, so attacking them is just going to get the attacker targeted in turn.

    Conversely, because the niche indie project is made by people who care, and almost certainly the audience for it also cares, and cares a lot, yelling at them will get you results and reactions!

    This is about power, and feeling powerful, and feeling like you're doing something. Yelling at the horrific but well-supported stuff in the mainstream feels like throwing eggs against a brick wall; whereas yelling at the niche media that Cares™ feels like you're accomplishing something when they flinch.

    The trouble, of course, is a simple matter: activism and amelioration of the state of the world is only coincidentally related to how effective you "feel", because human feelings are a clusterfuck of unpredictably mixed reasonable reactions and unreasonable reactions and then filtered through our own experiences and traumas and while not irrelevant are a totally unreliable and untrustworthy indicator of effect and result.

    You might feel like you're accomplishing something, but what you're accomplishing is actually harmful. This is especially true when you're niggling at very small details like the original magnified example, because Your Feelings Aren't Universal, even within your own marginalized group.

    god i love little kids, they're like aliens, they're so bizarre.

    i hung out with some pre-k kids today and told them my birthday was yesterday and it was absolutely Not Computing to them that i didn't get presents so they were bringing me random shit (pinecone, tiny rock, crust from sandwich, some smushed blades of grass, etc etc) and one kid brought me a handful of sand and as he was holding it out to show me how shiny it was, noticed there was an ant in it, and his instinct for some fucking reason was to lean down and suck in a mouthful of the sand/ant???????? and sent himself into a coughing fit. literally what and why the fuck would anyone do that

    I think a lot of people don't understand that Azula turning against everyone in her life who isn't Ozai is literally a symptom of Ozai's grooming. It is NOT a sign that "everyone failed her," especially when we do see people trying to reach out to her. But people who groom children work to be the only person in that child's life that they feel they can trust, because it's easier for them to then exploit that trust.

    And do you know what? The grooming process does not stop with the child victim. It usually involves other adults in the child's life as well, as the abuser both gains the trust of their victim's trusted adults while also working to further that rift and isolate the victim.

    Ursa is actually a really good example of this, because she was also being groomed by Ozai to the point where she was forced into a situation where the only way she could help her children would put her out of their lives forever, and by that time Ozai had already created enough of a rift between Ursa and Azula that Ursa's attempts to teach Azula kindness just increased that rift.

    To look at this situation and say that Ursa, or Iroh, or Zuko, or anyone other than Ozai is at fault is to buy into Ozai's manipupativeness.

    Btw, Ursa saying in the comics to both her children that she "didn't love them enough" and blaming herself for the things Ozai did to all three of them is also a symptom of being groomed by Ozai, not an objective admission of guilt, smh.


    Lol there’s this YouTube video of some guy confesing why he loves his girlfriend and he’s like I’ll love you even in the next life when I’m the wife and you’re the husband, and men are in the comments like “he was killin it until the sex change part”, “yeah that was hella sus”, “bruh theres sugar in his tank I’m sure of it”, like non stop all having the same reaction some women too. Which is crazy to me bc that’s like not a radical statement at all. To say I’ll love you in the next life whatever form we take is like basic India arie lyrics like if he said that 20 years ago I think people would understand he’s thinking cosmically it’s typical twin flame spiritual black hippy shit, but nowadays everyone’s devolved into Neanderthals and they want to drag us back into caves with them. We r going backwards


    things i say that confuse and worry my coworkers:

  • “happy birthday” every time i hand them something
  • “well, that’s not ideal” whenever something is going wrong
  • “we are in the timeline that god abandoned” whenever i’m mildly inconvenienced
  • “can’t you see that your fighting is tearing this family apart?” whenever two or more coworkers are arguing
  • referring to taking medication as “eating medicine”
  • “time to go back to prison!” when putting animals back in their cages
  • referring to inanimate objects as (s)he, particularly when i break something and say “oh no, he’s dead.” this concerns them especially when i follow it up with “that’s not ideal”
  • “what are they gonna do, fire me?”
  • dwarvesandrobots

    I work in a blood bank, and constantly refer to blood types as flavors, such as “Oh, you need two units? What flavor is he?” And my older coworkers just look at me confused but my coworker that’s my age doesn’t miss a beat and responds “A Pos”


    this is probably my favorite comment on this post so far


    I use flavor for so many things, mostly when talking about scents.


    I comment that documentation is “lying” to me. A colleague cautioned me to be a little more positive and not attribute to malace what could be a mistake etc. And I let him know “oh, I’m certain this is an honest mistake or typo by whoever wrote the document. But now the document itself is lying to me with malice aforethought.”


    I feel sorry for the old man, but it was stealing.  There is no apparently about it. Water is not free, it’s not a right to have it, and people pay must pay for it.  If a government gives a thing to you like utilities, its still not free because they take it from somewhere else, like in taxes.  


    my friend visiting my house: hey i’m thirsty can i get a glass of water



    Nestle isn’t gonna fuck you


    If I buy a loaf of bread, and then decide to make a sandwich for my friend from some of it, is this STEALING? Is my friend STEALING the bread I already PAID for in full? Is the bread seller entitled to receive compensation because I, the person who PAID ALREADY the full value of the bread they sell, decided to give away a portion of it (a portion from an already PAID FOR product).

    When people say that capitalism rots your brain they aren’t kidding - this is literally a disease, one of the mind and soul, and it’s contagious, and it’s deadly… Luckily there is a cure:


    to add wood to the fire, it should also be pointed out - her mother wasn’t stealing that water - she was paying for it. Because there’s a meter that reads how much water your household uses and the water company then charges you accordingly. She was -paying- for the water she was giving to the neighbor. And still got shut down. Because this wasn’t about what was right and it wasn’t even about what was fair or fair trade - it was about punishment.


    I’m apoplectic with rage that someone would call giving water, that they paid for, to someone else who could not afford water “theft”.

    What a terrible husk you walk around in, an absolute shell of humanity with nothing inside.


    ok this is a poignant visual metaphor tho


    this image made me quit my job.

    I remember the first time I saw it, i stared at it for several minutes until I finally just started crying. It made me resolve to leave, and I turned in my resignation about a month later.


    This is your reminder that if life keeps throwing you lemons you are not morally obligated to make lemonade from them. You can duck, or catch them in a trash can, or get a baseball bat and slam those fuckers into the stratosphere.


    the mountain goats make music for people who spent their entire lives convinced they would die before they were 17 except now they're 26 and they have a job and friends and hobbies and they're not sure what they're meant to do now that they've survived


    “I don’t think that I accepted that I wasn’t gonna die young until I was 26 or 27. I really don’t think I fully...when I was 14, 15, 16, 17–I mean I knew as sure as I know that I am wearing green shoes that I was going to die before much happened. It was a certainty for me. And I had shaken off the directly suicidal urge by the time I was 21 or 22, but I still was pretty sure I was going to die pretty young, it really felt like an inevitability. It takes a long time to realize no, you’ve changed...if you shared those feelings with people at some point you go, ‘well, I guess we’re going to stick around.’ And it’s a funky thing to admit because there’s a part of your inner younger self that kind of judges you for that.”

    —John Darnielle


    hey, can we talk for a second? it’s about your girlfriend. yeah, she’s great. no, yeah, I agree. It’s just that… she seems really devoted to you? Like really devoted. Almost as if you were the sole, fragile line mooring her to the shores of humanity. No, that’s not romant—ugh. Listen. Me and the girls, we’re worried you might be the last good thing to happen to her and that were some tragedy to inevitably befall you, she would tear the gods from their thrones and dye the infinite western seas wine-dark with their ichor. Do you think you could introduce her to a new hobby or something? we don’t want to have to argue over what color “wine-dark” is supposed to be


    I just don’t think tags get any better than this