“Anne Bonny and Mary Read were pirates, as renowned for their ruthlessness as for their gender, and during their short careers challenged the sailors’ adage that a woman’s presence on shipboard invites bad luck.”

    Sculpture by Erik Christianson.


    I’m not entirely sure that the statue really needed to have a tit out.


    How dare women try to have nipples.


    Actually I’ve seen this before and I can tell you— it’s because these women were bad ass pirates and when they killed someone they’d expose one or both breasts so that when their victim died, (s)he knew that they were killed by a woman.


    ACTUALLY Anne Bonny purposely wore loose fitting clothes and displayed her breasts openly at all times during battle - mainly because men were distracted by them, and she took pleasure in killing said men while they were too busy staring at her breasts. Mary Read dressed mainly as a man (after posing as her deceased brother, Mark, for the entirety of her childhood) and both ladies cross-dressed from time to time, hopping between ships. They were known as the ‘fierce hell cats’ due to their ferocious tempers, and were key elements to Captain ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham’s crew - they were the only two known female pirates in the Golden Age of Caribbean piracy. IN FACT, when the ship was captured by the British Navy, Anne and Mary were the ONLY TWO pirates who fought while the males of the crew hid - they were all tried to be hung as pirates but Bonny and Read were both pregnant and were pardoned.

    Calico Jack was a lover to Bonny, and as he was to be hung, Bonny’s final words to him were, “Had you fought like a man, you need not be hung like a dog.” Bonny and Read were possibly two of the most badass fucking pirates and they were FEMALE. The more you know. 


    This needs to be a movie people.


    That movie would rock!


    I don’t want to be rich, I just want to be comfy.

    Want to have one really nice set of plates and silverware for company and Thanksgiving.

    Want to be able to buy a new outfit and a good bra at least a couple times a year.

    Want to be able to give “just because” gifts.

    Want to burn incense and candles in my home daily, and have nice soaps.

    Want to be able to donate to charity frequently and without worry.

    Want to buy hardcover books to read and put on a shelf for my kids to read someday.

    Want to have candies in bowls for people who visit.

    Want to be able to take my young siblings and cousins to a movie and let them get the big popcorn they won’t finish, because there’s magic in just having it.

    Want to have a linen closet or at least a linen shelf.

    Want to go see live local theater several times a year.

    Want to have a bottle of wine or champagne in the house for when I suddenly need to celebrate.

    Want to have a kitchen with basic baking supplies so I can bake bread on the weekend, and pies for special occasions.

    I just want to be comfy.


    That is my definition of ‘wealth’, as contrasted with ‘excess’.  As my mother in law put it – if I can see a little something in a store that I know a friend would love, and just BUY it for them without having to worry about whether I can afford it in the budget, that means I’m well off.  And that?  That is what I want.

    For everyone.  



    Yes, this is so perfect.


    Mesmerized 😃


    Are those blades???


    Yes and no. Those are Buugeng (buugong?) An ancient style of bo-staff that was used in combat as well as dances. Basically the idea behind them was that they’re effectively unblockable. By the time your mind has processed where the blade/shaft was, it was already cutting you in half.


    This looks SO badass


    Just beautiful