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    You knew what you were getting into when you signed up for the program. And you did it anyway.

    They're raising you like a piece of cattle. Every part of you is tested and trained. Bigger faster and smarter, but more and more obedient.

    Sometimes it comes so quick you just have to breathe and prevent yourself from hyperventilating. It's happening so quickly and you don't have any control over what's going on now.

    How big are they going to make you? It's no longer your choice. It was never actually your choice. You are now a bull. Your purpose eventually is to breed. But for now you need to prove that your seed is worth founding the next generation.

    So you're going to get bigger. Faster. You're worried you're losing control, but you've always known deep down that you were meant to become enormous.


    This is the new reality. The Tall are getting taller. The Strong are getting stronger. The Smart are getting smarter. You are fortunate to get to live thru this transition in humanity as They grow and transcend. You are privileged enough to be alive to witness it. And soon you’ll live in a world where They own and protect everything, including you.  Why do you need to talk? He just clasps his enormous hands over your mouth . as you try to talk to him.  He’ll use his hands to slow your breathing down and help you relax. The more you struggle the tighter his hand will be over your face. Strong struggling and you’ll get to breathe a bit more. Relax. His hands smell like him, like the large oversized crotch he’s always adjusting with that hand. 

    What do you even need to tell him? He’s stronger than you, smarter than you, knows more than you. He keeps you around his apartment because you bring a smile to his face. He’s thinks you’re cute. All the chores you do for him, he could have done by a machine. But he keeps you around. He’s put Himself in charge of your care and protection. You need to obey. To Him, you’re now a pet and he needs to train you. He’s not going to stop growing. One day this hand is going to be able to cover your entire body. Are you going to be a good boy? 

    “Don’t be sad, little man! It would be nearly fucking impossible for you to reach the size that I’m at now! It just came more naturally to me, that’s all! I bet there are things like that for you too! Like maybe... suckin dick, worshipping muscle, taking a fuckin rough pounding... I think you see where I’m going with this! I’m gonna have so much fun making you into my special little slut! Hahaha!!”