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2022-01-18 18:53:38

    Hey y'all! Pleased to announce I am once again opening commissions.

    ✨ COMMISSION INFO 2022 ✨

  • Sketch (£20) 
  • Lineart (£25) 
  • Flat colour (£40) 
  • B&W cell shading (£40) 
  • B&W paintings (£50) 
  • Lineart, colour cell shading (£80) 
  • Full-colour painting (£100) 
  • PayPal Only 🔥 NSFW-friendly 

    **Above is STARTING PRICE only. DM for more details.

    ALSO, I am opening up 5 slots for size difference hand commissions at £50 each! 

    **First come, first served. DM for more deets

    Please note, I do accommodate different price plans for people so don’t hesitate to ask!!


    Here’s some idea of extras that may add to starting price:

  • Portrait (FREE)
  • Bust (+£10)
  • Half-body (+£20)
  • Full-body (+£30)
  • Extra figure (+£40 per figure)
  • Background (Simple is FREE, complex BGs start at £20)
  • Any questions, let me know!

    Alex Burns en Instagram: ““They all thought I had fallen...” -Maul (🎼 Dual of Fates fades in 🎼) Photo by: @willcrooksphoto Also thanks to @skinillustratorofficial…”

    You MUST see the incredible creations of pro makeup artist Alex Burns. Star Wars' Zabrak, Twi'lek, Sith Lords, and characters of other franchises, so beautifully done.


    A sketchy ref for Mr. Nilesh~

    Sunil is a Sith Alchemist who has dabbled in things that would have been better left alone. As such, he struggles with a Dread Seed infection that’s been slowly eating away at his flesh, creeping ever forward towards his mind. But that’s a problem for his future self, really. For now, he maintains it with runes and rituals and aggressively ignores the constant pain the best he can. At least he receives a power spike (and some fancy retractable claws) from it.

    He’s an associate of Synyanu’s. She claims him as a good friend, he claims her as… someone to keep a wary eye on.


    I saw a post about your sith inquisitor while I was looking for khem content and your guy has the same look as mine, just different skin tones, and I just wanted to say "same hat!" lmao

    Which one do you mean? I have like so many inquisitors lol


    Rynkor! The zabrak one!


    holy shit! they do look like each other hahah

    Here is another round of outfits, mostly from playing through KOTFE content. Since it’s rather a different progression - tied more to story than location - I switched up my previous ‘here’s a new outfit for a new planet’ method and went with decisions based on both circumstance and mood. Descriptions below cut because some are spoilery.

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    The popular media widely disseminated research supporting the theory that the Pythia at Delphi got high on naturally-occurring ethylene. What got much less attention were follow-up studies pointing out flaws in the argument and evidence. ReligionForBreakfast provides a great summary of the state of the debate in the literature.


    @lilly-white​ !!!!

    this ancient witchery possibly being the result of someone being high as a kite is just so fucking rad