So proud of my mother for doing her own research after I sent her that meme. A sign she hung in her car window.


    Stay woke


    Is this true?


    Not only is it true, it gets worse. The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation has actually successfully sued “competing” charities, because (paraphrasing) their “message or branding was infringing.”

    You read that correctly: they took money that people had donated to cure cancer, and hired attorneys with it, to sue ANOTHER group of people trying to find a cure for cancer, who, in turn, had to us their donated money to hire their own legal counsel to defend themselves.


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    Also please never forget the pink fracking drill bit


    that’s right
    you know, a process using chemicals known to cause cancer that leech into the water supply


    It’s that time of year again, please remember Komen is the actual worst


    Komen For The Cure is pretty much awful.


    My mother died in 1996 from breast cancer. Most cancer charities are scams, in that people throw fancy parties and get rich off them and very little money goes into research or support for patients. Here are some vetted cancer charities that get good scores on Charity Navigator and pay medical expenses or fund research:

    Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    Cancer Research Institute

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    63 four star rated cancer charities on charity navigator


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    Why would anyone want to consume it!?


    I teach my 7th graders about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.

    I bring in a graduated cylinder of it and we talk about how it’s used in nuclear power plants and gmo crops. How inhaling even the small amount I’m holding can lead to suffocation or even death. It’s found in vaccines and cancer cells, but also in infant formula and pet food. It is a huge component of acid rain, can cause severe burns, and has been found in places that were thought to be the most pristine and unpolluted locations on earth.

    We talk about how there are little to no regulations on this chemical. No bans, no warning labels, and most manufacturers don’t even have to disclose their use of it in their products.

    My students are outraged. We talk about what we can do. Create posters and flyers to spread awareness. Contact our senators with petitions to ban DHMO. Spread this information all over social media.

    Then I explain that the real problem with dihydrogen monoxide is that….when I am thirsty…there is just nothing else as refreshing, and then I watch their looks of absolute shock and horror as I drink the entire vial down.


    I. Fucking. Love. This.

    This is how misinformation works. How propaganda works. How manipulation works.


    may our education be stronger than fake news


    To those who don’t get it:

    “Dihydrogen monoxide” is the chemical name for water, AKA H2O.


    another important element of understanding the joke is understanding how pH levels work

    yup.  that’s a higher number alright.


    “Everyone who has ever touched or consumed this chemical has died”


    When I studied Organic Chemistry in college, my professor told the class about a disc jockey who was taken off the air because they made a joke on the radio that was something to the effect of “dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of people’s showers and faucets.”


    This is for all y’all who don’t understand how terrifying these suckers are. 




    I know just the man for the job.


    This is a good joke. This is such a solid, quality joke.


    The initial image is a size comparison between the statue of liberty and a wind turbine. The wind turbine is over ninety feet (about 28 meters) taller.

    A commenter pretended to misinterpret the image as one of a wind turbine attacking the statue of liberty. The next commenter answered with an image of Don Quixote, a literary character who once thought a windmill was a monster and announced his plans to fight it. They are joking that if a wind turbine attacked the statue of liberty, Don Quixote would be willing to fight the wind turbine.

    Incidentally, that scene led to the English idiom “tilting at windmills,” meaning a person who has not only disproportionate reactions of anger, but disproportionate reactions of anger to nonexistent challenges.


    So all those people who are fighting to preserve coal jobs and the fossil fuel economy are….


    tilting at windmills.


    I feel like this is one of the very few times where explaining the joke leads to another one that everyone can now understand and laugh at


    This an amazing post


    real quality, start to finish.


    …… why tho?


    Because fuck cops and their little fascist flag, that’s why. The popularity of the Thin Blue Line flag exploded in direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Cops and their supporters put up this shitty fascist flag in opposition to people asking cops to stop murdering innocent people. It’s the official bootlicker pride flag.


    Very curious doggo


    Reminder that puffins are extremely social and like to fit in with their friends, so they will adopt mannerisms and interests of the group. So there is a good chance this little guy is trying to be friends with the photographer by showing his interest in the camera.


    Omg I love him. 😭