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    We are doomed as a country if it is this easy to cripple our infrastructure


    Power is logistic

    Block everything


    Feels like a good time to remind y'all that when Chelsea Manning smuggled a CD with classified information out of a military base by hiding it in a Lady Gaga CD case.


    Reminder that the hacker didn't actually do anything to the pipeline itself. They shut down Colonial's billing software, and the company halted service to the entire region rather than provide gas without being able to charge.


    For the final facts


    Microsoft announces it will shut down ebook program and confiscate its customers' libraries

    Microsoft has a DRM-locked ebook store that isn’t making enough money, so they’re shutting it down and taking away every book that every one of its customers acquired effective July 1.

    Customers will receive refunds.

    This puts the difference between DRM-locked media and unencumbered media into sharp contrast. I have bought a lot of MP3s over the years, thousands of them, and many of the retailers I purchased from are long gone, but I still have the MP3s. Likewise, I have bought many books from long-defunct booksellers and even defunct publishers, but I still own those books.

    When I was a bookseller, nothing I could do would result in your losing the book that I sold you. If I regretted selling you a book, I didn’t get to break into your house and steal it, even if I left you a cash refund for the price you paid.

    People sometimes treat me like my decision not to sell my books through Amazon’s Audible is irrational (Audible will not let writers or publisher opt to sell their books without DRM), but if you think Amazon is immune to this kind of shenanigans, you are sadly mistaken. My books matter a lot to me. I just paid $8,000 to have a container full of books shipped from a storage locker in the UK to our home in LA so I can be closer to them. The idea that the books I buy can be relegated to some kind of fucking software license is the most grotesque and awful thing I can imagine: if the publishing industry deliberately set out to destroy any sense of intrinsic, civilization-supporting value in literary works, they could not have done a better job.



    If you’ve got an ereader and want to actually own your books, I heartily recommend using cailbre to scrape the DRM off and so you can backup the files.

    Cailbre d/l:


    How to use cailbre to remove DRM:



    Seconding calibre as a brilliant tool for ebook management in general. 


    Remember: you are not renting your life, especially not from a corporation!!

    Some more tutorials and tools:

    removing DRM from your kindle purchases

    Removing DRM from epubs

    Removing DRM for cross device use and archiving


    For those who haven’t heard, this woman in Arkansas was speeding by a slight margin (5 miles) and was flagged to pull over by an officer. She put on her blinker and got into the right most lane, then slowed and put her hazards on, indicating she was looking for a safe place to pull over. This is actually what police departments, and this one specifically, tell people to do. The shoulder on that road was quite narrow, and she was likely waiting to exit the interstate.

    Despite this, the officer slowly gains on her and uses a pit maneuver to spin her car out. This sent her (and her unborn child) careening into the median and completely flipping the car. The officer is heard calling for ems in a very calm voice.

    From what I can find, the woman is alright, as is her child. She’s looking to pursue legal action against the officer, who has defended his actions by claiming she was driving wildly and swerving. As I’ve seen so far, he is still being paid and on the force.


    End qualified immunity now


    end the police


    it wasnt the LGBT community that brought back Minecraft and it wasn’t the neurodivergent community who brought it back, it was my 50 year old dad who made a replica of the 7 layers of hell from Dante’s Inferno in his survival world thanks





    The thrilling conclusion:



    he finished it in creative but hell was made completely in survival

    i present to you: Dante’s Mineferno


    op please upload this so we can all go through minecraft hell


    "Hell was made completely in survival" is an excellent quote out of context


    not only do i think my gay little headcanons would make the icarly reboot a lot better and more interesting i think the comedic potential is off the charts

    first episode revolves around carly sam and freddie who have fallen out of touch over the years reconnecting as adults and carly and sam have a heart to heart where carlys like we were best friends what happened to us :( and sams like i know i know i just. i dont know i guess after all the years of basically being in love with you as kids i just needed some time to figure out my life outside of you

    and carly is like wait you were in love with me?? youre gay?????

    and sams like yeah?? i was super obvious about it dont tell me you never knew

    and the rest of the episode is like carly having a crisis because she was the ONLY ONE who never realized her childhood best friend was gay and in love with her for several years

    its fucking gold


    carly: i cant believe i never knew sam was a lesbian! am i bad friend? am i bad person?

    freddie: calm down. i mean, i didnt even realize until after we broke up and that was only because i asked her if she ever missed us going out and she threw half a club sandwich at my head and said “im gay now, shitbrains”

    [laugh track]

    carly: (calming down) ok… its just so weird- i always thought i had pretty good, you know, gaydar

    freddie: (making a face) no one says gaydar anymore

    carly: you know what i mean!

    freddie: look it was just one time. maybe you just have a blindspot for her because youve known each other for so long. i mean, how long did it take you to figure out i was bi?

    freddie: carly?


    [laugh track]


    interior: apartment. carly is laying on the couch looking despondent. spencer comes around the corner and beelines for the kitchen, rummaging around in the fridge.

    carly: hey spence

    spencer: (distracted) mhm..?

    carly: am i homophobic?

    spencer: what? no.

    spencer: unless you ate the last blueberry yogurt, in which case yes.


    “I always remember having this fight with a random dude who claimed that ‘straight white men’ were the only true innovators. His prime example for this was the computer… the computer… THE COMPUTER!!! THE COM-PU-TER!!!

    Alan Turing - Gay man and ‘father of computing’ Wren operating Bombe - The code cracking computers of the 2nd world war were entirely run by women Katherine Johnson - African American NASA mathematician and ‘Human computer’ Ada Lovelace - arguably the 1st computer programmer”

    - Sacha Coward

    Also Margaret Hamilton - NASA computer scientist who put the first man on the moon - an as-yet-unmatched feet of software engineering, here pictured beside the full source of that computer programme. #myhero

    Grace Hopper - the woman that coined the term “bug”  

    - @robinlayfield


    Grace Hopper did more than coin the term “bug. She invented the first program linker in the early 1950s, for the UNIVAC I. A program linker translates instructions from one language to another (for example, numerical codes that represent instructions translated to machine code that computers can read), which is the very foundation of how computer’s operate independently. she also pulled a steve rogers and tried to enlist in the military a bunch of times and was denied. then, an exception was made for her when she joined the navy reserves, and she ended up serving for over 40 years (half of which was active duty). she retired from the navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. she was born in NYC in 1906. Grace Hopper was a fucking badass.

    also computing was typically a job for women (many of whom were black women that made incredible contributions) back in the day, so it’s absolutely fucking wild that straight white men think they are the foundation of computer innovation. men PUSHED women out and took the credit.


    Reblogging to do what the failed education system never did.


    let’s not forget the incredible women who made it possible for india to go to mars!




    if you are scandalized at the thought of children seeing this


    but are fine with children seeing this


    you are simply homophobic. it absolutely does not matter whether you yourself are lgbt or not, in parroting the exact rhetoric that has been used to oppress us for decades (that any sensual or sexual expression by lgbt people is perverted and intended to corrupt/prey upon youth) you are aligning yourself with our oppressors and betraying your community. you are holding us to a standard drastically different than that to which you hold straight and cis people. you are demanding absolute assimilation and sanitization of our existence to cater to your own internalized homophobia and transphobia, and corporations will thank you for it


    also like, spirt halloween will sell sexy nurses right next to elsa costumes and nobody bats an eye. handing out condoms or wearing speedos =\= harming children