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    This entry is very important for the plot since Mina, finally being rightfully included in the Hunting Dracula Squad, creates a plan to track him down whenever he goes, so the squad doesn't end up losing him again. And it works! She was so smart to use the blood connecting that Dracula bragged so much about how he was going to corrupt her soul.

    How is that working for you Dracky? Are you so mad that you have to go back home? Welp good luck to you because Miss Mina Harker and her blood hound of a husband are coming to skank you with the kukri knife.

    However, there is one tiny detail that is present through the first part of the entry that I just find so funny. Through all of Jonathan's journal, from the spooky hypnosis to Van Helsing's monologue, everyone is in their pajamas. Mina woke up in the middle of the night with her hypnosis idea, and everyone stayed in the Harkers' room until morning, in their pajamas.

    I have written this in the train.

    Can you imagine being a fellow passenger on that train, watching Jonathan scribble away? Let me remind you, this is the entry which contains the famous "if we find out that Mina must be a vampire in the end, then she shall not go into that unknown and terrible land alone" passage. He is sitting in the train actively writing away how he plans to become a vampire as well if necessary, all while vibrating with the desire to get there already so he can murder Dracula with his big knife.

    Just imagine the energy radiating off of this man. I would perhaps hesitate to sit near him.

    Yesterday wasn’t the climax but it was the tipping point. The battle for London is won and everything now is to win the war – for Mina’s soul, but equally for all the future Lucys that Dracula might seek out in Paris, Rome, New York, Bombay, Kyoto, Beijing, if given the chance, and quite simply for fully righteous revenge on that batty moustachioed creep. It’s Morrisin’ time. Time to choose violence. Armed with Jonathan’s fury, Mina’s cleverness, Arthur’s resources, Van Helsing’s knowledge, whatever Seward has, and Quincy’s gun, the team’s here to stake ass and sanctify dirt, and they’re all out of dirt.

    Another thing that’s super cool about Dracula Daily is that along with how those long stretches of time where we didn’t hear anything served to drive home the length of jonathan’s stay at Castle Dracula, reading these Incredibly Long Emails just serves to drive home how MUCH is happening within the span of a few days. Like, in the last four days we’ve gotten WAY more content than we got for like, the entirety of the summer

    Reading the book as a Book, this pacing would have felt pretty normal, but reading it one day at a time shows just how batshit crazy these people’s lives have gotten so quickly. One week ago Arthur literally did not know that vampires EXISTED and today he’s out there actively hunting one to save his new best friend Mina

    you’re quincey morris. you’re from texas, but you’re in england. 2 months ago, you proposed to the same girl that your two homies did, on the same day. a month ago, that girl died. you had to desecrate her corpse bc a dutch man told you she was gonna kill some kids if you didn’t. now you’re shooting at bats point blank. the dead girl’s bestie got burned by the eucharist yesterday. this is just what merry old england is like

    Mina using the psychic connection to spy on the Count is such an important moment of her reclaiming agency.

    He has tried to reduce her to only a tool by forcing the blood exchange on her. It was a traumatizing and violating scene.

    And yet, she finds asserts herself and turns the table on him. She uses her own agency and initiative to turn his own plan against him.

    Van Helsing addressing Jonathan as "Madam Mina's husband" reminds me how the Harkers are an unconventional couple, especially for their time. While they were courting each other years ago, Jonathan would hold onto Mina's arm when they'd take walks, a gesture that was (and let's be real, still is) reserved for the woman in the relationship according to gender roles. Then we see them doing it as adults, which is why Mina muses that it's "inappropriate". We learn they'd walk like that since before Mina went to a Victorian school, so as kids/teens.

    The way they get married is unconventional too! There's no formal, planned wedding ceremony, with friends and family present in their hometown church, in wedding dresses and suits. It's an on-the-spot decision, in a foreign chapel, out of desperation from a month of separation and mutual desire to never part again. And they cement it when Jonathan seals his greatest, most traumatic secret, and hands it out to HER as their ultimate gesture of trust, to use as SHE sees fit.

    I just think it's neat.

    Something unexpected from Dracula that the DD emails have revealed to me, is how much of a loser Dracula actually is. He cannot get his brides/wife and daughters/cousins to even pretend to be house staff. Forcing him to do everything himself for Jonathan, including cooking. He almost gets put into a pound as a dog. He gets into a fight with another dog as a dog. He, as a bat, keeps on thwacking against Lucy’s window night after night. He, the master vampire, kidnaps a lazy zoo wolf. He then proceeds to THROW said wolf through a window. Only to then let it scamper off extremely confused back home. He spends most of the Lucy-saga avoiding Renfield, only to need him to get to Mina. At which point Renfield finds him wanting and starts throwing hands. Renfield loses, but the fact that there was a fight at all is hilarious. He gets into a fight with the Team and decides London was too spicy, leaving.

    …Only, thanks to making Mina connected to him, Mina is now able to check where he is.